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All I wanted to Speak about CAT

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How is ims course for gdpi? Which is better ims gdpi or cl's?

  • Ims' course is great. I don't know about cl. 30 Jan '15.
@jayssj 24

Ims' course is great. I don't know about cl

best CAT coaching center in bangalore??? Looking to attempt the CAT 2015 exam...

  • @jay3421 A lot of places :stuck_out_tongue: Prep ho h.... 24 Jan '15.
  • @linga that's dope!. 25 Jan '15.
. . @Dark_Passenger 6,093

@jay3421  A lot of places   Prep ho hi nhi paa rha. Aap btao.

The Mediocre Soul @zippysoul 1,098

@linga that's dope!

Where can I find the pagalguy ebook, "The art of writing SOP"?

Always learning and evolving

siib pune vs nmims bangalore??

guys pls give me valid reason n do answer ....i just want to appear for any one of them. 

  • pune better. 23 Jan '15.
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Hi.This is my first post on pagalguy.I need ur help

I appeared for CAT 2014 .My overall score is 88.41 QA:84 VA:86.63.This was my first serious attempt at CAT

I know its a very low percentile and the colleges I can apply to are a few in no.I left my job for preparing for CAT and with this score I am even more depressed.I have a work experience of 16 months.My NMAT score is 199.I did not apply for NMIMS Bangalore/Hyderabad campus

I am in  a very difficult situation right now.My parents are already angry with me because of my decision of not applying to NM Bangalore campus and are upset because of my low score in  CAT.I do not have the option of repeating another year.

What should be my further course of action?

  • @vrindaye sorry !!. 03 Apr '15.
  • @vrindaye messaged u again,kindly reply to that too. 03 Apr '15.
BE LOGICAL @alanshore 720

@vrindaye messaged u again,kindly reply to that too

Puys I have a question 
I appeared for CAT 14 and got a pathetic score,OA 90.29 percentile (QA 87.18,marks 69.44 and VA 86.33,marks 62.83).I expected much better as I was able to manage 95+ in AIMCATs in last 5 AIMCATS consistently.
Its not worthy to think about that now,because PAST cant be changed.
I am a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from a Government college and passed with CGPA 8.1 in 2014
My acads are also decent (96% and 87% in 10th and 12th resp.)
I want to do MBA from a good college(old IIMs,SPJAIN,MDI,FMS,NITIE etc) but I dont think I can manage as I am GENERAL.
So I want to try for the next time.But then I will lose a year as I am unemployed right now.My question is will this bother my chances for next year admission?Will this '1 YEAR LOSS' thing cut my chances off for the premier institutes next year?What should I do now?
Help me with your valuable suggestions

Thank you in advance.

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  • @sujitsinhajgec There are many aspirants, every year, who.... 20 Jan '15.
  • @next_big_thing thank you for your suggestion.To be hones.... 20 Jan '15.
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ANKIT BARIK @next_big_thing 730

@sujitsinhajgec There are many aspirants, every year, who take a year drop inorder to devote themselves wholeheartedly to their goal. A 1-year drop is not a big deal at all, BUT there is a rider - u must score a killer percentile next time or u will be left in the cold. If u can come up with a superb score next time in CAT/XAT/IIIFT, the one year gap will not be a sore point at all & ur interviewers would gladly look beyond that. But on the other hand, if u fail next time also, u will be in a deep mess with no job, a year gap & no coveted call - a mess of epic proportions. This is the reason why many stay away from the dreaded year drop (since they don't have the heart to take such a big risk) while the rest take the plunge headlong, knowing fully well that this is what I want & am gonna go all out to get it. 

So it's upto u to decide which group u belong to. There is a compromise too but I don't think that applies to u - there are many who are in a dead-end job but don't have the heart to take a drop. So what they do is stay in their company till July. By then, he must have appeared in 5-6 mocks. If the percentile languishes is the 75-82 range, it indicates that the drop may be a big risk. On the hand hand, if he is scoring 90+, that means he is up there with the best & taking a drop and focusing fully on CAT may not be such a bad idea. If u indeed decide to take the drop, try to do something to plug that hole - pursue an online degree in ur area of interest - six sigma certification, project management courses, CFA, NCFM certificates for Finance enthusiasts or Digital Marketing course - whatever interests u.

Sujit Sinha @sujitsinhajgec 26

@next_big_thing thank you for your suggestion.To be honest,I am really confident to get a 'KILLER PERCENTILE' next time as my basics are already brushed up.I just want to take mocks as many as possible.so thank you for your inspirational words,it really helps me a lot. :) 

Hey folks, I wanted to know if we are not from Maharashtra then what is the probability that we would turn out to be the selected candidate from exams like CMAT and CET..

  • #. 18 Jan '15.
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  • "...mock me all you want but I genuinely feel that MBA is.... 10 Feb '15.
  • well done doc :smiley: @shashank3012 we are proud of yo.... 21 Feb '15.
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Rohan Chopra @multiloop 260

"...mock me all you want but I genuinely feel that MBA is somewhat a glorified personality development course with content addition as a by product..."

Haha. Couldn't agree more with you saar Maza aagaya padhke.

