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All I wanted to Speak about CAT

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I was really skeptic about posting in this revered thread as I feel I am no where to the likes of people who post here. I don't know if my story would be an inspiration for someone. But for me many of the stories here made me what I am today.

Before JAN 2007

As part of my background I hail from a medium class family. I was always good at science and maths which prompted me to take science. Nobody in my family was from science background and I suffered a lot from this as no one was there to guide me. I didn't join any coaching insti for my IIT prep and prepared on my own. I was pretty naive and did all kind of blunders hence I ended up repeating the year. I joined a local coaching institute and to my bad luck they also turned up to be fraud. This I came to know just after my screening results. I was able to clear the screening but no one was there to tell me how to proceed. Wherever I went they discouraged me. On 15th March 2001 I cried and gave up all hope for IITs and started preparing for other entrance exams. That was first year of AIEEE. I took all exams and did fairly well also the state exam through which we get into NITs I got a very decent rank in that and was pretty sure to get into any one of the NITs . Apart from that I was offered civil at DCE. I left the civil seat as I was keen to do electronics engg. To my bad luck that year they scrapped of state exam for NITs and took admits through AIEEE. AIEEE was the first to give results and hence I submitted the fees in a deemed university I got admit. After further up gradation they were not ready to return my money also I was not much aware about how second counseling used to happen for other entrance exams. Hence I ended up giving up seats of great colleges like BIT Mesra, IIIT Hyderabad etc. and ended up with a not much known college.

However after this phase I put all my energy into my studies and was topper of the university. All the time I used to think may be sometime in life I will get what I deserve. Placements started and I ended up with a great US based company which many people desired of and I being one of lucky few getting in core Electronics Company.

During my college days I always saw people more keen towards GRE but I had something else in mind. There were few guys who used to prepare for CAT. They had made a group and used to discuss and do GDs I came to know about CAT through them. It really fired me from inside as I found out more and more about CAT.

However I couldn't take CAT that year due to family pressure. MY brother had died last year and I was in total shock. I decided to take CAT after I join the firm.

Year passed I bought all materials needed for prep. My job started and I came to Chennai. The life changed totally after that. The time I joined it was end of July 2006. I was to appear for cat 2006. I couldn't join any mocks because of my training schedule. It was pretty intensive also I was directly involved in customer projects due to sudden requirements. I was occupied with three things at one time training, project and flat hunting. In august. due to some reason in chennai people don't give house on rent. Faced lot of problem and couldn't find any flat for a month I had to share room in a lodge with three other guys. It was 1.30 hrs away from my job place. I couldn't find any time to study. This went on and the D-day came. Same time I lost a very special person. I went under depression and as expected results came I scored 75%ile. I lost all faith in me.

Jan2007-Nov 2007

I finally decided to join CL. But I was not able to conc. much due to work pressure and the mental agony I was going through. I just used to attend class .never interacted with anyone. It was at that time I read prem_ravi post. It was that day I cried and promised I won't let myself down. I deserve something and won't let myself down I need all the things I lost to be back. Many times my 75%ile used to haunt me also my past used to let me down. I used to come and read this thread to take inspiration. My wok was still very hectic. It used to start at 8 in the morning and go on till 10-11 at night. By 12:00 AM I used to start my studies and till 3:00 am used to go on. It was getting tough for me as I was not able to study early morning and at night I used to feel sleepy. However I used to fight back by trying all sort of techniques which used to be like using amrutanjan on forehead and tying wet towel. My health started falling down but I never lost the hope.
Mock started and I attended time open mock and CL mock same day. I got around 50%ile in Time and 82%ile in CL I was shocked to core. I felt all my hard work has gone down the drain. Only good thing was VA was still my strength and I cleared VA cutoff of CL mock.
I read here that we should not be down by seeing mock scores. I carried on with my work. And every time I was getting better. I used to take two mocks and analyze them properly. I learnt a lot by analyzing and how to move forward. However still I was not able to clear all sections. This was continuously nagging me. Finally I decided to take leave from job. I made a false medical certificate and went home for prep two months before actual day.
While surfing PG I got this Rocky balboa quote which kept me going all the time
The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't how hard you hit; it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done. Now, if you know what you're worth, then go out and get what you're worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hit, and not pointing fingers saying you ain't where you are because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain't you. You're better than that
I used to do daily one test and used to take one section. My mock scores shot up. And I got my confidence back. My mocks were varying from 95-99%ile. But suddenly before last mock I scored 70%ile. This was a show down I started having second thoughts what if same will happen on the D-day. That was first time I came on SB and that day grondmaster and Harsharocks were online. They helped me out through that.
HR gave me the links of previous year IIM call getters mock scores. It really boosted my spirits and I felt a new energy inside me. With all my energy I revised everything last mock I got 98%ile all sections cleared

I was filled with joy but somehow was getting restless each day. The night before D-day couldn't sleep. I guess it was an emotional affair. Paper came. It was on last year pattern. I started with my strength VA which as never let me down (always scoring around 95-99 %ile in that). This time per RC questions were less. One hour went I managed to do only 17 questions which were very less as per my performance. I was really disheartened took up DI and started solving. Easiest of all I couldn't get in terms with paper. Half an hr was left and full quants was left. I felt I have lost it just managed to do 8 questions.
Came out no feelings.. nothing. Was just lost.

Dec 2007- Present

After this I came back to Chennai and met utsavmamoria through SB. And then the Chennai meet started that was my first outing in the year. I met many wonderful puys. The kind of enrgy and zest I felt it was never like that before. I used to personally loathe the place. But after meeting these people I found a new reason to stay there.Also to mention rajat (rmbt) one of the finest and balanced person I have ever met here. I got to learn a lot from him specially how to be cool. And crack GDs

Results came 96.65%ile with 95.34 in va, di-93.89 qa-88.72%ile .IIMs dreams was lost
However after a long time I got one single IIM call IIM Shillong.
Today was its interview and I felt this is the time I should write my story. I have converted few other colleges and would be taking one of them. I owe all my GD/PI preparation to utsavmamoria and his GTalk sessions.

What I learnt
  1. CAT: U gotta be cold .One should kill all his feelings towards it while attending it
  2. DOnt burn urself out. I believe in the end i faltered coz of working more than needed and in the end i felt saturated. It should be a balanced act

  3. CAT is not the end. CAT is the means of achieving an end. We often miss bigger picture
  4. While preparing for GD/PI I learned and realized it's very important to know yourself. We should not be egoist one should fully acknowledge his strength and weaknesses
  5. Analyzing the mocks is the most important thing to do

While concluding, I would like to share a mail I got when I used to have self doubts. Hope it will help someone as it helped me. It was from utsav only


This is all i want to say

I believe that what you are going through we all go through at some point in life, albeit at some different levels.

It all boils down to the debate of Ends v/s means .The end can always justify the means. But each and everything you do may not be focused towards achieving the means.

Achieving the End is like the Tour de France. You may not win every stage, you may not always wear the yellow jersey, but in the end the one who endures and comes out on top collectively is the Winner.

Faith can move mountains. Just keep faith

p.s Converted IIM S. and joining the same :)
Delayed results, dirty politics in education and the sweltering heat of Kharagpur had taken away the last few bits of my resolution to study for my forthcoming semester examinations. So, on a saturday morning, with books open on my lap, but hardly even noticing it, I was browsing through the threads of PG when I came across this sacred thread. Impressed by the inspiring stories of many fellow puys, I thought I would write mine too. (Sorry for the long post.)

Thanks to the constant nagging of my parents, academics had always been my first priority. I had scored 91% in 10th boards, 95% in 12th boards. My devotion to academics, combined with the tremendous pressure from my surroundings, and a fair bit of luck placed me in the top 250 in IITJEE 2004. I took up Electronics in IIT Kharagpur.

Now that I had my future safe and secure, the pressure revived itself, and came back to me in the form of yet further studies. Of the options were a PhD and an MBA. Frankly speaking, I neither had any interest towards Electronics, nor did I have any reason for MBA other than fat paychecks. Then again, thanks to my parental demands, I had to seriously consider a further study.

I had been a pathetic student in IIT. I had this crazy aversion towards studies. I would bunk classes, study only on nights before exams, and quite expectedly, would end up with only average grades. So, I had to bid adieu to my PhD plan. Left was my job, or CAT.

Again, its very hard to study when you have given up the habit. I had enrolled myself in TIME, but would hardly attend any classes. I did try to attend some classes in the beginning, but the childish profit and loss and time and distance problems turned me off. I noticed that the problems practiced in class had hardly any resemblance to the problems in the actual CAT paper.

Only when the mocks begun did I start taking an active interest in CAT preparation. Active interest included going to the TIME center on Sunday morning and trying half heartedly to solve an AIMCAT paper. My initial mocks were pathetic, securing hardly 80 percentiles. I would fail to clear VA cutoff in one, DI cutoff in another, or both in some cases. To my utter surprise, I failed to clear QA cutoff once! Its really a matter of shame for an IITian.

My efforts improved in the later mocks. Not that I actually studied anything, its just that I solved the paper with some more effort. Still, DI and VA were causing problems. The DI questions were too tough to even touch, and I failed miserably in RCs. I couldn't even attempt the non-RC questions in VA, as all options would seem equally correct. At that point of time, CAT seemed to glide further away from me.

Then, finally, I started studying. I would go through countless newspaper editorials a day, timing my reading speed, and would try to summarize the passage with my own views and inferences. I would stay up late at night trying to learn new words. I would brush up my grammar. I would take the RC booklet and try to solve the questions. I would check the answers and would try to identify exactly where I went wrong. Similarly, in DI, I would solve problems, initially taking more time in the beginning, but improved gradually. I would try solving previous CAT papers.................

