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All I wanted to Speak about CAT

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                                  This Story will continue...

Hello everyone, after following Pagalguy for more than 3 months without signing in, I made up my mind for signing up so as to tell about myself. Before you read this, let me tell you I did not get into any good B school this time, but will get in next time definitely The story will continue...

I'm a final year student, studying in Delhi University. Like all my friends, I also joined the rat race to get a MBA degree from a premier B school, so I joined a coaching center so that I can score good percentile(this is what I thought}. I actually was studying seriously, solving quant booklets and trying to balance my Cat prep, semester prep, social life and family life. Though I didn't took my mocks seriously as some low score in those tests gave blow to my confidence but I continued taking them. Then came the exams, first two exams before the big exam were CMAT and NMAT. Their result also came soon. CMAT percentile : 94, I was satisfied. NMAT score : 189, I was shattered as I expected very much from this test. 

I came to know my quant score were not upto the mark but my Verbal scores were satisfactory, but this realization came a bit late as it was already the last week of October '14.

Because of CAT prep, my performance in college dropped to a new low, so I had no other option but to shift my focus towards my semester exams which were also in November'14 end. 

So, there I was, with CAT prep going slow now and the exam date. 22nd Nov'14 approaching fast. I decided to not touch any new topics(including geometry, Pnc, probabililty and a few more) and revise the chapters of quant that I know. Then came the BIG day, 22nd Nov'14. I was very much tensed. The exam was over, I was satisfied with my VALR attempts(34) but thought my attempts in QADI were low(19). Next up, IIFT and then began my semester exams. 

After that few exams in line were NMAT retake, SNAP and XAT.

All three went well. Then results came ringing.

First was CAT 2014, I was expecting anything between 85 and 95 percentile because of the variations in accuracy I've experienced during my mocks. BOOM! CAT Percentile : 88 ! I was silenced, I had nothing to say, no one to talk to. Parents also did not provide much help in supporting me. The score was in line with my expectations, low Qadi percentile - 72 and high Valr percentile - 95

IIFT : 33.09 marks ( No Call)

SNAP percentile : 94.133 (Filled only SIBM P and SCMHRD, NO Calls)

NMAT retake : 197 ( NMIMS Bang/Hyd call - Converted Nm Bang)

XAT percentile : 87 

Overall got calls from B schools of around these percentiles - TAPMI, FORE, GIM, LBSIM, NMIMS Bang/Hyd, IMI etc. 

So here I'm writing this, contemplating options that I have with me, with retaking CAT looking like my best bet. 

I don't know if I'm expecting too much from myself, do I have it in me to score good percentile? Don't know, but Yes, I will take CAT again, I will study hard and will get awesome percentile and join a premier B school next year. 

Thanks for reading this, signing off ! 

All suggestions and views are welcome !

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  • @Harveyspector OF course, it will be asked during interviews. 15 Apr.
  • You can join some NGO or an year diploma/certificate cour.... 15 Apr.
@SheerForce 122

@Harveyspector OF course, it will be asked during interviews

@Harveyspector 21

You can join some NGO or an year diploma/certificate course to justify but it should not affect your studies. Varna same na ho jae firse

Being Average: My journey to being a student


I remember an instance during an interview, when I was asked that what the defining moment of my life was. I was caught off-guard. Not because I didn't have an answer to that question. The reason why I was stumped by the question was that, I knew I had no such 'defining moment', what I didn't know was how to reply back. After several awkward moments of silence and stares, I managed, "No. I can't think of anything right now, Sir". The disappointment in his face showed. Supposedly, such an answer was not commonplace as the interviewer told me that I should have prepared better, and I should know myself better. With a restrained smile I answered, "Sir, I do know what I'm talking about. It isn't such, that every action I took in my past was guided by motivation. Even so, if you want, then for the sake of answering, I can concoct a story about the same, but it wouldn't be true". My interview was over shortly thereafter, and it goes unsaid that I wasn't selected.

After that short excerpt from my life, which by the way, most of you would find it to be irrelevant to what I'm going to talk about next, but I request you to have patience for now.

In the 'World of education', which I've known so far, people are basically classified into three broad categories; The Genius or the Know-It-All, The Average and The Lame. It's not something which I opine, rather, it is a general tendency of human beings to judge people, have an opinion about others, and have expectations from them, as well. People are judged on the basis of what they know and how they perform, right from school days. The one who is commonly known as the 'Topper' is the one who's supposedly a genius in the eyes of the teacher, and a Know-It-All in the eyes of his classmates. He's the one who takes away the 'glory'. The one who knows the least and doesn't make much sense is labelled as 'Dumb' or 'Lame'. He's the one who champions the extra-curricular activities. Then comes the third category or 'The Average'. The average is someone, who is good for nothing. Neither does he excel in studies, nor extra-curriculars. He is a mediocre performer who struggles to thrive among the best, but ultimately lives a life of mediocrity. He tries to be motivated by the "Great People" of his time, and is expected to live on the philosophies of those who "Lead by example". And who could understand it better than someone like me, who has felt the pangs of being overshadowed by the 'Outperformers'. But is the reality really the way it is perceived by others. I'll leave it up to you to judge.

Having passed my 12th board examinations with 'not so flying colors', I decided to pursue a career in Chemistry, as it was the only subject where I believed that I was slightly above average. But owing to the stiff competition, I failed to secure a seat in any of the premier Science colleges in India. That was when I felt, I should take a year's gap to prepare for the Engineering entrance exams to pursue a career in Chemical Engineering. My relatives and neighbors, who supposedly had a better opinion regarding my career, wanted me take up a career in Mathematics as I scored decent marks in my board exams. Having heard their jibes and comments, I decided to ignore them, and do what I felt was best for me.

A year later, I found myself in a similar situation, with the 'prophecies' of my relatives coming true. I did get Chemical engineering, but in colleges which had no repute. It was then that I read an article about Food Process Engineering, which was considered to be a 'Sunrise sector' and would have ample growth opportunities in the future. Three colleges of decent reputation, in the West Bengal University of Technology, offered the degree. Being related to my subject of interest, I decided to take it up. I once again had to face the jibes of my 'well-wishers'.

