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Ask a Consultant! - GMAT/GRE Only

The GMAT section's been growing rapidly over the past few years but I'm sure you already know that. Unfortunately, it's becoming tougher for individual contributors to keep pace. Fortunately, a lot of consultants have been coming up to help! So as...
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Please evaluate my profile

10th 93% ICSE

12th 92% ISC

B.Tech - VIT Univ, Vellore (CSE) - 8.4 CGPA

Work Exp till date is 35 months working in IT dept for a French Energy Major.

Decent extracurricular participation

Have published 5 papers in IEEE and a journal.

CAT 2014 Score - 88.23 percentile

I am planning to write GMAT but have absolutely no idea about how much time I should devote to studying daily and for how long. Also I want to know about the score that I should aim for if I want to apply for good colleges in India and abroad.

As of now I am considering an initial budget of 30 lakhs for the entire course.

  • @Bazookabanger Your profile is impressive. You have done .... 19h.
  • Hi @Bazookabanger! Your profile seems alright for several.... 5h.
MentorStone Education @mentorstone.com 5

@Bazookabanger Your profile is impressive. You have done well in academics, your scores have been high throughout. You should now focus on getting a GMAT score of atleast 700+. With your profile, if you draft your applications well, you should be through at a good school. On the preparation for GMAT, you must know that everyone works n a different pace and you should evaluate your performance through mocks before you appear for GMAT.

All the Best


ISB mantra @ISBmantra.com 1,669

Hi @Bazookabanger! Your profile seems alright for several good schools in US and otherwise. At this point, you should not get bogged down by the fees. As a matter of fact, people who go to the US, do not really spend 100,000 dollars from their pocket. There are several schools with co-signer free loans and many of them provide generous scholarships. You may start preparing for your GMAT (target August 2nd week), and we can discuss the schools again once you have a better idea about the score you may expect. 

All the Best!

'ISBmantra / EssaySunday Consulting'




My profile is as follows :

Xth (Gujarat State Board) : 79.71
XIIth (Gujarat State Board) : 71
B.Tech : 82.23

I have work ex of 3.5 years in an I.T MNC. Out of that 1 year is international experience in London, United Kingdom.

After staying in U.K, I  would prefer doing higher studies (MBA) within Europe. I was wondering if it would be a good choice. The fees for most of the colleges is very high and I am not sure about their ROI. I also wanted to know what are the changes of getting a job within Europe.

Kindly advise. At this experience, the only options in India for 1 year MBA are ISB and Great Lakes.

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  • @relentless_akki Dear Akshay, you must score high on GMAT.... 19h.
  • Hi @relentless_akki! Your profile seems decent, and despi.... 5h.
Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.
MentorStone Education @mentorstone.com 5

@relentless_akki Dear Akshay, you must score high on GMAT in order to compensate for avg scores during school/college. Your work experience is good - also the international stint would be valued by the adcom. However, please understand that there are challenges in getting Jobs in the EU/UK. There are certain top schools, where you could study and try for jobs. However, before you take a leap on going to any school check with alums having same background as you, for their feedbacks.

All the Best


ISB mantra @ISBmantra.com 1,669

Hi @relentless_akki! Your profile seems decent, and despite your inclination towards Europe, you shouldn't ignore US, given their quality of education and job prospects. 

In India, you should be able to target ISB and IIMB. 

All the Best!

'ISBmantra / EssaySunday Conulting'



Hi, My profile is as follows:

10th 84% CBSE

12th 88% CBSE

BE 83%

Currently in IT MNC with 3 yrs of experience.

I want to go for MBA. Considering GMAT option I don't want to go abroad but I can go for one year program in India. Can someone please suggest colleges in India best suited for my profile and whether I should consider CAT/XAT and other Xams also ?

Also, Could you please tell me which top colleges in India accept GMAT score for their PGDM programs?

