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[2012-2013] GD Topics - Current affairs

Hellos puys. I know this is a bit early to start this thread for GD topics etc.But once we start discussing topics here, it would be easy in later stages to come here and find all information at a single place. As it is a common tren...
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We celebrate any ocassion when we free from all problems.Is kasab hanging brought peace to world?Are we get rid of all terrorist groups? Would masterminds of Pakistan ever be destroyed?It is one of small step towards terrorism.Our main goal towards world peace is still not achieved.One issue is resolved but there are still others pending.

Yes,we can celebrate decision provided by Supreme court and our President.It is one of best decision in favor of Indian democracy and judiciary.

It is big lesson for terrorist groups who take lives of innocent people without reason.This is time for Pakistan to introspect on its policies.It makes Pakistan aware of such kind of incidences in future.Kasab is just fidyan.India can take same decision for any big terrorist.We can not stop Pakistan from terrorist activities on our land but this decision can protect our nation from big incidences.

‚ŹĹ“A one rotten apple spoils whole apples ‚Ź?.This quote cites that hanging of one member of terrorist group can not bring peace to this world.We must attack roots of terrorist groups.We have to take steps to remove one ideology which is taking lives of innocent people.That is the day of big celebration.

but kasab was just a pawn in the whole scheme of things.what is d use or even merit in rejoicing in d death of a pawn,when the real evil still lurks.

also,would pakistan really care,let alone be intimidated by the death of a measly foot soldier??if whole wars haven't taught people to stop terrorism,how can the hanging of 1 person be of any consequence in the larger scheme of things.

and how can this decision protect our nation from big incidences??has it done any such thing so far? wouldn't you rather that the crores spent on kasab be spent in other places where it was really needed?

the roots of terrorism are not hidden in some holy scripture nor in d minds of a mad man nor in d manipulations of a neighboring country.they lie in us,the people and the society that we have created.it is the society's neglected,unprivileged, ignored and outcasts who make up terrorists.people who have seen great suffering and now want to inflict that suffering on others.

how can then the fear of retribution hinder these people?is it really ideology we are fighting against?or an evil of our own creation?

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GD a month away and starting to study now

How about fiscal deficit ??? It can be a good topic ...any take on that

1 st yr is abt 2 complete...
@viraj333 see this video if you can find some info about India and US

All the best!

If we compare US and INDIA do you think there is huge gap in IT sector ?? as one being developed and other developing.

The only way to compete with Foreign retail companies is to overhaul, brainstrom and bring an efficient supply chain system at par with the Walmart /Tesco. This will ensure the procurement cost minimization.
@viraj333 Start by defining developed/developing nations. The role of the IT sector etc. Then go ahead and discuss its pros/cons
The best thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you. Keep learning.

Hey everyone, what's your take on the Salman Rushdie and Vishwaroopam issues?

The best thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you. Keep learning.

Can I have info on dis topic plzzzzzzz??????


Now a days IT companies are also looking for domain experts like in BFSI, Manufacturing,Logistics etc..where the emphasis is on Domain than mere IT.So I do agree that even Non-Engineers can also have good career provided they have the domain expertise in the required specialization.

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