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Ask a Consultant! - GMAT/GRE Only

The GMAT section's been growing rapidly over the past few years but I'm sure you already know that. Unfortunately, it's becoming tougher for individual contributors to keep pace. Fortunately, a lot of consultants have been coming up to help! So as...
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No serious plans of giving GMAT neverthless would like to ask what is the cost of GMAT exam ?

  • @sanchitconfused you can start by registering on www.mba..... 06 May.
  • 250$...www.mba.com. 06 May.
lassi zabardast hai
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@sanchitconfused you can start by registering on www.mba.com which is completely free of cost. Having done so you can go ahead and download the GMAT Prep Software and take the 2 GMAT mock tests which is also completely FREE. Next you can go ahead and register for the GMAT exam which will cost $250. All the Best!

Dear Sir,
I have completed masters in Energy Management from IISWBM, Kolkata on 2012. I am associated with a Govt. project at IISWBM currently in the relevant field. I wish to do PhD in Energy Management, preferably from IIM or a top B-school. Please suggest some colleges, from where I can do my PhD, so that I can get value of the same in future.

  • You could look into European B Schools like Rotterdam.. 06 May.
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Dear Consultants - I gave CAT this year and scored 99.1. However, could only convert IIM Shillong as of now. In order to decide wheher to take up IIM S or not, I want to explore my options of doing MBA from abroad (targetting top 35 worldwide). I wanted to know, given a good GMAT score, what are other paramters one needs to have in their profile to crack through them.

Also, I will take a loan in that case. What is the ROI of spending 70 odd lac INR?

Looking for some expert advice.

I work in Evalueserve as a Project Manager. (2.75 years of work exp)

  • Thanks @ivyctor2010 for the reply. Is it possible to disc.... 05 May.
  • First thing - IIM Shillong is not bad at all. However,if .... 05 May.
rg @radams
Thanks @ivyctor2010 for the reply. Is it possible to discuss this in details (over phone or IM?). I wanted to know more about the ROI part.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 890
First thing - IIM Shillong is not bad at all. However,if you are keen on GMAT accepting B Schools in US/Europe/ Asia, a good GMAT score with sound professional experience and extra curriculars in terms of displaying leadership prowess would be essential. Right now, your experience is on the lower side. However, a strong set of essays highlighting your leadership potential can do magic.

Hi guys, I'm rank new to this forum. Been contemplating to crack the GMAT for a good 12 months now and have finally decided to take the plunge come June. However, there are a few niggling questions I have (I scoured previous threads but could not find some definitive recommendations). Sadly, there are a lot of people waiting in the wings to have you enrolled and make a quick buck by fobbing you off.

I'll cut to the chase here. A lot of my friends and members in here have recommended to do away with classes. I could have done so but mathematics is my bogey subject. Having worked for more than 5 years, I've become all the more rusty with math and other aspects of the test. In order to get into the swing of things, I've decided not to straddle professional and study time periods. As far as classes are concerned, I'm torn between TIME, IMFS and IMS. It will be of immense help if someone could help me with their experience or recommendations, etc. I've also heard that Manhattan have started off with their courses in India. Could anyone shed some light on that as well? Will it pan out just fine for GMAT aspirants like me?

Thanks a ton in advance!!




I am currently working with Infosys Techonolgies, having 2.6 yrs experience. I would like to know the GMAT score that would keep me in a safer side when i apply for Great Lakes or any other good B schools. My primary choice is B schools accepting GMAT in INDIA.
Higher Secondary-93%

Awaiting for your suggestions!!
  • A score above the average class score is considered as safe.. 06 May.
MBA Decoder @mba-help 1,401
A score above the average class score is considered as safe.

my name is anuradhatadas n my cmat score is 90 .. whch college i can apply for ..???

Hi, I am a 2012 batch Computer Science Engineer, acads, 10th-86% 12th-72% Grad-8.03 CGPA. I have got a call from XIMB this year, and the last date of making the payment is 12th, I have always been in the helm of affairs wherever I have worked, and heavily participated in extra-curricular activities, in the past have lead campaigns for an NGO during my engineering studies, have 2 years of experience working there, which in turn helped me realize my potential in a job where there is a high need of managerial acumen, that was during my Engineering, currently I am working at a startup as a software developer, people there also recognize my personal skills and are willing to make me a product manager. My career goal is to be in a leading position in a company, where i get to make decisions and earn a remuneration I deserve. Should i join XIMB this year, which seems to me like a risk as the seats have increased and scenario is not perfect, or should i work here for a couple of years and try for ivy league B-Schools down the line, I have 13 months experience. Do i have a chance of cracking those given my academics? I would want to see myself in these schools but, dont know if that is a practical decision to make. Any guidance is welcomed.


How are the MBA programmes at National University of Singapore?

I am a 2013 passed out engineering graduate,currently working with ICICI bank as Branch Sales Manager. Please help .

1) please elaborate on the actual eligibilty.

