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Ask a Consultant! - GMAT/GRE Only

The GMAT section's been growing rapidly over the past few years but I'm sure you already know that. Unfortunately, it's becoming tougher for individual contributors to keep pace. Fortunately, a lot of consultants have been coming up to help! So as...
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Hi! I gave GMAT yesterday and scored 680. My profile is:

B.Tech - Civil Engineering - IIT Roorkee - 6.855/10 (CGPA)

12th - CBSE - 80.20%

10th - CBSE- 81.00%

Active participant in co-curricular and community service activities during college days.

4+ years of experience in construction industry and worked with 2 organizations. Recently resigned from the post of Project Manager in a Delhi-based real estate group to prepare for b-school admissions. Even with the employer prior to this, I worked as a Project Manager and handled multiple projects, each to the tune of 500 crores. 

What are my chances at cracking ISB? What are other good colleges I should apply to? 

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  • Hi @rishabh2198! Though your profile is not very strong, .... 16 Oct.
  • @ISBeacon : It's good to hear from an alumnus Sir ! yes, .... 16 Oct.
ISB mantra @ISBmantra.com 1,433

Hi @rishabh2198! Though your profile is not very strong, it's not bad either (given your IIT background). A good set of essays can help you improve your chances. What made you choose Nottingham? If there is no specific reason as such, you may target much better schools like Manchester if you are keen on UK. Several good options will be open for you in the US as well. In UK you may not get a job, in US, you are very likely to. 

All the Best!

'ISBmantra / EssaySunday Consulting'

@rishabh2198 3

@ISBeacon : It's good to hear from an alumnus Sir ! yes, it is still called 'Thomso' and I was in the central organizing team for the year 2008. Indeed Sir, as you have mentioned, we civil engineers do not have the privilege of a 'weekend', as our project sites remain open for 24x7. As I had made up my mind to do MBA (reason explained below), it was getting difficult for me to prepare for the exam and I was left with no other option. 

To all the experts @mba-help, @kinji.at.pg1, @ISBmantra.com @ISBeacon : My friend started his own business in 2010 and I have been giving his organization (I don't wish to mention the name here) consultancy regarding the civil engineering aspects in his projects, all in good faith as a friend. Now his firm is a key player in the market. We both have now planned to venture together in a new business. That is, in fact, my main reason for pursuing MBA. For the time being, I am still giving his firm consultancy. Although I have not been charging his firm till date, I am very much eligible to draw and show consultancy fee now as I have resigned. I believe that should suffice as far as the reasons cited by you all are concerned. 

Also, it might strike you a contradiction that since I have business plans and am already selected in Nottingham, why not just join it then? My answer to that would be since 1 year is big duration and nobody knows the market trend or the attitude of business man (here, my friend), I wish to secure a place in an institute that can ensure a better return for my investments even if my business plan goes downhill.  

I gave GMAT this weekend and got 700.

Can you please advice me regarding application procedures for ISB.

I have 4 years of Experience.

Also would appreciate if you can tell me which good colleges i can apply to with this score.

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  • @kinjal das : both, first preference to indian and asian .... 20 Oct.
  • For Indian schools -> None of top IIMs will entertain you.... 20 Oct.
vivek singh @viveknitw 2,405

@kinjal das : both, first preference to indian and asian schools!

Kinjal Das @kinji.at.pg1 27,242

For Indian schools -> None of top IIMs will entertain you because of less work ex. IIMA/B/C requires 5+. You are left with ISB and SPJain. Even XL requires 5+ for GMP program. For asian schools, you can try for NUS/HKUST.

I am tagging experts who can add more in puts : 

@Llewellyn75 , @MansieDewanConsulting , @mba-help , @ISBmantra.com 

One Year PGPM @ Great Lakes

Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM)

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- Accredited by AMBA, UK

- Ranked 7th by Outlook & Business Today in 2014

- Avg. CTC of INR 11.43 Lakhs in 2014

App. Deadline: 30 November, 2014

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guys which colleges can i apply with my profile in cs stream

gre score 320

toefl 100

4 yrs wrk experience in it field 

b tech 71% 

10+2 95%

10 90%

This is a deleted post.

Do let us know how it is once you speak to them

This is a deleted post.

Can someone please give me their phone numbers and addresses. The website is not opening for me. I would like to speak to them. I checked their Facebook page too and their techniques look great.

FB Page link: https://www.facebook.com/topgmat

  • Are they good? surprised that no one has mentioned them b.... 15 Oct.
  • @arabelleber@phyllyssko@frannilucyktn You guys should hav.... 15 Oct.
GS @rage_666 6

Are they good? surprised that no one has mentioned them before despite being in Delhi

GS @rage_666 6

@arabelleber@phyllyssko@frannilucyktn You guys should have replied to the original post instead of the creating new posts of your own

Hi Guys,

I am planning to start my preparation for GMAT. I need your help and guidance to go forward with it. 

