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Bank PO/Clerk Interview Questions and Experience

:: :: Hi Frendz... I am starting this thread to Post the questions and experience of Interviews of bank po or clerk if u have any or from any other source like ur frends or from internet. ***Plz dont use this thread as a chat corner, as i...
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Hey Puys,
I have completed my BTech in Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering. I am preparing for MBA. If I join any bank in CLERICAL or PO post, will that be counted as experience?

thanks my friend for sharing the useful tips.

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Hi Puys,

As you all requested, here is my GDPI Experience of Canara Bank.

Name : Mrinal Kumar
Category : SC
TWS Score :149
Venue : Panel 4, Canara Bank, Zonal HQ, Luv Kush Tower, Patna
Session : 8:30 AM
Date : 16/04/2012

Reached the venue at around 8:00 AM, Document Verification was already being carried out, was the 2nd person in my panel to get my document verified, it took around 10-15 minutes, then we had to wait untill around 9:45 AM for the entire process to be over with. As for the attendance, as per numbers on our IDs, there were 9/16 people present in our group. Guess most of the absentees are either happily employed or busy cracking some other Interview. Now comes the Real Interesting Part, The GD :wow::wow::wow::wow::wow::wow::wow::wow::wow:

Panel Members : 4 persons, all male, 3 oldies, 1 middle aged, lets call them Mr M1,M2,M3,M4

Each of us were given 2-3 minutes to speak individually and then open discussion for 15 minutes, and 5 minutes to jot down the points.
The discussion was allowed in both Hindi and English and they said that you could use whatever you are comfortable with, My no was 3rd last, Started very well, spoke in English and used up all my alloted time to put forth my ideas.Everybody spoke well except one fellow who was scared out of his wits and didn't even say a single word even during his alloted time.

Most of the group members kept repeating the same points initially but then in the open discussion, a lot more came to the surface.

The major points discussed and put forward as a gist :
> Real India resides in Rural India, Majority Population stays there, Agriculture primary employer and a major part of our GDP.
> Rural Benefit Schemes such as MNREGA, Indira Awas Yojana, Siksha Abhiyaan, etc
> Financial Inclusion scheme for providing savings opportunity and easy credit facility for development
> Pvt Sector FMCG and Mobile Telephony growth driver (Raised by me)
> Examples of Development playing a transforming role in Bihar and Gujrat, from Employment Seeker to Employment provider and Growth driver (By me)
> Specialized Education programs to focus on Agriculture and Rural problem solving and addressing them with specialized skillset by IRMA, IIM ABM, etc (By me)
> Mid-day meal scheme and providing other facilities to promote and encourage primary education
> Corruption and Middlemen hindering entire welfare from reaching the Rural people, and adressing it by Lokpal, etc
> A lot more points were discussed all of which I can't write down, these were the main ones.
Conclusion : A lot is being done but a lot needs to be done for transforming India from Developing to Developed Economy and it could only be done by strengthening and utilizing the untapped potential of rural India.

The entire process was over by around 11:00 AM, Now the next part and be ready for surprise, the Interview, here it goes :

All the panel members were in good mood and smiling (All of them):lookround::lookround::lookround::lookround::lookround::lookround::lookround::lookround::lookround::lookround:
M2 : Name a famous personality sharing the same name as yours
A : Mrinal Sen (Film Director)

M2 : Any other person ?
A : Can't remember Sir

M3 : Meaning of your name
A : Flower of Lotus

M2 : Tell me something about yourself
A : Told about education, family, strengths, weaknesses

M2 : You've mentioned Travelling as your hobby, Which all places have you been to ?
A : Told Shirdi & Vaishno Devi

M3 : So you like visiting religious places, Which are the famous religious places in Bihar?
A : Told about Deoghar(Didn't know it was in Jharkhand), Bodh Gaya, and then Blank

M2 : Asked and Named some more religious places most of which I had no idea about, so just nodded along

M1 : What is Motivation and How to motivate ?
A : Answered easily (Since BBA)

M2 : Some Great Leaders of Bihar
A : Told Dr Rajendra Prasad, then Blank, was poked-Chanakya, then told about Maurya, Harshvardhan, Gautam Buddha