Three years passed by and I was into my final year of graduation. The placement season had arrived. Till then, I didn't manage to rank amongst the top 10 of my department, and had barely managed an eight point CGPA. Most of my batch mates had decided to take up whatever job or role was being offered to them, as all they needed to have was a job. I on the other hand, waited. I felt that the reason why I had pursued Food Technology was because I wanted to work in a firm where I could practically apply the concepts I had learnt over the four years. I refused to sit in any IT company as it was nowhere related to what I'd learnt. A couple of small food processing firms offered jobs, but neither the growth opportunity nor the salary offered was enticing. My hopes of securing a decent job were getting dim with every passing day. The Head of our department once said "Beggars cannot be choosers. Grab the opportunity you have at hand". I decided to wait. It was towards the end of my final semester, when the results of the aptitude test held by ITC Ltd. Foods Division were out. Fortunately enough, I had cleared the round. A group discussion and personal interview round followed shortly. Competing with the best candidates from five different departments was not an easy task. Without raising my hopes too high, I went for the GD. Having cleared the round, I faced the PI. When the results came out, I could only thank my stars as I was among the three selected candidates.

B.Tech. was overly soon enough and we were supposed to face a rigorous training program of 6 months, during which if we failed to perform, our stint as a graduate engineering trainee would end then and there. It was during those 6 months of work, that I unraveled the true potential within me and performed to my capabilities. At the end of the stint, I was offered a job and the role of a Manufacturing Executive at ITC Foods. The month of January 2013, brought subtle changes in my life. I was transferred to a different manufacturing unit, and I was working in night shifts more often than what I used to do earlier. The responsibilities had increased dramatically. It was then that I got the opportunity to attend 'Connect' a program organized by ITC where engineers and top-level management could meet and interact in a three day seminar. Hardly did I realize that it would change my entire perspective of looking into the way things were. I realized that there was more to me than just being involved in the execution of the jobs assigned to me in the shop floor. I developed a strong interest in the management aspect of operations involved in a manufacturing unit.

.Over the next four months, I made up my mind to prepare for the Common Admission Test and try to learn the ropes of management by studying in a premier institute. However, allocating time to studies was next to impossible given the fact that we didn't get holidays even during weekends and to add to it was the irregularities in life working in both shifts. Towards the end of April, I had realized that the only way I could get into a decent college was to devote time whole-heartedly to preparations. I called up my boss to inform him about my decision to quit. What followed was a long lecture on how it was difficult to find a decent job these days, and how someone like me, who was an 'average student' should not let go of a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity. When I told him that my decision was firm, all he had to say was that 'Over confidence' from someone of my caliber was not good and that wouldn't take me much further. To that I only had one reply, "I might be an average student, but that has nothing to do with why I shouldn't be confident".

However, to be honest, I myself wasn't too sure of the decision I'd taken, nor were my relatives or my 'well-wishers'. My family and a selected few friends of mine supported me throughout all decisions which I'd taken in my life and they gave me a thumbs-up to go ahead with what I'd planned for my career. After 6 months of rigorous coaching and practice on my behalf, I appeared for CAT 2013. I felt I'd done decently well. However, in an exam with nearly 2 lakh applicants, I wasn't too sure of what the future had in store for me.

Two months passed, and it was the second week of January 2014, when the results were declared. I sat on a chair staring into the screen for several seconds just to absorb the enormity of the fact that I'd scored a 99.43 percentile in CAT. My happiness knew no bounds. Shortly thereafter, I received several calls from the new IIMs and other premier colleges as well. However, I felt slightly dejected on not having received calls from IIM B, C, K and I. I did however get calls from the Agri-Business Management program of IIM A and L. The results were declared during the months of April to June and I'd converted the IIM L-ABM call and was waitlisted 6 in the IIM A-ABM programme. I had converted all the calls from the 6 new IIMs and IIM S as well. As happens with every other candidate, I was in a fix as to which institute I should select. Most people advised me to go with IIM L-ABM as not only was Agri-Business related to the industry where I'd worked in, but it was from one of the best colleges in India. I was left to debate in my mind whether I should actually do as most people said, or should I follow my initial plan of studying in an institute where I could learn the ropes of managing the operations in an industry with a much broader opportunity. I never had so many choices before in my entire career and therefore, the 'plethora of choices' confused me.

It was then, that I went to my dad to ask for his advice. What he said would remain etched in my mind forever. 'It is good to ask for advice. It is good to take up the positives from the advices and follow them. But, it is equally essential to remember that eventually you are going to be the one who decides what best for you. You've always proved time and again that being an average student doesn't make you any less. You've taken the path less taken and have proved that one should pursue a career in what one is truly interested, and I suggest you do the same.'

I finally decided to join SJMSoM, IIT Bombay, which according to many wasn't in the same league as IIML, but all I knew was that, it was one of the best colleges when it came to pursuing a career in General Management, where my specialization would not be pre-decided.  All throughout my life, I've learnt to look at the positives instead of 'crying over spilled milk'. My life never had a "single defining moment", which changed me in a great way. It wasn't as if I always had to look up to someone or something to keep me motivated. Motivation comes from within. I followed my heart and I did what I felt was best for me, and I daresay I did better than many who were considered to be 'superior' to me. It's not that I didn't commit any mistakes in my life, indeed I have. But now when I look back, I realize that having no regrets in your life, is what matters most. I've completed a semester at college and am going good. And when the time comes, I'm sure I'll prove my mettle once again. And as I've said earlier, and would reiterate, "It is up to you to choose whether you want to Rise, 'coz 'Average' is just another word!!"


Reeju Guha                                                                                                                 Master of Management (2014-16)                                                                         SJMSoM, IIT Bombay

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  • Thanks everyone and ATB for your future endeavors!. 08 Apr.
  • hw advantageous is general management over others?. 10 Apr.
Reeju Guha @rg89 87

Thanks everyone and ATB for your future endeavors!

