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All I wanted to Speak about CAT

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Dear puys, sorry for the long, irrelevant post in this sacred thread. This is neither a success story nor an inspiring one :( 

Here I am, sitting like a fool at an Airport as I write this. Feeling devastated, demotivated & dejected to say the least with my CAT result consistently for the 4th time. Do not even know what went wrong. My dreams will remain dreams forever.

Gave CAT on Oct 24th morning slot. Attempted 23 in QA (max 4 wrong) & 24 in VA (sure of all 9 LR) & ended up getting 87 in QA & 80 in VA. Was expecting 99.5+ to say the least. I was in complete disbelief looking at my result. Saw it for more than 100 times & still could not believe the same. Someone from the same slot attempted only 11 in VA & ended up getting 95 %ile in VA (not doubting his/her abilities though). Some other guy attempted 4 in QA & got 80%ile. How the hell can this happen??? Is accuracy the only thing that matters in CAT??? It would have been much better had I attempted only those 9 LR in that case

CL's most likely projected percentile gave me 99.6 & their percentile predictor gave me 98.X & 97.X in best & worst case scenario. Never scored less than 90 in any of the Proc Mocks. Avg AIMCAT score this season was 95+ & finally ended up getting 87 in CAT

Was down with viral fever for a week. Unfortunately, had to give my GMAT & XAT in the same week. Got screwed in XAT. GMAT only 680. Nothing, literally nothing had gone right for me this year.

Now, suddenly life for me seems to be full of regrets - Not joining new IIMs, not converting XL call last year despite scoring 99.7 & everything else. Do not even know what to do now. The journey ends here. Will not be giving CAT or XAT anymore.

For me, XAT & XL - Respect forever. CAT, IIMs & normalization - hopeless

Made many good friends during XL ping days. @ayushnasa @anshul_mechie @dhruvwali @bhaduriarchit @superchiku @cricketfreak @leo12all @lio17 @CatEngg @conquerer1 @Toughluck2009 @Ibanez @sid2222000 @missionCAT13 @tarun1110 @jhaavinash @raven_007 @ANS13 @jai89 @achyut1989 @_Robin_ & many others. Sorry if I missed mentioning few of you. Thanks a lot for all your support & belief in my abilities. I will not give up. Will write a post again in this thread once I achieve something substantial in life. All the best for your future !!

Finally, I've relatively spent more time on PG than on FB since I joined. Thanks PG for all the memories!!

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  • Good luck. You will realise some day it was good for you..... 09 Feb '14.
  • Great! All the best!!. 31 Jan '14.
Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts !! 
dip pp @dipinit 29
Good luck. You will realise some day it was good for you. Many a times life gives you signal that you are going for the wrong thing but we get stubborn not to get the message, hence life has to be harsh to tell you in clear words. There is something better for you, look inside and listen to yourself.
Shankha Basu @sb29 3,699
Great! All the best!!

So this is a story of an average General Male Engineer.splat

Many of you won't know me but i have been following Pagalguy since my final year of engineering and i have learnt a lot from you puys. More than you could imagine and for that a huge Thank You to all at Pagalguy.

Attempt 1 - Cat 2010

It was the time for Placements and many of my friends were giving MBA exams and i thought what the heck, lets give it too. So, for my first attempt i just gave CAT and XAT and it was mostly a non serious attempt by me. I was placed and so just gave it for fun. It was my first experience giving an online exam but since I am a gamer, it wasn't that much of a challenge for me. XAT was a different battle altogether. The day of the score and I score a 99.56. I still remember the moment and the feeling of joy of getting a high percentile. I hadn't researched much and hadn't applied to any colleges either. Immediately i thought i would get calls from IIMs and I threw a huge party for the batch. This was like one of the highest point of an otherwise average life. But i was in for a shock. Not one of the IIMs gave me a call for interview. I was stunned and depressed. The sins of my past came back to haunt me. It was like someone lifting you up and then dropping you with double the force.I gave up on my doing an MBA and joined the job i was offered.

Attempt 2 - Cat 2012

Fast forward to 2 years later and here i was, totally frustrated with my job which was going nowhere and no scope of growth. The only way out was an MBA and so i thought CAT would be the answer. But owing to my bad academics I wasn't that confident. I thought maybe my work ex would give me an edge. So, round 2 started with full force. Gave Mocks and Practiced any free time i could get. This time I was nervous on the D-Day as this was make or break for me. I was almost on the verge of resigning with no other prospects at hand. I was ready to join any college but for that i had to score first.