M2 : Who was Mahaveer?
A : Told Religious leader and God of Jains

M2 : Where did Gautam Buddha gain enlightenment?
A : Mahabodhi tree in Bodh Gaya

M2 : You like reading, Which all books do you like?
A : Told about Oliver Twist-Charles Dikens, Many lives, Many Masters-Brain Weiss, My Fav-Acts of Faith-Erich Segal

M3 : You mentioned you like English Movies, Why so?
A : Told Modern Hindi Movies were of poor quality, providing cheap and vulgar entertainment, and I like serious movies which has some serious story and deeper meaning and values

M2 : Last movie that you watched
A : Hereafter By Clint Eastwood

Apart from these, there was slight discussion about me and thats all, all nodding at each other, smiling and then THANK YOU & M3- Have a Chocolate

Told You It would be surprising, Is this normal ???, I mean Nothing from my education subjects and nothing from Banking, Nothing at all :wow::wow::wow::wow::wow::shock::shock::shock::shock:

The Interview must have lasted 15-20 minutes, the entire process was over by 1:45 PM. And yes one more thing, We were provided free Tea and Biscuits

Now please tell me what should I expect ??? Am I dead or What ??




I had my Nainital Bank i/w on 8th..Details below

Post - Management Trainee
Place - Nainital

Panel - 3

P1 ,P2 ,P3 & ME

After seeing documents
P1 : So , you have done this additional banking course from a prvt institute.
ME : Yes Sir

P1 : Excellent , good. You are qualified !!
ME : I nodded

ME : Sir , I have also cleared NCFM Modules
*Cut Short*

P1 : I dont want to see it. Keep it with you No use for me.

Now , my RAPE starts !!

P1 : What are the illegal things that you as a banker can stop other's from doing ?
ME : Was telling about KYC & AML norms
* Interrupts *
P1 : I know , that you know these things. Tell me practically ?
ME : Said Some thing..

* Interrupts *
ME : Tried again

P1 got pissed off.

P1 : Why are you bluffing the panel ?

P1 : Negotiable Acts ?
ME : Explained.

P1 Looked satisfied , but then....

P1 : Why are you stammering ? Are you nervous ?
ME : Just a little

P1 : Explain briefly about SBI
ME : Blah Blah..

* Interrupts *

P1 : If you don't know to tell , just say I dnt know. Why are you telling it all wrong ?
Is this what you have learned in your course ? Don't you even know about SBI ?

ME :

P1 : Tell about RBI act ?
ME : Started very well , then gave wrong passing year of the act. It was 1934. I said 1932.

P1 : What ridiculous answer is this ? Do you know anything about banking ?

P1 told me to stop. P1 looks towards P2

P2 & P3 kept drinking tea.

P1 : You may go now.


So , No hopes from this one. They hated me , then raped me and then booted me out.

What comes easy, won't last. What lasts, won't come easy.
hey buddies !!!! i am addie747 a.k.a aditya i am doing preperation for bank clerical interview and dont know really how to !!! please hold a candle to me or may be somethi::ng bigger than a candle !!!!!!

hi friends..i am new to this forum. my interview is there with canara and allahabad bank on same date and at same time.

Is there any way of attending both the interviews? If yes, pls help me..
or if not then pls suggest me which bank is better.

m very confused...need help!

My frnd got call for Canara intrvw 1st bank intvw
His prob is that he has 3 year gap after 12 due to IIT mania.Then he did B.Tech EC from Lucknow
What he sud say as Excuse for the gap

Also suggest some sample Answers for -" y banking after engg. for me" if i ever get a call
my score 160 Gen -The Worst score till date :((((

i think ur friend need nt tell them that he is having a 3 years GAP after 12th..me too having a 2 years gap...after 12th bt i never tell them ..so they never ask it...bt they focus on graduation..what u were doing since graduation..Bank interviews are the shortest interviews..max 10 minutes only in SBI they stretch it to 15-20 minutes..in that time they hardly ask anyone abt GAP of 12th ..so tell him to throw away this feeling from his mind..and prepare for other things..try to bring the panel towards his strength..so that they get inclined to one direction only..all the best :-)
and u dnt worry..u'll get call..from now onwards i hope so.

