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Ask a Consultant! - GMAT/GRE Only

The GMAT section's been growing rapidly over the past few years but I'm sure you already know that. Unfortunately, it's becoming tougher for individual contributors to keep pace. Fortunately, a lot of consultants have been coming up to help! So as...
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HI Team, my name is Yash Agrawal. have over 3 years of work experience and have done full time MBA from Symbiosis 2010-12. Now am looking forward for my 2nd MBA from abroad and planning to give GMAT by June'15. Kindly guide me as this is my 2nd MBA will it be a weapon in my artillery or can it be weakness? 

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  • @yashgmat \- A second MBA from a top US college is not im.... 17 Feb.
  • @yashgmat : I guess we had a phone conversation yesterday.... 17 Feb.
MBA Decoder @mba-help 1,677

@yashgmat - A second MBA from a top US college is not impossible but difficult. There are some b-schools like Tuck, Duke, Haas, Darden and many others that don't allow it outright. For every other b-school where you apply, you will have to answer why you need a second MBA and why is it absolutely important for you to progress in your career. Have solid reasons ready for this - and yes, your answer should reflect your maturity levels gained since the time of the first MBA. 

If you are applying to the top 30 US colleges, you should try to get a GMAT close to 740 - its always helpful for an Indian applicant.

I didn't really get your question about the second MBA being a weapon or a weakness. I think you are talking about the first MBA, not second, right? 

Namita Garg


Kinjal Das @kinji.at.pg1 29,572

@yashgmat : I guess we had a phone conversation yesterday. I forgot to tell you that in Ross team exercise I met a candidate who is pursuing 2nd MBA and she is from IIMI class of 2011. So Ross can be a place where you can give it a shot.

Hi, I am just starting to prepare for GMAT now, Will give Exam after 4-6 Months, Having 5.7 years of Experience, Had done B.E. in 2009 and Distance Learning MBA from symbiosis in 2012. Looking for top schools only......

Still Confused If i should apply for Indian 1 year MBA for Executives OR go for Schools Abroad.


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  • Hi Mayank, for a first-timer, your score is quite good an.... 19 Feb.
  • Hi Mayank, You haven't mentioned much about your work p.... 24 Feb.
Prep Zone @prepzone 139

Hi Mayank, for a first-timer, your score is quite good and I am sure you'll easily make 720 + if you understand the concepts and give yourself a lot of time to practice. Please let me know if and when you need some Admission Consulting for your application process. Thank you www.prep-zone.in

Manya-The Princeton Review @ThePrincetonReview 567

Hi Mayank, 

You haven't mentioned much about your work profile or your aspirations. Why did you go in for a distance MBA? It would be better if you could give a brief about your profile.This would help us better to guide you.

Hi. I'm writing the GMAT in April this year, planning to apply in Round 1. I've previously described my profile here:


My question is regarding my work experience. I've been told 2 years is a tad too less for most top schools. How much could it work against me? I really don't want to wait for another 1 or 2 years 'coz I think it could dampen my spirits beyond repair. Besides, if I wanted to continue in Software any further I wouldn't be considering an MBA degree.

But I've anyway been applying for non-technical (ops/marketing/managerial/product-design) roles in the meanwhile and have recently been getting good response from startups. How do the two compare - working at a US tech giant as a Software Developer like any other versus working in a more "MBA-like" role at a startup? Would such a switch make sense at this point of time, considering that I'll be applying for next year? Should I continue with this job until I'm done with the application process? 

Would appreciate any suggestions on this. 


  • Hi Sugandha, Its not just the number which is looked at .... 24 Feb.
Manya-The Princeton Review @ThePrincetonReview 567

Hi Sugandha,

Its not just the number which is looked at but the quality as well. The reason why most schools want at least 2 years or more than that is simply because any working professional generally needs that much time to understand and gain a foothold in the industry they are working in and start performing. B schools stress a lot on leadership skills which you might not get oppurtunities for in those 2 years. A start up gives you a lot more exposure in terms of work and responsibilities. We can understand the dilemma of whether to join a start up or continue with this job since time is not sufficient.Let us know in case you need any further assistance.Wish you the best.

