[2013-2015] SPJIMR Final Converts and related discussions

Hmmm….Its joked that the average time spent by an aspirant on FB/PG during March/April waiting for the results sacrificing productive work or studies probably costs us a percentage or two of our GDP. About spamming the less said its better. Our ve...
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which scores were considered for SPJIMR calls?

My interview was good.

I group: questions pertaining to work-ex and introduction about self were asked.
II group: questions about personals and values were asked.
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Hi.. I B.E graduate with 3.5 years full time and 2 years part time work-ex. I have scored decent grades in the past but only a 660 for my GMAT. I have applied for the SP JAIN PGPM course and really wish to qualify for the same. Can you please tell me my odds for qualifying? I am yet to receive my official GMAT score card and upload the complete details. Any idea as to when I will be notified as to whether I qualify for the interview? Also, what are my odds for the same?

Hi guys just saw online that the last date for the application to SPJIMR was 31st July. For which course exactly is this last date? Does anybody know?

  • @akshay324 that was for the PGPM course. Admissions for t.... 19 Aug '13.
  • I think it was for Executive MBA. 07 Aug '13.
Dhruv Bansal @DeeBee1 846
@akshay324 that was for the PGPM course. Admissions for the 2 year PGDM course will start in September
Anshul Jain @anshulinusa 117
I think it was for Executive MBA

Hello everyone

was just looking at the "placement report" of SPJAIN and then compared it to its real report [IPRS].there seems to be a huge gap btwn d two.
eg1] 2012 avg salary claimed was - 15.4 lpa while actual salary was 13.95 lpa
2]"International placements"were claimed to have avg salary of 39400 USD .Actually the salary was mere 29800 USD
3] Same manipulations have been done for 2011 as well.
are this manipulations done for top colleges s well{IIM ,JB,XL,FMS etc?]
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Ok guys

Perhaps one of the final posts here. We have finalised the list for the batch of 2013-2015. The course starts on Mon, June 10,2013.

Really enjoyed the time spent over here since the past one year. Congrats to everyone who converted. For those, who didn't, its never too late.

The new adcom will take over in July-Aug. Till then, its bye for now.

Good Luck J

-the kiterunner

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  • kiterunner has become a legend on PG.... 08 Jun '13.
  • Although I didn't convert,I would want say that you've be.... 08 Jun '13.
There is a way to be good again :)
RAVI SINGH @Bottomline21 1,056
kiterunner has become a legend on PG...
Dipesh Jain @dipesh_faganiya 253
Although I didn't convert,I would want say that you've been awesome with your work
@singsw At last you got it!!! Happy to see you for the next two years!!! you deserved it. Enjoy the moment!!!
  • Thank you :smiley: :smiley: See u thr!. 07 Jun '13.
SPJIMR PGDM - Operations - 2013-2015

I got the call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
finally SPJIMR here I comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  • got the call as well...but joining iim-k...Congrats to al.... 07 Jun '13.
  • nopes! hv resigned though!. 07 Jun '13.
Aparna Goswami @appy6889
got the call as well...but joining iim-k...Congrats to all converts
Anubha Taneja @anubhat 11
nopes! hv resigned though!

Hey was any one able to download the STAT PRO tutorial ? Pls help if some one has !!!

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any update??
hv d admissions frozen now??

  • @Kathiravan.J u r really optimistic :stuck_out_tongue: .... 06 Jun '13.
  • @anubhat Withdrawals are still happening everyday. So tha.... 06 Jun '13.
Anubha Taneja @anubhat 11
@Kathiravan.J u r really optimistic
thanks for the motivation to hold on hope till its over!
waiting for the coveted call!
Kathiravan J @Kathiravan.J 843
@anubhat Withdrawals are still happening everyday. So that maybe old status.

How many of you are yet to withdraw from FMS in OBC category? Please reply.

CAT : 98.43(QA:99.59, VA: 84.06)  , Calls: IIM A, L, I and FMS: 70 w/l in FMS, A reject, L reject

Hi All,

Is there anyone who is a IIFT Delhi convert and has not yet withdrawn admission from there...i am trying to anticipate the waitlist movement at IIFT
Thanks in advance...:)

any idea Finance ka kya scene hai after the 5th WL?

  • @shakib143 @Rohitbaheti99 People frm ops & marketing hav .... 07 Jun '13.
  • WL-4 and havent got a call yet.. 30 May '13.
prati v @vila 1
@shakib143 @Rohitbaheti99 People frm ops & marketing hav got d calls 2 day.. Has anybody frm finance got d call aftr 5th waitlist?
Rohit Baheti @Rohitbaheti99 33
WL-4 and havent got a call yet.

IM guyz did anybody after WL-26 get a call recently ... kindly update .. wud be really helpful

  • yea dat's true @Kathiravan.J ... any idea about WL-28 n f.... 03 Jun '13.
  • I think WL-27 also cleared. 03 Jun '13.
Inquisitive me @Inquisitive_me 26
yea dat's true @Kathiravan.J ... any idea about WL-28 n further ?
Kathiravan J @Kathiravan.J 843
I think WL-27 also cleared

Just called the admissions office of SPJIMR and was told that as of now there is no movement in the Marketing stream. There is definite movement in other streams. They said as there are no cancellations as of now in Marketing, all seats are allocated. Many of us wish to cancel admissions before certain dates (XIMB - 7 June, NMIMS - 10 June etc.), so waiting eagerly for confirmation, be it a yes or a no . They have asked to call for updates anytime after 2 June....

Hope the info helps.
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  • hogaya 2 June, anyone got any updates? or is the race o.... 03 Jun '13.
  • Thanks for the update!! :smiley:. 29 May '13.
Shakib Azam @shakib143 8
hogaya 2 June, anyone got any updates?
or is the race over?
Anubha Taneja @anubhat 11
Thanks for the update!!

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