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Dear All, For the second year in succession, we bring to you the *PaGaLGuY Official GDPI Helpline* in collaboration with students of *NITIE Mumbai*. Helpline has the sole objective to ensure that you are empowered to crack GDPI in a better wa...
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bro a quick quetion, u said keep an eye contact with the person who's q u r replying to, but i got the feedback frm sm others that just like in gd u need to look at each of the panelist as u answer.
could u plz clarify.

Yes, you need to keep looking at all the panelists but more share of time should be for the person who asked you the question.

Hope that clears the doubt!
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Pointers for PIs - Part 1 :)
1. Listen to what panel says : It has been observed many times that due to nervousness/anxiety, people try to answer the question in hurry either by cutting off the panel towards the end of the question OR without understanding the question properly. Take your own time and come up with the apt answer. There are no marks for answering in hurry, marks are there for answering appropiately!

2. Body Language : Be positive with your body language. Do not shake legs ( some people do it unknowingly, keep a check on same). Try to have eye contact with the person asking the question and do not let expressions of anxiety come on your face. If possible keep a slightly smiling face. Also, if one is of the habit of moving hands too much while speaking, try to control it.

3. No place for too many emotions: Few questions might be asked in PIs asking your views on current scenarios, happenings etc. Dont be too emotional while answering them. Try to be open and put forth all the perspectives and their analysis while asked such questions.

4. Career Objectives: Be clear with your career objective, how will 2 year MBA help you in achieving it. This is among those questions which might be make or break for you, try to be clear in answering and also prepare some cross questions which a person might ask you on your answer for this question.

5. Value Addition: You will be asked on 2 value additions atleast and you need to have a decent answer for them. First one is the value that you would add to yourself during 2 years of MBA and how do you see yourself getting polished during MBA. Another one is the value addition that you would bring to the XYZ College and the participants studying there with you.

6. Dress Code: Have seen people asking if wearing coat/suit is necessary. No such thing is necessary. You just need to be in formals ( full shirt, trousers and preferably a tie for guys and a suit/saree/western formals for girls). Coat is not at all necessary. Also, it would be around March when most of you would be having interviews, so coat is not that much required. Just wear the formals that make you comfortable and ensure that they are properly washed and ironed. Also, sometimes our image is judged by shoes we wear, so keep a check on your shoes in terms of them being polished etc.
Girls please try to avoid jewellery !

Most Frequently asked questions along with what they are used to judge to follow soon :)

PS: Link to the post updated in first post of thread for quick reference.


bro a quick quetion, u said keep an eye contact with the person who's q u r replying to, but i got the feedback frm sm others that just like in gd u need to look at each of the panelist as u answer.
could u plz clarify.
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aaravkhanna90 Says
What cud be ques on Rural sector as i hav mentiond a desire to work in dat field after my MBA my father being farmer nd i sen d rural life nd problems though i m a software engineer (fresher)??????????

- What is rural market ? How is it different from urban market ?
- Contribution of rural market in GDP.
- What are the flaws in current system of rural sector ?
- What changes will you bring about in rural sector ?
- How will MBA help you in bringing those changes?
- Why XYZ college for MBA when there are others like IRMA etc. which are well known for rural marketing ( assuming XYZ is not IRMA )

aaravkhanna90 Says
Also sir i hav a ques as to how to relate my Btech frm computer science to MBA in INTERNATIONAL Business as i wanna completely change my filed to a rural managment sector ??????????????

For this, i will suggest to prepare an answer and PM to me and we shall review it and let you know the improvements.

@ All

1. Please carry on with discussion on " Woods are lovely .. " . It seems as if when we give slightly trickier topic, people dont participate in it.

Come on people.. take up the challenge of such topics as well :thumbsup:

Waiting for more participation.. we really want to give you individual feedbacks for such a topic but we need participation for that.

2. We will be having next set of Skype sessions next week. Apart from me, there will be 4-5 more people present to guide you all and mentor the GD. Taking connectivity and logistics issues in consideration, we will be forming the groups of just 6-7 people each. I shall be posting the slots and groups for the same soon.

3. For mock PIs: All those interested , please send me a PM with subject " mock PI " and mention your email id, skype id , brief intro of your profile and calls so far along with expected calls. All this information so that we can arrange your mock interview with a person who has the experience of the colleges from where you have the calls.

