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Ask a Consultant! - GMAT/GRE Only

The GMAT section's been growing rapidly over the past few years but I'm sure you already know that. Unfortunately, it's becoming tougher for individual contributors to keep pace. Fortunately, a lot of consultants have been coming up to help! So as...
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Hi, I have 5.5 years experience, 2 years in top US IT MNC , then did my MBA from LBSIM Delhi (CAT 93 percentile), post that 3.5 years in Top US MNC in Insurance broking with a profile of Key Account Management....i am planning to give my GMAT now and plan to do a 1 year executive program from a top institute (India or abroad)...i am interested in sustainability but don't see many 1 year programs, moreover as my experience is not related to sustainability will that be a disadvantage?

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  • hi Desert Ice, i am looking for a 1 year classroom progra.... 32m.
  • Hi, You need to show good professional progress and very .... 10m.
@GmatAspirant23 1

hi Desert Ice, i am looking for a 1 year classroom program. As you said IMD and Insead are open in accepting MBAs but does that mean that other institutes are not?  i get your point that i should gain more experience for applying to such programs but if i want to apply this year then what can be my options?....lastly, sustainability is what interests me and motivates me to pursue an exec MBA and i understand that it is still at a nascent stage but m sad to know that there are no jobs as ROI is definitely important for me and anyone who is spending this much money on education

desert ice @desert_ice 15

Hi, You need to show good professional progress and very compelling reasons behind a second MBA. Since you completed your two year full time MBA just 3-4 years ago, you will have to very clearly articulate the reasons for doing a second MBA in such a short span of time.  You have changed industries and functions in the past five years. If you are keen to change the function again post second MBA, you need to present a pragmatic (and bit ambitious) and compelling case to the admissions committee.  

If you are really passionate about sustainability, I would recommend to gain some experience and knowledge in this area.

Hi guys, all of us who are from Kolkata can discuss about our scores and interview preparations here.


GMAT Takers in Kolkata - PaGaLGuY
GMAT Takers in Kolkata - PaGaLGuY
Read 25 posts, connect with 30 users. Hey Puys.. Anyone taking the GMAT from Kolkata? I am taking it at the end of August 2008. Will be good if we did a bit of planned studying and resource sharing.. Cheers! Ankit


Hi I'm currently not eligible for executive MBA because of my age

I am a partner in a firm that manufactures precast concrete blocks. Have been working there for the last 3 years. I did my graduation in civil engineering from swansea university, UK. I haven't really performed well academically after school. I just wanted to know whether I should be thinking about Executive MBA or not.

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  • Could you please suggest ways in which I can improve upon.... 1d.
  • Hi Rishabh, Being a partner in a manufacturing unit is no.... 5h.
rishabh chourasia @codename2601 1

Could you please suggest ways in which I can improve upon my resume in my field? Any software courses that I can do or internships that I may apply to? No, I've never done an internship.

desert ice @desert_ice 15

Hi Rishabh, Being a partner in a manufacturing unit is no mean feat. Dont worry about your undergrad too much at the moment. You can change the history, but you can definitely work towards improving your future. Prepare well for GMAT in next few months and try to score 680+. Develop other aspects of your profile and personality in next one year. Try to think through why you want to do an MBA and from where (location, universities). Please be ware that the cost of full time and Exec MBA programs is about the same at all top universities. Exec programs usually are of longer duration and are more suited for people with lot of work experience. So you really need to find your reasons for doing an MBA first and then take decision whether to go for full time or Exec MBA. Hope it helps. All the best.

I have recently taken the GMAT and scored a 670. This was my first attempt and I know I can do much better but I am afraid that the schools I am thinking of applying may consider my multiple attempts a bad thing.

Consultants please help!

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  • Dear @singh.sanjay If you are confident of scoring a bet.... 1d.
MentorStone Education @mentorstone.com 6

Dear @singh.sanjay  If you are confident of scoring a better score, we would advise you to take GMAT again. This will certainly not looked at negatively. A strong GMAT score def. adds a lot to your candidature. All the Best www.mentorstone.com

Hi, My profile is as under:

Xth-85% CBSE, XIIth- 96.5%, Graduation: B.Pharmacy from BITS-PILANI, 7.9 cgpa.

4 years experience in IT Industry, 4 years experience as Admn Officer with a PSU. I am in a dilemma whether to apply for PGDM/FPM programs of B-Schools and am yet to take GMAT.

