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Analyze "The Hindu" Editorial

Hi frens... *"The Hindu" editorial *is a part and parcel of CAT preperation. but to my surprise i didnt find any thread which discusses the difficult words in the editorial and discuss abt their contextual meanings.. So as a starting ef...
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The difficulty level of english is same as the Hindu editorial and most of editorial are unbiased. so you get more information on different issues.

I have been reading economic times and times of india..
Are they enough or should I include Hindu too?

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quite a quietness.....what happened puys??...let's analyse the editorials once again....cheerio

Central Excise ! Gujrat !

want to add to the previous post

Various aspects brought out in the Hindu article pertaining to the student stabbing her teacher

1. necessity of counselors in schools

2. young teachers need to be trained and assisted by senior teachers so that cases where such sort of incident is about to happen can be prevented.

3. content watched by the children must be monitored . If something violent has been watched, it must be followed by some discussion

4. need to change approach towards education ...utilitarian approach where education is considered only as a means of scoring marks and producing toppers should be changed...needs to focus more on preparing the students to handle stresses and also focus on overall development

core2confused Says
Gotta make it work!

Why not analyze today's ?

12/02/2012 : Murder in classroom

* Refers to the report of the murder of a school teacher by a student in chennai.

* Focuses on the larger role the society plays in molding the character of a child.

* Complete failure of not only parents but also society as a whole in controlling violent tendencies among children.
saurabh9gupta Says
is the tread active anymore?

Gotta make it work!

lets start posting review every day! i will try!

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is the tread active anymore?

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Angela Merkel's Moment - 1st Oct 2011

In this Author Primarily talks about the current Problem(Greek Debt Crisis). He takes a explanatory tone of the ongoing crisis and also explains the various aftereffects of this crisis.

The main points in the editorial are
1. Euro zone inability to come together & solve the crisis
2. Effects of crisis on world & europe itself
3. Also it specificaly explains the germany unwillingness to rescue the euro countries(being the strongest in all of them)

Author ends by raising a question whether the late bail out plan from germany will be able to bring out the euro zone from crisis???

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Valuing biodiversity Sep 27


The article talks about Nagoya Protocol.It says it is a welcome step in the global scenario to prevent exploitation of genetic resources.
This pro-biodiversity preserving rule has already 61 signatories.It aids each of these nations to frame a domestic biodiversity law.For example India has framed a Biodiversity Act though it needs to create a comprehensive documentation.

Three main things are proposed in the protocol :

1.Protection of rights of farmers and traditional communities.
2. stopping of patent regimes
3. benefit sharing of research done using the genetic resources.

is there a website where i get hold of the editorial of all newspapers, or may be just the hindu and the economic times??

Shockingly insensitive(20th sept)
There is a great need of looking into the matter of mismanagement of fuel pricing. While the government is still giving assent to oil marketing companies to continually raise the price of petrol. Repeated hikes, the repeated increases in the price of petrol have placed an enormous burden on the lower and middle income classes
The rationale for keeping the controls on diesel price could only benefit owners of high-end diesel cars and SUVs, but the owners of two-wheelers and small cars would be meek victims of continuous escalation of price of petrol
As a result of widening price gap between petrol and diesel there is a rise in sales of diesel vehicles and hence, air pollution too. Waiting in the wings is a proposal to limit the number of LPG cylinders supplied to households paying income tax to between four and six a year. Although a meeting of the Empowered Group of Ministers on this issue on Friday was deferred, which gives indications that the relief might be temporary?
Political pragmatism seems to be a reason of ignorance of government towards this sensitive issue.
In the name of Targeting subsidies the UPA government is conveniently ignoring the fact that the poorer and weaker sections often fall through the safety net.
India still needs price controls on petroleum products to avoid any sudden shock to hundreds of millions of its people
Risky ways of global finance(sept 20, 2011)


