[2012-2014] IIM Lucknow Essay/GD/PI Experiences

All the best to everyone for their IIML interviews and please do post in your experiences. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: PROFILE: Acads X %,Board, year XII%, Board, year Undergrad St...
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I am in finally..... after 3 rejects from A B C.

any seniors here?

Hey i checked the website and its saying i've been selected... but did nt get any mail yet... is this the same with everyone ?:sneaky:

I am in finally..... after 3 rejects from A B C.

any seniors here?

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the results are out.....i got a confirmation mail...

yes results are out

results are out...
didn't make it..

"Sorry, Your Name is not in the IIML Ist Selection list."

Does this mean that i'm not in the waitlist aswell ?

Results are out...

Click here

I am sorry guys. Apparently that friend was 'joking'. Not my idea of prank really. Spent a very worried half an hour sorry for all the anxiety caused..

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mitzi Says
Is the result out? I know sm1 with an abm call getting a mail that he has been selected?

When did the mail come. All the ppl who are selected for abm we're sent the mail??

No idea! that's why m asking!

The site is not opening

mitzi Says
Is the result out? I know sm1 with an abm call getting a mail that he has been selected?

r thy sendin 4 pgp also?

Is the result out? I know sm1 with an abm call getting a mail that he has been selected?

sid1989 Says
A aane wala hai 16 ko, so L should be within another week max.

Another week than might have to book my tics for FMS..:shocked:
Call for PGP (did not apply to ABM)

X - 86.4%, ICSE Board, 2004
XII - 92.4%, Commerce, ISC Board, 2006
Graduation: B.Sc. Economics Honours 2006-09
Professional Degree - Chartered Accountant (passed in May 2011)

Work-Ex: 2 months
Company - Suresh Surana & Associates

CAT (2011):
QA:95.09 %ile

OA:98.47 %ile
(category if applicable) General

Any other special thing about you:
Karate (1st degree brown belt)
trained swimmer
NSS college team leader
Student editor for departmental journal
Regular Blood donor n organised camps in college n community


Venue: Kolkata
Date : 31.3.2012

Topic: Rest leads to rust
Number of Ppl present: 8
Time: 15 mins to write followed by 15 mins of discussion

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 4

Panel Members Intro: 2 one young (Y) another middle-aged prof of eco/maths (EM)
Y - Introduce urself while we go thru ur docs. ( jackpot lag gaya...)
Y n EM- Why MBA if ur inclined towards community service ( gyan...)
then went to maths...
EM - difference between a matrix n determinant (told)
EM - give me the determinant value of this matrix (wrote a 3x2 matrix..arey sir kyun mera popat bana rahe ho...cant solve this sir... we can solve square determinents but not this one)
EM - differnce between correlation regression....gyan... cross questioning on the terms used...linear non-linear...diagrams...limitations of r...
was abt to ask more on maths wen Y (who was busy going thru my docs) came to my rescue and said "no use asking her...she's got 100 in pure maths in ISC ... thank u sirjee...bacha liya apne.... then asked abt which school n board... I'm a Loreto gal sirjee :)..
EM - wats ur family background (dad GM Accounts in xxxx Ltd. in assam... which converted from pvt to public ltd. last yr.... EM cross questions..
EM-wats limited co.? difference between pvt ltd n public ltd (gyan)
EM n Y-wat motivated u to do eco n CA (gyan)
Y - wat hv u been doing since graduation in 2009 (gyan)
Y - then y MBA wen u already hv done CA (rata rataya gyan)
Y - so wat other calls... Indore Sir...
Y- ok Indore n new 6 IIMs... no sir ...did not apply to the new 6 ... i'm quite focussed on wat i want.. seemed convinced :sneaky:
Y - I see u had subjects like strategic management in CA-Inter...do u remember anything (arey my fav subject...did u think i'll leave out subjects studied 3 yrs bak even after they had the word MANAGEMENT in it!!! :sneaky: maine MBA ka syllabus dekha hain ji) gyan...sir we learnt concepts like BCG matrix, GE model, SWOT analysis n TOWS matrix, BPR, TQM, 6 sigma...blah blah...
Y - no no... do u remember Porter's 5 forces model (again JACKPOT ...ye toh subah hi pada tha... full gyan... tried to grill on one dicey point :nono:... but i was armed :sneaky:... full-on gyan with practical example... finally convinced him :grin:)

both smiling... Y - good.... EM - all the best to you...

while i was getting up ...
EM - so u wud be joining a big company
my reflex reaction - no Sir, I'll be joining IIML :sneaky:

both stunned...looked up at me... wide smile ... Y - wow EM - confident gal thank u sirjee .....

EM - so do u know somebody who's studying at IIML
me- not personally but we've been allotted mentors...
than a candid discussion abt wat all i asked n wat did they tell me... good laugh.... ended on a light note :grin:

Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
Rate your performance(0-5): 4

VERDICT - awaited.... next up IIM I

BEST OF LUCK to u all :)

U had a very nice interview gal..

Hmm I shld have looked at ur interview experience properly .. They asked me Determinant matrix question ,, I cldnot remember:( Cldnot remembered wat a determinant is at that moment after being negated in all most all my answers(Stress interview).... I knew at that moment My call is wasted ...
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Analysis of MBA entrance exams 2011: http://tinyurl.com/8ohz954

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