I want some inputs on the suitability of my profile to FPM/PGDM courses and what GMAT score should i aim at to get through these programs.

Thanks for the help

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  • @deepthi_818 Here are a few questions you should ask yo.... 1d.
  • Dear @deepthi_818 Your experience is on a higher side. 9.... 1d.
MBA Decoder @mba-help 1,677


Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

What are my career interests? Does MBA help me meet them or a doctrate?

Want to acquire research knowledge or knowledge of management concepts? 

Ready to study for 1-2 years or 4 years?

Thesis or capstone project? 

Interaction with class (peer learning) or close interaction with faculty?

Hope this helps,

Namita, MBA Decoder

MentorStone Education @mentorstone.com 6

Dear @deepthi_818  Your experience is on a higher side. 9 years would put you as an outlier if you compare with avg work experience of a typical MBA/PGDB class. Your experience would be more suited for an executive MBA - if MBA is what you want to do ! FPM is also a good option for you - if you have an inclination towards research. Is there any specific field you would want to work on within Mnaagement Education? We have had students who are doing very well after FPM and there is a good demand in the market. Please take a call and let us know incase you have further queries.

All the Best


Hi, I have 10 Yrs of IT experience as product manager/Business Analysts. I want to pursue my MBA or PhD from good B school from USA. I want some guideance & input for choosing the right school(name).Which B school are the right chose for me and GMAT score required to get admission .

Below are my details-

Educational Qualification-

10th - 77 %



Post Graduate Diploma in IT from IIT Kharagpur-6.67CGPA.

Professional Experience-

9.5 years of comprehensive experience in  New Product Management  in  Big Data & Analytics, Mobility, Business Intelligence, Data warehouse, Conceptualization Idea's into POC, Business Analyst, Pre-sales, Competitor Analysis and Market Research.

Profile at a Glance-

§Demonstrated ability to adapt multiple domains & work environment.

§Managed high value projects from various domain & technologies like BFSI, eGovernance, Mobility, Analytics, Big data

§Exemplary track record in Product Management - Managed complete product line, Defined products roadmap, features for new & existing product .

§Responsible for end to end delivery and deployment of  POC's, Products and  Software application development.

§Responsible for undertake Product Requirement Gathering and performed Gap Analysis.

§Responsible for preparation various artifacts as part of requirement gathering/Elicitation [Product Backlog, User Stories, BRD, FSD, PRD, Use Case Document, Traceability Matrix document].

§Comprehensive experience in Project Management and Estimation (FPA): Scope, planning, Function Point Analysis (FPA) for estimation, execution, control & tracking, risk management, vendor management, Creating SOW, Project Plan.

§Responsible for providing response to RFP/EOI/RFx as part of Pre-sales.

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  • @Umediitkgp Phd is much more competitive than an MBA. Ple.... 7h.
MentorStone Education @mentorstone.com 6

@Umediitkgp Phd is much more competitive than an MBA. Please target a GMAT score of 730+ for PhD. I would suggest that you take GMAT first and then shortlist schools for MBA ( if MBA is what you want to do!)

All the Best


Why MBA and not any other Masters degree out there? What concentration? Why now?

What GMAT score is a good score? Is 6** a low GMAT score? Do I need to retake my GMAT exam?

How much work experience is a good work experience?

Does one particular work experience weighs more than the another? I only have couple years of experience?

What to write in my essays? Do I need to be a team lead or manager or a star performer to get into a b-school of my choice?

Who to ask for recommendations? Manager, Peers, Clients, Vendors ? Not sure!!!

How to shortlist from hundreds of business schools out there?

What business schools look for in letters of recommendation? Who should I ask to write my LORs?

How to prepare for the interviews? How do I know if a interview really worked in my favor?

Is paying visit to a school prior to getting admit a good thing?

What should I expect? What should I prepare myself with? How can I impress? What is a good time to start applying to B schools?

Is Round 1 any better than consecutive R2 or R3 deadlines?

I have a 3 year degree. Are there schools that accept a 3 year degree vs a 4 year? What are my options?

Got admitted but No scholarship or financial aid? What are my options?

Got admitted, what are my options?Can I defer?

These were some of my questions 9 years back when I applied to B Schools in the USA. What's on your mind???