Blah blah blah .. STOP !!

I did not do any of these things. I was too lazy for them! My devotion to CAT would still be giving mocks on Sundays, and checking results on Tuesdays, hoping for an improvement.

Finally, in the second last mock, I cracked it all! I solved the RCs first, then DI and lastly quant. Don't know why, but as I walked out of the center, things seemed to have gone well. And they did, I got an AIR 1 in VA, AIR 5 overall! And for the first time, I cleared all the three cutoffs. Don't ask me how, its still grey to me.

So, amidst these ups and downs, it was finally 18th November. I walked in the exam hall with my predetermined strategy - 45 min each for VA, DI and QA, in the same order. As I browsed through the paper, I discovered the RCs were pretty short. But then, as I started solving them, I realized that I could not understand a word of them. More importantly, my concentration was failing. The exam pressure, the disturbances, the invigilators strolling up and down, asking people to sign and stuff - these all distracted me.

Nevertheless, I attempted 22 questions in VA, and left the rest to luck. Then DI, which seemed utterly easy, and I solved 19 questions. Lastly, quant went OK.

Finally, on the results day, I discovered that I obtained 95.34 percentile in VA, 99.3 percentile in quant and 99.97 percentile in DI. My overall percentile was 99.95. I had missed out on the A call by a margin of 0.26 percentile in VA.

Now, here I am, awaiting eagerly for the results, hoping to see something positive. What started as a casual routine stuff for me has now become so important that I spend my days glued to my PC, searching the news sites, forums and IIM portals for the slightest bit of information about the results.

I know that I am not the ideal person to advise any one about CAT. But I would like to state what I felt.

Cracking CAT is not the end of life, neither is failing to do so. Life is a long journey, and CAT is just a step. No one should feel too elated having got a IIM convert, and neither should one feel dejected to have missed out on it. There is always a tomorrow, a second chance.

And please don't follow my footsteps. CAT is a serious thing, and definitely deserves more attention than what I paid to it. Now if I convert a call, thats shear luck. But that should not be the target of any one. Hard work, perseverance and dedication are bound to pay. Luck, on the other hand, is a tricky thing. It could desert you twenty times as easily as it had embraced you.

Cheers, and All The Best to the CAT aspirants.

An update: I have converted my calls from C,L,K and would be joining C. Guess all's well that ends well :)
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I'm not comfortable in my own skin
My mind is in doubt

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CAT Season I (2004)


My CAT story starts in August 2004, when I was in 7th sem of my undergraduation. I got my placement and was chilling out.

Suddenly, one day I became aware that everybody else is giving cat and I must also give it ( Why MBA # Reason 1).
I also filled up the form, bought the CAT material. But due to lack of focus and laziness didn't even opened the material once. CAT day arrived, I got up and went to give the test and as expected there was no miracle.

CAT Season II (2006)

After college, I joined my job(present company) and did focussed on office work (2005). In 2006, when Life @ Office was monotonous and parents were pressuring me to study further or they would marry me ( WHY MBA # Reason # 2), I decided it is time to do something. I looked at various options and decieded to give CAT a good shot. So, I got hold of my sealed material and ripped open its seal. Then joined some quant brush up classes in Alchemist (Thanks Prashant and Ashu Sir), joined TIME test series and after umpteen hours of study and mocks, I sat for CAT.
It was nothing great and I was hoping to see some calls.

Twist in the story (bollywood style):

After CAT, I planned to go some outstation trip with friends. But it was not to be. I met with a serious accident on 300th november (bike hitting road divider while saving a direct hit with auto that was taking a U turn wihtout giving any indicator). Well, I was in near- comma situation for 6 days ( don't remember anything of those days). Doctor's did some serious face bone surgery ( Faceoff :happy:movie style). Well I was back after some days at hospital. Wasn't able to walk of talk for first 15 days, then was on liquid diet for 1.5 months and semi solid for another 1.5 months.

Back to story:

When I was taking rest at home, CAT result came and I had call form B and I. It was time to gear up. I collected all newspapers and magzines of last two months and started revising all that I could do. I gave interviews my best effort but it wasn't good enough. I was sad because my I's interview was very good.
B's interview was a disaster and main question they asked me was, " You have good acedemics, branch topper and all that, but here every student is like you. What is your speciality. How are you different."

PI process was a learning experience and eye opener.

CAT Season III (2007)
27th April (when result came) - 4th may:

I was sad and was trying to find a way out of my miseries. After accident, It was the time when I was able to think about myself and my future.Here I would like to thank my friends and especially Dr. Savleen, Anshul and Vaneet for their help, support and guidance.Well I have to be back and I was.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

5th May: I was back and started doing all things that I wanted to do and that I need to do.
Gave GMAT in August: score 700 (nothing GREAT). Decided to focus only in India. Used Internet and prepared again for CAT. I would like to mention a name "TG: TotalGadha" here, they have some good material.
C-DAY came and it was okayish..nothing great.

was going thorugh GK and newspapers side by side, so no issues.
For GD/PI joined TG: kumar sir and sanjeev sir.

Different test I gave and corresponding calls:

SPJAIN (fin) - profile based call

update uptil now:
Final Converts and not joining: SIBM (bang), IMT Gzb (FT), IMI, GIM, XIMB, FORE, SIMSR
Waitlisted/borderline case: MDI PGPM (WL 365), PGPIM (WL 48 )
Fee submitted: NITIE
Waiting: L (fingers crossed)

Have resigned from the job and is enjoying my notice period.


The most important part of CAT story (before GD/ PI) is how you perform on the actual day. In mocks, my percentile varied from 43.57 to 99.98, and out of 50 odd mocks, I missed cutoff in 70% of them. So, don't focus too much on mock score. Give it, analyse it and then MOVE ON.
At C-day, maintain your cool, pass smiles at people who are revising last minute farmulae at the centre and comeout with flying colors.


About 3 lakh students give CAT test and out of them around 50K just give it (Season I) and another 50K don't put ample effort. So, competition reduces by 33% without you doing anything. (source: Vikasopedia) But in GD/PI process, story is altogether different. Out of around 5K calls to about 3.5 K people, 3499 are fully capable and very serious ( 1 might have an accident after CAT: Season II). So, competition is cut throat and you can't rest and leave anything for chance.
Don't grab 2 months newspapers and magzines after 8th Jan but do it daily. It takes only about an hour and mind you (TOI, HT and Delhi Times reading souls) reading and understanding Hindu and ET in last 15 days will be a difficult task.

PG and other Internet Resourses:

There are plenty of good site on net to help at every step of the process and PG name is the biggest of them all. But, I would like to say that don't spread clutter on it and don't post for the sake of posting. It will irritate others in the same way it is irritating you finding a good post.
Besides it saves time and energy of our overloaded administrators:happy:.

Best features of PG:

Thanks -- posts and persons (applicable only for females) you like.
Groans -- posts you don't like
PM -- If you need some serious and urgent help.

If you notice, I am member of PG since March 2005 and my post count has touched double digit this month. (though my sister alleges that I am too lazy for such things)

Utilise this awsome resource site in a better way.
Thanks PG and fellow Pgites for all the data, information that is here.

you might have read it in many self-help books that one must find balance in his/her life. I am telling you from my personal experience that forget about next year, next month, next day or after cat, after interviews you don't even have next second. Do things that you like and do them now. CAT is important, but not the most important thing of your life.

Best of luck to everybody.

New Beginning:

Now that pressure of early marriage is off and I will start my studies in another two month's time. I will be away from my friends (will make new ones), out of my comfort zone, competing fiercely against the best of this country. I don't know what else is in store for me.
But definately, It would be totally different, much better than previous and exciting. AMEN.
Standing on the brink of a bright new beginning
I can feel the fresh new breeze coming to me
and I long to set myself free....

I see the river that I have to cross
and I see the bridge that can take me across...

I wish to climb,run and jump to the other side
leaving burden of my big bag behind.....

The bag in which I collected flowers, stones and some broken dreams..
Though it is dear but now it seems..

It is too heavy to take along..
as my destination is far and the way too long....

It has given me so many scars..
my shoulders cant bear pain of bleeding wounds any more...

I know for me its difficult to part..
but now my life needs a new start....

So here I drop my bag, flowers and my broken dreams...
and I wash my wounds with water of the stream

I see the sun shining and hear the birds singing...
standing on the brink of a bright new beginning........

I can feel the fresh new breeze coming to me...
and I long to set myself free... free...free....



Today, after interacting with many puys, and going though a 'flashback' of my life, I have decided to tell the entire story....in its raw, naked form. I had thought I'd wait till the IIM results, but then, I thought my 500th post needed to be special.

Till high school, I used to be a fairly good student. I scored 85% in my X boards. Then, I was sent to Delhi from Solan (a small town in H.P.) for IIT coaching, coz I was identified as a 'bright prospect'. But, I had always wanted to be a cricketer. So, with renewed vigour, I completely gave up studying, and turned to cricket. I wasn't a bad player, but then, I wasn't exceptional either. It was more of a rebellion against authority.

Anyhow, my scores dipped, and I barely scraped through Class XI. I didn't improve much in Class XII. Another issue I faced was that I felt I was being discriminated against by the majority ethnic community, in my class. I flunked my pre-boards. The school called my parents, who were horrified to know that their supposedly brilliant son was flunking. My folks had to plead with the authorities to let me sit for the XII boards. Anyway, I somehow managed a 67%.

