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Ask a Consultant! - GMAT/GRE Only

The GMAT section's been growing rapidly over the past few years but I'm sure you already know that. Unfortunately, it's becoming tougher for individual contributors to keep pace. Fortunately, a lot of consultants have been coming up to help! So as...
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hello everyone, correct me if I am wrong, The GMAT is of score of 800, the Verbal is on the score of 0-60, quantitative is of 0-60, total score of verbal and quantitative is 200-800, analytical writing is in scale of 0-6 and integral reasoning in 0-10 scale. The integral reasoning and writing is not adaptive nor it is a integral part of 200-800 score.

My question is what this adaptive scoring means? In a score of 0-60 or scale is being calculated in percentile? and if the integral reasoning or writing is not a part of total score of 200-800, then what is the significance of this section?

In short want to know the calculation and score of GMAT, how the different sections is divided?

  • @MansieDewanConsulting thank u mam.. 11 Jul '15.

Can anyone who has passed out of Calcutta University please tell me how to convert my percentage/ marks into GPA?? 

  • Mansi has provided a pretty decent answer. I would like t.... 11 Jul '15.
  • Hi Rajat, good to see you here. I'm presuming your answer.... 11 Jul '15.
Rajat Sadana @egmat 123

Mansi has provided a pretty decent answer. I would like to make one correction.. Your end score on the GMAT is not as dependent on the accuracy as it is on the difficulty level of question. There is good data to indicate that two students with "identical accuracy" many end up with vastly different scores - one scoring 35 percentile, while the other scoring 85 percentile. Click on this link to see the recording of a GMAT strategy session that I recently conducted. http://egmat.adobeconnect.com/p71i54rfmum/

Mansie Dewan @MansieDewanConsulting 5,415

Hi Rajat, good to see you here. I'm presuming your answer was for Sushant Negi. Tagging him here.. @sushantnegi

@bhatiaa look up www.wes.org. 

where can i get lot of free full length practice tests for GMAT and GRE.(apart from the individual free tests of Manhattan, Kaplan etc).? 

Also, if we consider paid full length tests for GMAT and GRE, who offers the best mock tests ?

  • Hi there, You can try the below tool for the practice te.... 11 Jul '15.
Armaan Ahmed @Armaan.   13

Hi there,

You can try the below tool for the practice test of the GMAT Preparation.
I know about Manhattan, it's really good enough. But dint got the chance to go ahead with Kaplan.


I need some serious help i took gmat thrice and my scores are 430,530 and 430.What should i do to improve from 400 to above 700.Please help

  • @tm007 : First of all download GMATPrep software and take.... 10 Jul '15.
Kinjal Das @kinji.at.pg1 30,639

@tm007 : First of all download GMATPrep software and take a mock and analyze it properly. What is the issue and how can I rectify that. Anything less than VA 28 and QA 45 has conceptual issues. Pick up basic books and try to understand Basics of SC,CR and RC in Verbal and revise all the concepts in Quant. Please note, these books will not take you to even 650. Then practice from Official books and bundles so that you can build perspective for GMAT and then you will be ready. I have PMed you my number. If possible do call me before 8:00 pm today.


My profile is as under:

1. M.tech in Environmental Engineering from IIT Bombay (cgpi 8.58)

2. B.Tech in Civil Engineering from an NIT (cgpi 7.14)

3. XIIth - 73%

4. Xth - 92.8%

Currently having a work experience of 1 year as a Consultant(environment) in water sector for Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd. 

Kindly evaluate my profile for pursuing an MBA in Environmental Mangagement or related courses. Which reputed institutes provide these courses and what are the job prospects after completing them. How high a GMAT score should I be aiming for?  


  • Thanks all !. 09 Jul '15.
  • Please note that 3 years of work ex is not a requirement..... 10 Jul '15.
@drowsy24x7 1

Thanks all !

Kinjal Das @kinji.at.pg1 30,639

Please note that 3 years of work ex is not a requirement. For specific programs do check out specific schools site and gather more information. All the best

Can you guys suggest any good admission consultant in delhi for postgraduation overseas?

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  • @mithal.shalvi \- You can talk to us. Although we are Ban.... 07 Jul '15.
  • @mithal.shalvi Dear Mithal, we are based out of Mumbai a.... 09 Jul '15.
Namita@ MBADecoder.com @mba-help 1,816

@mithal.shalvi - You can talk to us. Although we are Bangalore based, we have helped clients across the world - even working on places such as Nigeria!

Feel free to fill this form:


Namita Garg, MBA Decoder

MentorStone Education @mentorstone.com 6

@mithal.shalvi  Dear Mithal, we are based out of Mumbai and have been working with students across India and SE Asia. Please let us know if you want to discuss your profile and engage us. 

With 4 years of work experience in Bank. with some certification in Banking industry.

I gave CAT  3 times, Havent touched 90 %ile. Although i converted new IIMs but not joined because I always dreamed of Older IIMs. Should i go For GMAT I am scared whether i able to do it or not because it is Global the competition might be tougher.?

No problem with GMAT scores as quants is little bit easier than CAT, i am scared of application process, How to do it when to do it. ?

I already spent one month for prep, Facing some problem in RCs and SCs (for SCs many people suggested for E-GMAT). 

At this point where three months left for CAT i am confused. Whether i am taking right decision or not. 

Please Guide me

  • "with 4-5 years of work experience my interest slightly s.... 08 Jul '15.
  • Hi Dhiraj, there are many admission consultants that can .... 08 Jul '15.
Non egg Grad Trying Luck Again..!!! CAT 2013..!!
Namita@ MBADecoder.com @mba-help 1,816

"with 4-5 years of work experience my interest slightly shifted towards GMAT or global mba program". 

I understand this! The CAT- GMAT transition is the holy grail for many Indian applicants. 

I will point you some articles on our blog that were written for applicants who are starting the MBA process from scratch. Hope they help you:



If compiling your application (essays, resume, recos and at a later stage, interview) is your key problem, we can help you there. 

Namita, MBA Decoder

Prep Zone @prepzone 211

Hi Dhiraj, there are many admission consultants that can help you with that, I'd be happy too as well. Please share your contact details through a private message to me and someone from my team can call you about the same. Thank you

Hello - Just started planning to appear for TOEFL and GRE, am put up in Delhi. For TOEFL ETS Guide should be enough? or please suggest!

GRE - thought of using Manhattan Material if available in India + ETS.(Self Study)

However would like to know is this material enough and specifically which one should i use in Manhattan?

Kindly suggest if any worth (the time and money) classes are available in Delhi? 



  • any suggestion is appreciated...Thank You!. 07 Jul '15.
  • For Quant in Delhi you can contact these IB coaches http.... 12 Jul '15.
Avinash Jha @avinashjha25

any suggestion is appreciated...Thank You!


Could someone throw some light on Melbourne Business school-its rankings , placements..

  • Globally Melborune is not that well known for MIS but sin.... 08 Jul '15.
  • okay, thanks :smiley:. 08 Jul '15.
Prep Zone @prepzone 211

Globally Melborune is not that well known for MIS but since overall Melbourne has a prestigious reputation I am sure it's worth pursuing it from there as well. Thanks

fredix jones @frediey 70

okay, thanks

Hi guys, all GMAT takers from Kolkata can discuss interview strategies here


GMAT Interview Prep group: Kolkata-based - PaGaLGuY
GMAT Interview Prep group: Kolkata-based - PaGaLGuY
To connect all GMAT enthusiasts and assist each other in securing our dream institutes.


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