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Ask a Consultant! - GMAT/GRE Only

The GMAT section's been growing rapidly over the past few years but I'm sure you already know that. Unfortunately, it's becoming tougher for individual contributors to keep pace. Fortunately, a lot of consultants have been coming up to help! So as...
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Hi can you please evaluate my profile? I am planning to give gmat again, but if i dont to get more than 700, which tier 1 or tier 2 schools are possible for me?

X- 86.4 | XII - 82.6 | BEIT from Mumbai University - 69.9

Gmat 700

Work ex -3 years as an analyst in an investment bank.

Thank you

  • thanks a lot :smiley:. 07 May.
  • Hi @mbaphilia \- would you like to share your resume wit.... 07 May.
MBA Decoder @mba-help 1,647

Hi @mbaphilia  - would you like to share your resume with us? You can email it at contact@mbadecoder.com and we will be happy to look at your profile in more detail. 




I have a query about GMAT/CAT.

My educational qualifications are :

10th - 87% (CBSE)

12th - 85% (CBSE)

Engineering (AVIONICS)-CGPA 8.2 /10 (IIST,TRIVANDRUM), 2012 Passout

work experience :-3 years in ISRO

which option would be more suitable for me GMAT/CAT.?

can you suggest some good books for the preparation.?

how much time is sufficient for preparation.?

  • Hi @nisarg13 , you would find that "concept-wise", Quant .... 06 May.
  • can you please provide with the books name to be followed ?. 06 May.
EducationAisle.com @EducationAisle 559

Hi @nisarg13 , you would find that "concept-wise", Quant would be similar (though not same), in the sense that Data Sufficiency (a prominent question type on GMAT) requires time and practice to develop comfort in.

Verbal is quite different. Perhaps the only major overlap is the Reading comprehension.

Ishan Chaturvedi @nisarg13

can you please provide with the books name to be followed ?


I have a query about GMAT and it would be great if the experienced guys here could guide me out .

My educational qualifications are :

10th - 74% (State Board)

12th - 60% (State Board)

Engineering (Civil)-70% (State University), 2009 Passout

Total Work Exp.: 5+ yrs of work ex in Core Engg field. 2 years in a Indian construction company and 3 years in a multinational technical Consulting firm.  

Extra-Curricular: Pretty good. National and State level certificates

Of late due to lack of proper opportunities and my desire to go into management I have decided to sit for Management Exams in 2015. I did appear for CAT 2 years back year and scored 91 percentile with bare minimum preparation but I didn't go for GD/PI  as I just wanted to make into IIM's and my percentile was just not enough to get a call/shortlist.

1. My query is will my average Acads and Workex be a hindrance

    getting into a good B- school or later on in my placements.

   By good B-school I mean any of top 10 colleges in India under

   GMAT else I would not be interested.

2.  Would would suit me more GMAT or CAT and why ?

  • Hi, Pursuing an MBA from India or abroad I believe is mor.... 05 May.
  • Thanks @VeritasGurgaon and @@desert_ice :smiley:. 05 May.
desert ice @desert_ice 12

Hi, Pursuing an MBA from India or abroad I believe is more of a personal choice. International MBA expands your network, you gain knowledge about different cultures and so you improve your chances of international mobility. Having said that, a lot of grads from Indian MBA programs do end up working overseas. Your 10th, 12th marks are almost irrelevant in the MBA application. If you have graduated from a well recognised state university, it means have the analytical skills and aptitude.

If you can portray a well rounded personality, can flesh out interesting stories from your experiences, then with a good GMAT score, polished resume and relevant recommendations, you definitely can improve your chances of getting into top 50-75 global MBA programs, including ISB, SPJ and even exe programs  of IIMs. 

 All the best.

I am currently working in IT MNC company as Tech lead.

Xth-76 XII-66 BSC IT-72

total work ex-2.7

want to start GMAT preparation and aiming for SPJ

Please suggest when should i take test??

  • Best way would be go check out the application deadlines .... 05 May.
  • Hi Rohit, hope you are well. S P Jain's deadline for the .... 05 May.
Nitya Kash @nityaa 19

Best way would be go check out the application deadlines for SPJ from their website and then take the test at least a month before the deadline. This is because around a month would be needed to work thoroughly on the application.

