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Ryan P @Neo2000


Ask a Consultant! - GMAT/GRE Only

The GMAT section's been growing rapidly over the past few years but I'm sure you already know that. Unfortunately, it's becoming tougher for individual contributors to keep pace. Fortunately, a lot of consultants have been coming up to help! So as...
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Hi All,

GMAT Query : I have some doubts on the exam schedule and my profile. Kindly help :-

I am working in an IT professional working in a MNC for more than three years. My total experience in IT industry is 3.5 years.

10th Std : 80.2%

12th Std : 72%

Graduate in E&C engineering with 78.56% (Honours) from a private college in Bhopal

I have participated in organizing many events at college, Was in the T&P cell of my college. Though my extra curriculur activities are not certified much.


1) When should I plan to appear for GMAT so that none of the reputed colleges gets missed by application deadlines. I mean to say,, what can be the best date before which I can attempt GMAT so that I can apply to maximum no. of colleges.

2) I am interested in changing my field of Study from technical towards finance,. I will be having an experience of a public sector bank in India for almost 6 months. Will it be possible for me to do a PG in Finance? Will the colleges consider my application for MBA in finance?

3) Though, an irrelevant question, but what should I probably target in GMAT so as to be eligible for  selection in top notch colleges.

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  • Hi Aakash, hope you are well. Your overall profile seems .... 4h.
Touch the Sky with Glory  
Prep Zone @prepzone 152

Hi Aakash, hope you are well. Your overall profile seems pretty good however, if you are looking at Sept 2016 as an intake then then 1st round of deadlines are in mid-sept to mid-oct for the USA hence you need to start your GMAT prep ASAP.  The next deadline is latest by Dec 1st. You should look at writing a MOCK GMAT to understand where you stand at the onset before booking a date or knowing when you will give the exam. Usually candidates look at 5 schools to apply to; 1 aspirational, 2 realistic and 2 fall backs. You are free to apply to more but applying to 10 odd schools would mean you are taking a shot in the dark. If you are keen in Finance then please look at an MBA in Finance as that will give you the transitional leap you are looking for in job function and industry. If you are looking at some of the top 30 schools, please aim at a 720 + in the GMAT. I hope this helps. Thank you

Hi All,

Query on GMAT: I need some advice on the following, below is my profile

B.E, MBA (Marketing from a Tier II college)

Total Experience : 6 Years (3 Years in IT and 3 Years in Brand Management post MBA with top MNCs in the sector)

1. Can I plan to do an MBA with specialized courses in Marketing with the top institutes outside India?

2. How do I get information about these courses which is in line with my experience and interest?

3. Should I finalize on the course and college first before preparation?

4. When can I give GMAT to start the course in 2016?


  • HI, For Fall 16 you should write the GMAT latest by Octob.... 6h.
Manya-The Princeton Review @ThePrincetonReview 578

HI, For Fall 16 you should write the GMAT latest by October in case you are targeting R1. Yes

you can do an MBA and select Marketing as a specialization. You can also visit your nearest Princeton Center and get a profile evaluation done.Team Manya


I need some guidance on my MBA application process. I am in a dilemma about where all to apply. Below are some details of my profile:

10th - 94.2%; 12th - 80.2%

B.E. (Hons.) Electrical and Electronics Engineering from BITS - Pilani, Dubai - CGPA: 7.05/10, First Division

GMAT - 1st attempt (April'13) - Q42, V26, Total: 560, AWA-5, IR-5

2nd attempt (March'14) - Q46, V27, Total: 600, AWA-5, IR-4

3rd attempt (Dec'14) - Q46, V40, Total: 700, AWA-4, IR-7

I do not intend to give another attempt at GMAT.

Experience: I have been working with a top MEP construction company in Dubai as an Assistant Quantity Surveyor for around 3 years 9 months now and will have completed over 4 years by the time I start the session anywhere in 2016.

My job is a techno-commercial role based out of projects and my responsibilities include maintaining the project cash flow and monitoring costs and value throughout the project duration by preparing billing projections / forecasts, cost to completion reports, regular payment applications as per the forecasts, variation claims, etc. This involves regular discussions with the site engineers, operations team along with physical visits to the site to review actual progress. All these projects have been huge projects with project values ranging from 15 Million AED to over 140 Million AED. Projects include hotel cum office building for Oberoi in Dubai, Audi car showroom, district cooling plant, forensic lab building for Dubai Police, Emirates NBD Bank Headquarters, etc.

I also liaise with the Consultants, Clients and other Contractors for commercial issues. Many of these people happen to be from nationalities other than India and other South Asian countries.

I also manage sub-contractors' contracts and have also been training a junior employee under me for almost a year now.