This time, I apply to CAT, XAT, IIFT, NMAT and SNAP. Applied to all colleges in top 15 except JBIMS and SP Jain because of obvious reasons. So, all exams went well and i got a percentile of 99.38 in CAT. I thought maybe with my work ex i could get a call this time round. AND i got six calls from IIMS.

Yeah, from the new ones(Ghanta wala smiley nahin hai kya). Luckily i got calls from IIFT,FMS and SIBM too. Also scored a call from XLRI and XIMB and the IITS. With my percentile, as usual i browsed Pagalguy and came to know i could convert the new IIMS with a decent GD and PI. So, first thing i do is read about GD and PI experiences on Pagalguy. The first interview was for XLRI and it went well. Trust me no matter how well you prepare, the performance on the day counts. I gave a very bad GD which was a fish market. Made just one entry and was an audience for the rest of the battle between two fellow aspirants. After this one of the most random interviews ever. I was asked the difference between Tornadoes, Hurricanes , Twisters and so on. 5 mins of my 15-20 min interview on that. Gave some confident answers which i still don't know if they were correct. As this was one of the first, i was filled with confidence. Came out thinking that XL was off the list because of my poor GD. Anyways next on to XIMB and the new IIMS. XIMB was a blink and miss interview and the new IIMS was taken just for the sake of taking. By now I was not doing well in interviews as I didn't have a good one at XIMB and with my bad Acads i guess i was getting more and more depressed.

The main setback came during the next set of interviews which were IIFT, SIBM, NMIMS, FMS and MDI. Gave IIFT SIBM and NMIMS over three days and FMS and MDI in two days. Now, NMIMS basically asked me why i bothered turning up and SIBM interview was just average. The IIFT one was a setback. Waiting in line and being the last one to go, I was asked about the last movie i saw and the major learnings i got from the movie. The rest of my 15 min interview was based on the movie. After getting out, I was generally cursing myself of the pathetic attempts i was giving. I was already spending a lot of money on traveling and stuff but the major turning point came for FMS. I missed my flight to Delhi and then had to book a 15k round about flight to Delhi which had 4 stoppages and after a night full of waiting and flying, reached Delhi 2 hours before my interview. All this while i kept thinking is this a sign that was being shown to me to give up on this dream. My interview for FMS was on the first day and there was a lot of mismanagement that day and i was fearful of missing my flight to Kolkata for the MDI interview (2 times in 2 days would have been a record i think). Enter the Interview and i can say it was the worst interview of my life . As i come out I am totally heart broken and have almost given up. Go to Kolkata amid tears on my flight there and then give a disheartened interview.

Now, back to my fruitless job and the results come out one by one. I was totally depressed by this time and i kept getting reject calls adding to my depression. I thought i would convert XIMB due to my percentile but even that too was wait-listed. I just had hopes on the new IIMS and MDI and even that because i kept reading that my percentile would get me the call. And then the XLRI result came out .

To all aspirants I will say this, you can't do anything now about your acads, something about your gender and nothing about your field of study. You can't judge what an interviewer will ask you or how your panel for the GD will be. All you can do is have confidence in yourself and never lose it. I lost mine and went through some serious dark phases. Try not losing yours. Life will keep hitting you and you just have to get back up. It all sorts out in the end. If i can get into a decent B-School, anyone can. Just have faith in yourself. And also CAT is not the end of life. (there are other exams too p)

P.S. To all the members of PagalGuy , thanks for all your posts and experiences which has benefited many members like me. I know there is not a lot about interviews or GDs(there are many others with better interviews and GDs whereas mine were all fails), i hope it helps atleast one puy gain confidence that if a noobsplat like him can get in, so can I.

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  • @Dant3 As far as I remember , XLRI's cutoff for BM was 94.... 24 Jan '14.
  • @imaginer88 like @ayushnasa said, there are many that i k.... 24 Jan '14.
@imaginer88 209
@Dant3 As far as I remember , XLRI's cutoff for BM was 94 last year , how come someone with 91.XX is studying BM in XLRI ?
S M @Dant3 201
@imaginer88 like @ayushnasa said, there are many that i know who scored below 3 in gk here... well bm i know of one who got 91.XX with a score of 4-5 in gk.. and hr i cant say for sure but there is one in the late 80's i think...

A post almost 5 years in the making.. I have been meaning to pen this down for quite sometime now and guess better late than never

Before I start or rather resume, here are the links for the previous parts of my journey:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Resuming from where I had left things off...