Hemanth Kumar Dev @devavarapu11 4

hw advantageous is general management over others?

My journey My way!

Have been waiting for this moment since July 2013 (the day I joined pagalguy) and finally I get to have it, like live it, feel it, smile and cry with it. Being a general, non-technical female (I know comes to people's mind that girl's quota and commerce background will add points to my score and get me in) I did have my share of ups and downs which I guess made me learn a lot more which I would have missed if was in some college this time! So the journey begins!

Ischooling :  So I have been thinking of doing MBA since 2007. Belonging to a middle class family and having cousins who were part of all these big B-schools, it inspired me and made me work harder to score those 90+% in boards and a 100% in maths in class 10th (that was the only time i worked my ass off) and was pretty sure that I am smart enough to crack the feline and be part of IIM A (dream school). Times passed and class 12th was kind enough to me and i scored 90+ even though i had my right elbow fractured and was not studying for straight 2 months. So, yes school went on fine with parents being happy, having expectations and with other problems.

DU :

Was lucky to be a part of north campus, DU and studied B.Com(H) from Ramjas College and did all the fun which you expect from a DUite to do. Made friends, attended fests, interned, had a break up and life took a different turn. Once a girl was so excited about preparing for MBA , left her plans to pursue it for the time being and wrote CAT just for fun like literally. Wrote CAT in 2011 with 0 prep, didn't even knew about the pattern properly etc and still hoped that yeah i am smart enough, I'll score 80 something. The day result came, it was below 50. I was devastated, though it was normal because I wasn't prepared but those expectations I had from myself were shattered. So a failed relationship, losing my grandpa the same day CAT results came out,  pathetic CAT score, failed placements and an irritating professor as mentor for the project, my 3rd year was pretty screwed up!! I had zero self-confidence and thought of myself being a waste and a burden on my parents. They didn't knew about it much but yea knew I was depressed, but i guess life had its own plan and left Delhi to explore Bangalore

(my first love). Spent 2 weeks there, came back.


Job : Managed to secure a job with a startup in Gurgaon ( a place where my ex belonged to and I loathed) and started working. Initially it was tough , literally, but then yes you eventually adjusts with things around. Worked harder, was in the top of the lists and was involved with other stuff there itself so had myself pretty occupied. Around birthday (January) I relaised "yaar aur nai hoga yeh, have to get back to the original self" and I told my parents about the discussion of pursuing MBA again making them satisfied "ki haan ab kuch hoga iska" Asked my cousins about the same and planned that I'll take the night shift and study in the day time but on my own, no coaching. Mind mai apni value abhi b kum nai hui thi (still thought of myself a smarty) and will crack it on my own. Registered with TIME for the test series and had a friend from XIMB to pan out my stuff and help me with it. Boy!! Those aimcats gave me nightmares, scoring as low as single digit percentiles. Still something in me kept me moving on and in August I resigned thinking I'll be full time devoted to it as was not able t manage job and study together. Manager felt bad but had to do this and packed my stuff and came back home. So living in Delhi/NCR for 4 + years and coming back to Yamunanagar (small town) gave me jitters. All hanging out, weekend parties etc all came to a stop. Kept my cool and promised myself with lucrative offers if I end up good.

Struggle time : actual period : So kept on preparing and hoping for a miracle I wrote CAT and all other MBA entrances , had in my mind that I'll atleast get through something. In this whole process, made amazing friends here on pagalguy. A long list of people and wont name because missing even a single on would be unfair. "Rise to Smile" was  my adda where was called tamatar and was called sallu too. Spent around 10 hours here because it was my family. So when the results started pouring in, it was a time where I thought it's time to end my life.

CAT : 50 %ile

SNAP : 86 %ile

XAT : 75.75%

And all other were straight rejects.

Managed to secure calls from TAPMI, IFMR, IMT Nagpur but the worst they didn't get converted too. Only IMT Nagpur did. My all friends had converts and were happy and gay with their new friends. It was a time I want no one should ever go through. A failure which makes you think yourself as a big loser, a failure, a burden, good for nothing girl. When you are so low, everything about you turns to be negative, you start thinking about how ugly you are, nobody loves you, people are moving away, they are happy and you are just sulking, you cry and cry yourself to sleep. Watching your parents try to pacify you but deep down you know how much they want you to be successful, taunts etc just was too much. Because of all this, I stopped eating and ignored my health and fell sick. Jaundice and acute intestinal infection took over me and 3 months on bed direct (April-May-June).This period was horrible, used to cry at nights because of pain and I guess the failure because I was scared about my future and cry till the point my mum used to make me sleep around 3 AM. This continued for 3 months, injections of pain killers, mum dad taking leaves for handling me etc, the only best part I wasn't admitted. During this time, I met a person on PG and he helped me to find a way out for all this. He asked me to introspect as it wasn't taking my time much and note down that what wrong I did. I agreed after a bit nagging and started the introspection and realized:

1.       I ignored the basic pattern and got emotionally attached to questions.

2.       I spent most of the time here on PG bakaring.

3.       I wasn't serious or organised with my course.

4.       I thought of myself as a person who'll clear CAT without prep.

5.       Was too involved in worldly affairs and vulnerable.

With all this I thought of working but was refused because of stamina/health issues and thought of writing CAT the last time in 2014. I was 23 by then, unemployed, good for nothing lass but still my parents agreed to it (not the marriage issue but they wanted me to settle professionally)

I gave up chocolates, I can die for them but yes did. Just to bring myself in discipline and joined CL in july for classes. Went for my classes, studied hard, did my questions, was off PG as in bakar and was a part of the FB group but realised that cannot study this way and went for chats and all just to ease my mind out. Joined swimming to keep myself involved as was still at home and made every effort to burn the midnight oil and with the support of my bestie and people around wrote CAT and all other entrances.

