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All I wanted to Speak about CAT

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hey i am new to pagal guy..so i just want anybody to please help me out here.

i didnt give cat 2013 despite being in my final year of btech.(backlogs) but i was able to finish my degree on time.

so last January  i started preparing for cat .my aim was to get a good cat score so i really wanted to focus on that, so i didn't try to find a job after my btech...it was a damn struggle to  not be haunted by my batch mate's life and basically everyone getting into infosys ,but i really didnt wanted to learn computer languages so , didnt even try going for that.

long story short i deactivated my fb account ,focused the last year only on cat preparation....i was getting decent scores on my simcats 92 to 94 percentiles...

but on the d-day i got really nervous and things were going preety well in english but as soon as i attempted D.I things went down hill....i had the last slot 22nd nov.so di was really tough but i had pre decided to attempt 3 sets of di...i got really stubborn on that and even after trying really hard i just did 1 set correct so i wasted away much of my  time and bombed the quant section,it bombed like a americans on hiroshima...cz i got really nervous and every quant question felt like a nail in my coffin,...

i did all my institute material and arun sharma (cz i had a lot of time)

english 92 

quant 60 ....

as i knew my cat score wasnt going to be good,. .i got job in a HR consulting firm about a month ago..cz i really want to make a career in HR .....so

i am still (DHEET) about my cat goals and want to start all over again.

i cant join an institute cz my saturdays are not off..



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  • First .. Kudos to ur tough decisions :smiley: just take.... 14 Jan '15.
  • same story but meri quant me 92 hai and english me 60, an.... 21 Jan '15.
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Jay Palnitkar @jay3421 6,181

First .. Kudos to ur tough decisions just take up a test series n sectional tests n pump up hardwork can get u almost anything

crazy astronaut @worldcontent91 3

same story but meri quant me 92 hai and english me 60, and since its my last sem my frnds wont even let me study. ;-( 

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  • bhai profile ?. 04 Feb.
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  • Part 3 link plz :sweat:. 02 Feb.
  • http://www.pagalguy.com/articles/five-years-in-the-making.... 02 Feb.
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  • @sid2222000 awesome .. :smiley: .. the journey is the .... 06 Jan '15.
  • Hats off Siddarth. 02 Feb.
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Tough Luck- the elusive luck which was always tough and unfavourable.................. @Toughluck2009 2,385

@sid2222000  awesome .. .. the journey is the destination..as every traveller knows " he is travelling because he enjoys the journey rather than a destination "

Karan Arora @kk01 1

Hats off Siddarth

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  • Inspiring article, inspiring person. 4d.
  • swag guy :smiley: nice article :smiley:. 3d.
Mohamed A @irfanbph

Inspiring article, inspiring person

Jay Palnitkar @jay3421 6,181

swag guy nice article

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  • @foadbear keep going. world is for those who never get ti.... 24 Feb.
  • @Cold_Dew thanks mate, God Bless ya. 24 Feb.
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virus 001 @Cold_Dew 5,117

@foadbear keep going. world is for those who never get tired. well wishes.

Foad Bear @foadbear 17,465

@Cold_Dew thanks mate, God Bless ya

I wish I knew these a couple of years back- My ruminations that may help you

I am working "in a stable job" since 2009. I gave CAT 4 times from 2010 till 2013.U may ask y CAT? Every endeavor in life has a trigger moment and mine goes like this, I gave CAT because I was content with my job and so my mind thought this way-being content means I am rotting and starting to lose intellectual skills. I was self deluding myself. Around the same time a intelligent and trustworthy friend of mine(who is not from IIM-C) told me how cool IIM-C is, how vibrant the campus is and what an IIM-C alumini can do. Vaguely I remember him telling me "Indira Nooyi...math and extra curricular heaven...place to be among all IIM's" Road to IIM-C is named CAT so I decided CAT it is!

Trigger moment aside other reasons include,

1. More opportunities to collaborate with a(the) intellectual, like minded and ethnically diverse opposite sex. I was shy and from a boy's school. I didnt use opportunities to change in this area during Undergrad.

2."Mr.ABC from IIM" tag means u r intelligent and branded for life that way. A sense of accomplishment. Self deception again.

3.FB being the way of life reading newsfeeds of close and many times unknown college/school friends which read like, "coverted the coveted IIM call" "feeling elated" "by gods grace..." made me feel,

(a)I was missing out

(b)I didnt do enough and was being dumb

(c)When will I get to post these messages? In short I felt "peer pressure"

Out with all the correct reasons for Y I took up CAT I must admit that all the time (during my 4 attempts) I kept churning out reasons other than these honest ones to keep me going. They did just that "kept me going"

After 2 long years of preparation I became very confident of acing CAT from 2013. Particularly last year, 2014, the year I came very close. But somehow I didnt get there.

Out of CAT fever and now pursuing different things in life I was subconciously introspecting the causes for my not clinching the exam. And today morning I couldnt work and couldnt think of doing anything other than writing my thoughts.

