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AIMCAT 1315:Discussion Thread

We have AIMCAT 1315 starting up tomorrow Use this thread to discuss all about 1315 (Scores , Attempts) :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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1st post on PG, that is co-incidentally the new one ! Missing the old one though.
Cleared QA/DI cut-offs for the first time this season. Sec II is getting worse day-by-day. The dismal run in AIMCATs continue.

QA/DI : 85.75 (30)
VA/LR : 61.03 (15)
OA : 77.69 (45)

CAT'12 : 92.01 | XAT'13 : 70.65 | Calls - IIM Ranchi HRM
@sudipto792 said: first satisfactory aimcat...with balanced sectionals and lesser negetivesQa 98.55va 98.69ovr 99.48 and a small effort for my fellow puys....those who havent yet received 1315... www.mediafire.com/view/?yrl4i4... www.mediafire.com/view/?whyb2c.....see this Post ! :)
@[556294:FoolNFinal] Bhai...See this post for the PDFs.. :)
No fool like an old fool. http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/cat-and-related-bschools/pagalguy-dream-team-2012-t-83955/p-3594200/r-4344097

koi pdf send kar do....

And that's the bottom line cause i said so :)

@[404858:DemonDev] You can also do question 1 by good old brute force: figuring out what the surface area for an individual piece will be (out of the 8 pieces created).

A bit of 3-D visualization will do it, try making a diagram. Each piece comprises of 3 circular sectors (with area of each sector = 1/4th of pie x r^2 ), and an outer curved area that will be 1/8th of the outer surface area of the original uncut sphere ( = 1/8 x 4 x pie x r^2).

Sum it all up to get the surface area of a single piece as 3 x (1/4 x pie x r^2) + 1/2 x pie x r^2 = 5/4 x pie x r^2

Finding the price of painting should be straightforward now, and is given by:

5/4 x pie x r^2 (1+2+3...+7) = 11000
ISB Hyderabad - Class of 2016.  
The good run continues!



AIR 8 and City Rank 1

@[375731:ayush3390] Even I got screwed in that question. The difference is in the details: the skeptics and the author don't say that the photographer introduced props of his own (such as an extra dead body mooched from a nearby morgue ). The cannon balls were already there, the photographer just rearranged them for artistic purposes.

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ISB Hyderabad - Class of 2016.  

After a forgetful 1316, this brings some respite -



AIR - 39

|PG DT '12| |BDT '12|

Please explain the solution for Ques No.53..

Still not able to fathom why it can't be option A..
(A) seems more complete as compared to (D)as it also
discuss about susan sontag essay who may be considered
as the skeptics and props used to be as cannon balls...
CAT'12 - 99.83, SJMSOM Class of 2015

balanced sectionals dis time

QADI- 99.31%tile
VALR- 96.25%tile
OA- 99.29
hope it continues.....
PGDM 2013-15 | International Management Institute | New Delhi

Thanks for the upload buddy....

will now take the test offline....

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