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Banned on PG? Why??

Hie folks, Have been receiving many queries such as: \- Whats the criteria for banning someone? \- Why was XYZ banned? \- What should we avoid so as not to get banned? Since its a people's forum, I thought its better we have a thre...
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@duilu banned for a week for excessive reporting and flaming. Get some sense into yourself, and don't try to get even with your enemies by reporting them. We're bored of this nonsense.
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When you're banned on PG, permanently, you've done something so drastic, broke the rules, that the mods took this extreme step of banning you.

If you've been banned for some time, take that time to stay off the forums and learn the rules and identify the nonsense that you did, that you will no longer do when you are back on the forums.

@kuljeet_the_warrior was banned for 2 weeks following a report. He created a clone, @more_deadly and had the temerity to ask us to verify things before taking action. The first ID's ban increased to a month, the second one banned permanently.

IIRC, @sonnes had warned him in the past as well. One more such action and his IP itself gets banned for life, just like we do for spammers and advertisers.
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  • right sir. 06 Jan '14.
  • @Sherjil People with tremendous capabilities are not exem.... 06 Jan '14.
Sherjil Islam @Sherjil 6,884
right sir
Shantanu Ray @dark-phoenix 4,852
@Sherjil People with tremendous capabilities are not exempt from the rules, right?
@silent_spectator and @sharkey banned for 7 days each.

People have a right to have opinions contrary to yours, and that does not mean they are spamming or insulting others. Trying to silence their words by reporting excessively will only mark you are confrontational, not them. Take care.

@vrchawade has been banned permanently for advertising for some cribby site that promises cash for brain, in the name of mocks.

** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **
@alihaider786 has been banned for 30 days for initiating communal and hate mongering statements on a post that did not need such a reaction. Despite being warned, he continued to engage in unnecessary communal arguments.

@jpyadav has been banned too for reacting unnecessarily to a communal argument and forgetting the purpose of the forum.

  • @gentleperson has been banned for being the clone of @ali.... 01 Dec '13.
  • @grondmaster Sir, though banning a member is totally your.... 01 Dec '13.
** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **
Varun Saxena @visionIIM-ACL 107,699
@gentleperson has been banned for being the clone of @alihaider786 !! Kindly treat this as last warning for creating any further clones. One more clone and the original id gets permanent ban.

@grondmaster Sir, though banning a member is totally your decision and there is nothing wrong in it, as you people are the mods . If it was against pg community rules then banning him may be apt. But falsely accusing a person is not fair. alihaider786 was not hate mongering towards any community , you can read all his posts(which i think you havent) in that thread.. He was just opposing a person who he thinks is not a gentle man... Some members of other community were also supporting him as it was not a matter of religion but a matter of justice and injustice... By stating in public that he was hate mongering towards a community you have indirectly broken all his healthy relationships with other good persons here in pg of other community. As they are not going to go that thread and read all those comments , they will just read your single post stating that he was hate mongering.. You can ban this id too..

What i am protesting about is blaming him for "communal and hate mongering" comments.... In not a single comment did he say anything against any community .

I still insist, please read all that stuff he posted there... Commenting against modi does not mean commenting against whole Hindu community.... If it would have been the case, then commenting against Osama bin laden will mean commenting against whole Muslim community, commenting against Prakash Badal will mean commenting against whole sikh community. Sir, if a Sikh has hatred against Indira Gandhi do you think he has hatred in his heart against whole Hindu community... Now when alihaider786 was commenting he was showing his hatred against modi , how can you declare it as hatred against whole hindu community.... I doubt whether anti rahul gandhi comments too would have invited a ban...If possible please rethink about this matter...

@nitin119 and @plant.waters banned for 7 days each. We've mentioned it a number of times - take your vendettas out of PG. And you think we can't get to see that you're reporting each other's posts and comments just for getting even? Please, think of some new ways to entertain us. This is getting boring.
  • same here. i apologise sir. i dont want to say who starte.... 02 Dec '13.
  • I apologise sir, i am ashamed that i resorted to such cru.... 02 Dec '13.
underachiever @Anonymous 961
same here. i apologise sir. i dont want to say who started or who reported, but i apologise.
Away for L2 @Anonymous 5,986
I apologise sir, i am ashamed that i resorted to such crude behavior. He was reporting everything i typed,ticked me off. Once again,i apologise.

Courtesy @sonnes : Fake accounts and cheating on Mocks invites an immediate ban. Please ensure you play fair.

@dragster banned for one week - frivolous reporting. Mind you, people have already been warned - take your vendettas out of PG - if you use the reports system to irritate authors, you might find yourself on the receiving end.
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@vavi1978 banned for a week for abusive language. This is a zero tolerance issue and no warnings are given for such language. Banned on reporting.
@vavikimaut seems to have been created to troll the previous ID. Banned permanently.
@jaspunit banned permanently. Supposedly there's a relay race being played wherein different people use the same ID. Hmm. That's not allowed, is it?
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  • yeh kya funda hai. 22 Aug '13.
  • @nexus.anonymous. 22 Aug '13.

A few days back, I posted this ping: http://www.pagalguy.com/people/people-25547199/17108350 but not many have taken it to heart. I was saddened to see one good and helpful puy resorting to such frivolous reporting. The puy has been banned for 7 days.

Please, take it to heart. We wish you to understand that reports are not meant for infighting, for getting even, or for vengeance. They are meant for resolving major issues. For improving the content and interactions on PG.

A puy almost accused us mods of trying to run a police state and that we get angry easily. But remember, we are also one of you puys only, and want to help you guys maintain a clean, helpful, fun, and most importantly, useful forum. That's all. If some of you feel we're running a police state, I can't help that feeling. But try to look at things from our side as well.

  • Request you to reopen this link as results are out paga.... 06 Aug '13.
Akshay @akshay01 29
Request you to reopen this link as results are out


PS I am new to PG hence did not know hw to let you know.. so commented on this post... kindly forgive me

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