I studied a bit for Engg. entrance exams, and cleared a few. Then, I got admission to PEC, Chandigarh. Again, I wasn't quite convinced with studying Civil Engineering. Consequently, I flunked an exam each in my first two sems. In the third, I was out of action for 6 months, with a near-fatal road accident. But, to quote Charles Dickens, 'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.' That accident changed my outlook towards life. I learnt many lessons, and I guess I matured a lot in those 6 months. After that, I worked heart and soul to get life back on track. Eventually, I scored 61.9% in engineering.

By then, I had been written off as a bright star who had lost his glow, by family and friends. So, I decided to shift base, and move to a different city, away from everyone. That's when I took up a job at IBM's BPO in Gurgaon. I appeared for CAT '02, without any preparation. To my surprise, I got 97.5 percentile, and a call from UBS, Chandigarh. (That was the only place I had applied to.) However, I was not confident enough, and messed up the GD and interview. I was devastated, but went back to my job. After a few months of good performance, I was promoted as a trainer. Next year, I filled up the CAT form again, but chickened out of appearing for the paper. I spent another couple of years in my job - got another couple of promotions, and lots of accolades. But somehow, all my past failures haunted me.

I switched jobs, and came to Genpact in 2005. Once again, I settled into a reasonably comfortable life. It needed a jolt to break me out from my world of computer games and books. Being a Liverpool fan, I tuned in to the Champions League final between Liverpool and AC Milan. Liverpool were trailing 3-0 in the first half, and I was seething with rage! They went in at half-time like losers, who'd given up. But after 15 minutes, I was surprised to see Gerrard charging out of the tunnel, followed by his team. Their body language looked surprisingly positive, and it baffled me. And lo, after 15 minutes, I was jumping with joy. Liverpool - 3 goals in 10 minutes!! Eventually, they won. I didn't rejoice, dance, or whoop with delight. I took my bike, went to a peaceful place nearby, and cried like I'd never done before.

In those 90 minutes, I had found vindication. I saw myself in the team that came back when everyone, including ardent fans like me, had written them off. I realized that all was not lost, till I decided that it was. I went back, and decided to give my fullest to my job. For another year, I drove myself hard. I was quickly recognized as an efficient and good worker. Still, I couldn't bring myself to exorcise the demon of CAT. Then, life changed...

Late in 2006, a girl at office, who lived en route to my house, asked me for a lift. She and I had a small conversation. I dropped her home, and forgot about the incident. A few days later, the 'lift' became a routine affair. And before I knew it, I was deep in love with her, and vice-versa.

After listening to the story of my life, she would bring up the subject of an MBA, and I would nervously change the topic. Then, she also talked about getting an MBA and joining a coaching institute for preparation. So, on a weekend, I took her to IMS, TIME, CL etc. We discussed the options, and concluded that TIME sounded best. We went back next week to sign up. That's when she dropped the bombshell. It wasn't her who was signing up, it was ME!! I was reluctant, being more keen on a part-time MBA, but she asked me to give it just one shot.

Despite my reluctance, I joined. And I took the first mock they gave. Score 99.xx. I regained a bit of self-belief and vowed to give it 110%.

I had enrolled for classes in Jan '07 at TIME, and began studying hard. Days became weeks, weeks became months. I found that when the mock tests began, I would always score in the region of 95-96, but never beyond. It began to frustrate me. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't score above 96. The faculty were extremely supportive and counselled me regularly. Two of the teachers, Mr. Banerjee, and Mr. Pankaj, always had positive things to say. They sat with me, to understand my issues, and advised me at every step. Tanveer Sir (writetotanveer), who was part of the faculty, was especially encouraging and inspiring. He was the one who introduced me to this wonderful world of PagalGuy.

Still, by September, I only had one 98+ score to my name. And if you plotted my scores, you'd get pretty much a straight line - in the 95-96 zone. Essentially, I felt like I'd just be knocking at the IIMs' doors but not getting in. Meanwhile, things were also getting tough on the personal front. The girl, who'd been by my side through all those times, moved on with life. Life had once again, come full circle. I lost interest in everything. Appeared for one of the mocks, and walked out after only 45 minutes, unable to focus. The result showed me 79 percentile. That's when I remembered the day a team in red had refused to die out, and had come back to beat all odds, and belie all predictions.

I began preparing again, and decided to give one final thrust, always keeping the Reds in mind. Come D-day, I felt I was ready. Tanveer Sir met me at my center and told me, "Mr. Singla, dimaag thanda rakhna. Ho jaayega." And well, if not spectacularly, I think I have done reasonably well for myself with a total of 7 calls from top-league institutes.

Today, that team in Red is almost on the verge of another historic victory. Today, I'm on the verge of getting into a b-school. Today, a lot of pundits consider the Reds a strong team, and rate their chances highly. And today, I've suddenly become the blue-eyed boy. I don't really care if the Reds win or not. They tried hard, and gave their best, so they'll always be heroes to me, irrespective of the win. I will always worship them, and go back to that famous day in 2005, whenever I need them to motivate me.

Puys, I guess as long as one is prepared to show enough heart to fight it out, one can never lose. MBA or no MBA, b-school or no b-school, if you have that fire in you, that zeal to succeed, you will make it big in life.

Also, comparisons are part of life. It may feel natural to you or to others, to say XYZ has 4 calls, 5 calls, 6 calls, etc. But remember, no two individuals are the same. Can you compare a sprint champion with a marathon winner? No, right? Why? Both of them are winners, in their own way. But if others around you are sprinters, don't lose heart. They may get their trophies after 9.7 odd seconds of hard work, whereas you may have to spend 2 odd hours running to win yours. But, believe me, it'll be much more precious to you!

All the best everyone!

Update: That team in Red lost that day, but I made it to quite a few b-schools. I'm proud of them, for doing what they did. And yes, even today, whenever I have those doubts about myself, I go back in time to watch that historic match...


My struggle for CAT 05 isnt an epitome of struggle but more of survival as the time period I had was, very less(4 months). I started preparing Aug end and CAT was in NOv. But the real struggle was to get out of the mindset that I had made - Not to go for higher studies.

Had attempted CAT just once i.e. CAT 05 and thankfully that was my last attempt as well. I was so drained by 4 yrs of engg that I had decided that no more studies. When I joined (oct 2004) Tech Mahindra(erstwhile MBT) and had to undergo 3 months training (which had loads of exit clause) my decision : to not to go for further studies became even stronger.:sly:

How did I suddenly decide write CAT 05!!
I'll start with what 3-4 stories that made me write CAT 05

- Room mate:Was living in Pune with my college friend and both of us were working in TEch M. He wanted to prepare for CAT 05 and hence, called his mother to stay with us for 6 months so that he can slog it our for cat without worrying for food, washing clothes and taking care of house.

-PM:Like every boss my boss wasnt great either and I always wondered how could he become a PM, then I came to know he did his MBA from XYZ college and thought I could do much better than him .

- Peer Circle: Most of them had decided very early that after BE they will take 2-3 years of work ex and then would do there MBA but they in the process they would attempt CAT every year and hence, use to talk a lot about it.

- Dad: He did his MBA from Osmania university(part time) as he is in Indian AIr force and always told me that MBA is a piece of cake especially after doing E&C; engg. Go for it, you will do well. I always knew that he is pushing me to go for higher studies which I didnt want to do.

- X factor: Was the final spark that I made me decide that I need to do MBA. My x's mother(as she is a close family friend) called me, and said -"she has got into a college which has been rated 25th by India today's B-school ranking.She is doing very well and has already made a mark in 2 months of college."
This was it, what ever she could do, I could do much better.

So the initial plan was to write CAT 05 for practice and will slog it out for CAT 06.

While I was fighting it out in mind to attempt cat or not, PG happened to me in jul 05. One my friends told me that you can get free mocks from this amazing site. And soon I found that site was very useful and helpful.

Since it was end of August I couldnt find a new batch starting at any of the coaching centers instead they had batches starting for Mock series. So joined them.

Since, I knew that cracking CAT 05 will be tough and hence, focused was more on JMET as I had a realistic chance of cracking it.

After that I decided that I started looking out for people who could help me for my preparation but sadly I couldnt find many as most of them thought I couldnt do it the same year or they thought they needed to focus on there preparation. Hence, finally had to prepare on my own.

The lesson I learned was there are loads of people who wanted to do MBA and crack cat but dont get a starting point and hence, I made sure that I reach these people via PG. Its no surprise to me that my first post was in Apr 06 i.e. 10th months after I joined PG and i have reasonably well in these 2 years to reach out to newbies.

