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Ask a Consultant! - GMAT/GRE Only

The GMAT section's been growing rapidly over the past few years but I'm sure you already know that. Unfortunately, it's becoming tougher for individual contributors to keep pace. Fortunately, a lot of consultants have been coming up to help! So as...
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I am looking for a good GMAT coaching centre in Mumbai. Though i stumbled upon some options like Jamboree, the review sites have landed me in a mess of confusion. It would be of great help if somebody can help me through this. Institute advertisers please excuse.

To give a better idea of my requirement, i am OK at quants and need some good support in V, IR and AWA. 

  • Hi, having gone through quite a bit of gmat prep- I can s.... 1d.
@kritika7 2

Hi, having gone through quite a bit of gmat prep- I can say that invest good time in your prep - assume you'll take at least 6 months to prepare really well. I went with Jamboree- but the Delhi centre- it was good for quant because the teacher was very good and supportive. For verbal, I highly recommend the online e-gmat course- it is simply brilliant- check it out. Attend free webinars, go through all the free material, if convinced then go ahead and buy it. For SC i recommend Manhattan SC guide- for me the e-gmat process was lengthy but the theory I learnt from e-gmat was extremely helpful. All the best! 

Hi, I am an electronic engineer with 2 years work exp. I answered my GRE today and score 317 overall. 150 in verbal and 167 in quant. My aggregate graduation percentage is 64%. I want to pursue MS in either embedded or networking. Which colleges should I apply?

  • Well depending on your TOEFL scores, you can apply to UT .... 1d.
Nodnat @nodwin 6

Well depending on your TOEFL scores, you can apply to UT Dallas, UNC Charlotte, IIT Chicago, CSU Fresno and the like 

One Year PGPM @ Great Lakes

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 My aim is to get into NUS or Nanyang for 2015 intake! What steps should I take so that I can definitely make it in. My acads are 10th 80% 12th 80% and Engineering 61% Agg . I have a work ex of 2.2 yrs . Also have some decent extra curricular works done. : I had taken the GMAT but could manage a good score, hence shall be giving it again in Jan. Also since by work was associated with Sustainability could u please suggest if doing MBA in sustainability/Business Sustainability  would be a good option and which colleges around the world would are best suited for my Profile.

Thank You!

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  • Kishore! Hell Yeahhhh! :). 20h.
  • thumbsup @Saurabh Srivastava im sailing in the same boat. 20h.

Hi, I am currently working in an MNC (Let's say TCS) for past 1 year.

B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication - 67%

12th - 78%

10th - 81%

Some extra curricular activities at School/College level.

I want to do MS in Computer Science from US/Canada. What is a good GRE score for my profile for good colleges (top 10/20/50)? Plz advise...

  • Dear Ajay, though the entire profile is cumulatively take.... 1d.
Nodnat @nodwin 6

Dear Ajay, though the entire profile is cumulatively taken into account while granting admit but I recommend that you try to score at least 310+ in your GRE in order to apply to to 20 colleges. Good Luck!

Hello. This is Prabhu. I currently have a 6.5 years of experience in the IT Industry. Initial 4.8 years in a MNC which is a IT service provider. Was promoted twice in the first 4 years. Provided Trainings to a batch of freshers on a technology and have some other credits to my name (Like being a volunteer for a Technology conference etc). The remaining of the work ex is with the IT Wing of one of the leading banks in the world. Still working with the same. Plan to join the Social responsibility team at my office. To talk about my studies, 10th (CBSE) 72 %, Intermediate - 94% and Engineering (Btech) - 62% (Computer Science). Was part of various Co curricular activities at School and also completed by Scouts program till the Rajya puraskar. No internation Work ex but have the experience of working with Global teammates (When i say global, it really is global from Americas, Europe and Asia)

My Question here is, taking a practical view of the possible scenarios of admissions at Global B schools, what should be my aim in terms of the colleges (Top 50? top 70?). I understand that a lot depends on my GMAT score but taking into consideration i get a 700 score (Which i would give my best shot). Please advice.

