[2013-15] IIM Indore WAT/PI Experiences Sharing Thread

Since I don't see any new thread opening up, I took the initiative to start it. The WAT/PI process starts today for IIM Indore. Please use this thread to share your experiences so that others might appreciate and learn from it. Follow the PG style...
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CAT- 73.02%ile

QUANT -77%ile
BTECH-69.18% (till 6 sem)
How should I prepare for WAT PI ??? Which subjects to prepare ??

calls: 6 new iims n IIM I converted: IIM rohtak IIM Udaiour IIM Indore

What is the cutoff date for IIM indore 1st selection?

  • June 3rd is the last date for acceptance of the offer... 23 May '13.
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Any kind of financial assistance offered for financially needy students at Indore?? Seniors and fellow puys pls let me know...this is a huge factor that i have to consider to choose between Indore vs Ranchi..my category is NC-OBC..

w/l 59 in sc category any chances?


IIMI or NITIE please advice????????

profile 2.5 yrs of work ex in IT

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  • @rahulverma9 Was it worth?? :stuck_out_tongue:. 10 Feb.
  • hi.. was your decision of choosing IIM-I over NITIE worth.... 10 Feb.
IIM- I(2013-15)

Finally done wth CAT,,,,IIM I ,,,Selected and Joining..

Profile : NC OBC CAT : 93.24 percntl
10th : 83.06 (MH ) 12th :80 (MH)
Grd : 72.72 (MH )

Other Calls : IIM L,FMS ,New SIx..Rejects : IIML ,FMS,T,R,R

After many a sleepless night... I have finally converted my only old IIM call!!

So damn happy!! congrats to all other puys who have converted!! See you at Planet-I

Rejected....Congo to all the brilliant puys who have converted Planet-I....Heading towards Cat'13....

Academic Committee | PGP 2013-15 | Marketing & Strategy

waitlisted at 28 in nc-obc category. any chances of convert?? puys!! plz comment..!

  • @sgshaji @nanda-d-great I do accept that less attendance .... 20 May '13.
  • @moti i heard waitlist movement was around 84 last year. .... 20 May '13.
MOHIT KUMAR @moti 813
@sgshaji @nanda-d-great I do accept that less attendance will affect waitlist movement even in worse condition it will go to 50. My experience tells that there are not so many unique call in NC OBC unlike general. Earlier also NC OBC used to get call at 88%le. So enjoy and When will the next list out?
nanda kishore @nanda-d-great 11
@moti i heard waitlist movement was around 84 last year. but with changed criteria leading to unique calls and late interviews leading to less attendance, the movement will come down...but will it be so worse that it can fall below 28..?

How many of u hav a direct convert from K but got a straight reject from I?

  • @ethanhunt1230 lol..yea..i dont rem u..anyways where did .... 21 May '13.
  • @shrdh611 hey.. u are the same girl who was in my GD grou.... 20 May '13.
IIM K(2013-15) 
Praveen P @ethanhunt1230 168
@shrdh611 hey.. u are the same girl who was in my GD group in NITIE .. Congrats Anyways I dont have my dp here to recognize though..

"Sorry.... There is no match in our offer and wait list for the information you have provided"?

means rejected right?

waitlist 31? any chances??

I am not selected .

For Mumbai campus this is same answer or a different list will be declared for mumbai campus ?
  • @torqtech I have applied wayback ....if they are acceptin.... 20 May '13.
  • Mumbai campus is a completely different admission process.... 20 May '13.
@torqtech I have applied wayback ....if they are accepting till 20 june ..when will they announce the results ?
Torq Tech @torqtech 2,419
Mumbai campus is a completely different admission process with a different form also. Make sure you fill that up if you are interested. It's date has been extended till 20th June.
Kiran Radhakrishnan, Secretary, Media and PR Committee - IIM Indore

well what a moment...

IIM Indore, PGP 2013-15

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