D-Day - 16th November:
My confidence was high post the feel good IMS SIMCAT and I went to Bangalore to write CAT.. stayed at my cousin sis's place and got a nice dose from didi about not pressurizing myself by trying to study too much on the penultimate day!

Woke up early and the reached the venue well in time and saw the crowd build-up at the venue, the enormity of the day started to sink-in while we waited for the gates for the test center to open. As always, whenever I find myself in a pickle or when I feel down, I exercise my lifeline, Phone-A-Friend, and today was no different, called up few friends also writing CAT, wished them and was on phone till the time the gates where opened and I made my way over to exam hall and my seat.

As I was waiting for the paper to be distributed, I started becoming nervy with every passing moment. Went outside, washed my face to calm myself, and told myself that today is going to be my day, drew inspiration from a moment from my fav. anime Naruto (Chunnin selection exam) p.

When I got the paper, I found out that the paper pattern was one that I felt suits me and I just had to play to my strengths. A paper having more VA questions than QA and DI was something that I felt I had to make full use of and ensure to get a strong attempt in. Unlike my previous attempt, this time I had set of strategies in place and based on the type of paper I could pick the one most suiting the one after a quick glance through the paper. This is one area where my MMDT and UDT days helped as courtesy some sound advice, I had used my mocks for trying out different strategies and finalizing on the one that suits me best. My approach is the one that I had arrived at while improvising in my previous CAT attempt owing to time lost.

I chose to focus on QA initially for 40 mins, then do the vocab questions in VA for 20-25 mins, attempt DI in 35-40 mins and RCs in VA for next 20-25 mins and then either QA or DI for the remaining time, with the aim being to focus on accuracy in QA and DI and ensuring max attempts in VA. I was able to execute the strategy to almost perfection, a few minutes here or there. Managed to get decent attempts in both QA and DI, with accuracy expected these to be enough, and decent attempts in VA as well. QA - 13 out of 25, DI - 12 out of 25 and VA - 32 out of 40. Felt content while walking out of the exam hall and a few hours later I was on my way to Trivandrum to resume work.

Overall CAT-08, in between 2 long and tiring train journeys, turned out to be a sweet affair, and one I was hopeful of becoming a memorable one. It started with a lot of nerves, expected to become a speed game after reading instructions, but then inevitably, a routine mock type approach, with equal time distribution worked for me.

Somewhat detailed account of my CAT experience is in my favorite thread, the UDT-08 thread, and here is the link for it:

Over the next few days, after the anxious wait for TIME, CL, IMS and others to come out with the solutions to the CAT paper, I checked my scores online on their websites and found that I was managing good scores in the range of 150 as per TIME, IMS, CL, CF and PT; scores that I expected to give a percentile in the range of 99.5.

The next few weeks went in writing 2-3 OMETs and previous papers (XAT and FMS). Also I was transferred from Trivandrum to Pune, something I thought was better for my GD-PI preps based on expected calls. Although it meant me celebrating christmas in a train while traveling from TVM to Mumbai. Neither XAT nor FMS turned out to be too great for me.

The first exam of the new year, XAT turned out to be bad for me, lack of any real practice showed, did decent in sectionals, but couldn't maximize my score in any section, and hence expected myself to miss-out on XL call. FMS as expected, was bad, speed has never been my ally, and this fact remained unchanged during FMS again

In between, the much awaited, highly anticipated CAT results were out. I still remember the post by UDT skipper few days before about the CAT results, about how to take the results, it may or may not be what you expected, how there's good news which is balanced by not-so-happy news. My CAT results, turned out to be a mixed bag as well.

When it came to scores including sectionals, I felt I had out done myself, and was expecting all calls except B and L. By the time I could actually view my scores and calls, the mood changed to one of sulking, and for next few days, I was really feeling very low. The morose FMS paper didn't help one bit. Again my friends came to my rescue, and talked / kicked some sense into me, and made me realize that I still have CIK to work with, and have to put my best foot forward towards converting the same.

Attended IMS GDPI sessions in between, weekly on sundays in Mumbai as I was working in Pune and couldn't really attend there. In the meanwhile, was going through some stuff over the net based on links shared by my fellow UDTians and tracking their calls and PI experiences. Got dates for my IIM interviews and as expected, calls from MDI and no call from XL and FMS.

February had arrived and with it my day of reckoning drew closer. First up was IIM-K (incidentally I was the first UDTian in my team to have an IIM interview). My GD as well as PI were nothing much to write home about, and by the end of my PI, I was sure IIM-K could effectively be crossed from the list of calls.

