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All the best to everyone for their IIML interviews and please do post in your experiences. It would be good if we can use an earlier format. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: PROFILE: Acads ...
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X 87.2%,CBSE, 2002
XII 81.2%, CBSE, 2004
Undergrad Stream - B-Tech, Specialization - CS, Percentage - 71, Year - 2008, Institute - JSS, Noida.

Network Security and Simulation, Company - Ipolicy and Mtree , Number of months - 33

CAT (2010):
DI - 99
Quant - 96
Verbal - 98
Aggregate - 99.44
(category if applicable)

Extra acads :

Any other special thing about you: Delhi State Level Badminton Player

Interview & Essay

Venue: IIM-L, Noida
Date : 12-3-11

Essay :
Topic:Division of states based on language was India's biggest historical mistake
Number of Ppl present - 6 out of 8
Time: 15 min
GD :
Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Raised different points regarding division of people, economic background be the criterion - eg. Vidharbha ; political misuse, TRS without any proper plans for economic development asking for telengana state etc.

Time given : 15 min
Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5

Panel Members Intro: An old Prof(OP) , Young Prof(YP) ,
In line of fire : Yours Truely(Arpit Gupta)
OP : Tell us why u are better than others, why do you want to do mba, what are your career goals, where do you see 10 years down the line()(All questions in 1 sentence)
YP: Give me ur certis
Me: started with career goalsand how doing mba would help me
OP: Do you know any Statistics Analysis Methodoligies?
Me: No Sir
YP: You must have studied them in college
Me : I don't remember sir
YP : Look here in Oragnisation behaviour , you must have studied
Me : Told him what i remembered to study in OB
YP : What did you Industrial Economics...
Me : Told him something about Demand-Supply, different curves
YP : Make Demand-Supply Curve
Me: Got confused...made something senselesss
Both started laughing
I said got a little confused
They said not a little but a lot confused.
Shared a sheepish shameless smile.
OP : Started saying something said by a famous management thinker.
Me : Didn't get him
OP: Repeated the name of thinker.
Me: Strange look
OP: Have you heard his name
Me: No sir
YP: took Another management thinker. Asked me if i had heard his name
Me: No Sir
OP: Who is a good leader
Me: A person who leads from the front..goes to masses...understands their problems and tries to solve them
OP: There can be other kinnds of leaders also
Me: Aristocratic types...those who go to maases only at the time of elections...
OP: What kind of leader you want to become
Me: the first one
OP: name a leader who is of first type
Me: Rahul Gandhi
OP:but he is famous because he is sonia gandhi's son...there are others who work as hard as him but r not tht famous...
Me: yes, being a son of famous leader is an advantage but until you work yourself you ccan't find a place in hearts of masses...
YP: Akhilesh Yadav is not as famous as Rahul gandhi...although he works as hard as him...
Me: Gave a stupid answer..
YP: So, you are from CS..tell us what is Cloud computing...
Me: Gave example of Google Docs being a part of Google cloud and we are able to use it via an interface....not very convincing answer....
YP: Thats all you know abt it
Me: yes sir...
YP: Ok..Arpit Best of luck....thanks you...
Me: Thanks you sir.....

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3.5
Rate your performance(0-5): 2
Any other relevant detail. - You can ask them to inform 1 min before the essay time is about to expire.

Converted.....I guess was the attitude that mattered and not the answers....


Xth - CBSE, 90%
XIIth - CBSE 85.2%
Undergrad: B.A. English (Hons.) DU, 52% (Though average in my university is 51%, highest at 67%, this 52% is far below par and would prove to be my nemesis in the interview)

CAT 2010
DI: 92.31
QA: 80.42
VA: 99.98
OA: 99.27

Any other thing about you: Have been an active domain trader and internet marketer for the past 4 years, with some high profile sales such as No.org, J7.com, etc. for mid 5 figures (in USD)

GD: Foreign Education Bill will help the Indian education system (or something like that)
No. of people present: 7
Wrote largely against the bill, as in how foreign universities may not be properly regulated, might be unaffordable and expensive for the average guy, etc.

GD was quiet and lasted for a very short time - around 7-8 minutes only. Introduced the topic and spoke quite a lot, though didn't have that many statistics to back up my points.

Performance: 3.5


Two professors, one young professor, another young lady professor

Looked at my marksheets. The lady professor (LP) pretty much told me that my marks in graduation are inadequate for IIM-Lucknow, and that my performance is close to terrible. (Hello Hell!)

