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Ask a Consultant! - GMAT/GRE Only

The GMAT section's been growing rapidly over the past few years but I'm sure you already know that. Unfortunately, it's becoming tougher for individual contributors to keep pace. Fortunately, a lot of consultants have been coming up to help! So as...
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Where can I attempt GMAT Sample tests?

  • All the tests are mentioned in my article : http://www.p.... 08 Nov.
  • Here is a cool test from the GMAT makers to assess within.... 10 Nov.
Arun Jagannathan @Psychodementia 5,487

Here is a cool test from the GMAT makers to assess within 10mins where you stand on the GMAT. They give you a GMAT range that is pretty accurate:



Hi,i scored 317(quant:-167 & verbal:-150) in gre.i am looking for ms in US in telecommunications or networking or wireless technology.10th 86%;12th 83% and b.tech 8.15 cgpa(passed in 2014).plz suggest the colleges/universities i can apply to?

  • @vijay556 oh.!! extremely sorry for the laps,will be car.... 08 Nov.
  • PG Mod Note : No Sales pitch please. Please put your view.... 09 Nov.
Nodnat @nodwin 17

@vijay556  oh.!! extremely sorry for the laps,will be careful in future.

Manya Abroad @ThePrincetonReview 431

PG Mod Note : No Sales pitch please. Please put your views about his profile or if the profile is incomplete, please ask for more details and then advice. Putting link in signature is acceptable. 

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Hi, I am having more than 5 years of Experience in Sales, I had done by B.E. in 2009 with Distinction, 88% in 10th & 81% in 12th Gujarat Board, I am planning to give GMAT next year. What are the Colleges that i can aim For and Can i Choose College after appearing in Exam? thinking of subscribing Maggosh, Any Feedback of this course on Magoosh?

  • @Grk9 : Depends on B school and competitive profiles of t.... 11 Nov.
Kinjal Das @kinji.at.pg1 27,545

@Grk9 : Depends on B school and competitive profiles of the batch. 

Hi Guys,

I am a IT professional working since 5 yrs now. I have an international work experience of 1yr in the UK. I am planning to give GMAT by early 2015 and apply for the class of 2016, 1 yr MBA courses. So, here are my queries:

1. Given above requirements, by what time I should complete my GMAT?

2. How much time it requires to prepare for the GMAT, in terms of study hours daily?

3.  I feel I require improvement in my English, do you have any reference links that you would recommend? 

Thanks and Regards,


  • Hi, deadlines in UK universities generally starts in Nove.... 07 Nov.
  • English on GMAT is a tricky thing. To a large extent, it .... 11 Nov.
Nodnat @nodwin 17

Hi, deadlines in UK universities generally starts in November for 2016 admissions,so you must appear in GMAT by august.For preparing GMAT generally 3-4 hrs are enough but also it depends on your background and score which you are targeting for.For English language preparation I believe rather than opting online study you should go for good tutorials.Good Luck!

Vaasanti Surajkumar @vaasanti 2

English on GMAT is a tricky thing. To a large extent, it does not depend upon how good you are at speaking English; a friend of mine was actually extremely good in spoken English, but did quite miserably in the mock. This was a wake up call.

So, it is better that you focus your energies towards "GMAT English" and not English in general.


I gave GRE in 2011 and scored 301/340 and in september end I also gave gmat but dint score well can I apply in some good colleges through GRE I have 41 months work ex at present 25 months as in marketing and remaining in my own business that I started last year.

My acads

10th -73.60%


BTECH (Computer Science)-65.78%

any good consultants who can offer their services and guidance please message me @ivyctor2010 @Shankeyp and other consultants are also welcomed

  • @ivyctor2010 sent cv. 08 Nov.

hello, my name is jaskarn singh

i am studying for cat exam but i am planning to do Phd after that or may be executive MBA. since now i have prepared for CAT so i also want to give GMAT {as score is valid for 5 years}

I want to know

1 what r my options after MBA { in terms of degree i can do}

2 if i apply after , say after 5 years then Is less weightage give to my score as compared to score of that year 

Keeping in mind universities of USA.

  • @Psychodementia thank you very much Arun really appreciat.... 07 Nov.
  • If CAT then please focus on CAT right now and not on othe.... 07 Nov.
hum PK huu PK pahchan gaya kaaaaaa!!!! @jaskarn 131

@Psychodementia thank you very much Arun really appreciate this. will ask you more in future.

ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 903

If CAT then please focus on CAT right now and not on others. As for an MBA through GMAT, it would be good to have atleast 3-4 years of experience before pursuing one. This would give not only greater goal clarity but also help you understand what kind of skill sets you have and what would suit your long term requirements. All the Best

I have my exam on 10th of Nov ...What all things do we need to take to the exam centre ...And when do we apply for the colleges ... ?

  • You need to officially send you score to every program yo.... 09 Nov.
  • Okk ..Thanks a lot !. 09 Nov.
Have bigger aims in Life !! IIT nahi hua toh kya hua, IIM nikalenge :D
ISB mantra @ISBmantra.com 1,440

You need to officially send you score to every program you intend to apply to. This may be done on the day of your GMAT (free to 5 programs) or any time later (for a fee of $28 per program). 


I had taken the GMAT on 21st Sept.. with a score of 720 ( Q49  V40 IR 6 AWA 4.5). Quite satisfied with my score except for the AWA.

I will complete 4 year of experience as a Design Engineer (Shipbuilding) by the time of the admissions. I am targetting ISB Hyderabad, SP Jain GMBA and PGPM.

I am mainly interested in studying either in India, or in UAE (personal reasons). 

Was wondering if anyone could give me an insight on how my profile stacks up for these courses. I have a good co-curricular record. (Sports Captain in school, College Team captain during Graduation, Member of student council in School and college) and a decent academic record as well (X 89.4 XII 79.4 B.E. 6.91/10)

The only glitch is, I have a break between me completing my engineering, and me being employed. I completed my degree in Nov 2010 and started working in July 2011. Not sure what kind of impact that would have.

So anyway, I was hoping if anyone could help me in comprehending the situation better.

Anyone with any suggestions or advice regarding my approach, or the colleges I should consider, is welcome  ( and will be rewarded with a pot of gold :p)

  • Your profile looks good. About the "glitch", ensure that .... 06 Nov.
  • Hi @SiddharthK7! Your GMAT and profile look alright to ap.... 06 Nov.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 903

Your profile looks good. About the "glitch", ensure that you are able to communicate in a meaningful way how you have utilized that time to add value to your profile. You could talk about learning new tools, languages, picking up new things( like a passion, hobby etc). Everything depends on how you convey that you did not let the delay in employment affect you but used it to ramp on on things you thought would aid you in future,

ISB mantra @ISBmantra.com 1,440

Hi @SiddharthK7! Your GMAT and profile look alright to apply to ISB (as well as to SP Jain). There are hardly any options in India other than ISB that you may want to apply to, but we hope you have considered schools in Singapore and HK as well. If you want to build a career in the UAE, some European schools have a strong reputation in the region, and it will help to explore these schools as well. The gap in your employment should not be a problem, given that companies often give you a late joining date. But graduating in November does not sound normal. What's the story behind that? Feel free to email us a detailed CV.

All the Best!

'ISBmantra / EssaySunday Consulting'

Hi, I had appeared for GMAT on Nov-03 and received a score of 700 (Q48 V38 IR6).

I have a work experience of 5 yrs in IT Consultancy and presently working in US at a client location.

I am targetting ISB hyderabad and SP Jain Global MBA programs 2015 batch.

Please suggest should I apply in R2 for these colleges or should I wait for next year as the deadline is Nov 30 and I have not even started working on my applications and essays. Please also let me know whether these colleges allow online interviews as I will be in US at the time of interview ( if my profile is shortlisted). Thanks.

  • Thanks again Manya and Anshu. 06 Nov.

Hi ,

I have appeared for GMAT on last week and received very low score:

GMAT 500,Quant 44, Verbal 16, IR-4, AWA-5

My profile- Xth-90.53%, XIIth-92.67%, Graduation-B.E. Elex-73.71%

and 2 and half years of work ex in Wipro as software engineer.

Have accolades in office, extracurricular participations in college like cultural activities.

Should I apply this year for B-Schools abroad or for M.S. in MIS?

  • Hi Jaydip, as you can see, the popular opinion is for you.... 09 Nov.
  • Frankly, with 90% and above in 10th and 12th, 500 is quit.... 09 Nov.
Manya Abroad @ThePrincetonReview 431

Hi Jaydip, as you can see, the popular opinion is for you to retake GMAT. If you believe you can push yourself to get a higher score, you should take another crack at the exam. Start with taking a mock test, identify your strong and weak areas and make a smart plan for yourself. Wish you the best. 