Only thing i like about stone in my path is, when I cross them, they become my milestones! 
It was the astronomical salaries at IIMs that caught my attention the first time. I was still in school then. Dint think much of it.
As far as i remember, my first serious pursuit of career was in cricket. i was 4 yrs old when i saw a Sachin tendulkar on tv. Fell in love with the game. Played it like any other kid in india would, always dreaming of myself donning the india colors.
I was a class topper throughout my academic life. My parents obviously had other plans for me.
I finally convinced them to send me to a cricket camp when i was in class 5.
At the end of the camp, the coach asked my dad to let me continue as i had potential.
I remember those days, used to wake up at 5.30 in the morning goto practise, return at 8.30, hurry to school n be punished for coming late almost daily:. Returned home in the afternoon n again play cricket wit frens till we could no longer see each other.
I was in class seven when i went for the open selections for the state team. Everyone told me, dude u need a reco to get in. There were abt a 1000 kids i think.
I went with my mom... i had already forced her to buy me the spiked shoes so that i look in the right 'attire' a day b4 the selections. Reluctantly she bought me the shoes.
I tried my hand in the selections.. noone even noticed i bowled. I went straight to one of the senior selectors n told him..."I am from so n so cricket camp. My coach is so n so. I am a leg spinner."
He looked at me, n i donno wat made him say, ok bowl 6 balls, we'l see.
I did pretty well. Was in the list of the probables for the state team the next week. Dint make it thru to the team, but i was quite certain tat i was gonna go there soon.
Things changed fast. I was in 9th standard when my parents got real worried abt my interest in cricket instead of studies where i was still topping the class. There was some tension n i think i was frustrated with them not seeing my interest.
Add to that i saw more n more of the corruption n manipulation that went on in the selection process... I still dont remember wat triggered it but one day i just woke up n decided tat i wasnt goin to pursue cricket.
That was my first blunder.
Life went on. Topped the school in the boards, made it to the best coll in hyd and was a topper there as usual. I sometimes regret being so good at getting marks.
My high scores sealed my fate. I had to do engg bcoz in the place i lived in it was either engg or medical. Noone tot of anything else.
Made it into a decent engg coll n after much tot took up ECE bcoz it was the flavor of the season. My mom wanted me to take it up more than me i think. But i was ok, graduating out was not an issue for me.
My interest in cat increased when i saw my sis prepare for it. She used to struggle thru memorising everything, words, formulae n try to solve them in no time,etc etc...
I tot ....:w00t:i saw her mock papers n said ye toh baaye haath ka khel hain.
A few months into my engg i was certain that i had committed the second blunder of my life by taking up engineering. It just wasnt me. And to add to my problem i was still scoring the marks. Noone, from my family to frens to peers believed that i wasnt really fit to be an engineer.
I was pretty good at other co-curriculars right from schooling. Debating, elocution n all were my passions...
They helped me gain that confidence in my abilities and made me more open to learning abt diff fields n areas instead of remaining a book worm.
Nov. 05 i joined time to start my prep for CAT. Deep down i was confident that i could crack the test. And call it my arrogance or foolishness, i had done enuf research to find out that IIMs were not the best in the world and told myself to not give them the hype tat others around me used to.
I enjoyed the classes at TIME but wasnt really preparing seriously.May came n the mocks started. I began feeling the heat. My scores always hovered in the mid nineties with occasional 98%..
Simultaneously, i was leading the IEEE branch of the coll. I had worked hard to become its chairman n i wasnt willing to relax on my contribution to it even though i had CAT coming up.
Got placed in cts n wipro. I tot i had something to fall back upon in case i dont do well.
I was everywhere, never said no to a single activity in coll or outside.
Somehow, managed to hold myself together n went to give CAT with an open mind.
Saw the paper... 75Q... the same pattern as the last mock cat which was so tough.
I decided that i would be careful n do only those tat i could surely answer.
Started with VA my strongest section... n hardly marked anything. i kept calm n decided to be more careful in QA n DI.
My over carefulness resulted in me working on each problem slwer than i normally would.
And by the time i realised tat the other two sections were for phodofying time was up...
I knew i wasnt upto the mark.:(
After that i ignored the other exams.wrote them just for the heck of it.
Results came.. 95 percentile with above 85%ile in each. Got calls from tapmi n mica. i was totally pissed with life. I dint want to join an IT company bcoz i knew tat my skills wud never be used well here. So decided to try my best to get into either insti.
i have this habit of telling myself that no matter where i study, i can do well in life. i really never gave a damn to the reputation of any institute. Maybe that made me less passsionate in my pursuit of the IIM seat. I was always told i was arrogant and it took me two CAT debacles to accept tat.
Anyways, results of other instis were coming out n i was nowhere in the lists. Then came what seemed like a gift from the almighty
i was shortlisted in spjain for the interview.
i tot that aft all the struggle, mayb GOD has decided to be a little kind. I worked like mad for it. read every post on the spjimr thread in PG. attended every session at TIME n made notes of every possible question i cud be asked....
Those 2 months of prep, i forgot every other worry in my life. I just wanted to go to SPJIMR. First round of interview in bangalore... i did awesome.. beat my own expectations. Got thru n was called for the second round at mumbai a month later.
In between i attended tapmi n mica calls too. The prep for spj helped me in these.
Last interview, was spj 2nd round. It was the day India lost to sri lanka in the world cup.
My interview was b4 the match. The process was same as the first round but i dunno wat hit me. I was nervous like never b4. Mayb the fact tat i was so close to getting in got to me.
Entered the room and dropped my folder. Aft tat it was all downhill. hardly spoke in the grp interview. I knew it was over.
Waited for the results.. got thru tapmi n mica n made up my mind tat i would join tapmi if i din make it spjain.
But the day the spj result came n i dint make it, i knew i had missed out on a golden opportunity.
My mom kept tellin me tat i could do well in tapmi too. I agreed but somewhere inside i knew i was compromising. It was just one hour which had spoilt my chances.
I still remember, one night i kept walking up n down in the drawing room while others slept trying to convince myself to goto manipal.
Next day when my mom n dad were discussing abt arrangin for the fee for tapmi i broke the news... i wanted to take CAT again.
they were supportive.
The plan was to spend the couple of months aft engg tat i tot i would have b4 joining the job to prepare full time at home.
But things changed again. 2 days aft my exmz ended cts asked me to join in bangalore a week later.
My parents asked me to wait for the wipro joining, but by that time i was so frustrated that i just wanted to get away from hyd. i joined cts promising myself that i would work harder this time.
CAT part II
Training was tough n i was never on bench Got into a proj which had a nov deadline to meet. Slogged at work but kept the faith.
I had joined the TIME mock series and was doin better this time. avg in the late nineties.
I was quietly confident that this time i could crack it.
But then, on the D-day i was not good enuf again. a measely 90%ile overall.
i knew it the moment i handed over the paper.
6 months of living away from home, not a single movie on any weekend (ok we all love watchin movies.. hyderabadis especially
), going to office on weekends just to analyse my papers away from the din tat existed in my PG, all seemed to have gone down the drain. And i was incredibly frustrated with work.. I almost felt trapped...
Next sunday came n i went to iift's entrance test with the worst possible mood. Anyone who wud've brushed me the wrong way wud have had some serious problems i was sure.
I was literally waiting to rip the paper... Fortunately, i think, i finally got the passion tat it takes to crack a bschool exam in india ...
IIFT results came n i was on the shortlist.
Wrote some other exmz too.. snap, xat, nmims with more confidence. But i wasnt very serious again. I just wanted to convert iift.
Slogged again. joined time classes n on the day of the interview did ok. Was not sure if i was good enuf bcoz everyone else seemed to have such awesome interviews.
The other call was nmims and did ok in tat too. IIFT result came n i dint find my name on delhi list... i had skipped a meeting just to wait n refresh the result page.. my hear t was pounding when i opened the kolkata list...
phew i was there..: dint have to go thru the pain of scrolling down...
I knew that my struggle to get into a top bschool had finally ended
n it felt like heaven.

I want to make up for everything that i dint do during my 4yrs of engg. I want to work til i drop n still love every bit of it. I know i will bcoz finallly i think after a rather boring life where i did so many things half heartedly i am at a place where i feel i belong...
I dunno what's gonna happen 2 yrs later but the next 2 yrs i will live my dream. :)
And I shud mention PG before I end. I haven't interacted with many puys personally, but the spirit and the passion makes me feel that there are more like me around. I never felt that way when I was in engg. Everyone wanted to get a job n tat was abt it. Some wanted to goto US bcoz they could earn the dollars n bcoz their distant relative had made a fortune there.
Here at PG I found ppl who just wanted to follow their passion with a single mindedness tat I hadn't seen.
The stories of success and the tribulations tat some of the puys have mentioned in this thread have moved me and inspired me.
I realise that there are some wonderful ppl out there whom I know n hear all because of PG. This is much more than a information source for me.
I will be here for a very very long time to come.
On second thoughts, I think I have said more abt my life than CAT itself. But I've typed of things that I think of when I look back at the journey that brought me here. I dint want the story to be incomplete.
Just want to thank everyone here at PG for giving me company in my journey.
And yeah, special thanks to my parents who after all do believe in my dreams. And one of whom is actually on PG!
PG rocks!
This thread is considered by many/any of the CAT aspirants in PAGALGUY as a holy thread. Your hallowed thread has been cleaned & opened up for your valuable Posts..Before cleaning up, this thread figured 92 Pages & now 31 Pages ie out of 920 Posts, 610 posts were only Spam.Now, this thread is free of unwanted Posts. Request you all to cooperate to keep your revered thread clean. From now on we will keep cleaning (hope, we don't require to) this thread every now & then..
Keep Posting/ Inspiring ....
Success retained me as a boy, but failure(s) made me a man IIM Calcutta - Class of 2012
My story pales in comparison to the inspiring ones one might read on this thread. I was never planning to post on this thread. But After reading Hameed's post and talking to him, he told me to write here for those souls who have a specialized career in mind. They mustn't feel left out of the mainstream. I write this post for them and for anyone who wants to achieve whatever they aim for.
I can't tell you how to crack CAT, because I haven't cracked it yet. I can't tell you what you should do to get a 99 %+. I don't have any test acing strategies nor do I have any expertise in any field. But what I can share with you is my experience.