In addition, I prepare extensive project review reports every month which I present to the Top Management that includes the General Manager, Regional Commercial Manager, etc.

I have learnt a lot in the past 4 years and have handled responsibilities usually handled by far more experienced people. I have also moved up the ladder with one promotion from the trainee to the assistant stage fairly fast and have also gathered regular positive feedback and appreciation from my superiors.

I have also interned in a few other companies in UAE but I have not mentioned those here as I feel internships won't lend any weight to the application.

All my experience has been in Dubai with a single company since my graduation after engineering. I have not worked in India or in any other country.

The major reason that I want to an MBA is that I want to move out of the construction industry. While there is money in this industry, it comes with a lot of experience and is a slow process. Moreover, at this stage, I feel I am not learning as much as I used to a couple of years back. As I have done well with whatever has been thrown at me, I need more challenges to sustain myself and enough of that is not happening right now. Also, the construction industry is fairly volatile here with the market booming at times and failing miserably at others, which does not inspire a lot of confidence. Future success in my role involves an interest in and grasp of contractual knowledge, which I am not very much interested in. Currently my job involves dealing with lots of numbers and excel sheets which I love. As my job role is in Operations and I report directly to the Operations Manager, I am looking to use my interest and experience with numbers and working in tight deadlines and in a team, while supplementing it with formal theoretical and working knowledge of management principles and concepts, in General Management / project management roles or Operation roles outside the construction industry. I am keen on moving on to Consulting roles which could also involve travelling, an aspect that is not at all present in my current role.

I do not have extensive extracurricular activities to talk about other than an odd volunteering experience here and there. Most of the activities I took part in happened during school days, several years back. Most recently, I have taken a French language beginner course and have travelled a bit in other middle-east countries (Qatar, Oman) as well.

I was originally planning to apply primarily in ISB, IIM-B (EPGP), IIFT in India. I also thought about applying to Insead, HEC in France, Rotterdam in Netherlands, Mannheim in Germany, NUS,NTU, Insead in Singapore in addition to the Indian colleges. I did not include any colleges from USA in the list as those are very expensive programs and the duration of most programs is 2 years. I would prefer to do a one year MBA but I am also open to doing a 2 year MBA in case I do not get any good one year MBA. I am a bit skeptical of European colleges too but I felt good colleges like Insead and HEC might hold good even in the current not too bright European market.

However, recently I have started wondering whether I am limiting myself by applying only to a few colleges. I cannot wholly bank on ISB or any one college. Some people have suggested that I should consider US colleges too as they are the traditional powerhouses for MBA and they continue to dominate the overall MBA landscape. A quick look at the costs for most decent programs revealed costs to the tune of 85 lakhs to 1 crore INR, which is too much in my case. How do I go about in deciding where to apply? I do not want to limit myself but I feel restricted when I look at such high costs for an MBA. Are the scholarship chances at most US schools realistic in my case?

Any help that can guide me in the right path will be appreciated. I can provide any additional info as well if required at all.

Thank you

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  • Hi, there are scholarships available such as merit based .... 6h.
  • Hi, you have a strong profile. I know someone with profil.... 5h.
Manya-The Princeton Review @ThePrincetonReview 578

Hi, there are scholarships available such as merit based scholarship, internal and external scholarship.  I would not recommend you to retake the test. My suggestion is that you apply to Asian business schools along with some other cost effective universities in US where you have better chances of admit. Apply early to enhance chances of scholarship and pay attention to the application theme. Team Manya

desert ice @desert_ice 15

Hi, you have a strong profile. I know someone with profile similar to yours. Congratulations on improving your score to 700. Its good enough for most of the top business schools worldwide. You have good chances of getting into top schools in EU and Asia pacific. Please dont worry about lack of extra curricular etc and instead play to your strengths, which are plenty. dont look at the cost of program in isolation. If you study in EU/US, chances are you might work in the same region, hence earn in local currency. So look at MBA as a long term investment in yourself, which would set you up to succeed in the world of business and management. Get in touch for further discussions. All the best

why do GMAT and GRE exam fees are too high for Indians?

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  • Everyone has to pay the same amount 250 USD for GMAT and .... 2d.
  • @i.priyanka.MBA Fees are standardized world-wide! So ever.... 2d.
Tarun Minocha @CommanderOfHell 567

Everyone has to pay the same amount 250 USD for GMAT and 195 USD for GRE . It's just that you have to convert that USD amount to INR.