Coming to what you guys must have come to read in the first place. Maybe someone, someone like "me of 2012", may be able to put his senses in the right place.

Here I go,

1.There is no perfect study material or perfect place (tution) to learn Quant, English or DI. No one can teach you what is required to ace CAT. Stop searching and reading forums on the above subjects. For Quant,DI-Solve questions For English- I dont know. I did very well(i am being v humble here) in this section of CAT but lost out last year due to verbal. Maybe reading helps. I never read to improve english and I only read those which interested me. I started reading v late, 3rd yr in college. Never too late and its always difficult to begin with, not reading anything.

2.Excellence is incremental and only happens step by step. "Camera of Iphone 6 plus is great but IPhone 1st gen had the dumbest of all if you look back" Small steps towards improving ur aptitude is the correct way. Dont expect too much from yourself and stop comparing performances.

3.Minus scores in mocks and continuous flops will make u feel worse and depressed. Acknowledge and make fun of yourself and move on.

4.Dont plan too much and dont make timetables for prep.

5.Dont read success stories et al for inspiration. Solving the next problem is inspiration enough. Never feel elated when someone praises you for your supposed skills.

6.Dont think too far ahead i.e like during prep dont imagine being in an IIM interview and play roles. Dreaming too far ahead is bad for health.

7.Indulge yourself in a game.Team game. No I am not talking of chess here. I took to carrom last year and what started as mindless striking of coins slowly took hold of me and now my analytical skills have improved leaps. I am able to realise that myself.

8.Accept ur reasons for giving CAT even if they are very dumb. Write them out like me. Share them if u feel OK. It will definitely help you and a lot others.

9.I read a lot of philosophy books. I like them. Osho et al. They helped me improve my english tremendously i think. But they killed the "Ambitious" me. It was one of the most trying phases of my prep life. Think twice before philosophy.

10.I read this somewhere when i was preparing for CAT. "CAT is not the end of the world." True this. Most of the guys who prep'ed with me have left to join IIM's and other insti's. Some are still with me. Some still trying. I should be feeling distraught.I should be feeling depressed. But I am not and it is very surprising because during prep days I even repressed myself from imagining not clearing CAT.

I finally move on.

All the best puys!

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  • good one. 13 Dec '14.
  • Inspiring one and served at the right moment. Cheers to u.... 15 Dec '14.
Sayantani Ray @sayorina 3

Inspiring one and served at the right moment. Cheers to ur optimism, guess we all need it at one point of time. Thanks for the post, it is really nice (y) 

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  • Congratulations. a very inspiring story. I am sure a lot .... 10 Aug '15.
  • thanks for sharing your experience bro... 12 Aug '15.
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Prerna Rathi @rathi.prerna2 5

Congratulations. a very inspiring story. I am sure a lot of us will feel motivated after reading your story. 

Munish Kumar @gargmunishh 5

thanks for sharing your experience bro..

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  • @kingkk I wrote it more than a year ago. Feels good to k.... 29 Jul '15.
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Dangel . @Dangel 460

@kingkk  I wrote it more than a year ago. Feels good to know it continues to inspire others All the best!

I think its finally time to put my story on this thread.

Read only if you can bear the length, its pretty long

Its not very inspiring or special but its mine and will always be special to me.

So, I knew I wanted to go for my MBA right from grad but though I would do it after gaining some work-ex. That, I think, was an error-not the work-ex part, but the not preparing, not trying at all part.

So, I graduated from a top College in Economics with above average scores but not brilliant ones.

My 10th & 12th grades were great though (94 & 95)mg

I was placed in a research and analytics firm and I liked it there. First few months had to be spent adjusting to life as a working person as opposed to a vella college student.

Hence, didn't think of CAT that season as well-CAT 2012.

Then started the panic-I was moving towards completing a year in a firm which I loved doing work which was not satisfying as it was getting repetetive, not having taken CAT even once.

Time to take action. Joined coaching in March 2013 thinking I would be regular. Work was hectic but manageable.

May 2013-a problem in my project at work and all hell broke lose.

At a time when I should have been focusing on CAT prep, I was spending days, night and even weekends in office, trying to salvage the client, correcting errors made by the person who had been handling the client before me and had quit by then. The client had multiple projects across teams and was the biggest client of the company so I couldn't screw it up.

August-things settled, client pacified. I started taking mocks to realise I was majorly screwing up quant. verbal was my saving grace.

I was scoring in 80-85%ile range in quant and 95-99% in verbal.

Then quant scores started dipping, work kept becoming hectic.

I applied for study leave which was approved (3 weeks). Was planning to book a slot for 10th Nov but was blatantly told by the organisation that a senior wanted to take off at that time hence I would have to take CAT by 21st October.

Had no choice but to accept-booked the 21st October afternoon slot.

Had given up hope of doing well in light of my continously falling quant scores, and the 95%iles (not good enough) in verbal. Took the prep leave anyway.

