[2011] ISB Hyd's Admissions Director Mr VK Menon answers admission-related questions

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Dear all, The tradition continues in its fifth year. ISB's *Senior Director, Career Advancement Services and Admissions & Financial Aid, Mr VK Menon* is back on PaGaLGuY to answer all your questions about ISB PGP admissions, scholarships... Read More »

Hello Mr. Menon,

I am interested in applying to the ISB for the FPM course. I see that the course was started last year. Could you please provide some more information on the course?
1) Is it necessary for a candidate to have decided on the topic in which one wants to do his/her doctoral studies? (not the area but the topic of the thesis/dissertation)
2) The topic I want to do my FPM studies on is an area related to the rural economy along with policy-making/strategy. However when I went through the areas that a candidate can pursue their FPM in ISB, I didn't find anything related to the rural sector or agri-business sector. As a result I am a bit confused about how the admission procedure would be. How would I be affected as a student because of this?
3) How many offers were made to students last year for the program? How many of these were accepted?
4) Can a graduate apply for the FPM program? If yes, what are minimum requirements?

Thank You.

Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for your initiative, my query is with regards to recommendation letters. I have professional experience as well as NGO experience ( I am an active member of an NGO ). One letter i will surely get from my manager with whom i had worked for 5 years, but other letter i wish to get from my NGO (either its founder or its president ) where i had demonstrated significant leadership skills and organisational skills. sir , i wish to know that though i am an active member and i had significant contribution in NGO activities still that is my part time exp and they almost run parallel to my professional career, does that recommendation is acceptable ISB. or shall i need to get another reco from my company.
thank you.
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Dear Sir,

I need your guidance on whether It will be a good decesion to go for full time 1 year Executive management program from ISB.
My profile: Male 30 years
10th: 65 % (UP Board)
12th: 58 % (-do-)
B.Pharma : 7.2/10 CGPA
MBA : B+ grade (equvalent to 65 % marks) Distance learning- Sikkim Manipal

Work exp: 7 years (4.5 years with Bank in Relationship handeling -Corporate banking) + 2.5 in Pharma MNC in business develpoment.
GMAT: to give on 10 September 2012

After completing my Executive MBA what type of companies will prefer me? and what type of profile they may offer?
As I m Pharma Grad but my work exep is in banking. Though I was a maths student till 12th..

Please advise.

Dear Sir,

I have question if submitted recommendation can be deleted.

I have another question, my previous manager has retired and has opted to become home maker. Can she provide recommendation offline?

ISBCo2014 spreadsheet -
Dear Mr Menon

Is it mandatory (or recommended) that one of the recommendations is taken from the current boss ?

Also is it fine to take one recommendation from a peer who has a good idea about the work I did ?

1. In the academic bucket we look at XII, grad, PG and GMAT. Weak performance in one can be compensated by stronger in others.
2. No, there are many people from family biz background in the class.

Are MBA graduates elligible to apply ?
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Hello Sir,
I have 10 months of work exp as software developer. After that i took a break of 6 months. My academic record is avg. But I am confident about my good GMAT score say 720+. If i get this score what are my chances to get into ISB?
If no chance then what should i do to get in?
Respected Menon sir,

I completed my Btech degree last year and as of now iam working as Patent Engineer with work ex of 1.5 years.Although its bit too early to ask questions but still do not want loopholes for ISB..

My questions are-

1. From where i can get detailed information about admission process for isb (viz. GMAT score, application , essays, reccos.)

2. When would be a good time to apply for isb (as i have 1.5 years workex till now)

3. Being in Patent Engineering field would it diversify my profile or put some negative impact on my application

Would be really thankful if you could answer my queries..

Thanks in Advance!!
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hello sir,

is PGDM from a college in india after graduation considered as an experience ??

Once you have done PGDM, why do you want to go after one more MBA course?

I think, as per experience it's not considered
Hi All,

I have 2.5 years of work ex in IT. I am planing to give GMAT this year. What would be the best time to give GMAT?

Please help!!

There's no good time and bad time for GMAT.

Whenever you are done with preparation and ready to give, that's the best time.
Hi All,

I have 2.5 years of work ex in IT. I am planing to give GMAT this year. What would be the best time to give GMAT?

Please help!!
Dear Mr. Menon

When can ISB aspirants, who applied for ISB 2012-2013 batch and who got rejected, can get a feedback on their application and interview

hello sir,

is PGDM from a college in india after graduation considered as an experience ??

Please evaluate my profile and highlight some schools where I have a realistic chance of admission.

Indian Male, 25 Years

GMAT Score: 700 (Q50 V34)

Undergrad Degree: B. Tech. Computer Science (IP University, Delhi)

Undergrad performance : 71.64%

Work Experience : 3 Years till date

Details about Work Experience
1) Started a venture that combined online marketing, search engine optimization and online promotion of businesses. The venture specializes in improving the online presence of offline businesses and products and consulting them. Encountered lots of challenges of a startup and managed the risks well.
2) The business grew well and flourished as we enhanced our services, domains and options.
3) The business is still going strong and we have around 80% international clients and 20% local clients.

1) Have played hockey for 5 years in school, from 2000 to 2005. Have played at North India level (in 2002 and 2004) and placed third in 2004. Other than that, loads of achievements in city tournaments and interschool tournaments.
2) Most of my extracurricular activities in college revolved around competitive e-sports. Apart from winning lots of tournaments at city level and across different colleges, have lots of experience in organizing competitive e-sports tournaments. Have organized e-sports tournament in different colleges around the city.
3) Due to my passion for competitive e-sports, an upcoming field in India, I still mentor teams and guide them during tournaments. I also sponsor teams and help them achieve their potential in this field.

Post-MBA Plans: I would either want to work as a consultant for upcoming businesses and entrepreneurs (due to my experience) or engage in online marketing after MBA. I also wish to continue creating new businesses.


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