PS: Please have subject as ' mock PI ' in PM so that i do not miss out anyone's message for this purpose.
PPS: For skype GDs, no need to send me PM. I already have your requests with me on Skype. Shall be accepting all of them in due course of time before posting the slots.

** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **

The woods are dark, lovely and deep:

Life always offers such various temptations. They look very attractive, and tempt us to fall for it. We would love to enjoy the moment, and savour the happiness it offers.

But I have miles to go before I sleep:

But Responsibilites, which have to be fulfilled take the 1st priority. There is still a long way to go, to achieve them. I cant afford to relax and enjoy the present moment.

Enjoying at present,will not make my future happy. And thereby I should be focused on my goal and concentrate towards it

Commments are welcome :D
My first post on a gd forum

PS: This thread is awesome

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The woods are lovely , dark and deep..
'the woods' connotes dark and mysterious beauty of nature which attracts and tempts the speaker to wait and lose himself in observing the mysterious beauty of the woods and forget his worldly obligations and responsibilities momentarily ..

But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

but he cannot enjoy the enticing beauty and calmness of the nature for too long ...he cannot rest in peace and needs to move on as he has to keep his promises and for that he must return to realm of society..

The last two lines are most appealing.. what I interpret is that ultimately the speaker would love to return to the lovely , dark and deep nature but before that it's a long journey through life for him to complete .

p.s. my first post on this thread.

p.p.s. join this fb group for online gd .. link : https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/181366391930948/270259769708276/?notif_t=group_activity

I agree to all the different pesrpectives of the fellow group members
The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep
It can be framaed up in three points

Problem : The life is an endless journey and man wants to enjoy in the lovely woods (indulge in various pleasures of life) and spend some quality time but then he remembers he has other work to do which is more important(he has his daily life which he cannot leave).

Solution : He has to manage his life in such a way that he enjoy's the life's journey alongwith spending time in pleasures and fulfilling his promises towards society, family, work life.

Action Plan : Be positive and optimistic towards life and always manage time so that u have time for yourself and live life carefree,
even if one door closes God opens n number of doors for us so believe in him and spend time in lovely woods along with keeping all the promises.

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The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
The words in bold can also represent mysteries, or knowledge in the books. Ideally, I would have loved to read all the books in the world to satisfy my thirst for knowledge.
However, I have promises to keep.
Owing to financial and temporal constraints, I cannot possibly achieve this end. Further, I have responsibilities towards the society - my employer, my family etc. and I must adhere to them.
While I would have loved to spend as much time as available in my quest, it is not feasible and I must return to my worldly duties.

My first post on a common GD forum.
Please provide an honest feedback!

Puys, what's up with "The woods are lovely....."? No response for long.
All results & analyses done, let's get back to GD
If I continue with the discussion now, it'd become one-on-one or redundant. Waiting for someone to contribute

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poonam19a Says
how a lack of well defined fiscal policy has led to the failure?

I'l try to keep this very simple by a comparision. In India we have The Central Government which takes care of the fiscal policies and Reserve Bank of India taking care of the monetary policy.

To understand the reason why fiscal union is needed, one needs to understand the clear roles & responsibilities of European Union and Eurozone. European union is a political & economic union of 27 European countries, but with no fiscal policy making power. That still lies with each individual government of member states, but the Eurozone which is the Monetary Union takes care of the monetary policy for 17 member states. Point to be noted, not all members of the EU are part of Eurozone.

Just like RBI in India, European Central Bank or ECB takes care of the monetary policy of all the states and has complete monetary power in terms of printing currency and issuing loans to its member states. Due to lack of a fiscal union and a fiscal policy, spending for each member state was decided by government of that state. Hence each Govt was free to decide on its spending and what resulted was reckless spending on social welfare schemes and other expenditure which ballooned the deficit of each country, which we know as the sovereign debt crisis.

A strong fiscal union with the power to overrule government decisions is needed so that the whole Eurozone can function as a single & efficient unit rather the current situation in which a few are deciding the fate of the rest.

Going back to the initial analogy of comparing to the Indian situation, if there was only RBI and no central government making fiscal policy and each state had the power to borrow at their will from RBI, we would have a similar situation with a few states running into debt crisis.

I hope that clears your doubt. Feel free to revert if its still not clear.