2) and the available scholarships. Skip


NUS is one of the top ranked B Schools in Asia for MBA. with its 16 months course length, it is a preferred destination for roles in finance, operations and general management. A minimum experience of 24 months is required to apply. However, desirable years of experience could be anywhere between 3-4 years. Having said that, it would be good to tell you that professional experience in terms of quality and kinds of roles handled would matter more than the years of experience. For Scholarships, you will have to refer to the website of NUS. A tip here - Apply in R1 to have the maximum advantage.

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  • Round 1. 07 May.
  • R1?. 02 May.
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How are the MBA programmes at National University of Singapore?

I am a 2013 passed out engineering graduate,currently working with ICICI bank as Branch Sales Manager. Please help .
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I am planning to give GMAT and then getting into a good B-school. For that I am looking for a good counselling program in MUMBAI.

Till now, I have heard of two names - "IMS counselling" and "KIC education counselling"

IMS is charging fees around 24,000 and KIC is charging around 47,000.

I have no idea about which of them is reputed and worth investing such a large amount of money.

Could anyone please provide some useful suggestions?

Thank you!!

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  • In case you are looking for GMAT prep material, you will .... 02 May.
  • @ssonawane \- Hi there! Exactly what help are you se.... 01 May.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 890
In case you are looking for GMAT prep material, you will find a lot of material online. You can go through them and then purchase a few books for practice sessions. In case you are talking of application help in terms of essays etc, that is a procedure which will come into picture only once you clear GMAT. So, the first thing is to prepare well for GMAT, for that online material and purchase of a few books should get you started.
MBA Decoder @mba-help 1,401
@ssonawane - Hi there!

Exactly what help are you seeking- with your GMAT prep or with your applications?

There are many consultants out there - for GMAT as well as for your essay strategy. You may decide to work with one of the so called "one-stop" shops like you have mentioned above. OR you may prefer to work with a niche consultancy that handles lesser volume of clients and is therefore able to give clients more and personalized attention.

You will have to make the choice for yourself and I suggest that you make it wisely.

Namita Garg


I am a computer science post graduate working with an industry leading telecom firm with 12 years of experience. My scores are ==> 10th: 84%, 12th: 74%, Grad: 67%, post grad: 9.1 CGPA.

I am into project/program management profile for the past 4 years with excellent track record. I am thinking of pursuing an MBA but not convinced how much boost it will provide to my career considering:

- my experience is already higher as compared to average experience of candidates.

- is it worth the investment

Additionally pls suggest:

- should I be looking at MBA or any other course

- if I target Indian B-schools then apart from ISB and IIMs should any other schools be on my radar?

- what gmat score should I be targeting?

Pls advise.

  • 12 years is definitely on the higher side. But the factor.... 02 May.
  • Hi @ritz112 , Most people who apply to programs like.... 01 May.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 890
12 years is definitely on the higher side. But the factor which the adcom would look into is the employability and not really the age. So, if the Adcom is convinced that you can be placed well post your course, age is not what will stop you from having an admit. What would be your career goals? Are you seeking an elevation or function / role change? You need to be clear on why and how the MBA will aid you and this can be answered only when you ponder into your career goals. In case, you decide to go for it, your target GMAT score should be 700 and above.
MBA Decoder @mba-help 1,401
Hi @ritz112 ,

Most people who apply to programs like ISB and other executive education programs have 3-5 years of work experience. So be assured that you are within that range or having more work experience than you. Infact the executive programs of the IIMs require applicants to have 5+years of work exp when they apply. I think you should stick to ISB, the IIMS; you can add SP Jain and XLRI if you want.

"is it worth the investment" - this is a subjective question and the answer depends on what your expectations from an MBA are. To make a general statement, I strongly believe that an MBA can catapult your career to a level that may otherwise take too long to happen by itself.

Since you are into project management, maybe you should do an analysis between a PMI certification and an MBA. If you are seeking more management responsibilities later in your career then an MBA is the way to go.

Aim for a GMAT score above 700.

Namita Garg


Please post your questions about GMAT coaching centres in other relevant forums. "Ask-a-consultant" forum is not meant for these questions.

Namita Garg

hey guys I'm luking for GMAT coaching in Delhi.... Any suggestion??

  • even m looking for same if u want we can look together as.... 30 Apr.
Bhavay Sood @bhavay007 4
even m looking for same if u want we can look together as well may we get some group discounts

Anybody from JAMBOREE classes ? Please provide me some reviews ,it charges 30k for 11 weeks course. Is it worth a try ?

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which are topmost colleges through gmat which have 1 year course ? Also what are cut offs for them ? I have work ex of only 3 years till now , how much i need score for them ? I am giving gmat by end of july ... @ivyctor2010

  • There are many programs offered across geographies ( Asia.... 30 Apr.
  • @mba-help. 30 Apr.
In the name of king Tommen and house baratheon & first of his name , hereby you are sentenced to death !!  
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 890
There are many programs offered across geographies ( Asia, Europe) with a course length between 12 months - 16 months. Depending on your fit, you can choose. It may not be possible to list out all of them here, but you should definitely look at ISB, NUS, B Schools in UK( (Judge, Said, LBS), INSEAD,ESADE etc.You will need a decent score of 700 and above along with sound professional experience, good extra curriculars and impressive academic records.

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