The first one was CMAT sept, result came around midnight and I managed a 95%ile, I know not a great one but a person who has seen 40-50, it was heaven. Called up Ankita (besite) and cried my heart out. I know I wouldn't get calls but then it was 90+. Was a bit confident and with an added effort wrote CAT. So i am this person who gets nervous before exams and happened this time too. After CAT, the next day i had IIFT and realised in the middle of the exam, IIFT is not my cup of tea The same night I went to katwaria sarai, in front of the IIFT gate, vented out (kiddish I know). SNAP happened then and results came. CAT it was, i scored 89.68%ile, yes not even a 90 -_- It scared the shit out of me again and was so depressed that I made my parents let down again and couldn't even manage 90+ with coaching and stuff. As the battle was still left, prepared for XAT. Was unwell that morning but managed to appear for it :/ The day I had TISS ,SNAP's result was declared. As I was going for the exam, the result was out. I was firm that I'll check once i am back at my massi's place. I went back, opened my mail hoping positivity as I wasn't bad last year. As I opened the score card, it was 97.85%ile and I shouted like anything. My cousin from the other room came running and was shocked to see me in tears (i cry a lot ) He got so so so scared that he called up bhabhi to look into the matter. I checked, rechecked, re re checked if it was me only. That moment I was not in my senses, I was crying and laughing at the same time Called up Ankita and did the same on phone, she was so confused that I got some good abuses from her The amount of confidence it gave me had no boundaries. Went out the next day and ate my heart out and shopped ^_^ Called my parents but they were normal with it! J

Then all the results came and TISS, IIFT was a straight reject. So as I had SNAP, i was hell bent to convert Symbiosis as Pune it was, a place I so wanted to be a part of. I knew I would clear SCMHRD cut off but was sceptical about SIBM-P, again tension times :/ but somehow I did :D.

So this season I had/have calls from SIBMP, SCMHRD, SIIB, SIBMB, XIMB HR, IMI, TAPMI, KJ FORE, that is it.

The pune phase was altogether an amazing journey and rickety one but yes made me so so so strong.

Converted SCMHRD and am waitlisted for SIBMP which I have no hopes for to clear. So will be joining SCMHRD for now and will have my badge too :mg:

I made so many friends in this whole journey who are so close to my heart and have stood by me and seeing them saying "we are so happy for you, you deserved it" made me cry. Some of them left me but yes I cannot control that. The whole journey made me kill myself, made me proud. My parents cried with me the day I was part of the SCMHRD merit list. Sooner or later I realised, I can do it, I just need to be a lil more disciplined and strict with myself. Things will eventually fall in place, people say or "tension na le, sab sahi hoga" but yea we are humans, but obvious hota tension! J

Something in us keeps us moving, we just have to find that something and we'll succeed for sure!

PS - I know it is a long one but wanted to share with my PG family.

PPS - Ignore the grammatical errors as direct from the heart and no proof reading has been done.

PPPS - I did it (somehow) so anyone can do it! J

PPPPS - any sort of feedback is welcomed!

All the best peeps!! You'll surely shine!  

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  • @saloni1931 Haha...So I assume that you didn't liked Mode.... 17 Jun.
  • @greedyreader thts like assuming kuch b -_-. 18 Jun.
Varun Upadhyay @greedyreader 3

@saloni1931 Haha...So I assume that you didn't liked Model Town

Saloni Agarwal @saloni1931 12,701

@greedyreader  thts like assuming kuch b -_-

How my father motivated me to go from average to 99 percentile!

Finally I'm writing on this sacred thread. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who shared his/her story here and inspired me .Please read at your own risk because this may not sound interesting.

Coming to me.....I was always a good student in school. Though I was very active in class, I could never replicate that in the exams. Despite having the ability to be better, I could never breach the 5th position thanks mainly to my laziness. The first jolt came in 10th standard boards when I scored only 84% despite a 100 in Math. Though I was a bit disappointed, like many others I put it down to bad luck. With a lot of enthusiasm, I enrolled for AIEEE coaching in my 12th.I started off well but in typical self-destructive fashion that I was used to, I lost track. Much before the exams, I had given up. And it showed in the results. I royally screwed IITJEE, AIEEE and every other exam. I could not even make it to the top local college. Finally, I had to be content with a little known college.

            This was the worst phase of my life. It looked like the world came crashing around me. I became the laughing stock of everyone. There was no proper communication between me and my father for 6 months!!!!!!!!!!! In my B.Tech life, there is little to boast of. I almost became a recluse and got into a shell. I managed a just about decent aggregate.

June 2012- The time I started my introspection

I entered the final year of engineering. At this time, I realized that I had nothing great in my educational profile. And the placement scenario in my college was so dismal that nobody in the entire batch was placed!!!!!I knew that I had to improve myself and go for higher studies if I had to do something worthwhile in life. Most of my friends had written GRE and were flying abroad. But somehow, right from my childhood, I never wanted to go abroad for MS. My father advised me to appear for CAT.I knew very little about MBA. Also, my self-esteem was so low that I wondered if I would be able to crack one of the toughest exams. I decided that I would appear for CAT 2013.

CAT 2012

My father advised me to give CAT 2012 to get an idea about the competition. So, I applied in September. I bought used material and prepared for barely 2 weeks. I gave the exam on October 25, 2013. As expected, I found the QADI section tough and attempted only 13 question. In fact, I didn't even see questions 21-30 because I ran out of time. In the second section, I attempted 27 questions!!!I assure that it was only because I was a novice. I came out of the exam hall satisfied because there were no expectations on me.

Result Day-I opened the website as soon as I got up QADI-80.57 VALR-93.08 OA-89.84 I could barely believe what I saw. I was so happy because I had scored well without any preparation. It gave me a lot of confidence.

2013-The year all the dots joined

The same day I decided that I would appear for CAT 2013 without trying for a job. I enrolled in TIME as a full time student. I started preparation in February studying exactly 1 hour daily. In the meantime, I finished my B.Tech. The AIMCATs started in June. I gave the first test with a lot of excitement because I was well prepared. However, the result shocked me. I had scored very low. I put it down to lack of exposure to the difficulty and prepared extremely hard, putting in 7-8 hours daily. The marks took a further dip in the next 2 tests. I became very depressed to the point of giving up CAT and focusing only on the relatively easier exams like NMAT and SNAP. It was again my father who spoke to me and motivated me. I did a careful analysis of the mocks and found out that the low marks were due to the high number of attempts with low accuracy. I ironed out this flaw and slowly my performance improved. I started scoring 98+ percentiles consistently and was improving in VA. Soon, I started figuring in the toppers' list. I continued this performance till the last AIMCAT.

