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Ask a Consultant! - GMAT/GRE Only

The GMAT section's been growing rapidly over the past few years but I'm sure you already know that. Unfortunately, it's becoming tougher for individual contributors to keep pace. Fortunately, a lot of consultants have been coming up to help! So as...
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I heard that majority of the top 30 B-schools in USA, charge excess of 70 lakhs (tution+living) or even more. If this is the case, then I believe it is impossible to go for MBA in USA. My budget is 30-35 Lakhs max. Can I suggest some colleges that have good curriculum and placements of international students.

  • Hi Struggler@usadude05 You can look at external scholar.... 22 Dec '14.
Manya Abroad @ThePrincetonReview 542

Hi Struggler@usadude05 

You can look at external scholarships -institutions which give aid to Indian students for higher education abroad. You can also look at taking up an education loan which can help you with around 15-20 lakhs.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further queries and we would be happy to advice. Wish you the best. www.manyagroup.com

Dear Puys, 

Greetings from MISB Bocconi - Bocconi India. 

We are the Indian campus of SDA Bocconi, Italy- Europe's premier business school. 

We offer PGP in Business (full time program) located in Mumbai. 

Our Application are open for 2015 intake, to know more download the brochure -http://bit.ly/pgbrochure

To download our placement brochure-http://bit.ly/pgplacementbrochure

We accept CAT/GMAT/GRE/CMAT Scores.

Good luck!

Last round of application 31st May 2015 - PGP in Business | FB aspirant group-https://www.facebook.com/groups/misbbocconiaspirants/ 

Sir , I would take the GRE test in march ... i need guidance on how should i  prepare for the test.  I have prepared for CAT and have a sound knowledge about the quantitative and verbal aspects ..what should i do in the last 3 months to get to a score around 325 in the GRE test in terms of which books to refer and how should i go about it??

  • Dear Avinash, First & foremost do not commit the blunder .... 16 Dec '14.
Nodnat @nodwin 32

Dear Avinash, First & foremost do not commit the blunder of comparing CAT & GRE; both are totally different where CAT is a quant based test GRE is a verbal based test. So prepare thoroughly & separately for GRE otherwise you may not get your desired score. 

I have been working in TCS since 2011 and intend to give GMAT in 2015 . My 10th , 12th and grad results are as mentioned below :

10th :  78

12th : 76

Grad : 8.7 CGPA

Current WorkX : 3 years and 2 months

Certification : CCNA 

I have the following queries : 

What score should I target for , to get into ISB ?

Do I need to switch to some other company for better consideration during the selection process , provided I achieve the target score ?

  • @alcatraz \- Which office of TCS ?. 12 Dec '14.
  • THanks namita and shoaib... 14 Dec '14.

Good Gmat coaching in chandigarh???HELP!!!!

  • Hey Ankush, Jamboree in. 13 Dec '14.
  • Jamboree in chd is good. I enrolled with them in 2012 fo.... 13 Dec '14.
chennai chess @chennaichess 44

Hey Ankush, Jamboree in

chennai chess @chennaichess 44

Jamboree in chd is good. I  enrolled with them in 2012 for my GMAT for PGPX. It helped me. Else I am happy to help .... 

Hi guys,

I recently wrote GRE without much prior information and got the raw score of 316. Now i am planning to get the knowledge about the colleges and how are my chances in getting a good college. Can anyone please help me in going ahead in this direction and provide the necessary details?

My 10th and 12th scores are 85.5 and 88.6 % respectively and BTech score is 71.1% and I have work ex of around 2.5 years in IT.

  • Hi Guys, @askrohan @ThePrincetonReview Actually i am lo.... 18 Dec '14.
  • Hi Sankalp, what is the kind of budget you are looking at.... 22 Dec '14.
Sankalp Gupta @sunnysankalp 45

Hi Guys, @askrohan @ThePrincetonReview 

Actually i am looking for the MS program in US. Can you please guide me on that? Thanks..

Manya Abroad @ThePrincetonReview 542

Hi Sankalp, what is the kind of budget you are looking at. Choice of college can depend a lot on your budget options. Also, in which particular field do you wish to pursue your MS. It would infact be great if you could message us your number and we can arrange a call for you with our expert team. This will help you to clarify all your doubts and you can have a detailed discussion on all your queries. (www.manyagroup.com)