Got call from NITIE and then it was time for my Cal interview, and once again had a poor outing, fared badly in GD, not much airtime and was badly grilled in my interview on acads and apparently I came across as being immature. Strike 2 and only ' ?' was left now.

One good thing about
Time to stop for now.. guess this one will be in installments only...

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  • Waiting eagerly for next part :stuck_out_tongue:. 14 Dec '13.
  • naruto :stuck_out_tongue:. 10 Dec '13.
MMDT'08 | UDT'08 

And finally I get to write on this Sacred thread!

I had followed this thread before and after seeing the posts and what stalwarts like Hate sir went, this is nothing. But nevertheless, everyone has his unique experience and I would share it here.
It began in the third year. I heard about MS and MBA and the usual "sirf Engg se kuch nahi hoga". I myself wanted to do something more after Engg. and started weighing for options. It began with people joining classes for MS and MBA. Having done a lot of enquiry, I decided that I would prefer staying in India and the cons of MS were more for me than pros. I looked at the option of MBA and heard about CAT. I knew maths was my forte and I'll give a shot at CAT. I had absolutely n idea what happens in MBA then. I just wanted to give it a shot. I joined TIME and started preparing.

I came across PaGalGuy through guess what? Orkut :mg: I joined Pagalguy on my Birthday and must say I was reborn then. What I was about to see was something spectacular in itself. People are fancied by many different things, what fancied me was "The Official Quant Thread". The time when Subhakimi, topper@iitb, himspuy, suja, maskedmenace, Naga Sir, Chill sir, ATDH and all graced the thread. And I was stunned the way they used to solve problems. Then I came across people like Doc and I thought people try achieving so much in life, and I am I mean, there is so much more to do! There are so many levels above!Soon I got addicted to Pagalguy. I was obsessed to solve the questions first for that precious Thank. It might sound silly but it use to matter me a lot. Loved those times when Thanks and Groans used to exist. I gave GRE before CAT. I scored a 1340, which was decent but not good enough. I was asked that the score is still decent and I should go for MS, but I had made up my mind on MBA.

Season 2010:

I gave CAT without fear as I knew this was just the first attempt. Apart from that I gave XAT and CET. XAT 2011 was probably the toughest XAT and I scored merely 70 percentile. My LR DM was around 40 %ile. Cat score came and was surprised to see 94.xx. My mocks score never were that good and I didn't expect such a big change. But I hadn't filled any other form and ended up with zero calls. I got placed in Pune meanwhile. Then came the CET result and I scored 99%ile. Again this was not enough for getting JB. Although my expectations were raised with this, I thought I can probably give another shot and do better. And the very next day I got a KT. The first KT of my life! I was devastated. The fear of losing everything came across my mind. I might have lost my job and I realized the value of that job. The paper did get clear, but I decided not to go for CAT 11 as I wanted to confirm my job and give 100% in training so that am not thrown out from there.

2013:This time I had decided that I'll give all the entrance exams. Job was going good and I did find time to study along with work. First came CMAT. It was a decent attempt, but my biggest weakness was General Awareness( It had troubled me the most). Scored 254 odd and left it there itself. Then came the C Day. I had prepared well, but my last mock was a disaster. My mock scores had started falling and I was really disheartened at the end. I gave a simple TIME CR mock a day before to build up my confidence. I made decent attempt. Some 22 attempts in Quant and around 24 attempts in Section II. Section I I knew I had scored atleast 20 correct. Section II was always my nemesis. Gave the paper and was glad that one biggie was done. Then gave NMAT and was surprised the way I approached it. Came home, registered again and gave second time. Then gave SNAP and again just attempted 3 GK questions. I was that bad at GK. Finally came XAT and was expecting a 2011 type paper. But surprisingly was able to attempt a few this time. Finally gave CMAT in Feb.Results: The day CAT result came, I was in absolute shock. I couldn't believe my eyes that there were a few '9' in that result. Checked it again and again, did that from 4 - 6 AM. I was scared, nervous, excited. I had no idea what was going through my mind. I had expected a good score, but I didn't know what to do after that. And then came SNAP -97.99, XAT 96.xx, NMAT - 213. I had almost all calls, except SIBM and XLRI. Missed VA cutoff by 2. And didn't have NITIE as I was stupid enough to have ignored it. Nevertheless, joined TIME for further GD PI prep.