Hi Guys,

Would really appreciate if someone can evaluate my profile and guide me through my MBA university selections.

Experience : 2.5 Years (Business Development in IT Industry)

GMAT Score : 640 (Q:51, V:24)

AWA Score : Yet to receive.

Undergrad GPA : 8.2 (On a scale of 10)

Undergrad Degree: B.E(Hons) Computer Science from BITS Pilani (a reputed university in India).

I really want to know my chances in the following universities considering that am applying for the Last international deadline (1st March) and that my GMAT Score or Work Experience is just on the average side. I really wish i can give another attempt at GMAT but cant wait for 1 more year to apply. So i am planning to go ahead and apply with my current GMAT score.

1. Purdue University: Krannert

2. University of North Carolina: Kenan-Flagler

3. York University: Schulich (Canada)

4. Texas A & M University: Mays

5. Boston College: Carroll

Comments and Suggestions are highly appreciated.


Siddartha Gadde

  • Hi Siddartha, At the risk of sounding discouraging we re.... 24 Feb.
  • Siddartha, there is a definite disconnect between your CG.... 24 Feb.
Manya-The Princeton Review @ThePrincetonReview 567

Hi Siddartha,

At the risk of sounding discouraging we really think you should give GMAT another shot specially since you are targeting the final rounds which are very competitive. Purdue, Kenan Flagler,Boston College and Texas A and M would be highly selective. York also to a great extent but they do have an India campus program if you would be interested in that.Hope this helps.Let us know if you require any further assistance.Good Luck

Mansie Dewan @MansieDewanConsulting 3,278

Siddartha, there is a definite disconnect between your CGPA and GMAT score. Your work experience is low for THESE colleges you mention above. Wait it out, re-take the GMAT and apply in R1 for the 2016 intake. 

hi puys 

i have a work ex of 2years 9 months in Steel sector (8 months in JSW steel in marketing and 2 years 1 months in Steel Authority Of India Limited -SAIL)

in a dilemma of gmat vs Cat coz for 2016 batch of indian B schools i would be having close to around 4 years of work ex in a manufacturing set up in a supervisory role 

  • @nitin_khandel Hi Nitin, Given your profile and a work .... 16 Feb.
  • Hi Nitin, If you are interested in doing MBA only from I.... 17 Feb.
CrackVerbal @Crackverbal 21


Hi Nitin, Given your profile and a work experience of 4 years, you should keep your options of an MBA broad. The GMAT would be a better exam for you to approach as you will have the chance to highlight your profile better to the B-school. Diversity is something B-schools look for and fortunately your profile has that advantage. Club it with the GMAT and use it to your best.

Also, most of the top B-schools in India like ISB, SP jain, XLRI, IIM PGPX programs accept the GMAT score. So, I would suggest that you consider taking the GMAT and then apply for an MBA.

You can find more information about the GMAT and tons of FREE and valuable resources here : 


Manya-The Princeton Review @ThePrincetonReview 567

Hi Nitin,

If you are interested in doing MBA only from India, then you can give CAT. But giving GMAT can open up doors to pursue MBA even from an international university, and the fact that most of top Indian B schools accept GMAT score, giving GMAT might just give you a little flexibility.Hope this helps.Let us know if you have any further queries.Good Luck

Hi!! I am planning to write GMAT. I have one query that being from Nuclear Power Sector( Control & Instrumentation Engineering & Project management) whether it would put any adv or disadv. on my profile analysis. Moreover, is it right to mention my M.Tech Degree on my profile.