Exam Season Begins.......

The first exam I gave was CMAT followed by NMAT.I knew that I had done well in both these tests but CAT was the one which really counted. There was a gap of exactly 3 weeks between NMAT and CAT. My slot was on October 31, 2013. I dedicated this time only for revision of all the AIMCATs and countless other mocks. I labored to the point that my eyelids shut of their own accord. A lot was at stake for me. The day before the exam, I was very nervous and had butterflies in my stomach. I was restless and many things were going on in my mind. My father called me aside and spoke to me for a long time. He said that he was happy with the way that I had changed and told me to continue with the same commitment in every endeavor of mine. I was very happy because exactly 4 years back (2009), things were so radically different. All the pressure vanished in that instant.

CAT 2013

I was very nervous. But once the exam started, I was in my zone. Thanks to the AIMCAT experience, I found the first section easy and attempted 24 questions. In the second section too I attempted 24 questions thanks to my confidence in LR. Came out of the exam hall with mixed feelings because I was afraid normalization would screw me in VA despite my good performance in QADI.


I was confident of this exam since I had devised a strategy of maximizing my score in LR and QA and managing a decent score in the others. It was a success with me achieving 100% accuracy in both these sections.


This was a breeze compared to CAT and I was always confident of doing well even before the exam


Thanks to my CAT preparation, I was confident of all the sections except decision making. Though I practiced countless mocks, I was not consistent in DM. Finally, I decided to follow the same strategy as IIFT. I came out of the exam hall confident of getting a 99+ percentile but a little tense of my sectional score in DM.


The first result was IIFT. I was happy to get a call with a good score of 58.74.Since IIFT gives 60% weightage to entrance test score, I knew that I had almost nailed it. SNAP was next and I scored 99.73 percentile. Now I knew that I was assured of at least 1 decent college.

Jan 14, CAT results

The result was to be declared at 9 AM. I woke up at 7 AM. The next 2 hours seemed like ages. I couldn't control my anxiety. I had a habit of reading the editorial of The Hindu and rewriting it in my own words (more on this later). Usually, it would take me 20 to 25 minutes to do this. But, that day it took me nearly an hour. My hand was trembling with anxiety!!! At 9 AM, I tried to check the results, but the server was slow. In the meantime, my friends kept calling me with their respective results which only increased my anxiety. Finally, the result appeared on the screen QADI-99.79 VALR-96.32 OA-99.73 I could barely believe what I saw. I was thrilled to bits. It was the first time that I had lived up to my potential. Immediately, I called my father. After what seemed like an eternity, he answered the call. The happiness in his voice when I told the result can't be described. Words failed us. Slowly, congratulatory calls started pouring in from all quarters.

        Waited eagerly for the calls to start coming. Didn't expect A, B and I due to my acads. But the real shock came when I was not shortlisted for Lucknow. It was a huge blow to me. But I had a call from Calcutta, my dream B School the next day. Meanwhile, I scored 99.38 in XAT and 99.81 in NMAT.

GDPI Phase

Immediately, I began my preparation in earnest for the interviews. From June 2013, I started reading the editorial of The Hindu and rewriting it in my own words in a book. I did this to improve my GK and also vocabulary. It helped me immensely in my interviews. By the time the interviews ended, I had 2 thick fat books. Let me tell you that this book helped me immensely and I was able to answer about 10 questions on figures in my IIM K interview because of this.

              The first was IIFT. And I had the worst possible start...........The GD was closed in 10 minutes because the moderators were annoyed by the fish market our group made. However, the PI was very good and I came out believing that I could make it to the Kolkata campus at least. NMIMS was next and it was a breeze thanks to my NMAT score. IIM Calcutta followed. This was the one for which I was dreaming for years. It was my dream b school. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that I would have chosen Joka ahead of WIMWI. However, right from the start, the PI was a disaster. I was completely responsible for my pathetic performance. I came out of the interview highly demoralized. Later, I shut myself in my room and cried till the tears had dried. I knew that it was the end of the dream as I could not afford to take one more year and give CAT again.

         A week later, it was XLRI. At this time, I was terribly sick that I could barely think anything. However, I forced myself and went to Bangalore for the interview. HR was the first interview followed by BM the next day. I had a pretty average GD in HR. And since I was the last to be interviewed, I had to wait for 3.5 hours. The panel tried to stress me out in the beginning. But, once I handled that part well, they became extremely friendly and allowed me to express my views without any interruption. I came out convinced that I had nailed it, though I didn't admit it to anyone. The BM interviewed followed the next day. Though it went well, there was something missing right throughout which I couldn't point at.

         Later, I had MDI and IIT B interviews which went very well. I didn't doubt for an instant my result in these cases. The final one was IIM K. After a lot of deliberation, I decided to attend the interview. It was a stress interview right from the word go. I felt that I had handled it decently.

Admission Results

The results started pouring in with NMIMS followed by IIFT and XIMB....converted all these while getting IIFT Delhi campus which made me relax. On April 7th, XLRI results were declared. Quickly I logged in and saw that it was a reject in BM. A little apprehensive, I checked HR and saw that it was a direct convert. I had made it to a top 5 B school!!!! Finally, I had the last laugh with a cry of delight. It was the culmination of all the hard work and the transformation that I had undergone in the last 1 year. Subsequently, I cleared IIM K, MDI, and every other institute for which I had given GDPI save Joka.

           After a lot of deliberation and thought, I joined IIM K. XLRI will always be close to my heart.......but it is a classic case of the top not being the best for you.