Interviews: My biggest weakness. I had zero, absolute ZERO knowledge of what goes around in the world. My hands were shaking in front of the interviewer at my first interview at TIME. I felt so bad that I know nothing. Made a point that day that I'll read. read so much that I'll know atleast the maximum possible till my last interview, which was by Gods grace MDI. Started giving interviews, knew was screwing most of them, but was happy that I was atleast giving those. I was improving, but still needed that extra confidence. Finally by April I had pretty knowledge of how to go about in interviews and how to be confident. MDI, was my last interview. In between there were results being announced, which was easily put into one line as "We regret to say that you have not been selected" Didn't lose heart and went for every interview hoping to improve.
April 14, my last interview at Dadar for MDI. I was confident and the GD PI went really well. And then came the day finally when MDI results were announced. MDI PGPM it was! So many rejects, but they were totally worth this single convert. Made my day!!

As some great one had his status: Hard work never goes unrewarded forever. And how true is that!

Just one advice:
Don't give up. If you are even at zero level, trust me the only way now is up. Personal experience. I had prepared for GD PI in those four months. If you want to achieve something, work hard for it and no one can ever stop you. Go towards the destiny, hold your heads up high!

P.S. I wanted to thank so many friends I had made at PG, but I'll just thank PG as whole. Thank you for coming in my life!

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  • great..really inspiring...its a real booster..(y). 09 Sep '13.
  • Woaa..! Charged me up..! Hope to see your story in AIWTSA.... 23 Aug '13.
Corporate Communications Cell - MDI Gurgaon
Angesh Jha @angesh 1
great..really inspiring...its a real booster..(y)
Buckmaster . @muksnigs 158
Woaa..! Charged me up..! Hope to see your story in AIWTSAC 2013 version.


I passed out from a reputed NIT and joined a major Automobile firm in 2010. Pretty soon I realised that I am not very tech oriented and decided to go for MBA . CAT 2011 was my first attempt . I had prepared well , but marked few questions I was not very sure about to fetch a very high percentile . Then I wrote XAT without any preparation .Normalisation played its part in CAT and I got a dismal 94.2 %ile. XAT i scored 96% with balanced sectionals . Finally I had IIM K , XLRI - BM/HR and SPJIMR calls . I was sure that I would convert one of these 4 , and go on to quit my job and start my MBA journey . I did not put in much effort . Finally I was rejected in all the four interviews .

That was a low low period . I relaxed , laid back a little , changed my department in my company to feel some change and learn something new and went on to prepare again for CAT/XAT with a vengeance and focus after some time . Oct 30 2012 came again , the paper was tougher this time , but I sticked to basics and solved all doable questions , not taking much risk . Then wrote IIFT , SNAP and XAT in that order .

First result was IIFT . My score was 49.2 , and the cutoff for interview call was around 49.8 . Then the CAT result came and it was 97.7 . Nothing great , but I managed calls from IIM B/I/S/new ones because of balanced sectionals and pretty good acads .Then i got 99.6%ile in SNAP and had SIBM and SCMHRD calls. Then I scored 98.94 in XAT and had only HR call. Then XAT score was revised and my percentile changed to 98.26 but I got both BM and HR calls .

I put everything I had to convert the calls this time . Results started pouring in soon and I had straight rejects in SIBM and SCMHRD . Finally I had waitlist - 21 in SPJIMR -Operations , my first semi-sucess after total 7 interview rejects . Then finally the big day came and I had a straight XLRI-BM convert ( HR reject ). That was theday when I felt that justice is dont finally and all the toiling and hard work has paid off . Skipped IIM-I /S interviews. Then there was a NITIE reject . And finally a waitlist -1 in IIM Bangalore. Converted both IIM-B and SPJIMR finally . Also had a IIM-U convert . Joined IIM - B .

Quick tips for CAT :
1) Practice from test materials from coaching institutes . Its better to stick to one institute's material . I used TIME online sectional tests and reading material .
2) Take mocks and analyse properly .
3) Dont overstress yourself in the last 2 weeks . Practise just a fair amount of questions during that time .
4) Finally on the D day , although the stakes are high but the more emotionally disconnected u r fom the entire process , the better u will do .

And in the end , CAT is just a 140 minutes exam which cannot judge ur potential . Add normalisation across slots , and the process becomes random and pretty much luck based . So dont put all ur eggs in one basket . Focus on XAT and other exams as well. Take mocks for them , solve last year's question papers and ace them as well .

Its not neccessary but highly recommended to enroll in some coaching for interview prep . They helped me refine my answers and deliver in the interviews .