Career @CareerDefiners 9

@i.priyanka.MBA Fees are standardized world-wide! So everyone pays the same amount. Though I tend to agree with the thought that the test fees can be adjusted by purchasing power parity (PPP) for each country!  Next time I speak with GMAC / ETS folks, would definitely plant that seed. I wish you good luck with whatever exam you decide to take. - Bhavya Kumar (MBA '09 Chicago Booth) 

Please evaluate my profile; Confused whether I should go for 2 year course or increase work ex and go for 1 year.

X: 86

XII: 77

B.Tech (NIT) in Civil Engineering: 76

Work-ex: 1 Year in Construction Procurement at Metro Rail Corporation in India

Extra-curricular: None


Few scholarships, nothing worth mentioning though.

  • @tush1992 Assuming you are talking about MBA, ISB Mantra .... 2d.
  • Hi Tushar, Your profile seems to be good and it all d.... 1d.
CAT 14: 96.76; Calls: 6 New and 6 Newest IIMs; Converts: All 6 Newest. 
Career @CareerDefiners 9

@tush1992 Assuming you are talking about MBA, ISB Mantra is absolutely right that you have couple of years more if you want to target global MBAs. BTW do you have a career plan and defined career goals? - Bhavya Kumar (MBA '09 Chicago Booth)

Neha Sharma @Neha66 2

Hi Tushar,

Your profile seems to be good and it all depends on your professional status that you want to take 2year or 1year MBA. If you have good number of experience above 6+, then suggest you to go for 1year MBA from Canadian or European B-Schools.
If you have 3+ year of experience then suggest you to apply for top US B-Schools for 2year program.

Hope this helps you.


Can anyone suggest any good online course for GMAT Verbal...

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  • I don't think we're allowed to post links, so just add .c.... 1d.
@honey746 19


Free GMAT course @GMATPrepNow 10

I don't think we're allowed to post links, so just add .com to my username.


Is it necessary to send scores to colleges immediately after the GMAT exam or can that be done later without incurring any additional fee ?

If I send my scores to colleges immediately after the exam,will the scores be valid for future intakes of those colleges to which I have applied or just for the next particular intake.

(I am appearing for the exam this month but I have decided not to apply this year after consultation with a few experts.)

@VeritasGurgaon ,@MansieDewanConsulting,@GMAT_Conquer ,@GMATPrepNow , 

Please advise.

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Which are the best books or online tests to prepare for GRE?

How to find universities based on GRE score in USA and Canada?

  • ETS Official Guide and Barrons GRE (esp for wordlist) are.... 4d.
  • Hi, it all depends on what programs you are looking for a.... 4d.
Patience in the mind and Dynamism in action is the right formula 
Career @CareerDefiners 9

ETS Official Guide and Barrons GRE (esp for wordlist) are two good starting points.

Prep Zone @prepzone 152

Hi, it all depends on what programs you are looking for as different programs and different universities have different requirements. If you can share your profile, I'll be happy to help more. Thank you

Hii All,

Here is my profile 

10-69%; 12-58%

B Tech-71%

3 years of work experience in Telecom field.Presently working in ETISALAT (ongoing 1 year UAE experience as Project Coordinator)

Please need ur valuable feedback as I am looking for 1 year MBA

Thanks All.

  • Thanks. We'll touch base. 4d.
  • @Ramyajiy Your profile seems good however you work ex see.... 2h.
MBA Decoder @mba-help 1,717

Thanks. We'll touch base

Manya-The Princeton Review @ThePrincetonReview 578
@Ramyajiy Your profile seems good however you work ex seems a bit less for 1 year MBA, which is directed to the mid managerial level professionals.Team Manya

Hi all,

My Profile: Class 10: 88% (Maharashtra Board)

                 Class 12-  73%

         : 65%

Work Ex: 3 years of internship during my Chartered Accountancy Course...

Presently working in an investment consultancy firm ,my role is to research analyse and handle clients equity portfolio.

Also as a part of business venture co-owner of a fashion studio where we work for private retail customers and with online prospects

Extra curricular- Average

 Looking for: Full time MBA

Priority 1.India 2.USA 3.Canada 4.U.K

Please guide me through the Universities along with their GMAT score cutoffs

  • Hi Mihir, how much work experience do you have in all? Ar.... 4d.
  • Your work experience seems to be on a lower end for doing.... 2h.
MBA Decoder @mba-help 1,717

Hi Mihir, how much work experience do you have in all? Articleship is typically not considered as work experience and most business schools will expect that you have atleast two-three years of work experience to qualify.

Manya-The Princeton Review @ThePrincetonReview 578

Your work experience seems to be on a lower end for doing an MBA
abroad.Generally US schools need minimum 2 years of experience and
European schools need minimum of 3 years. The MBA program abroad is
designed for mid management professional with average 4-5 years of
experience, and career progression is a very important parameter of
application. You may look at the MS in Finance program as well.             Team Manya 

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