              From being ridiculed and taunted endlessly by everybody around to being quoted as a person to emulate, life has come full circle for me. I dedicate this victory to the thousands of underachievers who could not achieve their goals and could not make it to the institution of their choice in under-graduation and are waiting for a chance to prove themselves. I would like to tell all of you that YOU CAN MAKE IT if a mediocre person like me without any determination or willpower could.

             "When fate deserts you, determination answers the call"

Signing off for now,

Anubhav Kunnel,

PGP 18(2014-16)

IIM Kozhikode

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  • ya sure @Karishma08. 16 Mar.
  • awesome yaar.. string of 99s ..true achiever!... liked th.... 20 Mar.
CMAT Sept 2013:AIR 153 CAT 2013:99.73 SNAP:99.73 NMAT:230(99.81)IIFT:58.74 score XAT 2014:99.38 Calls:IIM C,K,S,New IIMs,IIT B,XLRI(BM&HR;),NITIE,SIBM-P,XIMB,NMIMS,IIFT,MDI,SP Jain Skipped:NITIE,IIM S,SIM-P Converts:XLRI(HR),IIFT-D,MDI,IIT B, NMIMS,XIMB...
@knighthood 71

awesome yaar.. string of 99s ..true achiever!... liked the last part where you say I dedicate this to all the underachievers...you CAN do it!!

How I fought low scores, low self-esteem, and the world, to get into MBA!


At the outset I would like to warn all those who are going to read this below-average-boring piece of article- this is not about an extra ordinary guy, facing extra ordinary problems and coming out with extra ordinary results. Like the person who is writing it, this will be an average story with average English and average accomplishments.

This all started when I was in my second year of engineering, when that angel came into my life (probably the best part of my life, something I would be proud of till my very last breath).

Academically I've been a very poor performer, flunked a number of exams while barely managed to cross passing marks in others. Studies have never been my cup of tea; although that is something I never regret. Anyways as a result of my extra- ordinary (X/XII- 82/69- yes this you can call extra ordinary achievement) scholar achievements was made to leave Delhi and went Indore for my engineering.

Then in second year I guess God felt like this-is-enough and introduced that special person in my life. Life turned upside down. All of a sudden I started hating my habits, my routines, my way of life, and my ideas. Damn I started hating everything about me and my life. All of a sudden facts that were earlier alien to me started attracting me. I started thinking about those big TERMS like- career goals, life objectives and stuff. I felt like I was dead all these years and now I have got my life back. Somehow I also figured out that if I really want to have this person (a CA, a scholar, always among the top 3 performers) I need to have something substantial in my life.

Finally I was clear about one of those big TERMS I mentioned earlier- career goal. I was sure MBA it has to be; honestly speaking there were many reasons behind this like my hatred towards GK and technical subjects, my good analytical skills. But the biggest factor was- presence of so many MBA colleges in Mumbai, which meant a greater chance of being with her and at the same time doing some big.

Suddenly I started appearing on radars, all of a sudden a good-for-nothing; meant-to-be-neglected-person started flipping those charts. The day I informed my parents about my decision to do MBA--- haha what a day it was. They actually called up my brother asking him to convince me to do something of my level ( my level.. haha.. beta ghar ajao.. koi sarkari exam ki tayari karlo, warna aao koi shop/business dalwa dete hain  ). In all this one thing that kept me going was her trust, just one smile on her face- even today I don't need anything more than that from my life.. every time people laughed at me- she stood there holding my hands.. at times even I felt that I am not doing justice to her by staying together, but she just would not let me go, after all angels are meant for that only 

I gave my first CAT attempt in 2012. My target was to score something respectable. And I thought- "what is there to lose, even if I didn't score it's not something that is unexpected of me. On the night when CAT result was to be announced my dad said "80% ke as pass bhi le aaya to naak bach jayegi". Around 3 AM I opened my result. Let me tell you I just sat there staring the screen (as if I saw the biggest monster of my life) for few minutes, before being able to absorb the shock that was lying in front of me.. BANG !!! 96.25.. BOOM !!!! First time in my life it was me calling others to inform them and not the other way round. My first call went to her- and as I said she just knew it. Right then I knew I proved myself. I proved my whole life in this one moment, no matter what others say I just served the purpose of my life. Then I informed my parents.. haha.. bichare raat bhar soye nhi khushi ke mare :P:)

After that usual MBA routine- calls, interviews and stuff. I received a handful of calls that year and converted many of them. Just when I was about to take my decision a thought came into my mind. Is this the best I have got, can I not target something bigger, can I not make her more proud. Finally I decided to repeat CAT. When I said this to my family what a mess it made. My father, brothers, friends and relatives- everyone was against this. And I don't blame them as well. Owing to my history of failures they were right on their point. But again that hand in my hand told me- you can do it, just fulfill your dreams. Somehow I managed him, well could not manage him but somehow went ahead with my plans of repeating CAT.

I gave CAT 2013. I guess luck decided something else for me. First my leave application got rejected, second just one night before my exam I had my asthma attack; one that took me by surprise. I could not inform my parents otherwise they would have panicked. Fever, breathing problem, cough and cold; scene was so bad that around 4 AM I wasn't even sure that whether I will be able to sit in my exam or not. I woke up around 7 AM. Somehow I managed to go for my exam. Right there I did one of the biggest mistakes they tell you not to do. I went with a fixed number of question attempts in my mind. Due to the increased difficulty level, my health and mental conditions I lost my confidence and after I could not reach my target in section-1 I made some guessing in English. I thought that either way it's going to be a failure so why not guessing.

I told my parents that I won't be able to make it this time. Contrary to what you saw earlier this time they were the ones supporting me telling me I will definitely score it. And she was as usual standing beside me. Just smiling and telling me result does not matter to her; what I did matters most. When results came to my surprise even with those low attempts ( they were high for others) I scored 98.xx in first section, and thanks to my guess work I scored 86.xx in second section. Overall- 94.xx... There I was with everyone I knew on this planet laughing at me, teasing me, saying things I never heard before ( bahaut ud raha tha aagaya aukaud me, humein to pehle se hi pata tha phirse fail hoga. Nd stuffs like this). But these sentences didn't even matter to me because she was there for me . Didn't appear for any interviews, skipped them all. Was forced to go to IMT interview, kept mum in GD (didn't even say a word). PI was all about taking out my anger on those genuine questions. Then came the worst phase of my life, one that never quite got over. Actually the thing is once you raise your respect level, bigger things are expected from you and what hurts most is to see pain/failure in those eyes. They just kill you with those glances. Depression was at its peak.