And finally , the preparation process which lasts more than an year from starting the CAT prep till the final results can get very mentally taxing at time. Key to succeed will be Practice + Patience + Perseverance . It will not be easy , but it will be totally worth it . Have faith and may the force be with all !!

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  • :clap:. 14 Dec '13.
  • Too good. Respect for you (y). 03 Jan '14.
RISE !!!!!!!!! IIM BANGALORE , 2013 -2015
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  • @PaceIsAce Awesome post bro :smiley: ..Very good to rea.... 16 Feb.
  • truly motivating post..GBU more... 17 Feb.
NMIMS (Core): 2013-15
William Charles @wcharles 25

@PaceIsAce Awesome post bro ..Very good to read posts like this on PG ... I am also waiting for the NM results on March 5th.. fingers crossed !!!

faithon GOD:) @Manpreet-Kaur 29

truly motivating post..GBU more..

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  • Respect man, totally impressed by the way you kept yourse.... 07 Jun.
  • Inspiring.... 10 Jul.
vijay Karan @vijaykaran 43

Respect man, totally impressed by the way you kept yourself motivated yourself throughout the preparation.

So, finally writing the post I was eagerly waiting for since CAT 2008.

A brief background: I'm an engineer from a family of modest means. After 10th, I was confused about which stream to take because my family had an Arts background and nobody had an idea about a career in Commerce/Science. I scored highest marks in Science in class X board exams and decided to take science. The lack of knowledge struck again when I was in class 12th as I had no idea about what to do after 12th. A friend of mine filled forms of entrance exams. I filled them too but couldn't make it to any college. Somewhere I believed that if I give one more attempt, I'll clear it. I dropped one yr and asked my parents to get me into a coaching. We were not financially good and my parents insisted me to join B.Sc. as the coaching fee was huge. I urged them to give me one chance. I joined coaching and next yr made it to DCE in electronics branch.

The life in college was totally different. Here, ppl used to wear trendy clothes, drive bikes and cars, buy latest mobiles, go for movies, trips etc. i.e. the things money can buy. This was different from school where one can take 2 pairs of uniforms and wear them till they fit you, without being left out, because everyone wears same dress. Over time, I was able to cope up with it, but one thing kept coming to my mind that to be happy and enjoy life, one needs lots of money. One day, I heard some of my classmates saying that to earn huge money, one can do MBA from IIMs. IIM grads earn tons of money and live a luxury life. In final yr, I secured a job with decent salary. That done, I asked my parents to get me into MBA coaching so that I can crack IIMs. As my father was still the only bread-winner for our family, he was very reluctant to pay huge coaching fees. But I insisted that “since everyone is doing it, so I will do it too”. This I would say is one big mistake I made during my career. On my persistent requests, my father gave in and got me into coaching. I directed all my efforts towards CAT, appeared for CAT 2008 and got a lone call from IIM-K. I was elated and told everyone in my family abt it, but they didn't had any idea abt what it means, except a huge investment (in terms of fees).

Before going to the interview, someone told me that I should buy a formal suit to make a good impression. But when I thought about asking my parents for money to buy me a suit, I got scared that they'll get angry. So I picked the best winter jacket I had, got it dry-cleaned and went for GD/PI. When I reached the venue, I saw that everyone except me was actually wearing a formal suit. I felt bad, but couldn't do anything about it. Nevertheless, I gave my best in GD/PI and returned home, without any hope of a convert.

In the mean time, my sister got married and my father had to take loan for the expenses. I also started looking for better-paying off-campus jobs. But due to recession in 2009, I couldn't find one. On 6th May 2009, I got a phone call from a person with south Indian accent. He told me that you were waitlisted and have now cleared it. Do you want to join IIM-K? I was filled with joy to the brim and said yes. I asked him what do I need to do now. He told me that he'll send me joining form and I'll have to send it back along with the first term fee. I told my family that I've finally made it to an IIM, and now our future will be good. I got a lukewarm response. I knew my family was under a financial burden and needed my help. During next 4 days, I thought a lot about it and felt that it was my responsibility to help my family rather than pursuing my dreams. I decided to join job instead of MBA. I sent a mail to IIM-K that I want to withdraw and seat may be offered to next candidate. But I kept my dream alive, that once my family gets financially stable, I'll give CAT again.

I joined job and started earning. Also, during job, whenever I got time, I tried to solve some questions from my old coaching notes. Over time, our financial condition stabilized. Then I decided to give exam again and appeared for CAT 2011. But to my shock, I didn't get a single call. I was shattered that if I can crack CAT once, how's it possible to not get even one call at another attempt. I gathered myself and appeared with full effort in CAT 2012. This time I got calls from IIM-L,K and new IIMs. I appeared for their GD/PI processes and my performance was Ok.