Prep Zone @prepzone 94

Hi Rohit, hope you are well. S P Jain's deadline for the 2 year MBA is Nov 30th so you might want to submit it between mid Sep and mid Nov to be safe hence you should look at writing the GMAT by Aug at the latest. I hope this helps. Thank you


Kindly address the following queries :

Does MIS (or MS in MIS) come under dept of Management ?, if  Yes then the fee applicable is of MBA or MS ? Do all colleges that have this course accept GMAT score for admission ?

  • Hi Fredix, hope you are well. A Masters in Info Sys doesn.... 05 May.
  • Hi @frediey, an MIS can be a separate Masters degree at s.... 05 May.
Prep Zone @prepzone 94

Hi Fredix, hope you are well. A Masters in Info Sys doesn't come under Management and you will need to pursue a GRE for the same. The fees for any MS is far less than an International MBA in general. I hope this helps. Thank you

MBA Decoder @mba-help 1,647

Hi @frediey, an MIS can be a separate Masters degree at some b-schools; at some others it could be a part of the MBA, but offered as a concentration. Examples of both are:

Separate MIS: Heinz school of management, CMU; MIT; Kelley, University of Arizona, University of Maryland  

Offered as concentration with MBA- Wharton, Carlson, 

There are some other facts that may be of help to you:

1. A lot of the MIS programs are attached to the business school itself.  

2. The curriculum also has some inbuilt management courses that are offered by the business school. Alternatively, if they are separate entities (like Heinz) you can still take courses in the MBA program

3. All MIS programs that I have looked into take the GMAT score. So if you already have a GMAT or feel more comfortable testing with the GMAT, then go ahead. Later you can also apply to MBA programs (if you have a change of heart between MBA and MIS, which is a common occurrence)

 Feel free to reach out further. We have helped many applicants apply to MIS programs successfully and in the process have picked up some useful knowledge about the programs.

Namita Garg



I am UG student from Engg. background and planing MBA.

does GMAT is best to me or CAT

and without any work experience GMAT allowable which best colleges are...?  

  • Hi Nishant, there are plenty of colleges in India that ac.... 05 May.
Prep Zone @prepzone 94

Hi Nishant, there are plenty of colleges in India that accept the GMAT route for candidates to pursue an MBA but most are not without work experience hence at this stage you should look at the CAT unless you want to work for a few years and apply then. I hope this helps. Thank you


Exp: Total 4 years

1 year : PSU Bank -SME Relationship Manager

3 years: Steel PSU-Strategic & Global Procurement

MBA : 2011 - Tier 2 B-School-78 %

B.Tech : 2009 -Govt Engineering COllege-67.8 %

12th : 74 %

10th : 87 %

QSTN 1: With the current profile, Is second MBA from good University in US, Canada or even a ISB a possible option or a far fetched dream ?

QSTN 2: Is MS in Strategy/Public Policy/Supply Chain Management from a good university a good option ?

QSTN 3: If MS is a possible option, can some suggest me good course/university suited to my profile

QSTN 4: If second MBA is a possible option, then I understand that i will have to go the GMAT way. But for MS do good universties go for GRE or GMAT

  • You do stand a chance to get into Kelley, Rotman, Goizuet.... 05 May.
  • Hi, MS in SCM from Cornell, MS/ Diploma in Strategy from .... 05 May.
Prep Zone @prepzone 94

You do stand a chance to get into Kelley, Rotman, Goizueta, Smeal, and perhaps Darden and Cornell for the same... given a 720 or above. There are very few MS programs for experienced candidates like yourself - usually people pursue the MBA with a specialisation of the field they are interested in. An MS for work experienced candidates are for those who would like to intricately learn advanced modules about their specific area of interest. they are looking at a highly specific functional role and not a management related role. If that is your interest, I can help with the same so please let me know. Thank you

desert ice @desert_ice 12

Hi, MS in SCM from Cornell, MS/ Diploma in Strategy from Oxford and an MBA from Insead/IMD will lead you to three very different career tracks. When we are comparing such reasonably unrelated programs, one should not take decision only based on ROI. Its really important to think through the life beyond MBA/ MS. I know its very difficult thing to do, but the more clarity you may have, the more you are likely to succeed in whatever path you chose to follow. Dont apply to a program just because that particular university has accepted several candidates with a previous MBA. Ofcourse you need to be pragmatic and worry about ROI, but dont let consultants or a mathematical formula alone decide the next 5-10 years of your life. Do your own diligence, at least the initial search, short-list at least the programs (SCM/MBA/FIN/Strategy) and then we can have a more meaningful discussion. All the best.  