Thats when I actually started sitting in my coaching centre with a teacher who encouraged me and convinced me to give my best in whatever time I have. Was nervous but decided I had nothing to lose. In the words of my teacher, "You've already paid,Jaake de bhi aa"

So, 21 October 2013-CAT day

Went in nervously-I was attempting CAT for the first time.

Quant-Tough like the trend was. managed to solve just 16 Got stuck in a DI set and never recovered. I was flustered by the end of the section.

Moved to Verbal.

LRs-Very tough.

I had been consistently doing well in Verbal in all mocks and LRs are my strength so was surprised.

After some struggle, was able to solve them. Attempts-24 (used to go over 26 in all mocks)
Thought section 2 went decent as my accuracy was pretty good in verbal.

Spoke to my teachers saying section 1 was screwed....was convinced I lost my chance but they said if my accuracy was 100%, I should make it above 95% in quant and verbal they knew I won't screw up.

I wasn't convinced. Randomly applied for job switch to a seemingly better job-management consulting.

Got through; quit my last organisation on 10th Jan with a heavy heart (I had an awesome 20 months there because the people rocked!)

14th Jan-result day
Checked: OA: 95.13%ile
QA: 95.6%ile
VA: 90 %ile

Couldn't believe my eyes. VA had screwed me up.
Joined the job.

The B-School lists started coming out and I didn't check any. Was forced to check by friends to see I had received a call from S....had already received a profile based call from SPJIMR, received more calls from I, MDI, and finally L.

Was thrilled to know I had an outside chance of making it to L though I knew it would be tough with the low CAT score. Heck the call itself was unexpected at my percentile.

Meanwhile, the job was screwed-I was surviving on 2 hours of sleep everyday, working 18 hours a day.

There was no chance of preparation. Had to just struggle to survive.

Somehow went for the NMIMS interview, dozed off during the orientation, rocked the CD, PI was a stress interview but I was chilled out because I was so unprepared anyway
Answered about 30 questions, didn't answer 2. I had gone just for prep since I had no time to prepare otherwise.
Verdict: Converted with merit rank around 80 Didn't join, didn't book a seat.

SPJIMR-screwed since I couldn't defend why a grad should get in while there were 2 people with a CA and CFA respectively.
Verdict: They moved to round 2, I didn't.

Fell ill, Fought with my boss, went back home for 10 days. (Mumbai to Delhi)

Took the Shillong interview aise hi, screwed it up.
Went for L interview was extremely nervous as I had no time to prepare.

GD went well, stopped people from digressing, made contributions, started the GD.
PI was very chilled out-discussed projects and I had no problems in any work-ex related questions ever
Had poetry as a hobby in the form somewhere so was asked to write a poem on the spotp
Wrote-they were happy.
Messed 2 particular questions on stats on Indian economy but answered all other questions on the Economy with a smile (am an Eco grad).

Came out of the interview satisfied but unsure since the CAT score gap was still there and L gives 38% weightage to CAT even in the final merit score.
Came back to Mumbai, worked hard again.
Skipped the MDI interview as I decided to take CAT again and aim for A/B/C/L/XL in case I didn't get through.

Was unsure about IIM-I....was waiting impatiently for L results.

Result day: I was in office, the link for results had been leaked around 8pm and i was checking the inactive link impatiently.
9 o' clock we packed up to go home and I was stepping out when I got a call from a friend who had been checking for me and he said, "You made it"

I couldn't believe it! My team(they knew about my wait) said, we'll wait, you check the results!
So, at 9:30 PM, I was standing in the corridor of a client's office, opening my laptop to see the message,
"Congratulations! You have been selected for PGP at IIM-L"

I screamed out of joy! Certainly one of the happiest moments of my life.

The past year just wizzed past my eyes-the problems, the 18 hour workdays, the interviews without preparation, the desperation, the hope.

If not for L, I would have quit my job to prepare....it would have been a year of self doubt, I was safe.

My teachers suggested I wait for a year-aim for A/B/C, I decided to join L

My first CAT season remains my last CAT season (thankfully!)mg

I skipped the IIM-I interview, it was a couple of days after the L result was declared.

Today is the last day of my job, its been a tough 4 months here-screwed up boss, torturous life which I don't wish for anyone else. I have learnt a lot of patience and resilience here and hopefully that will help me in HEL(L)

Can't thank the pagalguy team enough because though I have been a silent member, its been of immense help.

Signing off.
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  • @Kokaine Check the L criteria :smiley: They give weigh.... 28 Apr '15.
  • @Dark_Passenger I don't think I understood your comment s.... 28 Apr '15.
try yourbest @tryyourbest 122

@Kokaine Check the L criteria

They give weightage to Class 10, 12, grad, work-ex, gender diversity in addition to CAT and GD PI.

Except for the CAT score, I believe I was amongst the best in all other parameters

try yourbest @tryyourbest 122

@Dark_Passenger I don't think I understood your comment sir. Could you please explain?

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