  • Hi Gaurvi, Hope all is well!Your academies are really go.... 2d.
  • Thanks Armaan...Sp jain requires min of 5 yrs of experien.... 1d.
Armaan Ahmed @Armaan. 9

Hi Gaurvi,

Hope all is well!Your academies are really good, and well you also have decent experience to apply for good B-Schools In India. Strongly suggest you to apply for ISB and then SP Jain, Great lakes. GMAT will be required for ISB, SP Jain and Great Lakes for one year programs. And compare to other exams like CAT/MAT/XAT, GMAT will be more weighted. Hope this helps you. Cheers!

Gaurvi @gaurvigadia

Thanks Armaan...Sp jain requires min of 5 yrs of experience for their one year course. I think ISB dont have that restriction. So basically I have only two option when one yr program for my work ex is considered. While 2 years program list is quite less than that of colleges available from XAT/CAT in India...Could you please suggest some good colleges for 2 yr program as well.

Hi,kindly evaluate my profile :

10th : 89.2%

12th : 88%

B.E. Jadavpur University : 7.2 GPA

Work experience : 33 months(as of date) in a big 4 consulting firm in the analytics domain with techno-functional expertise mainly in financial services. Also led experienced teams(people whose average experience was more than mine) of 4-5 people in different projects for doing the implementations.

Extra-curriculars : Part of intra-university and firm's sports teams. No volunteering experience due to hectic travel schedule.

I am planning to take the GMAT within the next 2 months and need some insights on the following points :

1. What are the realistic chances of getting admitted into a top-15 US b-school (for fall 2016 intake) with my profile, considering I get a score of > 720 in GMAT while taking into account my below average GPA and lack of volunteering experience.

2. The top-10 US b-schools usually have an average GPA of 3.5/4. Where do I stand in this regard? In other words, do I simply find out my GPA out of a scale of 4 by unitary method or is there some defined process?

3. Also, my university is not into relative grading unlike some other institutes. Is this point also taken into consideration?

Any help regarding the above mentioned points would be appreciated.

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  • Hi Abhi, Though applicable for all universities, but Tuck.... 1d.
desert ice @desert_ice 12

Hi Abhi, Though applicable for all universities, but Tuck and NYU (and IMD, if you are planning to apply) really would like to know how much you love their campus, how much you appreciate the unique linkages between their campus/infrastructure and program content/delivery etc. You can gain some of these insights by reviewing their websites and a lot more by speaking to relevant people (university/alumni). Such insights will help you take an informed decision and might strengthen your application directly/indirectly. All the Best!

Please evaluate My profile...

10th CBSE 63%

12th CBSE 63

B.Tech Rajasthan Technical Univ 61%

Exp- 4.5 years with renowned financial institution as an Oracle Apps DBA

As my academic  is very low but still i am looking for good business school .. i haven't  appear for GMAT. Please suggest  me , is it good option for me or i should stop dreaming.

Thanks in advance.

  • The most authentic exam that is considered in GMAT prepar.... 1d.
  • @suman3040 You need a high GMAT (710+) score to compensa.... 19h.
Vaasanti Surajkumar @vaasanti 4

The most authentic exam that is considered in GMAT preparation is GMATPrep exam. This is available here for free download: 


MentorStone Education @mentorstone.com 5

@suman3040  You need a high GMAT (710+) score to compensate for low GPA. Students with your kind of profiles, who did well on GMAT, have got acceptance from top - universities. They presented their applications well and had convincing reasons for poor scores. All the best for GMAT.


Hi Everyone. Can anyone please let me know how much time is actuaLly needed for preparing for GMAT.

  • Hi Gargi, it all depends on individual intellect and time.... 3d.
  • Hello! While I am not an idea candidate because I have be.... 1d.
Prep Zone @prepzone 93

Hi Gargi, it all depends on individual intellect and time invested in studying it. The best way to know how long you will take is to write a MOCK GMAT exam and see what your score is while you are unprepared. Once you know what your strengths and weaknesses of the GMAT are, you decide for yourself how long you will take to achieve the score you desire. I hope this helps. Thank you

Vaasanti Surajkumar @vaasanti 4

Hello! While I am not an idea candidate because I have been just procrastinating for a long time, I fee that a total of 360 to 400 hours should be ok, if you are an average student.

If you are way above average, it might be possible that you don't need any preparation:). After all, they just ask you basics. If you are below average, then it could take more time.