March 2003:

Gave my XIIth CBSE board exams and had done pretty well. I come from Gujarat where there is no entrance test for Admissions into professional courses. Admissions are based on the performance in the board exams. I never even bothered to study for National Level Enterance examinations and filled my IIT JEE and AIEEE forms just for the sake of it. The very next day after my boards, I fractured my right hand and the doctor said that it will take atleast 3 months to heal. I was unfazed , as the entrance exams never mattered to me. Took my papers with left hand.
Results: IIT JEE ..Kicked out of the screening
AIEEE: Secured a rank decent enough to get into NIT Surat.
August 2003 - April 2007 :
The best years of my Life. Found a wonderful group of friends and A superb Bunch of seniors . Whatever I am today, I owe it to these guys. I felt that I couldn't have better Mentors and Companions in the formative years of my life. Realised the advantages of studying in a NIT.
Somewhere in my 3rd year, I started my preps for CAT. I took up CAT because I realized technical stuff is not my cup of tea. So took the default CAT route. Joined IMS and was attending regularly.Meanwhile discovered PG .Browsed a lot but hardly posted. During my 3rd year got an opportunity to work with The Times of India. Freelanced for them for almost a year. That's where I developed an inclination towards Media. But as the one year passed, I realised that though I was good at writing, Content creation was not what exactly I was looking for. I felt I needed to go beyond the content part and more into the business, planning and execution side of it. But I had a zilch idea of how to go about it. One day, my mentor at IMS talked about going for niche institutes like TISS, IRMA and MICA. I went and checked PG and found threads dedicated to MICA. I was able to see some enthusiastic aspirants talking about trying hard to get in. I developed contacts with Chuck_gopal and he told me a lot about MICA those days, taking the pains of answering my stupid queries, though he himself was an aspirant. Slowly, I started getting inclined towards MICA. As time flew past my fascination only grew.
Nov 2006:

Took CAT, did ok and ended up with a 95.xx. All hopes of getting into a regular MBA were dashed. I still had MICA in my hand. I started my preps for MICA GE/PI and did what a usual aspirant does. By then, I had already been converted into a MICA fanatic. I was pretty confident of making it to MICA as I felt I had done my bit (or so I thought). And how wrong I was! Had a decent MICAT and GE. But the PI was just okayish and they didn't really ask me anything.When the results came out, I was shocked. I didn't make it. Following is my blog entry post result.

The verdict is in. I'm out. The last nail in the coffin stuck deep down my dreams. On the 22nd morning the omniscient omnipotent omnipresent almighty guided me towards the computer centre and I logged in. He has his own strange ways of doing things. It always happens that whenever I get a reject, he would empower the website servers to work full throttle and ensure that the skies fall upon me at the anointed moment. He will also ensure that the more confident I am of getting somewhere, the faster he will bring me down. When people around me expect more from me, he ensures that I will let them down in some way or the other. And when I succeed its hardly noticeable, it's like the bird causing a blip on the radar, highly inconsequential yet disturbing. I have been a person who had a lot of confused dreams, half baked aspirations, ill conceived notions and loads of things happening around. But the last two years have been so weird that I can hardly put all my experiences in words. I have seen peaks of ecstasy and have touched the nadir, been overwhelmed by events around me and been crushed, rejoiced for days altogether and felt completely lost again, found new avenues, explored new horizons and then was down in the dumps, I been admired and been despised, I have triumphed and I have tottered, been victorious and have been victimized and vindicated, did things I never would have done, missed things I would've died for, accepted some things at face value, worked hard and got nowhere, lost something on the way and treaded the boulevard of broken dreams.I feel similarly about my dreams. Dreams that were never meant to be, dreams that shouldn't have been seen. I was probably happy, but then I left the safest shores and ventured out into the unknown, took my aspirations to a new level , strived for it, worked for it and then everything came crashing down. I suddenly feel everything going wrong and getting messed up. But looking back at 20 years of my life, I have just this to say
There will be times when you would despair
There would be times when you feel defeated
There will be times when you feel rejected
Hold your thoughts and ponder
Wait a while and remember
Don't judge yourself from a day's experience
For what you are today, was not made in a day
A failure is a way, I believe
To see yourself in a different light
In a different perspective, through your own inner eyes
You rejoice in success
You analyze in failure
For failure is a queer teacher, it will teach you things the hard way
It won't facilitate, it won't accentuate,
It will hit you hard in your face
But if you get bogged down, give up or simply stop
Do it at your own risk, kill yourself, albeit in parts
They can take away an opportunity, they can take away a chance
They may take away the world from you, and make you penniless
And you are down and out unless
You see with your inner eyes
The potential, the passion, the talent, the energy, the enthusiasm
The spirit, the will and most importantly the faith.
You will see yourself
In a totally different light
For these are the things
No one can take away, no one can change
No one can tamper, no one can suppress
Because this is all what you are about.
I consoled myself saying that I still have a good job at hand. Graduated and joined Accenture at Chennai in June 2007.
The Chennai Phase:
The time I spent in Chennai was superb courtesy puys. I was lucky again to find a wonderful peer group in them. I got back to serious preps in August and took the Sim Cats. This time around I was much more clear in my head. I was taking CAT with the sole intention of getting into MICA. I was doing decently in my mocks. I wrote CAT 2007 and felt I did ok.But when I came back and checked my answers, I was in for a shock. I fared pathetically in Verbal and DI. All my hopes of getting into MICA came crashing down.I went ahead and filled my MICA form. I was damn pissed with myself and wrote the following mail to chuck

I have checked my scores.
And after checking them, I dont think that MICA would be interested in
giving me an interview call.
I have screwed up royally in DI and Verbal keys are ambiguous as usual.
So it seems that my dream of getting into MICA will have to wait.
I was reading Shantaram the other day and i came across a line there.
"Luck is what happens when fate gets tired of waiting "

Sincerely hoping that IIM's feel that i deserve a better Verbal score
and MICA feels I deserve to get in.
But all that will have to wait, because things dont seem to be
happening well this time around.
Still going ahead and filling the MICA form.Will require your inputs on that.

I didn't prepare a thing after this. But I still had faint hopes in my heart. So religiously worked on my MICA form.

CAT results were out. I was in for another shock. A pleasant one. My Verbal % ile rocketed to 97.xx thus pushing my overall %ile to 94.xx. I felt redeemed. I spoke to Chuck and he said I should make the cut. I jumped into MICA preps and was consumed by a passion like none other. I did extensive preparations for my GE/PI , even to the extent of devouring a text on Media prescribed by MICA for Term I . I researched heavily on MICA and worked on each word of my MICA form. I just wasn't ready to take any chances.

13th March 2008.

The Big day.Here goes my experience.


After the horrible interview, I felt like killing myself. Whatever I had prepared , seemed to have gone down the drain. The next week passed by in the anticipation of the results.

21st March:

Exactly 1 year after last years reject, got a message from Chuck saying that the results are out. He asked me to check my mail. There I found a mail from the Admissions which said

Form #: 5656


Congratulations ! You have been selected for the PGPCM 2008-2010.

My mind went blank. I just stared into the screen like an Idiot . I was now a MICAn.

A few learnings:

1.Dont take CAT too seriously.Its just an exam. There is life beyond CAT and the IIM's.

2.Never buckle under pressure. I learnt this from my mom, who single handedly brought up my elder sister and me without anyones support. I feel my task was much much easier than hers.

3. Accept failure. Understand why you failed. Move on.

4. You are probably 20/25/30 . You have your whole life ahead of you. Dont kill yourself for failing in life. We all fail. It all boils down to how hard we take on ourselves.

5.Keep focus, specially if you are aiming for a niche institute. You will have your moments of self doubt , the lure of going for a regular MBA, Fat salaries. Be prepared to take the risk of taking up a niche course. Battle your insecurities. All this because you are still ahead of most people. You already know what you want to do.

I dedicate this post to all those who have supported me, prayed for me, and been there for me, I needn't post their names, because those will be the ones reading this post. Its because of people like you that I can see myself as I am.


In 2005 I happened to meet an old man, he was 95. In his 50s he had lost a part of his family and a hand in a train accident. A devout Muslim till then, he found his faith dwindling. And so he began his walk, he started from Kerala and walked for 5 years, stopping for rest and earning some money along the way. He traveled all the way by foot and reached Mecca. His faith forged, he returned home to serve the community. At 80 he lost his eyesight. At 90 he could see again without the help of an operation. At 95, when I met him, he strong as an ox and still serving the world.

My 5 year walk is but a stroll in the gardens in comparison to the trek to Mecca mentioned above.


My 5 Yr Walk 2003-2008
Jan 2003, during my 2nd yr in BE, I was keen on doing my GRE. After a discussion with a friend of mine I was convinced that CAT would be the way for me. Its another matter that my friend ended up doing MS in Purdue.

Feb 2003 I registered for TIME classroom course. I knew I was not eligible for CAT that year but then starting early never hurt anyone. Classes were at 6 in the morning, and I was loving every bit of the prep. I can't say I was anywhere near ready by November; my mocks were in 80s and confidence low. CAT turned out a disaster, and when it was cancelled I was happy and decided not to take the repeat test.

Feb 2004 I registered for IMS classroom course, and hooked up with a couple of guys Ram and Bobby who were in my class and were serious as hell about cracking the cat. Those days were awesome. As time went by and mocks came around the tension was unnerving and exciting. Ram introduced me to PG where we could check our performance in comparison to others. By the time October came I was peaking and got a couple of 98s and one 99 with balanced sectionals. 2 weeks before CAT my Bro contracted chicken pox and I was only one home to help him as I had my 7th sem study holidays going on. 5 days before D day I contracted chicken pox too. I was devastated, my dad suggested I give cat a skip and try next yr. I was adamant, and we landed up in the exam center. I was running a 100 degree fever, and the itching never let up even for a minute. I had worn full hand shirt with a buttoned up color and even a cap to hide my condition. During the test I tried hard to concentrate and was able to do DI and VA sections satisfactorily, but during QA fatigue kicked in and I slept for about 10 mins. I knew it was all over. I cried for 2 days, and then began studying for Sem exam. I wrote 7th SEM in an isolated classroom and got around 80% without copying.

