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Ask a Consultant! - GMAT/GRE Only

The GMAT section's been growing rapidly over the past few years but I'm sure you already know that. Unfortunately, it's becoming tougher for individual contributors to keep pace. Fortunately, a lot of consultants have been coming up to help! So as...
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My name is Rabia Gandhi and I am looking to pursue an MBA programme from a US university next year.

I am an Applied Psychology graduate from DU and currently employed with ITC Hotels (Human Resources) with 2 years and 2 months into the job.

I need to know more about preparing for the GMAT and how to go about the whole application process so that I get a direction as to how I should move forward. 

GMAT Mock : 640

Thanks in advance. 

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  • Rabia, the Key Words here are "Persistance" and "Priorit.... 05 Jul.
  • @MansieDewanConsulting : Awesomely summarized :). 05 Jul.
Mansie Dewan @MansieDewanConsulting 5,641

Rabia, the Key Words here are  "Persistance" and "Prioritising" Good Luck & God Bless!

Kinjal Das @kinji.at.pg1 30,873

@MansieDewanConsulting : Awesomely summarized :) 


My question may be covered in the earlier posts but just wanted to know from the group the best medium to score well in GMAT (specially the verbal portion). Should I take classroom coaching or e-coaching or self study? I appeared for GMAT 3 years back and scored 650 QA-50 and VA28. I now wish to reappear and apply for Executive MBA from IIM A, B and C. Brief profile below:

Experience - 7 years in leading sales and marketing consulting

Graduation - One of the top NITs

Graduation CGPA - 9.5/10

10th- 92%

12th- 82%

Please let me know what suits me best in terms of GMAT Preparation. Thanks

  • Take the gmat prep mock once again and then analyze in wh.... 28 Jun.
  • @sumittal87 Sumit, its been a while since you last took t.... 01 Jul.
Destiny01 88 @kashyap2988 527

Take the gmat prep mock once again and then analyze in which section of verbal you requires improvement... and then prepare accordingly.. better take help from @kinji.at.pg1  and also go for the official GMAT prep exam packs and Manhattan Sentence Correction 5th or 6th edition guide... if you need improvement in this area....  

GyanOne.com MBA Admission Consultants @GyanOneMBA 47

@sumittal87 Sumit, its been a while since you last took the GMAT, so a fresh assessment in terms of your ability across topics would be needed. You need to review the verbal material and identify the areas (if needed, through a mock) that you are weak at. In terms of the medium, in our opinion, given that your verbal score last time was well below-par, classroom coaching may help more than other mediums, as you would have the benefit of an experienced teacher who can not only help strengthen concepts but also advise better on weak areas. Other than that, your profile looks pretty good, and if you can scale 700 on the GMAT, you should be in with a decent chance. 

what is the GMAT score required for executive course in XLRI & IIM KOLKATA

  • I checked XLRI website link: http://www.xlri.ac.in/acade.... 24 Jun.
  • Scores just provide a basic guideline and nothing else.. .... 24 Jun.
Vaasanti Surajkumar @vaasanti 10

I checked XLRI website link:


It mentions 686 as the mean GMAT score. 

For IIM Kolkata, following link mentions this information:


This also mentions very similar GMAT (average 685).

So, 690 or above should be ok for these institutes.

Destiny01 88 @kashyap2988 527

Scores just provide a basic guideline and nothing else.. your over all candidature depends on academic profile, amount and type of work experience, your essays and other stuffs.. still to be on the safer side a score of  720+ is always preferable.... but it still doesn't guarantees your interview call from either of the institutes.... All the best if further clarification is required try to connect with @ISBmantra.com @MansieDewanConsulting 

Hi guys, I have started a group named "Verbal Thread for GMAT". Please follow the group so that we all can clarify the doubts and share knowledge!

  • I selected the 'share' option as shown in the image and s.... 21 Jun.
  • B. 22 Jun.
Shreyas Badave @shreyas96 14

I selected the 'share' option as shown in the image and shared the link. I don't know why it isn't opening. Why don't you try by searching for the group in the MBA category.



My profile-

Work ex- 5 years involved in a Manufacturing company part of our family business. Have worked at various roles with different responsibilities over this Tenure.

Gmat- 660(taken in early 2013)

B.Com(H)- 65% Delhi university

My target is to pursue a MBA program  from a competitive business school .The target country is still undecided. As i am looking to get career opportunities post degree completion and am unclear on work permit scenario ,Hence need guidance on more suitable destinations.

Also knowing that i have a average gmat score what should be my target school pool (for example in U.S)

As mentioned earlier i am not from a specific role/industry and have been involved in family business and am looking at work opportunities after course completion hence, how would this scenario affect my career growth post course(as will need to start from bottom or this experience can be of value).Planning to choose a course more geared towards entrepreneurship but again does this effect my career prospect.