Hi, Please evaluate my profile-

GMAT 690 Q49/V35 , AWA 5.5 , IR 7

B.Tech in Computer Sc. (UPTU) 73.2%
XII- 88.2% / X- 88%

Work Ex- 2yrs 4 months till May end in Infosys Ltd.

Extra Curriculars- Many in school and college but none at workplace.
Also recently joined an NGO.

I wish to apply for MBA in US for the class of 2016, but I was told by many that since my work ex is lower, I won't be able to make it to a good school.
Alternatively I'm thinking of applying for Management in Information Systems, reason being, my relevant and lower work ex. But I'm not very sure if this is the right move since as per my understanding, MIS focuses more on the technical aspects of IT rather than business and I wish to pursue a management course that focuses more on the business aspects.

Any more details about the MIS course or points to ponder on that can help me make a decision will be highly appreciable.


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  • @Shubhangi29 Go for an MBA if that's what you're keen on..... 1d.
its now or never...! 
Mansie Dewan @MansieDewanConsulting 2,881

@Shubhangi29 Go for an MBA if that's what you're keen on. Its very likely though that post MBA too, you will be offered combination roles leveraging your past Infy experience. Changing industry and function although possible, will not a very easy switch. You'll also need to consider the placement scenario. Are the kind of roles ( HR) you seek even offered to international students? Research on that- its integral to factor it in. And  like Namita said, better to wait a year and strengthen your profile rather than target schools you might not be happy going to anyway. Good Luck with everything! God Bless!!

hello guys,

I have taken gmat and scored 650(Q49,V30), Ir-8,AWA-4.5

Work ex- 3yrs [my own business]

i am looking to get into one of the good b schools in the US.

but i am not sure from where to  and how to start the admission process.

shall i go for a counselling service. If yes, who provides the best counselling service. and if NO, then how should i proceed now?

and can you suggest some good schools that i can get into?

P.S- i want to apply in the 1st round itself i.e sept-oct,2015.

  • @desert_ice i got the point. thanks!!. 1d.
  • @kushalbansal90 You should look for schools in which you.... 19h.
@kushalbansal90 1

@desert_ice i got the point. thanks!! 

MentorStone Education @mentorstone.com 5

@kushalbansal90  You should look for schools in which your GMAT score would be atleast equal to the school average. Your choice of school would depend on your career objectives and choice of country. For instance, if you are interested in finance , you must look for schools in finacial hubs of the world. This would certainly help. 

All the best



I have completed B.Tech - chemical engg. from NIT Trichy -6.91 cgpa....12th std : 87% and 10th std - 89.20% in Maharashtra board.. 1.5 year Experience in MNC in Dubai and 2 year exp in E- commerce  start up in india .. Please let me know What will be good score in gmat for me to get into top 30 colleges and scholarship programs for gmat exam.
  • Hi Nitin, hope you are well. Your international and start.... 3d.
  • Hi Nitin, I hope all is well! Good that you from NIT (O.... 3d.
Prep Zone @prepzone 93

Hi Nitin, hope you are well. Your international and start up experience gives you a competitive edge however its receiving scholarships for an MBA program is extremely competitive but for admission in the global top 30, you are looking at a 730 + GMAT score. Aim at submitting your app in R1 which is between mid Sep and mid Oct so write the GMAT accordingly. I hope this helps. Thank you

Armaan Ahmed @Armaan. 9

Hi Nitin,

I hope all is well!

Good that you from NIT (One plus point for your profile), you hold good number of work experience both national and International. Try hard to get 750 for top B-Schools like HBS, Wharton, INSEAD, LBS and so forth. If you're looking into top 30 colleges, aim for at least 700.

Best of luck for your GMAT.


Looking for feedback. My profile is as follows:

Xth- 82.33 % ( State Board)

XIIth-68.00 % (State Board)

B Tech (Mech)- 8.71 CGPA

Work Ex- 4 Years 9 Months (as on 2.05.2015)  in  Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (Oil and Gas sector)

  • To be honest, I think you can do better than ABS. Thanks. 1h.
Prep Zone @prepzone 93

To be honest, I think you can do better than ABS. Thanks 

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