Flunked in my exam(for me this score was as good as nothing) , went through one of the biggest family crises of my life, lost my best friend... AND lost my ANGEL. It appeared that god was laughing at me, showing me where I actually belonged. Telling me that these dreams are not meant for you, you moron. That you just don't belong here. Go back to your place. It felt like my morning got over and it was all again darkness for me. 4 big blows one by one. One of them that I am yet to come with terms. Well I guess since that day I never actually lived my life. I just started doing things that I was good at. I realized that yeah these things are just not meant for me. I don't deserve this respect, love and care.

I decided that won't appear in CAT or for that matter in any exam, will resign and will go to a place where I won't find even a single familiar face. I put down my papers. Then again she came in my life as a savior. And convinced me to continue living my life the way I did it for past 5 years because she always know I won't do anything that will hurt her. Somehow she convinced me to take back my papers and to appear in CAT one last time..I was doing it all just for her. But I knew I lost myself way back and now it just don't matter to me. I lost the only reason for which I did it all. I never did it for fame, family, money. All I ever cared about was her smile and happiness. With her gone life just feels like a glass of water in which I, as a cube of ice, am getting lost. I know I will do it all, not for me, but to respect her memories.

Not even a single night goes when I don't think about leaving it all and going back to my pathetic dark hell life but then this one voice keeps on whispering in my ears. Something she said right before going... "If you really cared for my happiness, if you really want to see me happy, if you really believed in US, don't destroy the dreams we saw together, just don't let go of me, fulfill our dreams and you will always have a part of me with you. God !!!!! I just hate these words. But I must say there is something about that girl. Even today she inspires me, makes me do things I never did. If not for her, there is nothing in this world that could have made me do things I am doing. It's just I can't see her sad, and I know the least I could do to keep her happy is fulfill her wishes. Thanks to her trust and love, gave a final attempt this year and luckily scored 97.25. I know for many people out there it will be a kid's play to score this much and they must be feeling so what!!! But it means a lot to me due to my history and my personal reasons. It just means a hell lot to me and somehow I know will continue my life like this only. If not for her then for her memories

Before you guys make any assumption let me tell you, except 4 people nobody around me even knows her name, let alone our story or my current situation. I never believe in sharing my problems with others, I believe in keeping mum and fighting alone. Then why the hell am I saying it all here!! Right ? I feel that if this story can motivate even a single person out there I would be more than happy. wo kehte hain na "jinke apne sapne pure nahi hote, wo dusron ke pure karte hain". There would be people out there expecting things from you, putting their blind trust on you, supporting you in your each and every step, standing by your side holding your hands when nobody supports you. Just don't let them down. Just don't break their trust. Prove it to them that you are worth it. That you have got it in you.

I remember this sentence I used to convince my dad- that it's better to try and fail, rather than regretting my whole life. So what if I give it and don't score good, at least I will be happy in my life that finally I stood for something.. for someone.. and i know i want to have that satisfaction.

I just want to say that live your life before you lose all your reasons to do so. Just realize it before it's too late (something I never did). Never let go of your dreams. Hold on to them till eternity, one day you will definitely succeed, and that one day you will be proud of your achievements. Don't let anybody tell you that you can't do something, until unless you yourself feel so. Just go out there and prove yourselves, not to this world but to those who believe in you, those who stood beside you when everybody left, those who even after going away wish you well, those who even after so many months can't stop worrying about you.

Have a nice life ahead.

PS: Any grammatical errors are to be forgiven. This is straight from the heart without any edits and that too from a below-average-looser.

PPS: This is my first ever article, so definitely it will be very poorly written and managed. But then I didn't write it for English or for my expertise

PPPS: Any sort of feedback would be more than welcome.

========= Update as on 12/06/2015 ============

Ohk so now this is officially one of the best ( if not the best) days of my life.

Amidst all uncertainty and doubts I cleared NITIE Mumbai. This all started with a simple idea. An idea that was conceived 5 years ago, an idea that would ultimately began this quest. Idea was to do something respectable, something that could wash away my past academic sins. And here I stand today, feeling accomplished and proud. Today when I look back I feel that all the pain, all the suffering was definitely worth it, and that I could finally do justice with them and with myself.

For the unfathomable worth it has, I am not going to let go of this chance. Although I know there is something else waiting for me in Mumbai but now that I am done with this target, it's time to set a tougher one for myself. Let's see how I perform in this new journey; the one that I just completed was full of highs and lows (gained and lost so much) and was worth living for.

And as they always say "Picture abhi baki hai mere dost. Party to abhi shuru hui hai". Long way to go, but at least now I know which direction to head towards.


Pushkar Malik

NITIE PGDIM, Batch of 2017

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  • Okay u deserved it :smiley:. 12 Jun.
  • @abir217nandi thanks man !!. 12 Jun.
NITIE PGDIM, Class of 2017 :)  AIWTSAC- http://tinyurl.com/o6cs763

This is a my story and journey of cat. I have not cracked cat in 4 attempts and this post is my way of acknowledging people who helped me in my cat prep say thank you and provide some tips which might help a future aspirant. 

Attempt 1: 'Cat'11 - The best year score wise.

Was about to finish 3rd year and placements were to start late in 7th Sem. TIME folks came to college and offered me a scholarship. Talked to parents and bro , encouraged me to join TIME. The total course was offered to me at 6k. Later understood that is because the faculty were absolute shit. Heard about pagalguy joined the site. Never spent much time in exploring the site. Days went by I studied whatever caught my fancy, Never really knew what was important , what was not. Spent time working on college project and in spare time studying for cat. Wrote a couple of mocks got pathetic scores. Discouraged and with motivation to join a core company. Worked hard on my engg project. Got a award for the project. There were no core company and hence got an offer from one of the mass recruiter. Cat'11 came and went , I knew i had screwed it up.