The Pahadi Mod @raghav507 51,581

well done doc @shashank3012 we are proud of you

Hi Puys, 

X : 80% (Maharashtra State Board)-2004

XII : 68% (Maharashtra State Board)-2006

B.E.(Electronics) : 67% (Mumbai University)-2011

I got placed in Hexaware Technologies, Navi Mumbai,  working there I realized I should go for an MBA and that was the one sure shot way to enter the managerial level and also have a change in my field to Finance.

I spontaneously decided to leave my job and prepare for CAT. GAve CAT in 2012 for the first time and got a horrible 68%ile. Plus I had NO JOB.

I then left the hope for MBA and in 2013 I joined a small company close to home and worked there in half the salary that I used to get in the earlier job. No job satisfaction and then the company relocated to Indore, because of which I resigned from there in Oct 2013. Then I took private tutions at home.

Things were going smooth until the need to get back at CAT became very strong. Joined a coaching class : Endeavor Classes in Vashi. Was performing well there. Gave CMAT Sept 2014 and got 96.57%ile, Scored 86.76%ile in CAT 2014. I am not happy with my score. Even my parents feel I could have done much better. 

I have applied to FORE, TAPMI, Welingkars, FMS-BHU, KJ Somaiya. 

Is it advisable to give CAT one more shot. Although I am 26 already and my parents keep insisting on marriage. 

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  • @AMBEK If u don't mind me being honest, age is not the pr.... 20 Jan '15.
  • demotivating. 13 Apr '15.
ANKIT BARIK @next_big_thing 730

@AMBEK If u don't mind me being honest, age is not the problem but ur profile is. Institutes & companies during placements would gladly look beyond ur age (other than TAS & a host of FMCG companies) if u have a solid profile to boast but unfortunately, other than ur X score, it's all downhill. The inconsequential & haphazard work-ex is a sore point too. Jumping from 86 to 99+ in a year is very very tough (there are some exceptional cases where ppl have jumped from 49 to 99 but they are just that - an exception). Even if u score 95-96 next time, considering the current state of indian education system where such a score has been rendered ordinary, ur options wont increase manifold- maybe just IMT-G, IMI, XIMB & IIT-M. Another headache is actually converting ur call since it's not all black & white there. In u, the panelists will see someone who will be very difficult to place in a tough year & who will bring down the average of the batch.

Now that we have all the negative out of the way, lets get to re-building part. U have reached a stage where u badly need to start over. If u indeed wanna reach epic heights in ur career, u will need a starting point. So I would strongly recommend u to go to TAPMI or FMS-BHU this year itself, if u get the call & convert it, that is. Try to get the placed in a decent company (Axis bank, ICICI etc) & simultaneously pursue ur CFA (U should clear upto L2 by the time of passing out. Will help u greatly during final placements & during switching) - This is the starting over that I was talking about. None of the dream offers go to anywhere outside the Top-10. So u will be placed in a back-end Ops role. U will be 28 by the time u join. Work in Finance industry for 3-4 yrs, try building ur CV during this time by completing ur CFA, maybe do some online certifications from MIT, LSE on Investment Banking etc - This is the re-building stage. Now, when u have somewhat strengthened ur CV, u should sit for GMAT & try for a 2nd MBA (an Elite MBA) from HEC Paris, INSEAD, IESE Spain (these 3 in particular coz they are the only Top-15 FT B-Schools that favour ppl in their 30s) or IIM-A. Now, when u passout, u can truly aim for greatness. U will have access to all the top roles in the Finance world & all ur struggles will be in the past. Best of luck

hey i am new to pagal guy..so i just want anybody to please help me out here.

i didnt give cat 2013 despite being in my final year of btech.(backlogs) but i was able to finish my degree on time.

so last January  i started preparing for cat .my aim was to get a good cat score so i really wanted to focus on that, so i didn't try to find a job after my btech...it was a damn struggle to  not be haunted by my batch mate's life and basically everyone getting into infosys ,but i really didnt wanted to learn computer languages so , didnt even try going for that.

long story short i deactivated my fb account ,focused the last year only on cat preparation....i was getting decent scores on my simcats 92 to 94 percentiles...

but on the d-day i got really nervous and things were going preety well in english but as soon as i attempted D.I things went down hill....i had the last slot 22nd nov.so di was really tough but i had pre decided to attempt 3 sets of di...i got really stubborn on that and even after trying really hard i just did 1 set correct so i wasted away much of my  time and bombed the quant section,it bombed like a americans on hiroshima...cz i got really nervous and every quant question felt like a nail in my coffin,...

i did all my institute material and arun sharma (cz i had a lot of time)

english 92 

quant 60 ....

as i knew my cat score wasnt going to be good,. .i got job in a HR consulting firm about a month ago..cz i really want to make a career in HR .....so

i am still (DHEET) about my cat goals and want to start all over again.

i cant join an institute cz my saturdays are not off..



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  • First .. Kudos to ur tough decisions :smiley: just take.... 14 Jan '15.
  • same story but meri quant me 92 hai and english me 60, an.... 21 Jan '15.
call 2015:iim ranchi.imt.imi.tapmi.iit. 
Jay Palnitkar @jay3421 6,183

First .. Kudos to ur tough decisions just take up a test series n sectional tests n pump up hardwork can get u almost anything

crazy astronaut @worldcontent91 6

same story but meri quant me 92 hai and english me 60, and since its my last sem my frnds wont even let me study. ;-( 

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