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Hi, My name is Stacy Blackman. Since 2001 my firm, Stacy Blackman Consulting, has helped clients gain admission to every top business school in the world. I am happy to answer any of your questions on the MBA admissions process and your speci...
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Hi Mr.Leo,

Are you looking for specific MBA program recommendations, or advice into ways to improve your candidacy?

I recommend you read this case study of a candidate pursuing a 2nd MBA: http://www.stacyblackman.com/2011/08/25/sbc-scoop-seeking-a-second-mba/


Conrad and the Stacy Blackman Team

Hi Olivier,

For MBA programs, admissions teams will be looking for leadership and work experience. I am not sure how much of this you currently have. For a Masters programs, your numbers are strong and there is nothing standing out as to why you could not be accepted into a top program.


Conrad and the Stacy Blackman Team
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Hi Ankit.Lost,

Your GMAT score is a bit lower than the average at IBS (706), but not by much. If you believe you can improve your score by 30+ points, I recommend you take the test again.

Here is some free GMAT advice if you decide to take the test again: http://www.stacyblackman.com/gmat-overview/


Conrad and the Stacy Blackman Team

Hi kpa,

You have a strong candidacy. My biggest concern is that admissions teams are going to be looking to develop future leaders and will want to see leadership experience, which can be difficult to show with a trading background. I recommend including any management and leadership experience that you can.

Regarding which MBA programs to target, nothing about your story makes me think there is any reason why you cannot be admitted, but nothing stands out telling me why you should be admitted. All of the reasons why a top program would admit you are in the details of your work experience, personal experiences, personality, values and overall story.


Conrad and the Stacy Blackman Team

I am 31 years old with an MBA from IBS, Hyderabad (Top 25 B school in India) with an Engineering background, having '7 years' experience with core proficiency and domain of interest in Business Management, Operations, Sales and Project Management.

My Engineering GPA is 3 and my MBA GPA is 3.5 and i had taken a break of two years during my graduation where I did my first job,

After my MBA, I got in to one of the top Telecom company in India and worked there on PAN India Marketing and Project management role in their corporate office for 2 Years and then got in to Energy Start up which was part of a $2 Billion corporation, Here as I was involved from the inception, I have done varied roles such as Strategy, Product Development, Business Development, Finance, operation and recruitment. As of today the company is 100 employees strong. Due to my contribution to the company, I have been promoted twice in my 3 years stint and currently I hold the COO position for one of their two divisions with 60 people reporting to me.

Regarding extra circular activities, i have been active participate in various college committees both in graduation and post graduation.

Hi Stacy,

I appreciate the time you spend in responding to our queries here, so I'll try to keep it as short as possible :)
10th and 12th - 95%
3.6/4 CGPA from NIT, Electronics Engineering
GMAT 730 (50Q/38V)
Working in Financial Derivatives IT team in one of the top 10 global investment banks.
Looking for both MBA and MS Finance.
Could you kindle tell me my chances in MS Finance in the top 10 colleges and MBA in the top 20?
Thanks a lot!

Hi Stacy

Please give me inputs on my profile for pursuing MBA.

I am aiming for GMAT Score of 700+

GPA is 3.4

Work exp 3years. I have got a gap of 5 years after that due to family reasons. I am a mom of two kids and want to pursue my career.

I am planning to take accounting and stats courses in community college for extra credits after taking GMAT.

10th -78%

12th- 67%


Post Grad- 76%

I am a post graduate in chemistry and have worked as a research associate for one year in US , was a tutor for undergrads for 1.5 years and have worked as a Research associate in IIT for 6 months (India)

EC- I always participated in Debates, elocutions, and won some prizes. I am also running a charity program in the name of my family for 4 years.

Please evaluate my profile and suggest me if I can get admission in US business schools.

Also suggest me what to do to improve my profile.

Thanx in advance



It'd be great if you could evaluate my profile:

GMAT 700

Work Ex. - 3yrs.

2 yrs with Cisco.

an year with a leading investment bank(in an it role).


B.Tech - Nitk Surathkal -comps.- 8.32

12th - 88.2

10th - 88.4

Achievements at work.

Handled a major project, from the requirement phase to the beta. Was the owner of the module. Closely engaged with the customer and proposed and implemented an efficient solution. Further engaged with the customer for deployment. Customer signed a multi-million dollar deal. Appreciated and recognized by management, was given a top ranking, including monetary rewards.

Implemented a feature critical for the product to achieve US govt nod to be purchased by the fed. Tweaked the algo to make it faster.