Jan 2005 brought results, DI 96%, VA- 97.5%, then QA 59%ile..Overall 94.xx. It sure was over. MICA deadline was extended and I decided to apply. The GD/PI was in IIM-B. When I visited the campus I realized what I had just missed. I came back determined to give cat again. Ram had missed the bus too, so he was off to the US to do his MS, and bobby had no IIM calls so he decided on continuing his work and giving CAT 05. I did not meet them again.

March 2005 I registered in PG and found later that I had converted my lone call, but the response date had gone by and my seat was forfeited. Just as well, come May 2005 I registered for TIME test series. One of my best friends decided to take cat and joined me. But during June I got a job and I had no time for prep. I only used to turn up for tests and my scores were down right bad. In September I stopped prep and decide I will give it next yr. But I had already applied for cat so took the test. Got around 90.xx.

My friend who had joined me in prep had converted his lone K call and was off to god's own campus. Meanwhile I was doing well in my Job and had even taken to writing. I had joined some writer's clubs and was seriously deciding to pursue a career in writing.

May 2006 the CAT bug bit me again and registered for IMS classroom course. My friend's convert had inspired me and another good friend of mine decided to join me this time. He was in Hyderabad, so our discussions were all on phone and we used to inspire each other. All this time I was doing the writing thing too and just to test the waters I was also writing to Dept heads of Creative writing departments of universities around the world. They had taken a liking to the samples I had sent and were ready to take me in. Some Univ's had options for publishing my material if I joined their MA course. I was so excited that I stopped prep and gave my IELTS in which I did very well. In Dec 2006 something happened and I realized all of a sudden how lost in my own world, I had neglected my family and how I was being purely selfish in pursuing my dreams. I realized that in lower middle class families dreams are dreamt as a family and not as an individual.

Jan 2007 My friend got B, I, K calls, converted them all and joined B. As for me I took the cat too, its an addiction u know. I got 97 in verbal and 77 each in QA and DI. Overall was 92.xx. I decided to get back into the rat race and finish it once and for all.

June 2007 I enrolled for TIME and IMS test series. But my prep did not really kick off until I joined the BBLT team. I came to know some wonderful people who inspired me and supported be throughout. I met with Obsessed_bout_mba (Raghu) and we plotted strategy together. Special thanks to deep_agarwal, tanveer bhai, marijuana_user, justlikethat and the ever helpful HarshaRocks who really helped me during my low times.

During conversation with my friends in b schools and after a lot of self analysis I decided that HR would be my chosen field in MBA. So I decided to apply to XAT too this time. I also applied to whole host of colleges as I did not want to risk it.

November 2007 CAT came I was sucked in by pressure; I had missed one whole page of QA questions which had 3 doable ones. With 92 in DI and 97.5 in VA, QA again proved my downfall with jus 77.xx. Overall 95.35 - this got me IMT-G, MDI-HR and GLIM calls. SNAP brought me SCMHRD.

Jan 2008 I decided to chill before XAT, I partied hard for new years and managed to get sober enough to give XAT. I had given all my simcats in Stella Maris college where the chairs have pad on the right arm rest, this was very uncomfortable to a rather chubby person like myself and I had bitched about it on PG too. But I had gotten used to it, which stood me well as Stella became my XAT center and those chairs were more inviting than being a put off. XAT was a breeze, Jan 18 results came and I had 99.08 (split -95,96,97) and it got me both calls in XLRI and XIM-B.

I did decent prep on my own for GD/PIs and did not rely on and institute. I managed to convert GLIM but I forfeited the seat because I believed I had done well in xl interviews. I managed to convert xl-pmir and was waitlisted at number 2 in xim-b. MDI-hr waitlisted at 163. Scmhrd cleared gd but missed out on final list. IMT-G I skipped the GD/PI.

I needed 5 years not to crack cat, because I did not crack it even then. But I needed 5 years to learn what I wanted from life.

During the period of May 2007 I was really down and had taken to drinking alone and roaming the streets of Chennai on weekends. My friend who had made it to B called me up told me to "just give it one year, things will turn around". It sure did, for in March 2008 I was with him in his campus for the MDI interview. It was there that I saw a familiar face, my friend told me he was a senior who had just passed out. He was bobby; my 2004 study partner. He must have made it in 2005. Sitting there I realized, that things happen in their own time.

I am eagerly waiting for my xl-pmir call letter to reach my home, to be able to tell myself that this isn't a dream. For someone keen on HR I can claim to have got my dream course. My journey has just begun; I have a long way to go.


The Old man died a few months later. The important thing is he did not die when he lost his family, he did not die on his way to Mecca, he did not die when he was blind, he died only after having conquered all odds.

To let go when you are down is easy.

Rock on!

PS- I had to overcome a lot of fear to get myself to post here. I hope It has been of some use.

I've read quite a lot of inspiring stories here.. but one thing i noticed quite common among all these was that... the ppl who have managed to get the sacred calls after a some tough yrs of struggle.. r those who had just missed the cut in their previous attempts.. i mean who just missed it by a small margin...aren't ther any Puys out ther who hav risen from low scores to great ones?? would be inspiring to read abt their struggle n especially their difference in preps of both years!!

Still the posts here r too beautiful for words!! some give u that strange feelin in the pit of the stomach... that wow... dreams do come true!!

Keep posting n inspiring ppl!!

Well I'm not really a case of "rising from abysmal to very high" but thought that I could atleast throw some light as to what were the differences for me over the couple of times I appeared for CAT('06 and '07)......Sorry to test everyone's patience with such a long post

During my engineering, my father always used to tell me that you should be an MBA otherwise it's very difficult to do well etc etc etc. I didn't think it was true at all or had any worth(I still don't). His comments were basically due to the high packages that were given out, which I didn't really think of a reason at all.

I never thought about MBA. I was a purely techie guy, who used to like programming but was also keen on solving puzzles, number crunching etc. I got into a full fledged GATE coaching in my final year and ended up with a decent 95+ %ile but at this score, no IITs and for M.Tech in India, it's just the IITs or nothing.... But even before I got my result, I got to know about various aspects of technical study in IITs..... What all they study, the type of work they get etc... And frankly I didn't really like it, because although I was good at programming but certainly didn't want to do it throughout or looking at the bigger picture, didn't really want to be associated with software throughout my career..... So even though I was quite happy with my result(given the fact that I only attended coaching and didn't really study a lot myself), I decided not to give it a go again..... I had secured a job in the 3rd year through campus as a software engineer(like umpteen others) and decided that I'll take it up for now and decide after gaining a bit of experience.

Now, let's go back in time a bit. CAT '05(during my final year). I didn't appear for it but many of my friends did. After the exam, I just took the paper and spent 2hrs solving it, strictly following time schedule. To my amazement, I did very well(according to the answers provided by the coaching instt). Although it's a completely different proposition taking the exam at home rather than at the exam hall, but still that filled me with a lot of confidence(perhaps a bit too much). I felt as if I'd wasted a year.

Anyways, for CAT '06, alongwith my job, I joined a test series of a leading coaching instt. I performed well right from the start to the end, barring a few blips here and there. What I did was, every Sunday I just took the mocks, gave my everything, came back, saw those solutions where I went wrong and that's all.... Come Wednesday, most of the time, I used to get 95+, with many 98+ scores and an odd 90 or two. So I was pretty satisfied and to some extent, was a bit overconfident that I could crack it(I'd always said this right from my college days, but these scores just reinforced my belief). More so, because I beat my roomie hands-down. It may sound pretty lame, but many people do have this subconscious thought process.

I continued, took tests, scored quite high and was satisfied. Then came the C-day. I was pretty cool throughout the exam(don't normally have nervous bouts or something... quite cool that way) but still, the moment I came out after the exam, I knew that everything's been wasted once again but given my so-called confidence on my abilities, I still expected a %ile of around 90!! I don't remember my individual sectional %iles but my overall was only 79.62 %ile..... never ever got this low. And my roomie, well he maintained his status.... 91 %ile. Was quite disappointed but was pretty sure after that, I wanted to go for CAT again. I also took SNAP in '06 but unfortunately, I was down with fever and had to leave after just 45 min..... so didn't even check the results.....

Meanwhile, office life was getting to me. Didn't really had to do anything meaningful, but still had to slog. As I expected, I was a good programmer only by college standards and nothing more. For CAT '07, I joined the weekend classes of another coaching instt this time. I religiously attended their classes but again, the intensity kept fading every now and then. The good part was, after the '06 debacle, I was level-headed and knew that practice and exposure to variety of questions would do me good. Confidence is required a lot, but over-confidence..... not at all(you are bound to fall flat with it). Attended few classes, missed some but my performance in the classes was good enough. Enough for the teachers to look at me for almost every answer(good impression in the least time )

Mocks started, performance was not by anyway close to how I did in '06. I was consistently in the 85-90 range and every section hitting sub-50 levels at some point or the other. As far as I can remember, my lowest were
Eng: 54 %ile
QA: 36 %ile
LR: 45 %ile
Overall: 64 %ile

These figures were unimaginable for me in '06 but this time round, I took them quite well. One way of explaining these scores is that I experimented a lot in the mocks, something which I didn't do at all the previous year, only because I was hell bent then on maximising my scores. This time, I was looking at the bigger picture, not at the things in between. Not that mocks and their scores are unimportant. These scores did hurt a lot and I really kept thinking that how could I stoop to such low levels(I still had some of the confidence of '06 remaining, but thankfully, that was channelized well enough). Before every mock, I used to think about how the paper pattern could be and what would be my strategy. I also prepared a backup plan everytime, just in case I didn't think my main plan would work. And another thing, I won't start solving straightaway. I would give myself some time to go through the paper. These things I never thought about in '06 and my approach was thus, a lot different this time round.

