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[2013-15] NITIE GD-PI Shortlist and Related Discussions

Hi All, Congratulations to all those who have got the calls. Shortlist is available at college website. Please post your call details in this format : Course Shortlisted For:Overall CAT Percentile:Sec 1 Percentile:Sec 2 Pe...
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Results Out!! WL 'ed

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  • HeartBreak..... 19 Apr '13.
  • Converted. 19 Apr '13.

don't think it will come today....

  • looks like Monday now... 19 Apr '13.
  • yeah..seems so... 19 Apr '13.
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Legolas @Legolas_33 420
looks like Monday now..
PagalGuy @Puy4IIMs 289
yeah..seems so..
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Do they also release waitlist on the same day??

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  • yes, last year they did.. 19 Apr '13.
  • yes ... 19 Apr '13.
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Yaar this is cheating! Pehle bolte hain office closed aur phir fellowship ki list nikal dete hain.

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  • Bhai Gajab Idea hai ..:P lol. 19 Apr '13.
  • :stuck_out_tongue: //// ye kambakhat result kab ayega? .... 19 Apr '13.
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Subir Paul @subircat2008 16
Bhai Gajab Idea hai ..:P lol
Arnab Roy @royscore 994
//// ye kambakhat result kab ayega?

I believe results were ready and they are uploading now. Fellow Program ki list aayi hai. Apni bhi aati hi hogi... #Fingers Crossedrolleyes

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  • its out. 19 Apr '13.
  • guess its any one check. 19 Apr '13.
laahiri gnsr @navya147 7
guess its any one check

Called the admissions office just now.

Got quite a lot of info ri8 now.
They told the results shud have been put to the website by today bt some "garbar" seems to happen in admissions committe of which the person receiving the phone has no idea of,she told the results will be uploaded soon,and told me to check the site and results will come within 2-3 days. Individual offer letters will be sent thru post.

I think this means the results are ready, but uploading of merit list maybe delayed.
  • @2012calling How often does this happen that both the res.... 19 Apr '13.
  • weekend to gya. 19 Apr '13.
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Torq Tech @torqtech 2,424
@2012calling How often does this happen that both the results are being simultaneously processesd?
Robin Bansal @robin333 61
weekend to gya

Dear Puys,

one query...

for NC OBC, is the salary of the candidate considered or the salary of his parents?

  • Income of Parents only that also apart from salary i hope.... 19 Apr '13.
  • salary of his parents' will be considered.. 19 Apr '13.
jacky007 jones @jacky007 24
Income of Parents only that also apart from salary i hope. although it has a different definition if your parents are employed with govt/psu. you can google for the document which has exact definition on some govt website. But absolutly sure it does not include you salary.
MOHIT KUMAR @moti 813
salary of his parents' will be considered.

hi guyz,this is a senior here.Had gone to academic section in the 1st half for some personal work. Had asked them about results. They said some meeting is going on, they are "trying their best " to release it today itself. ATB

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  • thanks for this info sir. 19 Apr '13.
  • Thanx for the info sir...... :smiley:. 19 Apr '13.
Manoj kumar @damdihan 93
thanks for this info sir
Ashutosh S @Ashu.mahapagal 73
Thanx for the info sir......

Just called the admission office...results have been just need to be signed by the Director before being it can be out by today evening but not necessarily..

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  • Evening start nai hua kya !!:-(. 19 Apr '13.
  • Sir has mobile tower in his mobile so no issue of not bei.... 19 Apr '13.
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Hiyashree Sarma @hiyashree 19
Evening start nai hua kya !!:-(
akash kumar @Akash33 33
Sir has mobile tower in his mobile so no issue of not being reachable


Dudes! I wonder why do they take so much time in publishing results..what's so tough in compiling them..they keep telling that they wil try hard to publish them by evening..what's all tasks involved in that and how much time do they take really?'s because they might be Manipulating the results to have a diverse batch...FMS comes up with results in a couple of days given the Fact that they called around twice the number of candidates than wat nitie called

  • Guys...Breaking News....results have been prepared and wi.... 19 Apr '13.
  • Only technical question i was asked was "in what stream d.... 19 Apr '13.
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Ashutosh S @Ashu.mahapagal 73
Guys...Breaking News....results have been prepared and wiaiting for countdown starts!!  (source - senior posted in PG)
nikhil tiwari @nikhilaka_jason 162
Only technical question i was asked was "in what stream did u do ur engineering".

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