Hello MBA aspirants

Quick introduction of myself. I am a resident of Austin Texas and a proud Penn State alum!!!
I graduated from Smeal College of Business, Penn State, Class of 2013 and have been helping since then students like you to achieve the USA MBA dream. Over the years, I have been actively involved in recruiting students out of campus for Internships and Full time MBA roles as well.

By the way "there are no dumb questions"

Good luck with admissions!!!

Hit me up or send a private message on PG if you have related questions. Happy to help. Thanks

Anshul Sharma   

Hello I'm a aspirant of GMAT and would like to take GMAT 2015. I'm currently in my 4th year B.Tech, 7th semester. What are my chances as a fresher getting into a premium b-school around the globe. Say i have scored 720 or a very very good score to qualify into one of the top 20???  I'm awaiting replies.

  • Hi Anmol, I hope you're doing well! You should have .... 4d.
  • @nikfire Hi Anmol, MBA requires minimum 2 years of exper.... 3d.
Armaan Ahmed @Armaan. 12

Hi Anmol,

I hope you're doing well!

You should have 3+ years of experience to apply for MBA. But for your profile you can go for some programs like fresher's, seniors and others. Please visit the below links:

1. MBA Programs for College Seniors http://goo.gl/qSH36z

2. MBA fresher program http://goo.gl/hhnv2h

3. MEM Programs http://goo.gl/Ncqy5M

Hope this helps you.



Manya-The Princeton Review @ThePrincetonReview 566


Hi Anmol, MBA requires minimum 2 years of experience therefore you are eligible for the MS in management related courses. In case you get a GMAT score of 720 and work on the application theme in a good way you have good chances of getting an admit. http://www.manyagroup.com/


I have given my GMAT twice my score improved from 690 to 710. I have been working in IT consulting since 2012. From the past year I am in EY. My academics is decent (80+ in 10th 12th and 70+ in undergrad). 

I would like to know which colleges should I apply for MBA. Also does profile make a difference or is it only the GMAT score?

I had applied to colleges last year, but did not receive many calls. (Had written my applications on my own)

This year, should I take help for writing the applications. If yes, then any suggestions for the same?

  • Hi Akanksha, You have a good profile and good GMAT score.... 4d.
  • @AkkuMitt Hi, Akanksha in case you did apply the last ye.... 3d.
desert ice @desert_ice 15

Hi Akanksha,  You have a good profile and good GMAT score. You need to carve out insightful stories from your professional and personal experiences to be noticed by the admissions committee. A lot of Indian, IT professionals apply to MBA programs, so your application should distinctly stand out from the crowd. 

Are you planning to apply to Indian or to international MBA programs this year? Working for EY would definitely improve your application. However please note that the world of strategy consu

Manya-The Princeton Review @ThePrincetonReview 566

Hi, Akanksha in case you did apply the last year I would suggest you to take help with the applications and get the previous ones reviewed as well. For a successful MBA application both GMAT and Work profile go hand in hand. A good GMAT score always helps add value to the profile.


Dear sir/madame,

I need a review for my profile.

I am looking for an Executive MBA from India preferably (abroad will be my second preference).

Tenth: 88% ICSE

Twelfth: 80% ISC

BE in Electrical Engineering from IIEST, Shibpur (formerly BESU, Shibpur): 70.53%

Work Experience: 5yrs (on Sept'15) from a reputed MNC with experience in Industrial Automation Engineering.

I would like to know which course will be more relevant for my profile & which colleges will be best for these courses. I would also request you to provide some informations regarding the GMAT exam.

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  • @bluebird2 Hi Saurav, I would like to know a little mor.... 5d.
  • My job profile includes engineering and commissioning of .... 5d.
Manya-The Princeton Review @ThePrincetonReview 566

Hi Saurav,

I would like to know a little more about your work profile before suggesting any program. But as far as the minimum criteria are concerned for the executive programs you need 5 yrs of experience, which makes you eligible to apply.


Saurav @bluebird2 2

My job profile includes engineering and commissioning of industrial automation system in the metals industry (mostly steel plants). During engineering, we design & develop the electrical automation system; which is generally office work. Once the designing part is over, we go to the sites (steel plants) for commissioning. Commissioning includes running the system developed by us and demonstrating the customer the full process, troubleshooting any problem, and make the plant fully operational. The plant is handed over to the customer. Depending on the volume of the project, the team strength is determined.

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