After results are out, till now I've converted IIM-K, Rp, Ksp, U and some other colleges. I'm happy that my efforts have borne fruit and I was able to achieve what I had aspired for years ago. After passing from IIM, I may get a good-paying job in an MNC. There will be hefty pay-checks down the line. The future seems very bright.

But if I take a break from the present state of bliss and take a look at my journey and of many others like me, I see large no. of people in our country who are poor. Figures and stats about such people make good points during GDs, but for them, it is a reality. My grandparents were poor farmers and my parents struggled a lot to establish ourselves in a metro city and give us good education. With this education, we have moved ahead and improved our lives. But what about those unlucky people who are still uneducated, who still find it difficult to get a square meal for their family. At the end of race for placements, CV points, coveted profiles etc. during and after MBA, I'll be working for firms who will hardly contribute to improve the lives of poor people. There will be high work-pressure to make a rich company richer and a richer one the richest.

I struggle to find an answer to how will my work post-MBA help the underprivileged people. The success which I desired so eagerly seems shallow now. Moreover, once you enter the rat-race, it'll be very difficult to come out due to loan payments, family responsibilities and the peer pressure to maintain life-style. There may be ppl who can contribute to society through the MBA route also, but as my personal calling, I don't find it to be the right path for it.

This brings me to the conclusion of my post. After a lot of deliberation about what to do, I've decided to drop the idea of MBA. It doesn't fit into the kind of work I want to do all my life. Better give this seat to someone who need it and will make a better use of it for his/her life. I've decided to go for civil services and contribute back to the society. The salary may be very less compare to that of an MBA and I may not get the kind of life-style I always desired, but it'll at least enable me to bring meaningful change in other people's lives. I'll help them in overcoming the difficulties which I faced during my early years. The only regret will be of not listening to my inner calling earlier and doing what everyone else was doing, and losing a lot of time in this pursuit. The MBA dream rests in peace.

“Standing at the gates of IIM, life seems ironical. One step inside, and there's the tag of Winner. And one step outside, the tag will of a Loser." #IronyOfLife

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  • HI , your story is heart touching,,,, personally even i f.... 11 Jun '13.
  • First of all , HATS OFF to you sir.. Happy to be living a.... 08 Sep '13.
IMT Ghaziabad @catnlyiimb 197
HI , your story is heart touching,,,, personally even i feel to help the poor of our country, try to give education to all, but it dosen't mean that once you are in the rat race you cannot come out of it, hardly 3 years and u can pay back the loans, and then living a simple middle class life you can spend the rest of the money for the upliftment of the underprivelleged , I have many examples in my life , who work for the poor and live a simple life when they can afford luxuary. But Getting into civils you earn lots of power , and to maintain that u need to have lots of leadership qualities and courage , or you will be shattered by the corruption in the system. I sincerly request you to join IIM-K , then give CIVILS if you want. life dosent give 3 chances for the same success , you got 2 and its better u grab it.
Sivasankar S @shivsankz 58
First of all , HATS OFF to you sir.. Happy to be living as a normal guy around a really great soul in this same country... I too have the same goals as you.. But I am planning to choose a different path to attain ur greatness.. Thats the difference.. I believe firmly that money alone can serve ppl in this current scenario arnd us... So I thought of pursuing an MBA from an elite bschool earn as much as I can and serve too as much as I can... But many ppl question my path... Cant I really achieve my lifetym goals If i choose this path... Puys any advices ????

Today the MBA entrance season conculded for me. I am now committed to a B-school and a decent one at that. I look back at the journey and it's been interesting to say the least. It all started in 2010, when I went to the IMS at Sohrab Hall, Pune and took a counseling session. I paid that female at the desk to enroll me into a 2-year MBA prep course which should lead me to the hallowed portals of a top 10 B-school. My study partner was my girlfriend, so it didn't work out so well. We sometimes went there, had a vada pav and came back without stepping into class. Those days were different; careers were the last thing on our minds. I later made up my mind to enroll into a Masters course in the UK, so CAT 2010 was attempted out of compulsion and boredom. Randomly marked the options and finished the exam in 3 minutes. Ended up with 15 Percentile. Giggled when I saw the score.