Have been rather ebullient when it comes to ECs. Have actively participated in organizing events in class, college clubs and college fests. Have organized team events at work.

Have participated in extempore, debate competitions and won at inter college level. Have had an interest towards drawing and sketching. Sketch in my free time, have participated in art competitions at college level and won. Designed the desktop calendar for the firm.

Volunteer work:

Have been constantly engaged in one thing or the other. Taught underprivileged kids. Worked with a government school in a remote village in Rajasthan to help them impart technical education to their students.

Currently working with an NGO to help them build an evaluation model to showcase the impact of their program.

Want to build a career in consulting.

Wonder if GMAT is on the lesser side...? Should i give another try at it.

My target school is ISB.


Hi everyone,

Are there any MBA admissions or GMAT questions we can answer?


Conrad and the Stacy Blackman Team
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Thanks for posting again. Nothing about your story makes me think there is any reason why you cannot be admitted, but nothing stands out telling me why you should be admitted. All of the reasons why a top program would admit you are in the details of your work experience, personal experiences, personality, values and overall story.

Unfortunately I don't know enough about your application, but there is nothing that you have listed that would tell me you could not be accepted into the schools you are considering.


Conrad and the Stacy Blackman Team

I want your opinion for shortlisting MBA college. I am a biotechnology graduate working in Intellectual Property Division of health care company. I have more than 6 years of experience. My GMAT is in early 600s. I am looking to go to Canada because of their work permit policy and want to work there for 3-4 years post MBA.

I have applied to John Molson School of Business because of their lower fees. I am considering Schulich as well but the fee difference is more than 30000 dollars.

So need your views on John Molson or any other program in Canada which is best suited for Biotech students?

Also help me chosing from Schulich and JMSB keeping the fee difference in mind?

Hi cpokli,

Have you considered applying to NYU Stern? The reason is that it is located in the heart of New York, and the program has a large alumni base on Wall Street. I recommend that if you are very set on working for a Wall Street firm, that you consider schools in NYC, as that is where your network will be located.

Here is some school specific advice for the program: http://www.stacyblackman.com/business-school-hub/nyu-stern/


Conrad and the Stacy Blackman Team

Hi cpokli,

Congratulations on your excellent GMAT score. Your numbers indicate that you have the intellect and focus to thrive in a top tier MBA program.

Remember though that top programs are going to be looking beyond your numbers, and will also be considering your work experience, recommendations, and personal essays.

Regarding your program selections, those are great programs. What are your goals post graduation and do you have a preference in location?


Conrad and the Stacy Blackman Team

hi, my CGPA IS 7.11 out of 10.what can be my possible score in the scale of 4??

MBA Job Market Shows Signs Of Stabilization

Today's MBA graduates have entered a job market that looks several shades brighter than when they entered business school just two years ago.The latest research by theMBA Career Services Council shows a majority of schools reported an increase in on-campus activity for full-time positions compared with last spring. Alumni-initiated hiring has increased as a result of schools' additional efforts to engage alumni.


The MBA CSC, an association of business school career management offices and companies who hire MBA students, recently released the findings of itsSpring 2012 Recruiting Trends Survey. The findings show that both on-campus recruiting opportunities and full-time job postings have increased for most schools worldwide.

These findings echo results released in May by the Graduate Management Admissions Council's annual Corporate Recruiters Survey.

In that poll, 64 percent of graduates of full time, two-year MBA programs had job offers in hand—nearly matching the all-time record set in 2001, when 66 percent of students had employment offers.

The MBA CSC survey findings reveal that 51 percent of respondents report an increase in on-campus recruiting for full-time jobs, and 69 percent of respondents report an increase in full-time job postings. Although recruiting has slowed slightly compared with previous years–suggesting an overall market stabilization—most schools are seeing growth, with only 11 percent noting a decline in on-campus recruiting activity.

Nicole Hall, president of the MBA Career Services Council and director of the career management center at Wake Forest Schools of Business, says “Companies have continued to expand their on campus presence and recruiting activities over the last few years following the recession. The survey results confirm that schools have retained that growth, while many have seen continued growth in 2012.”

Increases in recruiting activity are occurring across most sectors, with consulting and technology showing the largest increase. Financial services and government showed the largest decrease in full-time recruiting activity.

Schools are optimistic about internship hiring, with 80 percent of respondents reporting that at least 75 percent of students received an internship offer. Also, 72 percent of respondents expect internship opportunities to increase compared with last year.

When asked about hiring methods, alumni-initiated hiring saw the largest increase (58 percent reported an increase). This seems to be a direct result of efforts on the part of career services offices to increase alumni engagement through referrals and networking events.


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