My long term plan is to use this experience to gain exposure and skills and get career opportunities and pursue the same for near future(3-5 yrs) and later on return to my business setup. in long term.

Also , does experience of family business weaken my application to a competitive business school or does it differentiate me as a candidate. 

A lot of confusion and hence need some assistance from  you guys to clear up my thought process so that i may begin my application process.


Mayank Agrawal

  • Hi Mayank, you have a decent profile & I would suggest th.... 15 Jun.
  • Hi Mayank, Hope you're doing well! Congratulations on y.... 24 Jun.
Nodnat study abroad @nodwin 44

Hi Mayank, you have a decent profile & I would suggest that you look at B Schools in Australia, New Zealand & EU countries. In case of US you will face problem because of your 3 yrs UG degree as against the $ yrs accepted in US & Canda.

@Shoaibahmed4u 16

Hi Mayank,

Hope you're doing well!

Congratulations on your definitive step towards an MBA.
Gone thru your detailed e-mail. First suggest you to re-take GMAT and consider to apply for top 30 B-Schools. If you have no plans for re-take and want to apply with the same score you can consider to apply for below schools:

Emory, Texas A&M, SMU Cox, Olin, ISB which expect 15yrs of education as well.

I suggest you to take the help from professionals to shortlist the schools for you. 



Profile:10 years in IT in purely technical role plus 3 years of teaching.

Msc(Comp Science)72%(Part time)

Mcom 55% (Distance Edu)

BCom 55%(Deylhi University regular)

XII 75% X 70%

Various rewards and recognition during the course of the career

My Reason for doing MBA:

A strong technical domain knowledge and impressive communication skills should help me out in carving out a wonderful career in Client engagement and Business expansion roles.

My technical skills and experience along with my commerce background makes me an ideal candidate for this kind of a role.

An MBA would be  a icing on the cake.It would put a stamp on the cv that will entice me for middle management roles

My intention is to do a  1 year executive mba from india .

What should be my target score and institutions?

  • @nodwin thank you for help. 15 Jun.
  • Target for 710+ and target for IIM A/B/C & ISB...need mor.... 22 Jun.
@bschoolers 11

Target for 710+ and target for IIM A/B/C & ISB...need more information for giving the better picture

Can someone please guide me here on whats the timeline for Indian colleges to start accepting applications for round 1 for next academic session. I am targeting to give my 1st attempt in 1st week of Sept 2016, will this be late enough given that i have just started preparing for it. 

  • Depends on how much work ex you have as it will help you.... 19 Jun.
  • @prachiprasad21 You will miss some Round 1 deadlines. IIM.... 25 Jun.
Destiny01 88 @kashyap2988 527

Depends on how much work ex you have  as it will help you to choose the colleges.. say IIM B EPGP application process has already started, IIM A will very soon start inviting the application process for PGPX program so does IIM Udaipur-Purdue University, ISB Hyderabad R1 Deadline is somewhere in October mid. ..

GyanOne.com MBA Admission Consultants @GyanOneMBA 47

@prachiprasad21 You will miss some Round 1 deadlines. IIMA PGPX has a deadline on Sep 12 and IIMB EPGP on Aug 31. However, you can then apply to Round 2 of these programs. 

How different is MS in Information Technology Management or MS in Management of Information Systems from the MBA programs.What are the job prospects and roles offered if one goes for a MS program in the above said streams with a work ex of 5 years.Please help

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  • @sidroy09 Thank you! I would like to know the university .... 28 Jun.
  • @mba-help thank you!. 28 Jun.
Soumya Ranjan Mishra @esaremman2 3

@sidroy09 Thank you! I would like to know the university from where u have completed your MS and also different MS ITM programs which starts in Spring .Thanks in advance


I am thinking of doing a certification in finance to build profile. I am thinking of doing CMA (Certified Management Accountant).


Mechanical Engineer (2014 pass out from NIT)

1.5 year experience - IBM -Developed application for Enterprise Performance Management (finance based)

Currently working as techno-commercial manager in an Automobile MNC- looking after sales and service.

I am planning to do MBA in 2017 and aiming for General Management profile.

Is CMA certification good choice for me?

Will it help me in securing a general management job after MBA?

Do I need to look for some other certification?

Please suggest. I am really confused.

  • How will an accounting certification help you in a genera.... 13 Jun.
  • I am thinking of getting some insight in finance as such .... 17 Jun.
MBA Decoder.com @mba-help 1,889

How will an accounting certification help you in a general management role?

CMA or not, you need some more work experience


I am thinking of getting some insight in finance as such roles do need knowledge of the same. So, I am looking for certification. Also, it will make my profile look better. Do you think certification like CMA or CFA will help me? Or will it be a waste?     P.S. I am new to these and exploring things. I may sound stupid but I do need help.

Does anyone have any online material (links/pdfs) to practice SC, CR and RCs from?

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