Bank PO/Clerk Interview Questions and Experience

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:: :: Hi Frendz... I am starting this thread to Post the questions and experience of Interviews of bank po or clerk if u have any or from any other source like ur frends or from internet. ***Plz dont use this thread as a chat corner, as i...

Can anyone help me with this query.... I am a post graduate in english, and am preparing for bank PO jobs... What is bothering me is even though I had a science background in 11-12, I have been in arts for the past 5 yrs.. Will that matter. And is there any course that I can take to boost my chances in the interview, like FInancial accounting or finance etc etc from any university or computer training centre?? Thank you in advance...

  • it doesnt matter from which background are you from. you .... 20 Oct.
Abdul Ahad Siddique @abdullko 1.0 k

it doesnt matter from which background are you from. you wiull just have to give your best in the interview

HI puys, I had just attended interview on 10/05/13 @ Canara Bank , mumbai @ 8:30 am. for the post of SO: MMGS 2-Ele

Te post is for Mgr- Tech . I hve work exp of 4+yrs. For more info search " Recruitment Project 1/2014" min post edu qualification is 3 yrs. Screening through Canarabank online test same like IBPS but ELE/MECH Q 50 ccarrying 100 Marks insteaD OF APTITUDE & Reasoning.

first Docs verification abt 20 mins. most of the guyz were from PSUs so NOC compuslory. Then GD.

Panel: 4 members: 40-50 age grp.
1 Person tore d envelope & gave us d topic "GOLD Imports should be banned"
He gav following rules.
1.each member will speak for 2 minutes .the order in ehich they speak will be as per serial number in selected call letters.
2.then group has a tym of 5 minutes to come to a conclusion.:(
3.3 minutes will be given as a whole to jot down some points.& the proccess started after 3 min s.

Abt GD"
Mine had 19/21 members present. I was 16.Every 1 spoke well. If u are @last u hv sum opportunity to copy & modify.Then GD started. It was d worst GD I hv ever seen. 5 members started @ same one was giving up. Everyone was supporting their stands, I started 3 tyms but none would listen.
Finally during 3rd time I raised my voice loud enough so that every1 cn hear. I said instead of taking yes or no , v cn create awareness among public abt other ways of investment lik Mutual funds. V could also increASE excise duty @ times when our CAD is very high. V can also promote platinum & silver. At last they listened. & v all came 2 conclusion that RBI/Govt should regulate not ban gold import as per situation. only 7 people spoke. 5 min was 2 less.

Abt Interview: SInce I was second last , i THOUGHT PANEL WOULD BE TIRED.Same GD panelists .They greeted me. Askd abt my name. Abt my previous job profile. I was working in Powerplant operations.Then they asked me y bking as SO?Told them that I am getting a graspp of things abt bking. This is a window of opportunity for me 2 get into bking sector. Suddely 1 askd y not PO? sir, Because my command over electrical will act as a cushion & after few years down the line as SO i would like to cum in mainstream bking.till that tym i can learn bking at my own pace. In PO i have to learn everything from A to Z in short tym. Whereas in SO i could observe & learn .
Askd me what wil be the profile of SO: I told tat as per my research SO would be luking @ project Feasibility b4 interview.They nodded.

What do u knw bking?
I told that bks collect mny from people as savings @ 4% & offer loan @ 11% or more.Rbi regulates Bks by CRR SLR .told abt bking:NTDL

Askd me to take a chocolate & Leave.
I don knw wat ll happen. but over all the atmosphere was gr8. they were friendly.HOPE


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  • Ab mat exam toh diya nhi :mg: @singham0075 thanks for p.... 05 Mar.

my score is 84, cut off is 67 €“ assam gen what are my chnce in clerk intrvws ?also i hv 2 yrsgap before 12th, but all through 1st class.will gap create prblm ?i m plz reply

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  • @mohit266 be frank no 1 can tell u about ur chances .... 05 Mar.
Despo Ronick @desporonick 1.5 k
@mohit266 be frank no 1 can tell u about ur chances as it depends upon number of seats in ur state for clerk.. 2.yr gap doesn't creates any problem ... I m also 2012 pass out
1. Whats the Difference Between a Normal Cheque and a Travellers Cheque??

2. Whats the Period of Repayment of an Overdraft that has been drawn from bank?? . .

May i known the IBPS prefernces order banks list for me as i have to submit the list at the time application

  • go to ibps website than use apply online section and repr.... 31 Dec '13.
yogika bawa @lavi29 1
go to ibps website than use apply online section and reprint application form u got all details wt u fill when u r applying


My innterview is on jul 16 at mangalore. pls share ur dates



I got selected for Karnataka bank for the interview for both CLERICAL/P.O

Need some guidance for the interview preparation...........
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  • PO interview date for Karnataka bank??. 11 Jun '13.
  • 12th. 09 Jun '13.
hey all.. long back someone posted his intw exp in which was meantioned core banking details.. i dun remember on which thread it was...if anyone knws plz reply
  • *mentioned. 21 May '13.


Hi puys,Dont know..if its right thread to discuss this..cudnt get reply from anywhere..pls post it on correct forum or answer it:-I got placed in MMGS grade 2 ( I am a MBA,campus recruitment)at UCO bank..I have read harrowing experiences of P.O in pagalguy..would we get same treatment?? Please help me..I am really scared..I heard we get job postings at that true?PLEASE SOMEONE REPLY!!!!

i am also placed in uco bank...2013

please gimme some link to download ban po interview questions and answers
@bandari said:
i had cleared my SBI PO gd pi last year, in feb 2009
here is a brief account of the experience
they checked all the marksheets right from class X till graduation, manually converted all the GPAs into percentages, checked all the credentials and referrals. this took a lot of time. after that we were taken for the GD. there were 14 of us. the topic was organised retail is killing small shops. each of us were given 2 mins to speak on the topic. only once everyone had got a chance to speak atleast once, random discussion was allowed. there were two observers from the bank, who repriminded everyone who tried to cut short another person and butt in with his views in between.
the interview was more of a candid affair. i was the last one in that slot to go. was a bit tensed as each of the candidates who came out of the interview room said that they had been grilled on their past acads, whther they where mathematics or veterinary science graduates.
however, when my turn came, i saw that there were 5 panelists, all of them quite friendly. apart from the basic introduction like name family members etc, they asked me simple questions like thw places i travelled in india(i mentioned travelling as my hobby in the bio data form which they had in their hand), vatious off bit locations and trek routes. they asked why i had left my previous job(journalism), i mentioned honestly that the timing was odd and the pay was beeter here, they took it in good humour. next there was 2 or three questions like full form of SEBI, difference between bond and share and relation between unemployment and inflation(i am an economics graduate) and they let me go. it hardly lasted 15 20 mins.
i was selected, and have been working in sbi for the last 15 months
did they check extra curricular certificates too?
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frnds i m a mtech biotech,cleared sbh clerk written..should i reveal my mtech in my interview..guys plz any suggestions would b helpful.

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