Xth:89%; XIIth: 79%; B.Tech:9.0 CGPA (82.75%)

  • Well Subhojyoti MTech is a technical degree & even after .... 16 Feb.
  • Hi Subhojyoti, There would be no disadvantage at all. Y.... 16 Feb.
Nodnat @nodwin 32

Well Subhojyoti MTech is a technical degree & even after doing higher end technical degrees people do go for management education to target middle management position which generally require business education in addition to technical skills

Manya-The Princeton Review @ThePrincetonReview 567

Hi Subhojyoti, 

There would be no disadvantage at all. Your academics will only become more solid. We would suggest you to focus on your GMAT and your reasons for going in for an MBA.All the best.

Hi , I have a GMAT score 680 , work ex of 3 years in Asset Management and good acads throughout college and school. 

I am applying to HEC Paris Masters in Management and Masters in International Finance. The deadline is approaching but I am a li'l unsure of my GMAT scre. Should I retake GMAT and apply in the last intake session of April (risk being really few seats left) or apply in the March session with my current score. Please help!

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  • Hi Manali, Last rounds are always risky in terms of admi.... 16 Feb.
  • Thank you @ThePrincetonReview and @nodwin ...Talked to f.... 16 Feb.
Manya-The Princeton Review @ThePrincetonReview 567

Hi Manali,

Last rounds are always risky in terms of admission chances so I would suggest you to apply earlier. Also it would be good to work on other parts of your applications that would also take time to prepare.

Manali Taneja @Manali21 63

Thank you @ThePrincetonReview  and @nodwin ...Talked to few current students at HEC and though 680 isn't the ideal score It is decent enough is what they say. So I guess, I'll apply with this score and direct all my efforts towards and essays! Thanks for your help!

Hello guys,

I have been selected for Masters in Business Analytics program at University of Texas,Austin.

Just wanted to know if anyone of you guys had applied and received a call letter ?

  • thanks @nodwin . Also compared to NUS Singapore which one.... 14 Feb.
  • US offers better options as compared to Singapore. 16 Feb.
Teja Teja @impetus 54

thanks @nodwin . Also compared to NUS Singapore which one would be a better option?

Nodnat @nodwin 32

US offers better options as compared to Singapore

A small query guys! and i know its a silly one!

I am planning to write GMAT . have a work experience of  16 months hydropower engineering (Civil engineer- core). Interested in management courses of finance or marketing. But one of my friends staying in USA told me that being from a   core engineering background, it would be difficult for me to get into a management course. and if i get into one, it would be a setback for me at the time of placements. as i have no experience in marketing or finance

  • Well Garvit the transition from Engineering to management.... 12 Feb.
  • @MansieDewanConsulting @nodwin thank you so much for th.... 13 Feb.
Billi teri keh k lunga 2015 mein!   
Nodnat @nodwin 32

Well Garvit the transition from Engineering to management generally requires management education so you are on the right track. Though it is quite possible that initially after completion of course you are offered techno management position rather than purely management.

Garvit Gupta @garvitgupta14 98

@MansieDewanConsulting  @nodwin  thank you so much for the valuable feedback! yes. before applying, i am planning to have a work ex of 24 months..

Applications to the 2015-17 batch of MBA programme by National Institute of Technology Karnataka Surathkal, Mangalore is closing on 16th February 2015

NITK Surathkal is an institute of national importance with a legacy of over 50 years, and has a 300 acre fully residential campus with the Arabian Sea on its west border and the Kanyakumari-Mumbai highway passing right through the middle,  and accommodates over 4500 students pursuing UG, PG and doctoral programmes.


Graduation: Candidates must be a graduate in any discipline with minimum 60% marks or 6.5 CGPA (For SC/ST it is 55% or 6.0) from a recognized institute/university.

Test scores: CAT 2014 or GMAT

Total Institute Fee: INR 1,54,100 

Total Hostel Fee: INR 77,500 (for Boys) or INR 81,500(Girls)

Total Intake: 64 (Reservations applicable)

Admission notification:


Official Facebook Page:


For more details, discussions and queries kindly visit the Official PG Thread:


  • @purna1 Regarding placements; please refer the two follow.... 11 Feb.
  • Thankyou!. 11 Feb.
Beryl Thomas, Public Relations Cell, NITK MBA

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