hello friends.. i have cleared IBPS BANK PO exam 2011. i have got 143 marks.. i'm a hearing impaired 76%. i dnt have any benifits from a hearing aid so i have a difficulty in communication..i had applied for IBPS as hearing impaired. and was shortlisted for bank of india interview .. i had given my interview yesterday.. when i told them (at office ) i have problem in communication and can i have a written interview(questions only) they said there is no such provision.. but again i asked interview panel about written interview , they agreed. but they did'nt ask me any questions related to banking.only general questins about my family education and disability. it lasted for only 10 min. i had prepared for this interview very hard and they ask nothing. i felt like they were not intrested in me and were conducting interview just for formalities. my marks are very good for hearing impaired category. infact i have total weighted score for the job (written exam + interview = 142)in the written exam itself, but i need minimum marks for interview too..

i think they did'nt like me asking for written interview. another thing i noticed there was all of the guys who came as HI had no problem in communication using hearing aids.. if so how can they apply as HI??? guys wearing glasses are not visual impaireds no..

some guys in bankpo.in forum told me i ruined my chances by asking for written interview. is that so?? how could i understand questions if i had'nt asked fora written interview.. i can liread but its not 100% effective..
there are only 1% post reserved for HI category.and they say there are only certain posts where HI could work.. so they know about communication problems of HI.. then why can't they allow a written interview???
my next interview is for canara bank in april 2nd week. they have group discursion tooo.. i wonder how am i going to face it....
my question is wont they hire me because i can't communicate efficently????
somene pls help me.. i'm feeling very low... i have studied for 3 months to qualify for exam and another 1 month for interview..

hope some1 will answer me

thank you

My frnd got call for Canara intrvw 1st bank intvw
His prob is that he has 3 year gap after 12 due to IIT mania.Then he did B.Tech EC from Lucknow
What he sud say as Excuse for the gap

Also suggest some sample Answers for -" y banking after engg. for me" if i ever get a call
my score 160 Gen -The Worst score till date :((((

I am going to appear for ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER (SCALE-1) in ORIENTAL INSURANCE COMPANY.I am B.E.(CSE) and I want to know about the questions asked in this paper in the IT section.If someone can help, please help me, the paper is on 8th APRIL. So please reply soon :-):)

Had Syndicate Bank interview and State Bank of Tranavancore interview last week.

Both of them were ok ,and there were four panel members in both interviews(3 M+1F).Both of the panel members asked me a lot about why I wanted to take up this field after having been in Software .

Syndicate Bank panel members did not ask me any banking term ,but were more general and asked me about current profession.

S.B.T. interview panel members asked questions in turns ,and one such qn.was the positives and negatives of globalisation.I was asked 2 banking terms and one general knowledge qn.by another member.

core banking CORE stands for "centralized online real-time environment". This means that the customer can withdraw the deposited money from any of the bank's branches throughout the world.

I am an engineering final year student. am i eligible for the forthcoming june ibps cwe for po..? In the notification it is mentioned that "the candidate sould have a degree as on 31 jan 2012."
My course ends in May 2012. Am not yet a graduate. So m i eligible?

copying and pasting from the PG bank PO aspirants thread 3---
TIME --9.30 AM

The reporting time was 9.30 am....by the time I had reached,the document verification had already started....my name starts with 'S'....I believe that's why I was the 22nd in the list(2nd last candidate present)......there were total 25 candidates scheduled for morning....attendance was good...out of 25,20(guess.....did not count them) were present...I saw 2 females and the rest male candidates...most of them were in the 170+ range of CWE score.... only 2 (with whom I had a talk)were in the 164-165 range....there was at least one girl who was finally selected in Union bank......
the document verification was going smoothly,apart from one instance when a candidate,after his PI was over,had come to request the people who were verifying the documents regarding an issue..........he had forgotten to bring his bio-data form and was requesting the people to consider his case...however,this irked the authorities and he was told to submit the bio-data form by 5 pm..........................................
************************************************** ******


I was waiting for my turn with bated breath.....normally I consider myself to be a soft spoken person and in order to show myself confident,I had decided to speak loudly....as a result,when I opened the door and asked "may I come in?",it sounded as if I am roaring like Sunny paaji ...there were 4 persons sitting and all of them,I guess became aware about me and my great looks ....I dont know why,but they all started replying me together ....it sounded somewhat like this--"yes..yes...come in..come in...ok..ok...sit down..sit down"....I too said good morning to all of them..then ..thank you.. and took my seat....
there were 4 persons in the panel.....3 males(m1,m2 and m3) and 1 female(f1)...all were 55+....acc to my guess...