I continued to get average scores in mocks, sometimes even poor. But I continued working on things, especially at home. Also, what helped was that I got fed up of my job and also realized that unnecessary slogging meant that I was not able to devote time for studies properly. Thus, left in Sep end and did quite a bit of studying since then. Didn't really study long hours(never a proponent of this) but ensured that I meet specific targets. My move(of leaving the job, with no backup) got a lot of flak from all quarters, including my father, but I was sure of what I was doing.

By the end of the mocks, I zeroed in on one strategy and one backup as well.... The two which have been most succesful for me, irrespective of paper pattern, difficulty etc etc. I came up with a bit of a different approach. Since my reading speed was decent and me being good enough at LR, I thought to combine the two :). At the start of the paper, I thought to go through all the caselets in the LR/DI section and not solve them then, just read and see whether I understand or not. Then, if still some time's left(from the 5-7 min I kept aside at the start for going through the paper), I go through some QA questions, that's all. Then I continue normally, Eng, LR and then QA. I found this approach extremely helpful as I didn't really have to think a lot for LR as I'd already did a bit of thinking while reading the caselets. Although this is what I found helpful, it maybe utterly disastrous for someone else.

Come CAT, I again went in cool and this time, things were falling in place I knew I messed up in English just after I came out but overall I knew I did quite well. Appeared for a host of other exams and performed reasonably well overall. Here are my results:

CAT: 99.12(Eng: 66.1, QA: 99.0, LR: 99.37)
IIFT: 29.5 (cutoff 30.5)
MAT: 99.86 (799.5/800)
JMET: 1904 rank(qualified but very poor )
SNAP: 85.25
NMAT: rank 222(out of 38000, around 99.42 %ile)
XAT: 92.3

English did me in, else I should have been able to get calls from atleast 3 IIMs. Anyways, although I'm not yet a CAT-cracker, but still think that I've undergone quite a lot of change in my approach preparing for CAT and probably this approach would help me a lot throughout.

My learnings:
1. Strategize a lot, especially a day before a mock
2. Experiment a lot with your strategies. Try to find the right one for yourself by the end of the mock season.
3. Don't be afraid to try #2 above. Fear of failure is one of the biggest causes of failure.
4. Analyze your mocks but don't waste time over topics that you're sure you won't be attempting. Not saying that you leave out topics unnecessarily. Like I always found Geometry very difficult and didn't really put in a lot of efforts there. Just did the basic stuff in it. In the mocks, I read the geometry question, think for a while, move to next if I'm unable to solve(which is the normal case )
5. Keep a cool head. Nothing should bother you. As someone said, you have to be really cold-blooded to do well.
6. Be confident, but don't be over-confident.
7. Believe in yourself. The ones cracking CAT are not extraordinary beings. They become extraordinary because of their efforts. Anyone can do it, it's just a matter of belief, preparation and a bit of luck(although this part plays the minimum role)

I've read quite a lot of inspiring stories here.. but one thing i noticed quite common among all these was that... the ppl who have managed to get the sacred calls after a some tough yrs of struggle.. r those who had just missed the cut in their previous attempts.. i mean who just missed it by a small margin...aren't ther any Puys out ther who hav risen from low scores to great ones?? would be inspiring to read abt their struggle n especially their difference in preps of both years!!

Still the posts here r too beautiful for words!! some give u that strange feelin in the pit of the stomach... that wow... dreams do come true!!

Keep posting n inspiring ppl!!


I know this is a sacred thread but i feel i must post something about prem sir's post.Reading your experiences have brought tears to my eyes.Its a story of one man's battle against all odds... a story of sacrifice and dedication. A truly inspiring story for all, those who have achieved their dreams and those who are yet to do so because dreams never end. It teaches you that the one thing you should never do in life is to give up but to struggle on even if things dont go your way.
Sir, I havent interacted much with you but I have followed a lot of your posts on quite a few threads specially the way you have always encouraged the DT and the UDT teams and all the loads of good advice you have given us drawing from your own experience and from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for the truly selfless way you have worked for others. Proud to know you sir and i can guarantee that you are made for much bigger things than just getting into a BSchool,you just need some time to get over this disappointment and you will be back where you belong,leading people. All the best sir and continue inspiring us all.