Exp: Steel & Power Industry (MNC)

Salary - 9-10 LPA

B.Tech (Mechanical) - 82.8%

12th - 77.67%

10th - 82.4%

I have 4 yrs. 10 months of Work-Ex as of May 2015. Currently I am an Assistant Manager and my exp. is in Project Management, Planning, Engineering etc. I am satisfied with my job and want to enhance my profile. I have planned to take GMAT in June 2015, to target for admission in 1 year full time Post Graduate Program (I will have 5+ exp at the time of Admission)

Which new/old IIMs (apart from IIM A, B, C, L, I), and other Indian colleges should I apply for this program or similar program?

  • Hi @PagalGuru Please make sure you practise some full len.... 05 May.
  • Hi @PagalGuru , thanks for the update. In that case, you .... 05 May.
desert ice @desert_ice 12

Hi @PagalGuru Please make sure you practise some full length tests at regular intervals, so that you develop some stamina to sit through 4-5 stressful hours. Based on your GMAT score and detail discussions, we can come-up with a list of few top 50 international MBA programs, if you are keen. Take care and All the Best!

Nitya Kash @nityaa 19

Hi @PagalGuru , thanks for the update. In that case, you seem to be totally on track! Actually I am also a GMAT aspirant and having started preparation, I realized that 1-2 months of preparation is not enough, especially for working professionals. 

Hence, my observation. Good luck.


Is it better to join IIM Calcutta now for PGDM course(I have a call) or should I not join it, go for about 3 years of Work-Ex, get a 750+ in GMAT and join institutes like Harvard(For simplicity, Assume that I will get a Harvard call)?

10th: 91



  • Hi, As mentioned above you need to evaluate your goals, a.... 05 May.
  • Hi Deadman, @Pravudatta I too was in a similar dilemma tw.... 06 May.
desert ice @desert_ice 12

Hi, As mentioned above you need to evaluate your goals, ambitions and potential.  You should revisit - your thought process before you applied to IIMC. Has anything changed since you received the offer?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          We are broadening the scope of discussion from an offer from IIMC versus a potential acceptance from HBS (which depends on lot of variables) to an MBA from US or India. IMHO definition of good/better/best MBA program is relative. It depends on individual circumstances (savings, near to long term personal/ family plans), constraints (budget, savings, loans, visa, personal/family opinion), goals (where you want to live, work in next 2-7-19-32 years) and ambitions beyond MBA. As mentioned above a lot of IIM grads are placed overseas post PGDM and a lot of H/S/W/B/LBS/Insead grads return to India for one reason or the other. Life is uncertain and every major decision you take in next few years, 'might' affect the rest of your life!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Usually cost and geography/location are two of the top five considerations people have when applying for a program. For the sake of simplicity we can keep on assuming all the variables to arrive at a solution to the equation, the way you want. But IMHO life is not a five variable equation. 

                                                                                                             Unfortunately there are no right answers. At the expense of sounding philosophical, hope you appreciate that nothing is absolute truth/success not even an MBA from H/W/S or even IIMs. Please note that whatever decision you take, only you will bear the consequences and nobody else. After few years everybody else will either feel happy/proud or sorry or indifferent for you depending on their perspective which usually is based on how you act and react. All the Best!

The GMAT Guy @agrawalp_39 522

Hi Deadman, @Pravudatta I too was in a similar dilemma two years back. Happily for me, I didn't have an top IIM admit at that time. My two cents - nothing beats an international exposure. I mean I've spent considerable time outside India and I know that the amount of learning that you have staying away in a different time zone is way unimaginable. Although, I want to settle in India, completing my education outside is one thing that I look forward to. Happy to have a chat with you sometime if you need to talk

I am looking for 1 year Business Analytics programs in India or US. Is there a good program? or anyone here looking for the same.

  • associate @ amazon. no not into analytics now. i have wor.... 04 May.
  • There are loads of schools you could look at in USA like .... 04 May.
Akash R @rAkash 110

associate @ amazon. no not into analytics now. i have work exp, in SQL and Excel though

Prep Zone @prepzone 94

There are loads of schools you could look at in USA like uni of rochester, nyu, uni of southern cali, uni of texas austin, fordham amongst others with a 330 + in your GRE. I hope this helps. Thank you

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