Results - QA- 88.xx VA- 99.XX OA- 98.4

The results shocked me .unfortunately i never believed in my ability and had not applied to any colleges except IIM's and Nittie.

As expected didn't get a call from any one of the colleges.

Attempt 2: Cat'12

Gave cat again in 12 just for the heck of it. In retrospect should have been more serious as my joining got delayed. Nothing to write much for cat'12 attempt.Had time to prepare but let it go just practiced some VA and DI.

Results - QA- 80, VA - 99.xx OA - don't remember.

Attempt 3:Cat'13

I had finished my training in mysore and was located in bangalore. In Mysore i got into a relationship with one of the girls in my batch. joined bangalore was given an opportunity to work on SAP. Happy  waited to be on boarded  for the project. In meantime gave cat with absolutely no prep for time pass. Thought will work hard in the project and move ahead.

Results : QA-57.xx VA- 99.xx OA - 92-.XX

Was shattered when got on boarded ofr the project. Got to know later this was not as it seemed outside. And the great career i dreamed of looked faded.With no option to leave project and my gf telling me her parents are looking to get her married. I knew i was in no position to get married and a indecisive career and craving for a opportunity to change.I saw guys in my project with 5 year of exp struggling to get a switch,  I decided CAT would best address my problems. I can get engaged and go to a bschool . With a bschool platform could get a opportunity to pursue my career interest. Studied really hard. had loads of work in office but pushed and completed it all with 9 am-6pm. Was not recognized for my efforts and still was least bothered as my heart was set to leave the company. used to get up at 5 and start preparing for cat.

Gave a couple of sectional tests. Was distraught not being able to cross advanced level in careerlauncher sectional test . I thought all my efforts are a waste and thought to ditch cat all together, Spoke to @abhimukh19  during this time. He encouraged me to not give up hope and continue with the prep. With a new vigor again started the prep journey. Preparing for cat in way back to home in the bus. Studying till late night. Gave a couple of mocks and got encouraging scores. QA was still bit of a problem but it was fine.As the season went by , I became really good in VA and DI. QA was doing decent and clearing the cutoffs.By november really felt things would be on my side and finally i can crack cat.

Nov-22'14 : Gave cat . went well in 30 mins blitzed through VA marking 30 Q's. Went to QA and spent reminder of time in QA and came to VA. Also tried some LR and DI but couldn't solve anything. was reasonably happy with the attempt. Thought score would be 98+.

IIFT: screwed. Horrible attempt were things went downhill.

Cat results: QA-= 50.xx VA- 90.xx QA- 80.

Felt gutted couldn't even cry when i saw the result. I wanted to cry to scream and get over it. But i couldn't i couldn't cry nor speak. I was silent. My parents felt disappointed. My GF was gutted too. I didn't know what to do. How can i get so less. I never got QA so less and VA i was so sure . I actually studied for VA this time. I have got 99%tile thrice in Cat for god's sake.

Walked through the rest of days. Was demotivated to go attempt XAT. Gave xat nothing great was disoriented. couldn't  score well. Screwed xat. QA 23 , Va 90'ish i think , DM 92. OA- 89.

Thus end my journey of cat. I have no idea what to do in my relationship and my career. Well we shall see

Tips to aspirants:

1. Analyse mocks and experiment a little in a couple of mocks. It will help you score well.

2. Bad mocks score are okay keep calm and move ahead. Analyse your mistake. The first time i reached 99 in VA that mock season I have never scored above 90 in Mocks VA.

Thank you note:

@abhimukh19 You have been a great inspiration and a motivator sadly I have nothing to show for it. Thank you for if it was not because of you i would not have written cat'14.

@the_hate I met you in bangalore PG meet. Thank for the kind words and encouragement. You are an inspiration to generations of aspirants. Happy could meet you in person and talk to the legend himself.

@prem_ravi Pure inspiration at its peak. That's all i can say. Honored to have met you. I know you once said if i can pursue a mba with 10 years of worex. What is your excuse.Sadly i cannot match that up to that. 

@kinji.at.pg1 You have been a constant guide and mentor at my side. Thank you for that. Words cannot express my gratitude for you.

@visionIIM-ACL  Thank you varun for all your guidance.

Thank you all my fellow aspirants for your help and guidance whenever i posted some query in PG . That's all folks bye :) 

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  • @Samarjyoti All the best brother. God bless and i know yo.... 07 Feb.
raghavendra @rags-at-work 408

@Samarjyoti All the best brother. God bless and i know you will rock cat n IIM

hello guys, i am 4/4 btech student from nitw, got 96.39(QA 96.56 VA 87.78) in cat 14. Any prep suggestions for cat 15? especially about getting started in proper way and summer coaching.   

  • yp, gt calls frm new ones... but not trying fr ny of the.... 31 Jan.
  • Reading as many books as you can from various genres. Thi.... 31 Jan.
Pushpak Agrawal @pushpakagrawal

yp, gt calls  frm new ones... but not trying fr ny of them this year... may be with 1 or 2 yr exp. ny suggestions fr verbal section improvement ? 

@jayssj 24

Reading as many books as you can from various genres. This will ensure your verbal goes to 98-99 easily

How is ims course for gdpi? Which is better ims gdpi or cl's?

  • #. 25 Jan.
  • Please post your questions here : http://www.pagalguy.c.... 26 Jan.

How is ims course for gdpi? Which is better ims gdpi or cl's?

  • Ims' course is great. I don't know about cl. 30 Jan.
@jayssj 24

Ims' course is great. I don't know about cl

best CAT coaching center in bangalore??? Looking to attempt the CAT 2015 exam...

  • @jay3421 A lot of places :stuck_out_tongue: Prep ho h.... 24 Jan.
  • @linga that's dope!. 25 Jan.
Nikhar Mattu @Dark_Passenger 4,182

@jay3421  A lot of places   Prep ho hi nhi paa rha. Aap btao.

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