The young male professor (MP) asked me why I was doing domain trading while studying, and why wasn't I paying more attention to my studies?

Tried to give an answer before the LP interrupted

LP: You said that you read 3-4 books a month. Tell me something you read recently
Me: Spoke about my favorite author, Milan Kundera, and other favorite books like 100 Years of Solitude. Said that the last non fiction book I'd read was Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers"

LP: Okay what was the gist of Gladwell's "Blink"?
Me: Luckily, I'd read this book so gave a good answer.

MP: Accha you're from Rajasthan. Tell me something about Rajputana and Rajputs
Me: Forgot my mandatory Rajput history. Couldn't even recall if Maharan Pratap fought against the British or Akbar. Fumbled around before LP intervened

LP: You read the newspaper? What was the headline today?
Me: Tsnuami in Japan

LP: Name of sea next to Japan?
Me: Sea of Japan? (Pata nahin kahan se ye tapak pada..just read the headline in the morning, wasn't even sure where the tsunami stuck exactly)

MP: Accha in the Mughal dynasty, did Akbar come before Shah Jahan or what? Tell me the entire Mughal dynasty
Me: Told (itni GK to aati hai)

MP: Okay, where does Sher Shah Suri come into the picture?
Me: (Got totally confused between Sher Shah Suri and Ahmad Shah Abdali. Thought for a bit before said the correct answer)

MP: Accha what was the single greatest contribution of Sher Shah Suri?
Me: (Really? Last history 10th mein padhi thi yaar) I'm not sure sir (he introduced the Rupee and upgraded the postal system).

MP: Okay tell me about how the Governor is elected? What is the eligibility
Me: Told. Wasn't sure of the eligibility criteria. Gave the example of Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, but incorrectly said that he was the Deputy Governor

MP: What are the powers of Deputy Governor?
Me: Said that he is only a titular head

MP: And the Governor is not?
Me: The same for him - also a titular head

LP: Okay tell me why do we have two houses Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha?
Me: Said some BS about how we are based on British system which has House of Lords and House of Commons. Also said how being a member of Rajya Sabha can allow people to become ministers without winning an election. Gave example of Manmohan Singh

LP: Accha why do the British have this system?
Me: Basically said some BS about how there was a division in the British parliament after the 17th century restoration and end of civil war. Have no idea if this is factually correct

MP: Okay, there are two houses in the state. What is the name of the other house, besides Vidhan Sabha?
Me: No idea sir

There were a few more questions, basically about geography, history and civics.

Seriously man, I haven't read this stuff in 7 years. No questions on academics, no questions on my domain business, no questions on "Why MBA?", nothing about entrepreneurship. Just a series of questions on history, civics, and geography.

And this after I was pretty much told that my graduation marks are 'terrible' and there was no reason why I should do an MBA.

Feel a bit down and low. I'm an arts student, but I had PCMB in XIIth. Ye sab padhe hue pata nahin kitne saal ho gaye. Could hardly come up with the correct answers, fumbled around a lot, though spoke about as clearly and as confidently as I could (managed to even keep up a smile ).

Overall Performance: 2 :


Ideal recipe to screw ya interview!!
reach 5 mins late on ya scheduled date...they shift u to next day next slot
den keep giving every1 explanations y u wr late yest
n adding to dat
forget ya file containg ya call letter n originals at home(n call up ur mom to get them)


X %,Board, year 95.8%
XII%, Board, year 86.5%
Undergrad Stream (BA, BE etc), Specialization: Chemical eng.
Percentage, Year, Institute: 9.82, Thapar

CAT (2010): 99.84

Extra acads : somethings here and there.

Any other special thing about you: M stupid enuf to forget my folder!!!:-(

Interview & Essay

Venue: IIM L,noida
Date : 11/3/11 2pm converted to 12/3/11

Essay :
Topic: something bout the foreign education bill
Number of Ppl present:4
4 ppl present..n out of that also 1 didnt speak at all...it was so difficult to keep on generating some new idea to talk about.
Rate your preparation(0-5):2
Rate your performance(0-5):3

Panel Members Intro:Panel 9

and then i enter...
1st question(expected)
y were u late yesterday?????????
finally i replied: sir, wen such mishappenings happen there are various reasons which contribute to it but i would just like to say that it was my fault and i would like to thank iim lucknow for giving me a second chance.

asked bout my other calls

then asked me bout management subjects in college- i said ob, comm skills and tqm

nw he asks me ques from ipr...haha
" wat is diff bet process patents and product patent"
n wat we have in india
n acc some discussion on pharma sector

thats it
i thanked n appologised again

n dats hw i blocked my road to HELL:-(

neva mind only 1 advice for puys: i gave indore n k interviews bt they start their process atleast 15-30 mins late but these guys start their essay right at 2 pm.....so dnt be like me...reach by 1:30 only!!