I am a civil servant with 3+ years of experience in government, mostly in International Trade/ Imports-Exports. Prior to civil service, I was working with an IT Consulting firm for 4 years. I have 7+ years of work ex. in all. 

Since I am new to this, I need assistance in planning my GMAT and the prospects thereafter. Any personal assistance would be much appreciated. 

  • HI Barney! Two things need to happen before you make any.... 14 Oct.
Eli Meyer @Eli_at_LTG 3

HI Barney!

Two things need to happen before you make any kind of GMAT plan.

1)  think about target schools. For many people, this means top 25 schools, but this isn't always the case. Many programs are specialized in a given field of business--finance, start-ups, entrepreneurship, supply chain--and a top tier program in your specialization may be lower ranked because its other programs are less distinguished.

2) Take a practice test. Sit down with one of the official tests from www.mba.com. Make your practice test-like: rested, uninterrupted, and quiet. See how you do.

Once you have a baseline score, and a target score, then you can start prepping fully informed about what you need to accomplish.

Hope this helps!


Director of Content, LTG exam prep platform

Hi, I am into my family business which is based out of Rajasthan. I have done my graduation from St. Xavier`s College, Mumbai and MBA from SCMHRD ,Pune. Before joining my business I was working with First Source Solutions Ltd. as business analyst for 8 months. Having an experience of 4 years in my business I feel I should have done my MBA after some work experience.Also I feel I lack the global exposure which is necessary to expand or diversify my existing business. I am confused that whether should I do double masters degree or not? If yes how should I go about it? and which countries should I focus? Will it really help??

  • Hi @shaleenag! It is certainly worth gaining some global .... 14 Oct.
ISB mantra @ISBmantra.com 1,433

Hi @shaleenag! It is certainly worth gaining some global exposure and a formal training in business. Which options you select will be important. There are several full time and part time options with some of the top global schools that may be interesting to you. Feel free to email us your detailed profile so we can make some suggestions. 

All the Best!

'ISBmantra / EssaySunday Consulting'


I am planning to apply for MIS/BA courses for Fall 2015. By that time i will have around 5 years of experience into IT.
Initially i made up my mind for pursuing masters for Fall 2015. But one of my friends did raise a question which i too think is valid. Hence i am posting my query here and looking to get some help from anyone who has knowledge for the same.

Looking at the class profile for MS, on an average candidates fall under the category of 2-3 yrs of work exp sometimes even less. I dont know how many fall under my category i.e around 5 yrs of work exp. My query is that for internships/jobs, do most companies have a criteria that they are looking only for freshers or candidates with < 3 yrs of experience?

Will my work exp create an issue for searching internships and jobs after masters.

I don't know whether my concerns are valid but this thing is stuck in my mind and i would really want some clarification to keep concerns at bay.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  • hello,i don't think your job experience will do any matter... 17 Oct.
aryan pawar @aryanpawar  

hello,i don't think your job experience will do any matter..

Hi All,

I have my gmat exam on 15 of this month and I am taking kaplan gmat premier 2013 test series. I scored 710, 650, 740 in three tests. I wanted to know how reliable are these tests to gauge my preparations. Please suggest.

Also, kindly recommend any other test except gmat prep. Regards.

  • The more you expose yourself to REAL GMAT questions. The .... 13 Oct.
  • @gorweedious Gunjan -- my recommendation is you take the .... 13 Oct.
Arun Jagannathan @Psychodementia 5,486

The more you expose yourself to REAL GMAT questions. The better your chances of cracking the real test are. Trust me on this!

Arun Jagannathan @Psychodementia 5,486

@gorweedious Gunjan -- my recommendation is you take the real GMAT. Being a perpetual GMAT student will not help. Remember that studying for the GMAT has diminishing returns i.e. after a point you really cannot do much. That is the truth. Honest!



Class X : 86.67%

Class XII: 84.4 %

B.Tech : 8.93 CGPA ( Chemical Engineering in NIT Rourkela)

WORK-EXP : Indian Oil Corporation Limited ( more than 4 years in oil &Refining sector , with project experience)

Others : Involved in CSR -IOCL, have certificates for event organizers during college tech-fests

TARGET GMAT Score : 700

TARGET COURSE : MBA ( 1yr /2yr) , Supply chain Management /Operations , or general management

After an initial study through various universities websites and my topic of interest, ROI and tuition fees , My selected universities for which i will applying in no particular order

1 . ISB, Hyderbad

2.University of Texas , Austin (Mx combs)

3. Michigan (Ross school of Business)

4. University of California, Berkley(Walter A. Haas School of Business)

5.University of Michigan-Ann Arbo

6. Georgia Institute of Technology-Schuller College of Business

7.University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

8.Texas A&M University, mays Business School, College station


10.University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

11. Yale school of Management : ( Bit too costly )

12. Darthmouth :Tuck school of Business(Bit too costly )

Please help me in selecting 5 schools out of the above , with GMAT score of around 700 and my interest area.Also please suggest if any other college I skipped which is worth applying for.

