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Amazing Ad!

guys check this site out it has an amazing ad for honda accord. it might take sometime to load but trust me its worth it. http://www.steelcitysfinest.com/HondaAccordAd.htm :shock: :: lemme know what you think
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Puys, I need your help. Kindly fill this survey on online shopping. Your help would be appreciated. Here is the link:


Nice thread ! some ads are really worth mentioning and appreciating. I really like the new ad of ICICI :

I am sure most of us will love it !

Metlife insurance india ad is a good one.. I think it was framed by Lowe lintas.. Another interesting ad in Lowe lintas' kitty is the tanishq's ad .. "diamonds are a man's best friends too" , an innovative and a apt ad too..

Guys has anyone posted the TOI vs Hindu ad war which had happened recently ... Ogilvy has a created an apt reply ad for the TOI's campaign...Did anyone notice it??..

New Television Commerical (TVC) for MetLife Insurance India (2010) - YouTube

I don't see this topic active enough in comparison to the 'Ads you HATE'. Probably, good ads have been stopped.
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and I just love these ads.

Chulbuli New - YouTube
It's a lovely ad.

Phir kehlayenge ""Sone ki Chidiya ""Naye bharat ki shuruat - YouTube

This ad makes my eyes go wet.

Long time since anything is posted here but here we go..

Coca-Cola - Advertisement - YouTube (amazing)

Aamir khan(Coke ad as japani) - YouTube


Chanced upon this thread and thought of asking this. There has been an ad I have been looking for, but sadly don't quite remember the name or the foundation it was for. It goes like this---

A man is descending from a staircase when all of a sudden the lights go out.Screen is pitch black for the next 15 seconds. He starts stumbling , maybe even bruises a knee or something. Then another fellow comes along and guides this person all the way down. They open the door, and there is a hint of light on the screen. As these guys emerge into the light , it is revealed that the fellow who helped is actually visually impaired. Was an ad for some association working for the visually challenged.

Lovely ad , saw it on TV during an advertisement-award programme some 6-7 years back. Tried youtube but couldn't find. Any idea anyone

The trouble with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat

It is good that Cadbury brought the Ramesh - Suresh ad back for the IPL season.

"Masterjee, Pitaji ki patloon ek bilang chhoti kar do"

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There are many reasons to believe in a better tomorrow. Here's just a few that Coca-Cola discovered. Tell us yours!

Coca Cola New Hindi Advertisement "Reasons to Believe"

Umeed Vali Dhoop Sunshine Vali Asha Coca Cola New Hindi Ad Umeed Wali Dhoop 2011-2012 with Lyrics - YouTube


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