Posts made in 2006/07 after CAT 2006 results :-
CAT 2007 & Beyond:-
I still remember how My wife, My Parents (Contrary to 2006),AbhiG1, Rosogulla, Anupamwillreturn, Prahalad85 & others convinced me on 8th May 2007 to go about giving CAT 2007..On that day I was shattered, Results were out, situation was beyond my control still could garner whatever balance energy with which I was left and started the journey yet again towards what that time appeared to me as my destiny "IIMA".
The moment I decided to give CAT 2007 ie May 2007 I started talking to myself saying that "This year I will not compromise on Family values, I will not be a Monomaniac, I will work smarter than Harder & what not".Infact I promised the same to my wife.
I decided why dont I start teaching, which will eventually help me in my own preps. Getting a part time Job with Time was not a problem as the Director knew me well (as a student).Started teaching from the last week of May...
The Schedule was 5 days of office work, after work its to sit with the basics & then 2 hours with family..Saturday first half for family..Then second half of Saturday till Sunday evening teaching..First 2 months it was OK OK..Then I started feeling that I was getting worn out, still continued...
This is the time 2 important characters joined the bandwagon...AnirIIM & Cimbaiash Nitin..We decided to prepare together...The Plan was like after every mock CAT we will have telephonic calls to discuss on the paper....After a month an important Character came into my life "GREENSPAN"..Dhosth kum Bhai Jyadha.....
At some time during July, I got an offer from HP & I decided to accept the same with lots of ifs & buts...
Life looked tormenting..A new Job ambience forced me to work 14 hours a day, couldnt spend time for my family as promised..Couldnt give those additional tests which anir, nithin & spammy could give ..But kept on saying "Ekh test kum daenae say kya farakh padnae wala"..Always believed that CAT is crackable & to top that feel, scores of 99.98 in QA (Simcat) & 99.97 in DI (AimCAT) added to my belief that this time Iam really really close...
Mock after Mock my scores were improving unlike 2006 Mocks which were fluctuating a lot...
Just one month before the Exam I went through some personal issues both at Home & Work (I cannot explain them now)..These issues were actually huge in magnitude for me to handle..I started loosing the three essential things to crack CAT , "Concentration, Peace of Mind & Time to prepare"..So many guys here came in support, tried putting me back to form, but I never realised I was actually drowning.....
But again I didnt loose confidence..But CAT had something else to offer me as a proof for my over confidence....Couldnt do well in my strongest section..
Those 2 & 1/2 hours my mind wasn't working..It started thinking about all those problems I was going through along with the pressure to solve a tough QA section....
Came out dejected..Knew that I have lost the Battle...Didnt want to speak to anyone..was cursing at my own self for whatever has been happening & how I have given room to the problems to encapsule me which under normal circumstances would have been the other way round...
Felt really ashamed to step into the class to teach QA...Felt really lost and this debacle pushed me to look at XAT in way of taking revenge especially in QA & the results showed that with a 98.xx in QA...
Jan 8th
Results were declared......
Got to know my scores....
Was in office, couldnt react ie didnt want to..Reached home after loafing here & there...Was chatting with anupam at 1.00 AM thats when I started feeling that pain..Tears started rolling down....The feel that "Bye Bye IIMs" was eating me..
Jan 18th
XAT Results day..
Site was not working...
Called up Harshad..."Bhai, GMP sae call hae, congrats"..I was actually Jumping..Happy Indeed..Thats fine..I have a call to prove something (Btw got a NMIMS call too)...Started showing that same old vigour..Felt that this call would be a rescue for the situation in which I was...
March 7th & 8th
Still rememember how Viggy was motivating me & pushing me & how the interview went...
Rest all history......
Looking at the whole thing, I feel Iam much matured than what I was in June 2006 when I joined PG...Iam sure, I will come back as the same old person whom you had met/known/spoken to..All I need is that feel, which will make me strong again , out of the cross roads..A feel, which will make me believe "Iam born today, Problems are of yesterday - before my birth".Iam sure with your wishes I will gain it....
In these 2 years I have learnt so many things about Bschools, Life in B Schools, Placements & what not (without actually being in a B School)...I also realised something called as true love from people here....I have no qualms....(atleast now), More than an MBA seat I have garnered the affection of so many guys here, which is more than an IIMA/XL seat.....
I actually enjoyed the whole process like any one here say 23-25 years of age..Competing with each other, pushing each other ...UDT actually has a place for me , 2006 - Member, 2007-Captain & 20xx-a permanent coach
As I always say, "Never give up for any reasons..You are just close to your dream"..Believe in your dreams, because those dreams belong only to you & you have the responsibilty to fulfill your own dreams.....
Never say'This is difficult I cant do"..No never, everything is possible (look at my own case)......
Never think PG is just a forum ..A Big No..Its filled with emotions & passions as what you have, its filled with blood & feeling, It smiles when you smile, it cries & stands behind you when you fail....
Most of all, never doubt your own self in whatever you decide in Life as its your life, you know it better..once decided never step back..
As far as me, I havent decided anything as I never decide things when my emotions are high/low..Will take some time but will surely inform my family ie you....I personally thank each & everyone who shared my pain, who came out with contingency plans, who believed in me more than I believed in myself & soon...
I wont thank PG as I am gonna be here for the next few generations to come....
Keep the faiths high
Ps: Watch out for this ID - after 20 years, "Formydad'sdream"- My daughter will come as a PUY yet again as Prem_Ravi 2
Success retained me as a boy, but failure(s) made me a man IIM Calcutta - Class of 2012
Finally, I get myself to post here, the most sacred thread on PG. I wanted this post to come after April 11th but certain situations have necessitated the need for this. I need to clear the air about a lot of things to make my stay at PG as happy as it has been till now.
First things first, Im a B.Sc. Microbiology graduate. Well, I initially wanted to do an M.Sc. and PhD. But sometime in August in my third year, I realized that I would be terribly unhappy cooped up in a laboratory for the rest of my life. Id done quite a lot of PR for my college fest and it seemed really interesting. So, yes! PR was it. It was already too late to take CAT 2006. So I didnt even fill the form (though later I realized I shouldve, just to know my position). I decided to come back home, get pampered for a year and target CAT 2007.
I came back to Jaipur in May 2007 and joined PT. The first 2 months was a Vital course, no mocks as such, not very demanding. I was still getting used to exercising my brain, what with just mugging up lots of answers, equations and diagrams for 3 years. Those 2 months gave me a broad orientation of what the actual CAT prep was gonna be like. Mind you, my aim at this point was MICA. I graduated to the Regular course in the 1st week of July and my mocks (Prac-CATs) started immediately. The 1st one was on July 8th. Hadnt really started studying till then.. AIR 141. I was pretty happy..
The next 2 weeks disappeared into thin air. I was too busy meeting friends et al. Prac-CAT 2.. My moment of realization. I came back and calculated my score. 51 (out of 100) in DI, 33 in Verbal and 20 in Quant. Total-104 (Im sorry to go into such details, but this actually was the turning point..). I was ecstatic.. AIR 8!!!! Now it was time to do some introspection. Me, AIR 8, was pretty unbelieveable! I realized that Quant would be my nemesis. Id forgotten all the basic concepts, and without those cracking CAT would be impossible. LR and DI, I have no clue how, were my strong areas. Verbal was something I ignored throughout my prep, having a very sound foundation in English and being a voracious reader (see how it backfired later!)..
A big question in my mind was my blank year. So I enrolled for this 1-year PG Diploma in Management at an institute here..
Somewhere between Prac CAT 2 and 3, I had the opportunity to go to Ahmedabad. I decided to go and see the Mecca of Management. That visit, coupled with my Prac CAT 2 AIR, I believe, gave me the drive and motivation to do really well. I came back and plunged headlong into preparing. I was basically concentrating on Math. I did the sheets regularly and brushed up on some basic concepts from Class IX and X NCERT books. I did some chapters like TSD, Work and Time, Number Systems, Probability and Geometry from Arun Sharma as well. For DI-LR, I just did the sheets given at PT regularly. I continued to ignore Verbal..
Prac CAT 3 and 4.. AIR 8.. But I was still scoring miserably in Quant..
Came Sept 2, took MAT. Since I couldnt take the Prac CAT that day, I took it on Monday. That was my worst ever!!! AIR 178.. I was taken aback! A lot of personal problems were bothering me at the same time. I was incredibly disturbed for a couple of days but a discussion with my mentor at PT, and I was raring to go again! After that, there was no looking back. Infact, Prac CAT 6 was the first mock where I cleared the cutoff for Quant. I did well in all the mocks after that, was always in top 10.. I cant forget Prac CAT 9 when I was AIR 2..
Somewhere here, my focus very casually shifted from MICA to IIM-A..
I did not have a fixed strategy, nor did I try different strategies to see what worked for me. My test taking technique was devoid of excel sheets, comparisons, analysis et al. I just did whatever I felt like in those 2 and a half hours. It worked for me for 15 Prac CATs, I assumed it would work on the day of CAT as well..
Somewhere in the 3rd week of Sept, the MAT result was declared. I got a 99.99 percentile. I mention it here coz that also acted as an impetus, made me believe that I had what it takes. I believe that the most important requisite to crack CAT is confidence, the belief that one has the potential, that one is not that bad and can hold her own amongst 2.25 lakh aspirants..
This trend went on throughout October, lots of studying, eating, sleeping and talking. I wasnt on PG at this point of time (I so wish I was!!!) I had decided to not study a lot during November, so I did whatever I wanted to in October itself. In the 2 weeks leading to CAT, I just took the Sunday mocks, read a lot of books and solved puzzles.. I had also marked some important questions in my Math sheets and Arun Sharma, so I went over them again..
By the day of CAT, I had revised my entire material thrice. Verbal was still being ignored a lot..
The D-day arrived. I got up early, got ready, read the newspaper and made my way to the Centre. Got the paper, 25 questions, thank God no surprise there. I started with English. Dont why but I just couldnt concentrate for the first 15 min. I read some of the RCs, they didnt make a lot of sense to me so I moved on to EU. Kept shifting back and forth. 45 min, I attempted 18 questions. I moved on to DI, found it really simple. 45 min, attempted 20 questions. And then Quant, all the time left, attempted 16 questions. I was pretty happy with my performance after the paper. Various insti keys gave me 54 in Quant, 32/42 in Verbal and 60 in DI. Highly satisfactory...
Now this was the time I joined PG. Kept taking all the exams after CAT.. IIFT, MAT, SNAP, NMAT, XAT and FMS.. I logged into PG immediately after every exam.. Such an amazing time!
Anyway, came Jan 8th.. Here Im copy pasting from my post on the CAT results thread..:
After CAT, I knew my Quant (54) and DI (60) scores were great but Verbal was kinda dicey, (32-42).. But I knew I was safe coz my lowest was 32.. IIM-A was my dream.. I even went to Ahmedabad to check it out.. Have been thinkin of nothin other than IIM-A for months..
Yesterday, the CAT site was down.. I got my result through the SMS service.. Saw a 94.7 in Verbal and I knew I'd missed it.. But still.. Couldn't stop prayin and hopin.. Finally, my score card opened.. There it was.. B,C,L,I,K.. I lost it.. For one hour, I couldn't stop cryin.. The worst moments of my life.. It was so unexpected! I was so sure I'll get it, as was evident from my signature.. I was wonderin why somethin like this would happen to me.. I worked so hard.. I didn't wanna do anythin.. Didn't wanna speak to anyone.. Didn't wanna go to B.. NO! My dream, the one thing I've really wanted in life, was gone.. A hadn't called me..!
After that one hour of incoherence, I realized that what I was doin was very wrong.. My family was so happy but I was takin it away from them.. I realized that it is not the end of the world.. B has its own virtues, which may make it a better place for me than A.. All this is self-consolation, I know.. But I don't really have any option now.. I'm jus gonna work very very hard now.. Gonna convert B anyhow.. And then, maybe, sometime in the future, when I become a very successful corporate woman, A would regret it..!
My score:
Calls BCLIK..

Well anyway, I decided to move on. My results after CAT were great! My mother was so happy, and that is what mattered to me in the end. For her, getting to any IIM was such a big deal.. Now I have my eyes set on B, going to rock the place! Ha!
My entire journey through CAT has been fabulous. I've learnt a lot. I firmly believe that now I look at things in a broader perspective than I did earlier. For a Microbiology graduate with little or no understanding of the economy, maths and business, this journey held its own surprises. Thankfully, my entire interview process has been very smooth so far. I attribute it to my mentor at PT and to those puys who sent me such supportive PMs when things weren't that good. Believe me guys, it meant a lot..
I would also like to grab this opportunity to apologize to anyone I've offended, willingly or unwillingly. It was never my intention to do so. Believe u me, I mean absolutely no harm. It is a natural human tendency.. but why does it happen? When we are all preparing, we're on the same side. As soon as one of us makes it and the others don't, why're we on different sides? Aren't we together all the way?

i ve had a tremendous run till my 12th..acing wateva i wanted to...
come grads...acads dip a bit cos i had better things to do...romance and ethanol and football.. by the las year romance was a clear winner..yea..it took a good 3 years of passin out for y folks to get convinced..n yea i married the person who i ve loved the most..
now for the career part..first half of my career with a software major n second half with a defence major company..the interim saw me givin four CAT s in a really
haphazard state of mind thanks to watever i mentioned earlier..99+ i believd wud b a
cakewalk when i all i got was the 98 s and the 97 s...

2004- 97..no calls
2005-98.11 IIM B cudnt attend the interview cos i fell sick
2006- 98.54 skewed percentile no calls
2007 97.7 L K IITB

had my L n K interviews..thanks to my low percentile knew needed n extraordinary
show in the gd.pi s which dint happen..did go well..but not quite wat s required
IIT B was good..m really bullish bout my chances with IIT B


4 years into it i kno wat it really takes..it takes hell a lot of grit to get thru
..n more than anythin u ve gotta be damn
tough mentally....the moment u view CAT emotionally i think ur makin it more diff for urself..of all the geniuses i ve known they ve got in cos they were in check of their emotions when givin CAT...well for those who werent ,they were in better check of their emotions in their subsequent attempts...

all that is needed is a cold blooded thought process...
u ve got to clear the cutoffs for 2 sections n u ve go to ace one section..
evryone has some or the other way which works for them..it cant be taught in any damn coachin insti..

well even if aint gonna clear L K or IITB one thing for sure is that i m gonna be there for CAT 08---much better prepared..n with a tougher mindset..well i think it s a game..some of em make it early..some late..but for those who believe in themselves it s jus a matter of time....


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