The article is about Risky ways of global trades, adopted large international banks by giving an example of Swiss bank UBS.
Consequences of this case may be reflecting in form of its tattered reputation And hence as a result, UBS will lead to making promises to shareholders, depositors, and national regulators of better vigilance and internal audit. But they may neglect the most probable responsible malaise -Globalised and International banks.
The globalization of finance has altered traditional banking's core structure and values. Over the past few decades there is enormous mismatch between their assets and liabilities .Retail and private bank deposits from several countries have supported the expansion of leading banks into global markets.It also resulted in a vast increase in risk-taking and a culture of paying extraordinary sums as bonus to managers that most outsiders find abhorrent.
The U.K.-based Independent Commission on Banking under Sir John Vickers has suggested the ring-fencing of the banks' retail operations to protect domestic deposits from being put at risk by the "casino" type culture of investment banks. That recommendation needs to be acted upon by other countries as well.

Can anyone provide more precise summary, i am poor in comprehension.


German shift shows EU problems (20 September,2011)


The German coalition government led by Christian Democrat Union Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing its most serious crisis since it took office in 2009.
This article talks about the serious crisis faced by Angela Merkels (CDU) coalition government.
Philip Rosler The economy minister has showed his unwillingness to discuss about Greek Economic crisis. He strongly wants Greece to be expelled from the euro zone. This debate is more political than anything else.
This issue had reduced its votes share and it lost its iron grip of many vote banks in the provincial elections.
The whole crisis occurred because of EU inability to restrain profligate spending of Greek government between 2004 to 2009.The European Financial Stability Fund, created in 2010 also do little to bring things back under control

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Steve Jobs could connect the dots and how. Apple Computer, which he co-founded with Steve Wozniak in 1976, has been a world-beating success under his visionary leadership. It soared from its start as a garage venture into a technology giant with a market valuation of $350 billion, and an unmatched reputation for inventing disruptively brilliant gadgets. Apple's orchard has been sprouting wonderful things starting with the Macintosh computers and going on to the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad, each testifying to the value of fine minimalist design and excellence in performance. What makes the legacy of Mr. Jobs remarkable in the fast-changing world of consumer electronics is his ability to come back to the core of innovation after fighting tough battles, and set the bar higher. Neither a 12-year absence after his 1985 exit due to an internal power struggle nor serious health setbacks seemed to curb his spirit. Now that he is stepping down as CEO, the question naturally arises can Apple maintain its pre-eminence without the boss at the helm? The answer would seem to lie in the leader's own philosophy of life and work.
Mr. Jobs, who was raised by working class parents, did not graduate from college. But he continued to learn. He listened to intuition. He is listed as either primary inventor or co-inventor in more than 230 awarded patents or patent applications. Talent must be allowed to speak and experiment with ideas, even if every move is not bound for immediate commercial success. Mr. Jobs has a timeless message for everyone the only way to do great work is to love what one does. A second powerful message from the 56-year old tech wizard is to learn from failure. Mr. Jobs is on record that his departure from Apple in the mid-1980s was one of the best things that happened to him the heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of becoming a beginner once more. He proved himself all over again before returning to the company. Perhaps even more extraordinary is his triumph over life-threatening health challenges. Yet, as events show, indomitable spirit must also defer to the constraints of physical ability. Today, legions of fans look differently at music, video, and the web with each wave of innovation at Apple. The iPad tablet computer is the latest. They will look for the same game-changing impact in future products, an expectation that incoming CEO Tim Cook will have to meet. In a competitive future, Apple will have put its trust in itself. As Mr. Jobs told Stanford University graduates in a 2005 commencement address: You have to trust in something. Your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. A fine thought from someone who has lived it.
Keywords: Apple Computer, Steve

This is a simple and straight forward editorial reflecting on the Life of Steve Jobs ,the man whose name is always coined with Apple in the context of he resigning from the post of CEO. Tim Cook will succeed him as the new CEO.
I am just posting few of the facts and quotes of the editorial.
- co-founded with Steve Wozniak in 1976,
-valuation of $350 billion
- Macintosh computers , iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad,
- 12-year absence after his 1985 exit due to an internal power struggle
-serious health setbacks seemed to curb his spirit
-did not graduate from college.
-primary inventor or co-inventor in more than 230 awarded patents or patent applications.
- the only way to do great work is to love what one does.
- learn from failure.
- You have to trust in something. Your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.

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