Season 2011

Came back to Delhi after graduating in April '11. Briefly flirted with GMAT. Joined IMS South Campus (Delhi) again, but hardly went for three classes. The girlfriend followed me to Delhi, and studying was still not on the top of our things to do. We talked a lot about our respective careers, but that didn't translate into any studying whatsoever. Went unprepared for the CAT, used my brain, ended up with 85 percentile. Came excruciatingly close to TISS, but missed out. Promised myself I'll be back to TISS soon. Hardly any calls, the season ended with disappointment and frustration. I went with what my heart said and started studying for CFA-Level 1. Cleared it soon.

Season 2012

This time, the girlfriend shifted base to Mumbai, so I thought I'd be less distracted and will write a kickass CAT. That assumption fell on its face soon enough. Teamed up with a close friend and started going to TIME at Connaught Place regularly. That time had a different feel to it, studying at libraries for hours at a stretch, then spending time at Khan Chacha discussing B-schools, the occasional beer at My Bar in Paharganj. First came the NMAT, three attempts, reached upto 207, narrowly missing the 209 cut-off. But NM being NM, glad I didn't make it there. Then the CAT, got too nervous in the days leading up to the CAT, had a very very bad quant section. Ended up with a very bad score (let's not get into it). IIFT was great, missed out by a mark or two again, heartbroken. SNAP was another disappointment. XAT was decent, felt I had done enough to clear the VA, DM and overall cut-offs for XLRI, but quant was going to be a close shave. Results came in, touched the 96th percentile, with 99+ scores in both Verbal and Decision Making, but a miserable 32 percentile in quant meant that XLRI was to remain a distant dream. I looked at my quant score and despite studying purely quant for 5 months, I ended up with that. I laughed repeating Ramadhir Singh's “Beta, tumse naa ho payega” in my head.

The Calls

January started and the last days of Delhi winter brought with them some good news. First call was from SPJIMR, the girlfriend jumped when she saw. Then SIMS, then TAPMI, then SP Jain-MGB, then TISS, then MICA. The season held promise now. Travelled a lot during Feb and March, and loved every bit of it. Same suit, same shirt, same tie, everywhere. GDs and PIs were supposedly my strength, so I wasn't too tensed. Just touched down at Mumbai airport on the 14th of Feb when a friend told me that SIMS was in the bag. I wasn't happy, but it felt good to have a strange sense of relief. Coming back from a holiday to Goa, I found the IMT Ghaziabad interview on Feb 19 interesting and a lot of fun. (Read the experience here: JokaShoka s post in IMT Ghaziabad 2013-2015 GD-PI Experiences : PaGaLGuY Forums ). Then came TISS, the school with a difference. I spent days reading the planning commission's Yojana Magazine and articles on India's social problems.Must have read more than 200 essays in the days leading up to the process at the TISS campus. It was probably the most productive reading I was doing in months. 14th March came, I feel in love with the TISS campus, but my interview got over in a snap. No problems, but they just didn't give me any time to explain myself. Maybe they had already made up their mind.


On 21st of March, a friend got an email from IMT-G getting him PGDM-IB. From that moment onwards, frantic refreshing of my Gmail page started. Around the afternoon, I got an email from IMT-G saying I had been selected for the PGDM-FT 2013-15 Batch. I was overjoyed, ran downstairs to tell my parents, spent an evening with my girlfriend on Skype eating a congratulatory chocolate. The uncertainty, frustration and wait had ended, I had a top20 B-school convert in the bag. Researched a lot, spoke to so many people, and finally decided against MICA. TISS made me wait a lot, only to give me a bad kick in the “bread-basket”.

Final Verdict



Joining: IMT-Ghaziabad Batch of 2013-15

My Two cents: Don't make these exams an obsession. Don't make it a purely capitalistic decision. Learn to laugh at your failures. What you end up with, might not have been your first choice, but once you make it to a B-school, make sure you take it by storm and use these 2 years to be who you want to be.

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  • Cheers and all the best to you too buddy :smiley: :thu.... 27 May '13.
  • @JokaShoka Yes , that is what has calmed my nerves somewh.... 27 May '13.
IMT-Ghaziabad PGDM-FT (2013-15) 
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Cheers and all the best to you too buddy :thumbsup:
.-.-.-.-.-..-.-.-.-.-.-. @wheresthebell 742
@JokaShoka Yes , that is what has calmed my nerves somewhat
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  • congrates brow. 02 Feb.
  • @devansh1221 What is Stanford's encyclopedia of philosophy ?. 10 Feb.
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@devansh1221 What is Stanford's encyclopedia of philosophy ?

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