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Ask a Consultant! - GMAT/GRE Only

The GMAT section's been growing rapidly over the past few years but I'm sure you already know that. Unfortunately, it's becoming tougher for individual contributors to keep pace. Fortunately, a lot of consultants have been coming up to help! So as...
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Hi All I m a fresher here wants to go for GMAT ...how much time will it take and which is the best coaching avilable..in delhi ? i m working professional of 8 yrs of exp in GGN  US MNC..hhow about great lakes college chennai

Hi Puys.....

I am a working professional with 3+ years of experience in software development... i have got 90% throughout in academics.... have loads of awards and recognitions and co curriculars in ma kitty... have also been part of organizing committees for events in college and office.... I recently gave ma GMAT and scored on a lower side with 660 ....

Plz help me to know if I have any chance of getting into any of the really good B school (especially SPJIMR) in and out of India...

Thanks in advance for your suggesstions,


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  • @welcome2012 With a 660 you may make it to SP Jain but to.... 28 Aug '14.
  • @Llewellyn75 , @mba-help .... at my current profile, how .... 17 Sep '14.
Rajni Kumar @isb2015eeoadmit 117

@welcome2012 With a 660 you may make it to SP Jain but to be honest it is not one of the top schools accepting GMAT in India. Try scoring more at the GMAT while you still have the time and apply to ISB and IIMs AB&C.

All the best.


@welcome2012 4

@Llewellyn75 , @mba-help .... at my current profile, how do you rate nanyang and mannheim,germany wrt the quality of education and placements?

Hi Guys,...... I am an electrical engineer working in Sydney with a French company. I have a masters degree in Engineering from the University of Sydney as well as a honors Bachelors degree from a state university in India. My Class X percentage in 91% and class XII is 88% from CBSE with lots of professional accreditation s and co curricular activities. My main target schools in India are 1. ISB Hyd 2. SPJIMR 3. IIM-B with a few others as well.

Can anyone please help me with all the practical information about getting into these three schools and a few other schools i should aim for.

Cheers for your help.


  • @achandra1809 \- well a lot depends on what you want to a.... 29 Aug '14.
  • You are welcome!. 01 Sep '14.
MBA Decoder @mba-help 1,645

@achandra1809 - well a lot depends on what you want to achieve after MBA and whether the b-school is helpful in getting you that role. At INSEAD & HEC - you should be quite safe because these are top of the league programs. You have enough time tile their Feb deadlines to form more informed views through student interactions.



ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 920

You are welcome!


can anyone tell me which is the best coaching centre for GMAT in kolkata,those who will start from basics.. My verbal is too weak. pleas reply me. my number 9474356784. thanks

Hi... Will a Overseas Training/ Work enhance the chances of getting ISB call apart from GMAT score of 700..??

  • Hi @arup3dec! Anything that makes your experience rich ad.... 26 Aug '14.
  • It would be a plus but that alone would not really enhanc.... 26 Aug '14.
ISB mantra @ISBmantra.com 1,667

Hi @arup3dec! Anything that makes your experience rich adds to your chances of making it to a B-school - it may be international exposure, or just good exposure across India. Specifically for ISB, international exposure isn't such a big factor - but certainly a plus. 

All the Best!

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ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 920

It would be a plus but that alone would not really enhance your chances. It is also not important that you have international exposure if a rich exposure on home ground can be clearly and cleverly demonstrated. What would be your role, experience and which industry are you in? All these would matter and the academic records as well

Hi..i want to do my MS in EE or Energy or renewables.

i will start my prep and planning to give my exam by oct end.

what is the best and most apt study material ..n will 3 hrs each day for 1.5 months be enuf for preparing?

Hi All,

I am applying to ISB this year for class of 2016. My GMAT score is 710 from April 2012. Is that good enough? Any clue how much weight-age is given to the score at ISB?

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  • @mba-help Namita, thanks a lot for offering help. And it'.... 26 Aug '14.
  • Tanya- contact@mbadecoder.com. 27 Aug '14.
Tanya Batra @Tanytan 79

@mba-help Namita, thanks a lot for offering help. And it's definitely encouraging to hear something like I might a chance to even get through, let alone a scholarship. I would love to receive feedback from your end. Where could I mail you my essays?

MBA Decoder @mba-help 1,645

Tanya- contact@mbadecoder.com

I am a Btech 4rth yr student, i withdraw  2 semester due to my health issues, so i have to suffer 1 yr gap in my btech degree, so can i think for GMAT? M i illigible ? if yes kindly refer me a good book for being a beginner ?

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  • Hi, I have been scanning colleges(US and Indian) acceptin.... 23 Aug '14.
  • You can take GMAT.. 23 Aug '14.
Carl B @cabel 7

Hi, I have been scanning colleges(US and Indian) accepting GMAT for admissions for around a year now and so far I have not come across any that explicitly states that students with a Year gap in education are not eligible, so yes i think you may very well consider gmat as an option. With regard to the material i wont be limited to 1 good book, scan forums to see what are the different study options available, choose accordingly.

ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 920

You can take GMAT. 

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Hi I have 3 years of work experience in the power sector, by the beginning of next session 2015, it will be 4 yrs. Completed my B.Tech in Electrical engg. from NIT Kurukshetra, CG-9.0. 10th=88%, 12th=88%. Gave GMAT in July, scored 600 (V=21, Quant=50),AWA-4.

What are my chances of getting a call from S.P. Jain for Operations, with GMAT 600?

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  • I think PGDM had a GMAt cutoff of 650..you can check on t.... 22 Aug '14.
  • Yeah just checked..GMAT 650 last year cutoff. 22 Aug '14.
Saikat Lahiri @mba9999 363

I think PGDM had a GMAt cutoff of 650..you can check on their website

Manila Kamboj @Gmat4me 5

Yeah just checked..GMAT 650 last year cutoff

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