  • Hi Prabhu, You seem to be in good shape. I would say th.... 2d.
  • Dear Prabhu, You certainly have a decent academic profile.... 2d.
MBA Decoder @mba-help 1,385

Hi Prabhu, 

You seem to be in good shape. I would say that you should apply in Round 2 which begins in Jan 2015 for most b-schools. This is because you already have 6.5 years of work experience. By the time you matriculate next year you will have 7.5 years of work exp., which will place you in the higher side of the work experience for any MBA class.

Do aim for a 700+ score.

I am wondering why you have waited all this time to get involved in CSR?

Namita Garg


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Nodnat @nodwin 6

Dear Prabhu, You certainly have a decent academic profile supported by professional experience & co curricular exposure. If you are able to crack a GMAT of 700+ I believe you can certainly try for Top 50 business schools. Good Luck for your GMAT.

Hello Everyone, I'm Rohit and am currently pursuing my Masters from NUS, Singapore. In the past few years I've interacted with a lot of MBA consultants and have helped few of my friends get there applications together. During the process I realised the big disconnect that exists between MBA/MS applicants and the universities. This has prompted me to come ahead and help my fellow friends in putting up there applications together. I'm offering to work as an "Freelance Application Advisor". You can contact me and brief me about your profile, where you currently are in your whole application process and of course your career plans. If I believe I can help you, we will take things further and start working on your application. My intention here is to get exposed to variety of applicants and help them in whichever way I can. I would expect a small token amount to be paid upfront, though not compulsory. My intention here is to help others with whatever I've learned of the whole process. Keep in mind I'm not a professional or a pro in the applications process. All I can say is I'll try my best to help you out!

  • its a good endeavour, keep it up. 3d.
  • Sorry, forgot to mention, I don't usually check my pagalg.... 2d.
@rohitbansal1507 10

Sorry, forgot to mention, I don't usually check my pagalguy account. So please reach me out at "rohitbansal1507@gmail.com" Thanks...

I have got 68.75 percentage in my B.Tech.What is my GPA...?

My University top percentage is 88% in that year for Our branch(ECE)

If i get good score in GMAT,can i get admission in top school with scholarship.

  • Dear Ajay, First & foremost scholarships are very limited.... 3d.
Nodnat @nodwin 6

Dear Ajay, First & foremost scholarships are very limited for MBA/Management programs and in top schools you can understand the level of global competition that you would be facing. Further, scholarships are entirely merit based and depend on you academic profile, professional experience, other achievements and your GMAT score. So indeed try to get a good GMAT score but also do you financial planning in advance. Good Luck!

Guys ,please suggest how to Prepare for GMAT 700 + score?

What are the materials to be studied?

What is to be referred?

what should be the strategy/ study method?

please guide me..


  • The first step is to go through the exam pattern & unders.... 3d.
Nodnat @nodwin 6

The first step is to go through the exam pattern & understand it thoroughly. Second, take a diagnostic test & analyze your strengths and weaknesses section wise for both Verbal & Quant. Then depending on the time that you can devote per day chalk out a realistic plan of working on each section. When working on a section, first analyze the type of questions that come in that section and read through the strategies for the same. Refer to GMAT OG (Official Guide).

Hi, I am planning to take help from a ims consultant here in Bangalore for my gmat applications. How is ims consultancy in general? I need inputs on the same asap please.

  • Well my objective is not to criticize any consultancy but.... 3d.
Nodnat @nodwin 6

Well my objective is not to criticize any consultancy but I believe IMS is best for CAT prep. When it comes to GMAT go to prep classes which specialize in GMAT Training. Always meet the faculty before taking the final decision.

whats the cut off for IMI through GMAT?

  • Dear Sumit, There is no cut off. The higher you score the.... 3d.
Nodnat @nodwin 6

Dear Sumit, There is no cut off. The higher you score the brighter are your chances of getting in.


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  • what is fure of green mba-or sustainble mba. 4d.
  • Hi Manvir. There is certainly a buzz around the world for.... 3d.
Manvir Gupta @j371

what is fure of green mba-or sustainble mba

Manya Abroad @ThePrincetonReview 413

Hi Manvir. There is certainly a buzz around the world for sustainable businesses. Most companies these days also have specific departments working for CSR projects and environment is a major area where investments are being made. Clean tech and alternate energy is another emerging sector. World over major investments are being made towards the development of green economy. And there are also not much trained resources available in this field. So an education in the field of sustainability will certainly have a very strong future ahead. Let us know if you have any further queries and we would be happy to help. Wish you the best. 

