(2011-13) DMS IIT Delhi GDPI Experiences

Hi all, With the GDPI process starting today, use this thread to post your experiences. For the benefit of everyone, use the following format: *Slot* *Academic Profile* *Work Experience* *Any other achievements/accomplishments* *...
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hey!!by wat tym tym results cumin out??
ny guess :D
sjmsom n vgsom results r already out!!!

Hi Hari,

Are the results of IITD coming out tomorrow (27-04-2011)?

Hey, I am not senior but I heard from both the seniors at IIT B anD IIT D that all IIT results are coming tomorrow..
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Hi Hari,

Are the results of IITD coming out tomorrow (27-04-2011)?

hw much is the course fee

varunatait Says
When will the course start this year ? I mean the exact date ?

July 25. Orientation might be held 5-7 days prior to that.

When will the course start this year ? I mean the exact date ?

I think it was mentioned in the presentation 91+24 (for telecom mgmt)...

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what will be the number of seats in DMS this year ? last year it was around 90 and the year before that it was around 50.

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P.S If I am raising this at the wrong thread, please redirect at the correct place.


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