[2013-2015] IIM Lucknow PGP Final Converts

IIM Lucknow declared final results for the batch of 2013-2015 for its PGP programme. Check your status here- Congratulations to all converts and good luck to waitlisted candidates. Last y...
I fail to understand why despite a good profile(CAT-98.05, 10th-95% 12th-89.80%, BCom(H)- 82.72%, Chartered Accountant) & a decent GDPI, I'm not selected. Not even in the second list. People with lesser percentile were through in the first list itself. So depressing!
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  • similar story... 98.5, female, CA...80+ in both 10th and .... 12 May '13.
  • may I plss know when did u graduate?? r u a fresher,......... 10 May '13.
Rahul NAwal @rahulnawal
CAT 12 : 99.81, 80+ in both 10th and 12th, 69 in grad 20 months work ex and rejected :\
abhishek rajvanshi @iisac 192
i had a wierd intrvw ...dont know about u guys........
cat 93.68
10 78.5
12 79.33
Mahak Somani @camahak 93
similar story... 98.5, female, CA...80+ in both 10th and 12th cbse, 62 in grad, 10 months experience...reject in the second list as well...
abhishek rajvanshi @iisac 192
may I plss know when did u graduate?? r u a fresher,..............even I cudnt convert at 93.6 .10th 80 12th 80.

pls reply!!!

category : nc obc

10th: 91 %(state)

12th : 90% (state)BE: 8.9 cgpa

work: 4 months.

please tell me minimum percentile to get into premier iims and fms......

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CAT 2013: 87 , calls :NEW IIMS , iim I ,FMS. NC OBC Rejects: ALL.... NOW FULLY DETERMINED TOWARDS CAT-14 . SO DND
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All those who have converted L and FMS both and joining L kindly update FMS tracker. TIA
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Ekant Kaushik, Media Relations Cell, FMS Delhi || Class of 2015
Rejected again!!!! I just want RTI reply now cannot bear all this supense anymore!!!!!
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  • @pksingh3232 selected ppl r gettin mails? or wat??. 10 May '13.
  • @darpanthacker You must be an Ops./System/SCM guy. Don't .... 10 May '13.
abhishek rajvanshi @iisac 192
@darpanthacker same story here bro.........cant take this back to back reject, and that too by the same collg.....
Akhil Tripathi @AimCat2013 46
@darpanthacker You must be an Ops./System/SCM guy. Don't get disappointed brother. NITIE and SOM are very good colleges. Perform well there and future will be bright for you.
converted.. dream come true....
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  • @sandykkkkk 93.68. 10 May '13.
  • @ambition_sky %ile plz. 10 May '13.
Results will be out today evening after 4 pm or tomorrow morning at 10 am latest update from Admissions Offc so ATB and Congrats in advance to all those who will convert
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  • @pksingh3232 Does IIM-I give any WL number?. 11 May '13.
  • @nishantrv 31st may bhai yahi toh problem hai agar kismat.... 11 May '13.
prashant singh @pksingh3232 943
@nishantrv yeah fortunately they do give WL no but the prob is even I am WL-1 Indore will also give buffer calls and this yr overlaps are very less for Indore because GD PIs were scheduled late so WL movt will be very less this yr so I cannot take the risk of withdrawing admission if I am waitlisted
prashant singh @pksingh3232 943
@nishantrv 31st may bhai yahi toh problem hai agar kismat se I convert Indore on 21st may in 1st list then also I can withdraw from NM but if I am rejected or waitlisted then again the same problem starts all over again
Is the second list coming today? surely not tomorrow bcuz it is a weekend.. so has to be today...

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  • Hope it does not come like that for all of us ............... 10 May '13.
  • @ankit3007 yeah I also think so coz I have seen the messa.... 10 May '13.
Hansneet Kalra @hk123 172
@pksingh3232 If it comes let me know your details I will check it for you....
prashant singh @pksingh3232 943
@hk123 same here buddy I will be probably on train so dont know whether I will be able to check if it comes today evening
Hansneet Kalra @hk123 172
Hope it does not come like that for all of us ..................I mean all of us are selected
prashant singh @pksingh3232 943
@ankit3007 yeah I also think so coz I have seen the message that was given to ppl in the 6th merit list last year
Its amazing to see results pouring out everywhere but not with IIM L. i guess IIML is following the Lucknow tradition of "pehle aap pehle aap". when everyones bottle opening will be over then WL will comesplat
  • lolz @ pehle aap pehle aap :stuck_out_tongue:. 10 May '13.

Hey guys! Please help! I'm confused between IIML ABM and IIMK PGP.? Which one should I choose? And a big road block is my ignorance about ABM.. kindly shine some light!

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  • I was thinking on the similar lines.. Only doubt being wh.... 10 May '13.
  • @Tutankhamun ... Last yr one of my friends was in this si.... 10 May '13.
Tutankhamun Dabur @Tutankhamun
I was thinking on the similar lines.. Only doubt being what does sales/ marketing in ABM field ? Where will it take me? That's the only doubt!
Abhinay Panati @Abhi293 92
@Tutankhamun ... Last yr one of my friends was in this situation... She got a suggestion from one of the snrs that if u don't have any convert in PGPM, u better go for IIM-L ABM rather than wasting a year, else go for PGPM even though it's from new IIMs...
IIMK results out!!!!! kisne kisne convert kiya??
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  • Congrats dude :smiley:. 09 May '13.
  • yo ! :grin:. 09 May '13.
@nwelief,@hk123 need your inputs here last yr in IIMB 2nd list 34 ppl in OBC category converted.This yr ppl are expecting more converts in 2nd list since 75 seats has increased in IIMB what do you think shoud be the overlaps between B and L in OBC category if 40 ppl convert in 2nd list?I guess around 15-20 shud be what do you think?
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  • getting into iimL. 09 May '13.
  • chance at what? can you elaborate on that?. 09 May '13.
Hansneet Kalra @hk123 172
But workex has just 2% weightage...even less than diversity factor....Gender can offset whole your work ex no matter how much it may be...
randytheram robbinson @sandykkkkk 128
in ur case u had a very good work ex . offcourse ur %ile adds up.My interviewers didn't ask me a single imp was busy checking my files and was so hesitated to ask any...lets wait and see what happens.
Avinash K @CATroid 170
hard to say man! how was your interview? Even if I've that info it's hard to say! I thought my PI was terrible and God knows how I converted my L call! It all depends on what the interviewers saw in you during that period!

Just called admissions offc 2nd List will be out tomorrow or on 11th jao bhaiyon so jao

  • :disappointed:. 09 May '13.
Did anybody called Admissions Office??
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  • @darpanthacker i have called all these days aaj koi aur c.... 09 May '13.
  • @pksingh3232 u have been leading so far when it comes to .... 09 May '13.
All- Did anyone gets WL status on checking L results last month? Am asking as apparently few people who converted IIM C WL 2 days back,knew their WL number. Does anyone know their WL numb for L too?
  • no.. they dont give waitlists. 08 May '13.
  • @rahuldots L don't give wl numbers .. 08 May '13.
Those who have got calls from IIM-K,IIMK results will be out tomorrow ATB
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  • @dipu1990 should be out tomorrow or on 10th its my gut fe.... 08 May '13.
  • @pksingh3232 Any idea of L 2nd list?. 08 May '13.

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