Thanks !!

  • Thanks @ISBmantra.com. 09 Oct.

which coaching institute is best to prepare for GMAT in indore

Looking for a course in Supply Chain Management. If there is a course which help me specialize in SCM along with MBA, it will be great. It can be in India or Abroad. My Academics background: 10: 79%, 12: 79%, B.Com: 64%. Professional Qualification: CA,CS.

Work Experience: As of Feb 2015, it will be 3 yrs in which 2 yr was at Logistics Co and 1 yr at Big 4.

Please suggest some college in which I should apply?

Note: GMAT is due in Nov 14.

  • Hi Amit, This year we have been seeing a surge in the n.... 07 Oct.
  • Thanks Namita for the response. Yes, by Ivy League I mean.... 08 Oct.
MBA Decoder @mba-help 1,406

Hi Amit, 

This year we have been seeing a surge in the number of applicants who are applying from an operations background. Frankly, we are loving it!

Now let me ask you - What do you mean by  Ivy League?  FYI, Ivy League is a consortium of 7-8 colleges and it was formed way back as a sports association. Some of these colleges also have an MBA program, such as Wharton, Harvard, Cornell, Yale, Columbia and Tuck, so these are the Ivy Leagues.

I think you are using the term interchangeably with the  top b-schools. If this is the case, then you just need to be informed. 

If you are thinking of applying just to Ivy Leagues, then it may not be a very good strategy as all of them are not known for their supply chain programs, with the exception of Wharton. 

Instead, look at the these programs which are known for their SCM - MIT, Michigan University- Broad School of Management, Arizona Carey, Fisher,  Krannert (Purdue University), Tepper and Ross.  I can not comment on how competitive you will be at any of these b-schools because the information you have provided here is limited, but I tend to agree with ISB Mantra's view that you will need a solid GMAT score to be in the standing for the top b-schools. 

Feel free to share your resume/linked in profile with us at contact@mbadecoder.com and we will be willing to pass on more tips to you.

Namita Garg


@amit11289 3

Thanks Namita for the response. Yes, by Ivy League I meant Harvard and other colleges of US; by top b-school I meant schools situated around the globe. I am looking forward to do supply chain management as it is my family business. However, my priority is to do MBA to develop business skills. I am also sending you my resume at the mentioned ID so you can have evaluate further and pass more tips.

Guys, i need some help and guidance here to choose between GMAT/GRE EXAM. I am preparing for GRE exam to pursue MBA. is that a good option or not? also i am targeting Europe/UK for MBA, which is the better option? Also, what is the scope of MBA from Europe/UK and what about job placements? i have 5 yrs exp in IT industry. Please advise.

Also, how good are MS colleges in Germany? any thoughts on that side will also be helpful.

hi... can any1 guide me... i did my PG in english literature in 2006... now i want to do MBA from a reputed institute... any suggestions.. advice?

  • Are you looking for advice on CAT accepting institutes or.... 06 Oct.
  • Hi @neha2014! Since you completed your PG in 2006, we wou.... 06 Oct.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 890

Are you looking for advice on CAT accepting institutes or GMAT accepting institutes? For GMAT accepting B Schools, you will need to have work exp. 

ISB mantra @ISBmantra.com 1,433

Hi @neha2014! Since you completed your PG in 2006, we would like to assume that you have a decent amount of professional experience, without which, any good school will be difficult. You may apply to the one year programs at the IIMs, to ISB and/or to top schools abroad, depending on your GMAT and your profile. The schools through CAT may not be of any value to you. 

All the Best!

'ISBmantra / EssaySunday Consulting'

@MansieDewanConsulting@mba-help - I plan to give my GMAT on the 16th of October. Please let me know which colleges in US can I target for R1 and some good options to try for R2 in US.

I have 4 years of experience into IT sector with international exposure. I have more than 85% aggregate in both 10th and 12th standards.

In extra curriculars I have won accolades in debates, group discussions, drama competitions and singing competitions as well.

Please let me know the score I should target and if you can provide some good colleges in US to target for R1/R2; with good chances of scholarships as well.

I am also inclined to ISB and INSEAD apart from the colleges in US.

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  • @nams_007 \- Naman, what about your career progress and a.... 02 Oct.
  • @mba-help \- Namita I have mentioned in my previous post .... 02 Oct.
MBA Decoder @mba-help 1,406

@nams_007 - Naman, what about your career progress and achievements? The picture is incomplete without we know more about that, as well as your extra curricular achievements.

Namita Garg


naman sindwani @nams_007 5

@mba-help - Namita I have mentioned in my previous post above about the onsite exposure and the extra curricular like Group discussions, debates, organising annual day and fests in college. Accolades in drama and singing competitions. In my current job, my designation is a team lead where I am leading a team of 20 people. Do these achievements and career progress make a good profile? If not, please mention what all shall be included or what makes a good profile?

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