X 81.8%, CBSE, 2002
XII 89%, CBSE, 2004
Undergrad Stream B.Tech, Specialization CSE, GPA: 7.4, 2008, IIT Roorkee.

IT Sector (Android app development), 30 months

CAT (2010):
DI: 97.41%ile
Quant: 99.29%ile
Verbal: 99.18%ile
Aggregate: 99.82%ile
(category if applicable) Gen

Extra acads : Not much. Played Cricket at school level.

Any other special thing about you
: Nope

Interview & Essay

Venue: Hotel Monarch Luxor, Bangalore
Date : 5th March 11

Essay and GD:
Topic: War is sometimes the only way to preserve peace
Number of Ppl present: 8
Time: 15 min
Brief Snapshot of the attempt: GD was nice. No fish market. Everyone had decent points. I entered 3-4 times in the discussion. We reached the conclusion that sometimes circumstances force nations into a war. War is always the last option but sometimes it is the only option. Many examples of wars came up as well.
Time given : 12 min (for GD)
Rate your preparation(0-5): 1
Rate your performance(0-5): 3

Panel Members Intro: Two members. P1, P2.

P1 (When I was entering the room): Nice tie.
Me: Thank you sir
P1: What is the material?
Me: No idea sir. Its an old tie.
P1: What are ties generally made of?
Me: Hmm. Maybe cotton.

P2: Leave it. You have worked on Android. Why is Android better than Symbian?
(P1, meanwhile was checking out my certificates)
Me: Gave some OS details. Less memory footprint etc. Then told about user's point of view. Better UI, customizations etc.
P2: But, there are so many Android phones in the market. I want to buy one. Which one should I buy?
Me: Sir it depends on your requirements. There are various factors which you need to consider. What kind of functionality do you need? Camera phone/music phone/business phone. Of course, budget is another factor.
P2: I have heard that mobile phones can be used as TV remotes. How?
Me: I had no idea about this. But, I have worked on an app that streams media from PC/mobile to TV over Wifi network. Explained that.

P1: Your 1st salary is more than latest salary?
Me: 1st salary was actually 40 days' salary.

P2: Why Windows Vista flopped?
Me: Performace issues, security.
P2: What do you mean by performance?
Me: Explained from user's perspective.
P2: What are emulators?
Me: Told. Gave examples.

P1: Tell me a few ministers from Rajasthan (my hometown is Kota) who have done something at the national level.
Me: Bhairon Singh Shekhawat. Then named a few chief ministers but they hadn't done anything at the national level.

P1: Why is Kota a coaching hub?
Me: Gave a brief history of coaching classes. After the initial success, influx of quality students from other cities took the business to great heights.
P1: Do people from Kota like coaching institutes?
Me: Yes. Lots of people are employed because of coaching institutes. So many hostels, PGs, messes etc.
P1: No negative points?
Me: There are negative points. Young kids come to a new city. No restrictions. Chances of getting spoilt are high. Some students have been involved in criminal activity as well.

P1: Can you tell me the reason why Rajasthan Royals were expelled from IPL?
Me: Told.
P1: Do you have any other calls?
Me: C and RRRT
P1: Thank you. You may leave.
Me: Thank you.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 2
Rate your performance(0-5): 3




X %,Board, year 89%,2002
XII%, Board, year 78%,2004
Undergrad Stream (BA, BE etc), Specialization (CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute. MBBS,MGM MC Indore,62%

Sectors, Company - Number of months:10 months in a govt hospital

CAT (2010):
DI 90
Quant 99.4
Verbal 99
Aggregate 99.46
(category if applicable)GEN

Extra acads : have won a few intracollege and intercollege sports events.