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Also sir i hav a ques as to how to relate my Btech frm computer science to MBA in INTERNATIONAL Business as i wanna completely change my filed to a rural managment sector ??????????????

What cud be ques on Rural sector as i hav mentiond a desire to work in dat field after my MBA my father being farmer nd i sen d rural life nd problems though i m a software engineer (fresher)??????????

Pointers for PIs - Part 2

Please find below the list of most frequently asked 30 questions across B-Schools :)

1.Questions on your work experience
- What was your role/responsibility?
- How did you contribute?
- What are your learnings?
- How can you leverage it during MBA?
- How MBA can help you after what you have learnt from your job?
- Questions specific to the technology/domain you worked in?
- Questions on technology/domain competing to technology/domain in which you worked
- Few questions about your client
- Questions on firms which are competitor of firm in which you worked

2. Questions on academics
- Favourite subject?
- Why less marks?
- Questions related to graduation background
- Current happenings in your graduation's background
- Correlate your graduation background with MBA
- Inconsistency in academic record
- Advantages of MBA after pursuing graduation in xyz field

3. Questions on topics related to current affairs
4. Your views on recent political, economic , technology and social developments
5. Questions on your hobbies and areas of interests
6. What is the meaning of your name and few cross questions on it.
7. Why MBA
8. What are your strengths and weaknesses
9. Your views on the latest book/novel you have read
10. You can be asked to solve few puzzles
11. Questions about social, political and economic affairs of state/city to which you belong or where you have worked in past
12. Questions on your favourite sport

13. Questions on group discussion
- How well did group discussion go according to you
- What are the reasons that you spoke less ( if applicable)
- Why did you mention this point ( cross questioning on points mentioned by you in GD)

14. Questions on SDLC ( especially for people with IT/CS background)
15. What is the specialization you are looking forward to? ( few cross questions )
16. Why XYZ B-School ?( XYZ = B-School whose PI you are giving )
17. Questions on network topologies and logic gates
18. Questions on rural development/rural inclusion
19. Questions on current state of education in India at school and graduation level
20. Give an example where you worked in a team
21. What did you learn from the experience of working in a team
22. What role do you want to play in a team
23. Difference between team leader and team player with example
24. Difference between leader and manager with example
25. Questions on GSM , CDMA , 2G , 3G
26. Long term and short term goals.
27. How will XYZ B-School help you in achieving your goals
28. Your vision of life
29. Most significant achievement of your life and your learnings from it
30. Situation in which you faced ethical dilemma and how did you resolve it

PS: No individual feedback is being given for Food Security Bill discussion as everyone participated well in it and we had a overall good GD. We shall be giving the individual feedback for current topic of Discussion as we feel it is important for people to know how to participate in discussions on such topics as the one which is currently going on.

PPS: Feel free to shoot any doubt on PI questions posted above. :)

PPPS: Link to this post updated on first post of thread for easy reference

** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **

thanx sir, can u plz send me d links where in i can all d dese dat India has done?????????

@poonam: I would also like to mention that this crisis is much more than a fiscal crisis. Its more of a trade imbalance. As all the members of the eurozone have a single currency i.e EURO; so what happens is that they all act as a huge country and hence nobody notices the inter state trade deficits which is the main reason for this crisis. Its like in india we have a trade deficit between states like U.P & J & K. But that doesnt come into picture coz we are evaluated as a country.

The given statement is a perfect example of maintaining a balancing act between opportunities and responsibilities.

The woods are lovely dark and deep: I am a flamboyant cricketer. I can enthrall everyone with my batting prowess. There is a demand for me, I have the opportunity. To play Twenty20 cricket for clubs. To tour the world as a freelance cricket millionaire. There are brands waiting for my endorsement through my clubs. I can retire after 2 seasons instead of slogging for years in international cricket.

But I have promises to keep: What has my passion always been? To represent my country. To use and showcase my skills as a sportsman to the best of my abilities and make my country proud. To don the country colors is my first priority. I have a moral responsibility to my country and the sport I play.

and i would like to enhance the points given by VenkataramanR.....we get the always 2 paths infront of us........one will be beautifull........fully comprised with roses....like u r getting the oppurchunity in t20.....glamour....money.......
the othr path is somehow difficult thn the privious 1........if u hav to play for country thn u hav to fought with many challenges.........sometime u will be disheartned but....faith will gve u the ultimate goal..!!!!!!!
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