m1--So,Mr Sanyal...I see that you have done a diploma in hotel management and then worked in 2 companies...hotel mgmt offers you a better career...why are you willing to join a bank??(answered regarding my rural bases and how I would like to get back to my bases)......I guess this set the show since all the coming questions were based on Rural India apart from a couple..

m2--so what do you understand about the problems of the rural poor?
(told them about some of the problems that they face and the possible solutions--most of my points were based on agriculture and its problems)

m3---so,what is financial inclusion??(told them)

m2--what is the priority sector and what are the RBI's policies and directions towards the priority sector??(told about priority sector lending--the direction of RBI to set up a target of 40% and 32% bank loans respectively for the PSBs and foreign banks to the priority sectors)

m1--do you mean priority sector only means agriculture?? (said No...but this is where I was wrong I guess because googling priority sector shows agriculture ,small scale industries etc but I have said priority sector means agriculture and the allied sectors that are typically managed by the rural population.....while it is not 100% wrong,it is not 100% correct either.....)

m2--apart from priority sector lending,what are the RBI's directions towards the banks to eradicate poverty??..this is the question on which I faultered....I was still tensed so I forgot about the RBI's directions regarding SHGs,forming co-operatives,MSMEs,SSIs etc etc .....in anyways,I was not very well prepared in this topic...

f1--I dont understand this,you have done so many things in life...hotel mgmt...job in IT/ITES....BCA...u have left everything...will you leave the banks too?? with a toothy grin ... I tried to make them understand about my situation and also that I have been waiting fr a long time only for this job....

f1 strikes again--are you involved in social service?? answer--I have been to villages with my uncle and have helped in organizing Polio booths but apart from that,have never had a chance for organised social service....but I consider myself a helpful human being....blah..blah..blah

m3--so how do you think you,with your knowledge of hotel mgmt and BCA would help the poor and at the same time,increase the bank's businesses??
told him about my communication skills and how I have interacted with the people from all walks of life during my hotel mgmt course and job...and that being a person belonging to a rural background,I can effectively communicate with the rural people and also understand their needs....was just about to go ahead about how I would help with my BCA,but M2 asked a qstn....

m2--ABC is a good company,it takes good care of its employees...why are you not rejoining them??

all throughout this,they were bombarding me with questions about my family,my father and my mother(since my father is no more,my mother works)...there were many questions regarding how I would take care of her if posted in a rural area and why I did this and why I did that.....

they also asked about my preference (were surprised,I guess,after knowing that my preference is not West bengal )and only asked what if I get placed in the North-east....and whether I have ever visited NE to which I said No...but that I have plans....

they were asking about a question regarding my preference and I said that I can be posted even in a metropolitan...and that I have no problems.....as a reply to that,M2 started saying things about the banks and what they want nowadays............acc to them,banks are nowadays interested to appoint only those,who are willing to serve a good 5-10 years in a rural or backward area...acc to him,after some years,big cities will be almost reserved for senior staffs...and all of the new recruits WILL HAVE TO GO TO A RURAL AREA.....
he continued talking on this for a good 3-4 minutes and suddenly,all of them,in one go,thanked me and told me,that the interview is over.....I thanked all of them...greeted them,and got out of the room,only to find that the last candidate was getting nervous like anything.....he was wondering as to why my interview is taking so much time....and true..it took about 20-25 minutes whereas all the other interviews were around 10-15 minutes each..................

although I fumbled with terms,with language,and at times,due to lack of Idea,I still tried to speak in a decent way.....never spoke loudly like the 1st time but was also not timid.....still...I was the one with the highest volume level...all of the others spoke with very gentle and meek tones.............I guess my performance was not-so-good but even if I am not selected,it was a great experience and will 100% help me in future....

@ all the PUYS...can anyone answer why they asked only a single financial term and still asked so much on other issues,my family and my rural background?? is it because they liked me too much or is it because they HATED my candidature too much as a prospective Syndicate bank employee??
plzz reply PUYs and also reply about what do you think about my performance??
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Hii all,
I have been selected in Union Bank of India, PO. They have asked me to join by 7th April, 2012 at Gorakhpur Ro which is my home town.

However due to certain reasons, I wont be able to join it before the deadline. Please seniors, tell the process of applying for extension ( in my case I need min. 2 months extension ). Please help as I am very much eager to join and dont want to miss the opportunity.

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