Any other special thing about you:

Interview & Essay

Venue: IIM L,noida
Date : 11/3/11

Essay :
Topic: Is keeping your pockets filled the only way to retain power
Number of Ppl present:8
Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Decent
GD : According to me,it was fairly peaceful.Everyone got a chance to speak (PANEL 6,afternoon slot)
Time given : 10min
Rate your preparation(0-5):3.5
Rate your performance(0-5):3.5

Panel Members Intro:Panel 6 : 1 middle aged prof(P),One young alumnus(A),i guess. Me (M)
P:have a seat,Dr..right?
M:yes sir :)
P:tell us something about your self
M: so and so..studied here..worked here..hobbies..etc
P:So why giving up medicine for management?
Y:Hippocratic oath says Doctors are not supposed to disclose the patient details.But,pharmacists usually have all the details.Is that not a violation?
M: babbled something.
Y: Your 12th maths marks are poor.Are you comfortable with mathematics.
M:i'm decent
Y:a couple of questions on probability followed.Like what is the probability of getting the sum 11 on throwing 2 dice simultaneously.
P:choose any topic of your choice.Any international happening.
M:middle east
P:tell us whats happening.
M:told them in depth
P(cuts) ok that much is enough.
Y:Why do we celebrate diwali :P
M:(smiles) answer
P(smiles) we are just checking your awareness,if you know things outside your medical world
M: sir i do know
P(cuts) yes you know everything (sarcasm?)
M:no sir,i just know a little bit.
P:So,you have been reading papers regularly.
M:yes sir
P n Y :ok Thank you,pick up a toffee.
M:thank you
Rate your preparation(0-5):3
Rate your performance(0-5): 4
Any other relevant detail.


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2. For queries, you can visit the thread for http://www.pagalguy.com/discussions/2011-2013-iim-lucknow-call-getters-discussion-25061695
3. For appreciating an interview post use thank button, or if you want to show more, use PM.

All in all, keep this thread for what is meant!



Congrats to all call getters..!! I gave my IIM R3T, L, A, C, B interviews all in Bangalore .... did well
Still Indore and FMS to go..

Raipur Ranchi Rohtak Trichy

Sorry for not posting it here(in the req formats)..all posts will be edited soon!! Preparing acads for Indore!! :P

all the best Puys...!!


Had my interview today, Noida campus, afternoon slot
X %,Board, year: CBSE, 89.2
XII%, Board, year: CBSE, 93.4
Grad : 8.03/10 (chemical engg , delhi)

CAT (2010):
(category if applicable) General

Essay : India, being a poor state cannot afford to waste its resources on high-tech space projects
GD : same
No. of people : 5 (2 late, a couple absent)

Performance : Essay : 1.787/5
GD : 3/5

Interview : Screwed it up! real bad.

P1 : Ok, give me your call letter. Tell me about yourself
M : starts - p2 interrupts

p2 : give me your salary slip
M : ok

p1 : continue
m : confused, mumbles and jumbles an unprepared answer.
(all this while P1 was making gestures to the chai wala who had come and was least interested )

p2:which all calls.
m : ........

p1: ok so you hail from meerut. meerut is famous for 1857 uprising. Tell me 5 freedom fighters from meerut
m : mangal pandey :oops:

P1 : ok where was he posted at 1857
m : (knew it but forgot) dont remember. told him about how it started and all hoping he doesnt ask more names.

p1: ok, who else.
m : dont know

p1: charan singh ?
m : chaudhary charan singh, he was in politics but umm, freedom fight

p1: do you think he was ?
m : yes sir, or else you wouldnt be asking.
p1:(sarcastic smile)

p1 : how did chemical engineering help you in your finance job ?
m : It didnt. engineering did. blah.

p1: give me ur gradesheet. asks me what is this intro to humanities.
m : told it tells what all subjects are on offer by humanitites deppt of my collg.

p1: tell me about psychology.
M : I dint take a course on it but it is basically study of human behavior. has various fields such as clinical, cognitive, behavioral etc.
I just know one thing about psychology sir, though it wasnt from this,

p1: what
m : Human Psyche is really difficult to understand, Women's, its impossible.

p1 : ok what is this econometrics course you did? what was taught
m : regression , linear regression or smthng.

p1 : tell me the basic assumptions in linear regression
m : dependence has to be linear

p1 :
m : sir, don know but can u please tell me if regession could be more than one variables.

p1 : YES!
m : I thought it was the mentos moment, but no. I couldnt think of nething.

p1 : ok tell me what is normality. p2 helps me understand his pronunciation.
m : normal distribution curve is basically when data is closer to the mean, most of it.