My profile

GMAT Score 750 Q49 V42 (AWA :4)

Worked in Delivery Management for 2 Yrs 2 Months for an IT Company

Switched over to a IT major recently in a non IT Role - advertising (Was sick of technical roles :P).

UG: 75% ( B.Tech from a reputable college)

XII 87.8%

X 84.8%

Above average extracurriculars.

I recently had applied to ISB round 1 got interviewed but didn't make it. Should I wait to apply for ISB for another year or do I have a good shot at NUS,Nanyang...some premier B school for round 2 ?


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  • Sorry for some punctuation errors which might have occurr.... 3d.
Amit Jangir @amit91jangir 10

Sorry for some punctuation errors which might have occurred above. Cheers :) 

My profile

GMAT Score 550 Q42V25 (9 Nov 2014)

Worked in Automobile Company from 2010 to 2014 in Production Dept(one MNC and  other Indian Major motorbike manufacturing cmny)  

UG 70% (B.E Industrial And Production Eng Indore SGSITS)


X 80% CBSE

Associated with various events in college.

Kindly tell me what chances I have to get into good Indian B schools and also other options.

Thanks in Advance

I want to know whether a bank po experience as assistant manager in a nationalized bank counts as experience to apply to GMAT colleges for MBA? Can I show that I have worked in a nationalized bank for 5 years and hence have a 5 year experience?

  • Hi Raajit Ranjan, As far as I know, your experience will .... 5d.
  • Certainly you can show your Bank P O experience. Please g.... 3d.
Minhaz khan @minhazkhan3333 5

Hi Raajit Ranjan, As far as I know, your experience will definitely count.

Some applicants provide working in an NGO as a work experience too. So, in my opinion, YES...it does. 

Nodnat @nodwin 6

Certainly you can show your Bank P O experience. Please go ahead and take your GMAT if you have not done so till now and target good B Schools. All the best!

Hello , I am currently working for S*****g India Electronics ( Research & Development) in Android Department Since JULY 2012.



grad.in C.Sc. - 70 (NIT srinagar) 

I want to pursue an MBA degree(Of course , that is why I am here.)



I want to join an advertising firm, so i am planning to do my MBA in sales and marketing (from one of the top B schools).

& HOW?? -

Earlier I have planned to prepare for the CAT(Common Admission Test) & almost prepared for 3 months but found some ambiguity and switched to GMAT :)!! Now I am planning to give a start to GMAT prep.


 After a small research on the GMAT, I got confused (obvious for a beginner, i think) in few areas.

I have some QUERIES and CONFUSIONS. 

So now the THINGS I WANT TO KNOW------>

1. How can I(from a bourgeois family background) afford the fee for an MBA degree outside India, cause after surfing through different websites I found that most of the B schools outside India have an average fee of almost $50,000(p.a.)??!! :

2. B-schools in India which, provide a full time MBA degree , accept GMAT scores(for Indian applicants)???

3.On one hand there is a one year MBA graduate and on the other a Full time MBA graduate,How does it affect one at the time of getting the job??

4.I have ordered OG-15 , MGMAT SC, MGMAT (full set of strategy guides), CR Bible, please let me know the other books( If there is any) or more precisely a must need to score 740+!!!

5.I can devote 2 hrs everyday (week day) and 4-5 hours on Saturday/Sunday and planning to start today, But i have not registered for the GMAT yet,so which month would be considerable to register for the main Test, keeping the goal of 740+ in my mind???

6. A suggestion regarding practice Mock CATs series which one should I join to keep track of all my prep.??

Thanks in Advance , I will always appreciate your support.

Minhaz (A new kid on the block) 

  • you are always welcome, I hope you got your answer ;). #.... 5d.
  • That's an awesome quote (y) thank you. 5d.
"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."   ― Mark Twain  
Minhaz khan @minhazkhan3333 5

you are always welcome, I hope you got your answer ;).

#Do your best # 

"Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts. But not knowing which decision to take can sometimes be the most painful..." 
― José N. HarrisMI VIDA: A Story of Faith, Hope and Love

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