All, Request you all to please evaluate my profile: Male, Indian, 31 Years old. Expected GMAT : Around 680 - 700 ( Writing on 7th Feb 2015 ) Total Experience - 8 years Education : BTech in Information Technology CGPA : 6.6/ 10. 10th - 67% 12th - 68% Extra Curricular : . Passionate Trekker and lead a team of 4 to Roopkund (16k ft) apart from that sucessfully completed Chopta (13k ft), Rupin (15k), Gurudongmar (18k) . Photography - Have my own blog with reasonable number of hits . Active member of Corporate Trekking Team Work Ex : . Currently working in a Market Research and Consulting firm as a Sourcing lead, have an experience of around 96 months as of today. . Independently lead 3 global accounts on which I have been able to increase the revenue from $25k to over $600k within just a year. Accountable for client servicing, delivery and revenue generation. . Brought down cost overheads and directly contributing to the bottom line thus increasing overall savings from 13% to 22% in FY13-14'. Absolute saving of more than 1.5 million USD. . Instrumental in increasing the sales conversion from 6% to 14% within a span of a year. . Seasoned player and expert in providing end to end research solutions. . Was moved from operations to sales purely on performance basis, was interviewed internally by various business ahead before this transition happened. . The only drawback I see is that I have hopped 5 jobs in the span on 8 years - will that be a problem? Goals : Post my MBA, I want to move into Strategic Consulting or Product/Brand Management ( More inclined towards Strategic Consulting though). Recommendations : Will get recommendations from my Boss (Senior Director - APAC Sales and Sourcing Head) and One of the Country Manager in India of a renowned Market Research firm (My client ). Colleges Targeting ( With Some Financial Assistance) : . UNC Kenan Flagler . Wisconsin MBA . Terry - Michigan . Sloan . Emory Please guide me with the selection and would like to go with a college who is more liberal in terms of scholarships and can provide upfront GA/TA. I have decided only on the above mentioned colleges till now. I'd rather want to go with full scholarships as basically applying for round 3/4/5/rolling - what are the odds? Along with the above, I want to move fast and planning for a 2015 admit so I know for a fact it is going to be challenging but I just can't wait for another year before I get too old for a B School. Thanks in Advance J

  • Let's see, i will try to push my case...that is all secon.... 10 Dec '14.
  • Hi Mehul, experts above have already given you the correc.... 12 Dec '14.
Mehul @mehulsrivastava

Let's see, i will try to push my case...that is all secondary for now...Hope GMAT turns out good, fingers crossed...

Manya Abroad @ThePrincetonReview 542

Hi Mehul, experts above have already given you the correct feedback and we would concur with them. Focus on your gmat preparation and target a score of 700+. If you have any questions regarding gmat preparation, please do let us know and we would be happy to help. (www.manyagroup.com)


Im working as a projects coordinator in a IT company and have a work experience of 15 months

BE CGPA : 7.8/10



I would be taking my GMAT by Feb 2015 and I would like to know

1. Whether I will be getting placements abroad after completing MBA 

2. What criteria I would have to fulfill to get a job

 Please advise

  • Networking is the key, if you are looking at placements.. 09 Dec '14.
  • If you get through a good college, you should not worry a.... 12 Dec '14.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 920

Networking is the key, if you are looking at placements.

Manya Abroad @ThePrincetonReview 542

If you get through a good college, you should not worry about your placements. Sooner or later, everybody gets the job they want. To get a good job, while you are at the B school, you should focus on an all round growth with good academics as well as extra curricular performance. Develop key attributes like leadership qualities, team skills etc. For now, focus on your target score of 700+ and get going with your gmat preparation. Do let us know if you would have any other queries and we would be happy to help. (www.manyagroup.com). Wish you the best. 

Hi guys ,

Is it advisable to take GMAT closer to the year when we want to pursue education or it is ok for the score to be 4 or 5 years old.?

  • @geethanjali ok, if you say so:). Good luck with your prep.. 05 Dec '14.
  • Hi Geethanjali, As long as the score is not more than 5 .... 11 Dec '14.
EducationAisle @EducationAisle 537

@geethanjali ok, if you say so:).

Good luck with your prep.

Manya Abroad @ThePrincetonReview 542

Hi Geethanjali,

As long as the score is not more than 5 years old it really does not matter. But having said that there are some universities specially few Indian ones like IIM A etc which want a GMAT score which is not more than 2 years old. Foreign universities generally do not have any such requirement.

Wish you the best


Hi ,

I have been working in banking center technology support for the last three years for Bank of America.I manage all the banking center applications used by the banking associates.

NIT Kurukshetra

gpa 7.8/10


Played snooker at state level and tried my luck in qualifiers of an international event.

started my own magazine in college

Gave some presentations and involved in skit

Won a couple of awards at company

Want to know the about schools that

1.might provide with some scholarship

2.should be in top 30 atleast though something higher but full schol might work also.

3.Should have product management and related courses

I am thinking of applying int tepper , kenan flager , purdue and Olin and may be kelley.

Please let me know if you have better suggestions.Thanks.

  • Hi, Your GMAT is good and your GPA is also strong, you c.... 04 Dec '14.
Shoaib Ahmed @shoaibahmed66   2


Your GMAT is good and your GPA is also strong, you can easily apply to your preferred b-schools with scholarship, and you can also predict other competitive b-schools like UNC, Kelley, and so forth. But it depends on your over all profile, and it's competitive too. Suppose if you target you strengths, weakness, goals through a strong application, then you have a good chance.

You may also try Chance of B-school tool http://tiny.cc/o0lipx to gauge your chances for top B-schools.



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