p1: I dnt expect it from an iitian!
m : 65% b/w one standard deviation, 95 for 2 and 99 for 3

p2 : exact 99 ?
m : not sure about decimal point

p1: 65 ?
m : 65 or 68

now P2z turn
p2 : ok which all technical indicators u used in ur trading.
m : blah

p2:MACD is good
m: dint use but know, tried explaining

P1 had started talking on his phone while I was there talking to p2. sad, direspectful!

had a long discussion on tech indicators (half of the interview) , was decent.
p1 interrupts and asks p2 to stop.
thank you
p1 : all the best
m :

That is it, just 10 minutes. I was the first one to be interviewed. I did well in GD, started it and all. But guess what, I cant get over the way P1 behaved. If it was stress inducing tactic, it didn't stress me, it just made me sad.
If it was not, I wont go to L.

"Really big people are, above everything else, courteous, considerate and generous - not just to some people in some circumstances - but to everyone all the time."



X %,Board, year: CBSE, 90.6%
XII%, Board, year: CBSE, 93.p0%
Undergrad Stream (BA, BE etc), Specialization (CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute.: B.Arch, Architecture, 8.676, IIT Roorkee

CAT (2010):
DI: 99.10
Verbal: 95.xx
(category if applicable) General

Interview & Essay

Venue: IIML campus, Noida
Date : 10th March, 2011 (9:30 PM)

Essay :
Topic: If society becomes permissive, there is no upper limit
Number of Ppl present:6 (3 absent )
Time:15 min
Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Could structure it and finish it!!
Time given : 15 min
Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 3

GD: on the same topic
Time: 15 min
No fish market. Peaceful gd!

Panel Members Intro: 2 male prof (or may be the younger guy (P1) was an alumini), the elder prof (P2)was a senior prof in the field of strategic management
the panelists were both from non engineering background. The guy who went before me was told on the face that we hate engineers. As soon as i entered, the 1st question they asked was : Did u read yesterday's experience on pg?
Me: No sir, but i did talk to a frnd of mine who had interview yesterday
P2: So what did he told u about the panel
Me: Sir, he told me that panel is very friendly :lookround:
P2: Friendly?? did not you not talk to the last guy?
Me: Yes sir i did, and he told me that you are not a very big fan of engineers!
P2: I told him that I hate engineers
Me: Well sir then atleast I dont have anything to worry about as I am an architect :cheerio:
P1: Ahh!! A twist in the story!

The rest of the interview was very chill. Very much profile centric. Asked few things about my extra curricular achievements. No stressing out! No acads! No current affairs!

Some highlights:
P2: Do u have other calls?
Me: Yes sir, I have calls from B, I , K , S & 3 of the new IIMs as well!
P2: So what is ur preference - B, L ?
Me: Sir I am current focusing on clearing all
P1: That has became a very standard answer
P2: Still on what parameters u will decide?
Me: faculty profile, insti's environment, student exchange, extra curricular, etc etc.
P2: What have u heard abt B & L?
Me: Sir B is one of the most premier institute, it has very good faculty and best student exchange and also one of the best placements. For L sir, I talked to a few seniors, read on the mentor prog. and also in one of the websites that the 1st thing u hear when u come to L is "Welcome to hell"
Panelist laugh!!
Me: But then sir they do say it is worth it. And some more fundes


At the end they asked me if I have any inquiry about Lucknow or IIML
*God damnit* :drinking::drinking:
Me: Sir I want to do major in strategy, but whomsover i have met 80% wanna do it in Finance, 10% in Marketing, 9.5% in Operations & then some very few in strategy.. why is it so? And how is strategy in L?
P2: Gives a lot of fundes!!
P1: Well you are lucky, he is one of the senior profs of strategy!!:lookround::lookround:
Me: Thankyou sir!!

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 4

It was over chill i guess! Throughout the interview I was smiling and so were they
VERDICT: Ohh i so wanna write selected here!!!!!!!

A Query : When do they verify your documents??
They didn't even see my scorecard... i went back to say sir do i have to submit it?



XIIth, Board, year-CBSE-90%
Undergrad Stream-B.Com(Panjab Univ)-63%


CAT (2010):

Extra currics : Team Leader in d organizing committee of a national level conf(dey didnt talk about oders)

Any other special thing about you:

Interview & Essay

Venue: IIM L Campus-Noida
Date : 10.03.2011

Essay : A poor country like India should stop it's space programmes and use the funds for upliftment of the poor.