Vaasanti Surajkumar @vaasanti 2

Frankly, with 90% and above in 10th and 12th, 500 is quite a disappointment I feel. I am sure you have the potential.

Hi can I know a few colleges in India which accept GMAT scores for their MBA programmes( 0 work experience)


  • @procrastinator17 By productive, it means whether it was .... 07 Nov.
  • @procrastinator17 \- yes IF You want to learn Spanish. I.... 10 Nov.
Two things define you. Your patience when u have nothing and your attitude when you have everything. 
Manya Abroad @ThePrincetonReview 431

@procrastinator17 By productive, it means whether it was a thoughtful decision by you to pursue something and how it is or will add value in your life. You should be able to justify your decision to study spanish or for that matter any other thing that you choose to pursue

Arun Jagannathan @Psychodementia 5,487

@procrastinator17  - yes IF You want to learn Spanish. If you are going to grit your teeth and do it JUST because it looks nice on your resume then it is pointless. 

Does having an educational gap in studies affect ones chances to get into a good college even if his gmat scores are good

  • Pretty much this. *Everything* affects your chances of ge.... 05 Nov.
  • I believe if you have a genuine reason, then the schools .... 06 Nov.
Eli Meyer @Eli_at_LTG 5

Pretty much this. *Everything* affects your chances of getting in--the question is, can you provide a compelling and convincing explanation for the gap. Either way, though, a gap in education will have a minimal effect. Good luck!

Vaasanti Surajkumar @vaasanti 2

I believe if you have a genuine reason, then the schools are generally ok with it. For example, lot of people drop a year after class 12, for preparation for engineering.

hi, i ve taken my gmat with a score 610 and have 4 years of experience in IT. Can u please suggest me good colleges in USA and India for this score.

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  • Hi, In order to provide you an exhaustive details about u.... 06 Nov.
  • Hi, I realized I had not answered your question. I sugge.... 06 Nov.
Nodnat @nodwin 17

Hi, In order to provide you an exhaustive details about universities we need to know your profile details and budget.For further assistance you may send us your cv @ info@nodnat.com,so that we can guide you better.

Arun Jagannathan @Psychodementia 5,487


I realized I had not answered your question. I suggest before you do anything you just do the following:

1. Research the schools here (beyond rank #25):


2. Read this ebook on how to choose the right school:


Post this if you want you can get a profile evaluation (you will get a PDF in your email about areas you need to focus on):


Hope this helps,


Hello everyone. I am planning to appear for GMAT exams. Recently i have been giving some MOCK CAT exams and my score is between 50-70 percentile. It has hardly stayed constant. I am not so good at verbal and need some tips on improvement. Also what would be good online coaching/ joining tutions. I have zero work experience. I will be joining Accenture in January. So what is would be ideal time for me to appear for GMAT?

  • Hi Michael, I'm actually going to disagree with Nodnat's.... 05 Nov.
  • @Micheal_Barbosa Hi Michaeal, When you said Mock CA.... 05 Nov.
Eli Meyer @Eli_at_LTG 5

Hi Michael,

I'm actually going to disagree with Nodnat's recommendation.

Accenture is a great company, but they work their consultants hard--I've had several in my classroom, and every last one has had trouble finding the time to study. GMAT scores are good for five years; if you can get your studying done between now and your start date, you will be much more relaxed and be totally prepared for when the time comes to start applying.

As for online coaching, there are several options out there. From your home, Kaplan, Manhattan, and Princeton Review all offer paid classroom lessons. From your mobile phone you can download our free app, Prep4GMAT, on the Google and Apple stores, so you can prep anywhere, any time. What matters is what works best for you.

One-on-one coaching is a very expensive option. However, if you're really lost on how to start studying, purchasing one-two hours with a tutor can go a long way; the coach can help you evaluate your study habits, strengths, and weaknesses, thereby generating a profile that will help you pick the best resources to use. There are plenty of tutors out there who will help you--you can find them here, or on the tutor section of the Prep4GMAT app.

I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck in your studies!



Arun Jagannathan @Psychodementia 5,487


Hi Michaeal,

When you said Mock CAT I assume you are talking about the GMATPrep exams. If yes then I would want your splits in Quant and Verbal before commenting anything on this.

I run CrackVerbal (http://gmat.crackverbal.com) and I am happy to discuss any Verbal related issues you may have. If you need to sit through our online classes or our regular classes in Bangalore or Chennai then let me know. We INSIST that students sit through our class to experience the difference before they sign up. So let me know.


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