Number of Ppl present-10
Time:15 mins
Brief Snapshot of the attempt:had no facts on India's space programmes..gave general gyan in the essay...GD was kind of fish market but there were moments of peace where I entered 3-4 times...tried to moderate twice as group was digressing to India's global image nd defence..

Time given :
Rate your performance(0-5):Essay-2/5,GD-4/5

Panel Members Intro:Lady(L)....Gentleman(G)...Me(M)


G:Tell us sumthing about urself
M:well prepared fluent ans...about me,hobbies,oder interests:D
G:(holding my file)So u completed ur B.Com in June last yr...whr have u been working since then?
M:(dude i've written in d from dat no work-ex)..Sir I didnt take up a job after my graduation as I intend to get into mgt consulting and ..stopped
G:Hw did u get to knw dat u want to work in consulting...tell me names of 3 successful mgt consultants in India
M:I'm sry sir,I dnt knw any names as such but it is the profession which has interested me because of...blah blah..positives of consulting(nw I feel maybe he ws asking d names of top consulting co's only which I knew but didnt tell then...cause even google is not able to answer dis ques..Damn It I should have atleast told them that I know pretty much about McKinsey,BCG,Bain,Accenture etc)
L:What all subjects did u study in ur grad?
M:(Shit Man)..Mam, Economics,Bus Studies,Accountancy
G:So tel me Rahul what do u understand by economics?
M:Gave d standars bukish defination
G:Then what is Commece?
M::lookround:..anoder defination
G:By ur definations it seems both r same
M:..They r kinda interlinked..gave d qty nd analysis aspect in economics
L:Rahul,ur scores seem to have declined absymally low in grad...from 80's nd 90's to lower 60's..nd den u dropped also..hw will u cope wid d rigour at IIM-L...u seem to be out of acads for 4 years and u dnt have any work-ex also to leverage upon
M:(yeh asliyat inhe kaise pata chali ki maine 4 saal kuch nhi kiya)...tried to justify dat lost track in grad,didnt hav any goal..didnt knw dat grad marks were imp..blah blah...both didnt luk convinced at all
G:Why shud we prefer u over work-exp guy?what value will u add to our clg?
M:Gyan on fresh perspective....new ideas by freshers...both freshers+workex people r req in a b-school for a gud learning
G:Dnt giv us dese typical answers which coaching inst have fed u?Be specific why should we select u?
M:Talked of my extra-currics nd long-term vision(dis one ques hit me hard i think as I cudnt give specific answer to them...wil have to prepare dis well for MDI)

Overall I was glad they didnt get into core academics nd also that I was asked lead questions which helped me to talk about my extra-currics....but they seemed to counter me at every thing...maybe it ws kinda stress interview but they seemed relaxed sipping tea nd all....I feel I cudnt justify my stand on what motivated me for mgt consulting nd why I shud be prefered over a work-ex guy?? Wid poor grad marks,drop year,ordinary GDPI....chances luk very bleak of making the final cut...

Rate your preparation(0-5):2.5
Rate your performance(0-5): 2.5




X %,Board, year: CBSE, 95.4%
XII%, Board, year: CBSE, 85.2%
Undergrad Stream (BA, BE etc), Specialization (CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute.: B.Tech, Bioinformatics, 88.8%, NIT, Bhopal, 2007-11

CAT (2010):
DI: 99.13
Verbal: 97.84
(category if applicable) General

Interview & Essay

Venue: IIML campus, Noida
Date : 10th March, 2011 (2 PM)

Essay :
Topic: India is a poor country and hence it shouldn't invest in high-tech space programmes(something like that)
Number of Ppl present:10
Time:15 min
Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Could structure it well, with intro and conclusions
Time given : 15 min
Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5

GD: on the same topic
Time: 15 min
They had taken the essay sheets by then. So we didnt really have anything to refer to. ;)
The group was quite competitive. Everyone had points. Did turn into a fish-market at times.

Panel Members Intro: One male prof, one female prof
1. Tell me the difference between Bioinfo, Biotech, Genetic Engineering?
2. Why the shift from Bio to engg to MBA?
3. Qualities of an entrepreneur?
4. Stem cell Research?
5. Practical application of Bioinformatics.
6. Why opted for Bioinformatics?
7. Meaning of your name?

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5

They had a disinterested look on their faces. Weren't trying to stress you out at all.
VERDICT: Fingers crossed!


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