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[2010] PaGaLGuY Coolest Avatar Contest - Vote for your favorite avatar!

After one week of intense campaigning and nominations we have woohoo! 43 nominations! :shocked: Firstly, a big shake your booty dance for everyone who nominated themselves! :: Just to sum it up, out of 43 nominations, 23 got at least one ...
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Congrats hate. Glad to know that mera vote kaam aaya

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heard about coolest avatar contest.

Nominated myself.

Found out doc and naga aren't in competition; thought hate would anyways help me (:splat:) and got in chill mood.

Many people(no names :|) contacted me saying they will get me votes and I am already going to win this

Got a video-parody of RajniKant, tried to edit it; wondered about whether to use it for the nomination round or the final round, finally decided to save it for the final round.

:shocked: Got the rejection from nomination round.:shocked:

Saw raja ram verman :oops: Rajaramvarun lagging far behind and decided to be the Praja of our beloved Raja (one more reason was Naga's challenge )

Raja came on top, thanks to his many many supporters including vision, bala, jawa. Hate.inc finally got some fight

pagalguy came from behind to prove his mettle (salute to thee determination and the work u put behind it)

:cheers: Hate came with some awesome posts and got some awesome judges votes :cheerio:

:w00t:Hate wins the coolest avatar contest, lekin Raja ki party jeeti ye chunav :biggrin:

Hamare jaise supporters ala voters ala aam junta ko mile kuch lajawab calvin and hobbes ke kisse superman and family ki andarooni khabrein Fido chaudhari ki chaturai in short an awesome week

P.S. -> Neha, you deserved much more (next time I will be ur lead campaigner as doc and kid won't have much time in wimwi and bluff will be our mentor).

P.P.S. -> Hate and pagalguy \______/O

true, diablo, bluffy, adityacool, pp, gnrs, naga aur baki sabhi ko jinhone is contest ko banaya Raja ki Praja ki taraf se \_______/O
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I woke up today morning and while logging on gmail I thought mails from AC would be waiting - "judges, aaj ke top 3 posts bhejo"

It was actually opposite situation, if you remember correctly. I had to ask "judges" to STOP voting.
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Well well well.... What a kaantest it was

Warning - Its a long post you you might sleep reading it :D

I woke up today morning and while logging on gmail I thought mails from AC would be waiting - "judges, aaj ke top 3 posts bhejo"

Alas - this amazing contest is now over,
the last two weeks have been an amazing ride - and the enthusiasm demonstrated by every 1 was a delight to watch. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Hats off to all you guys for such a spirited effort. :cheers:

Hate: you clearly deserve to be the winner - your posts and creativity stood out among all the contestants. Posts like the nazar suraksha kavach deserve an applause and ROFL even if you see it 723.67 times :):cheers:

And an amazing team you had man with stalwarts like diablo, pp, navneet, MJ by your side.

Neha: A spirited performer -
And with Bluffu and AC joining in :w00t: - what a combo it was. Great to see you among top 3 :thumbsup:

I knew both of you had strong teams thus I rather chose to be with Varun. He had very good ideas and just a helping hand was all he needed.

And yeah this way it was more fun competing with champion performers especially Bluff, diablo, et al. I have a lot of respect for them.

I Salute you guys - and I wunt shy away from saying I have learnt a lot from you both - and am still learning :cheers:

Coming to PearlCrystal: Frankly saying - If I had to rank the 10 avatars based on the nomination posts - I would have ranked you 1. An amazing concept it was. As had Bluffu said - I too would have loved to campaign for you.

Vivek, Born.vagabong: Very nice avatars guys - I really liked the creativity shown by both of you

Now coming to the winning team
The Five Horsemen :cheers:
P@galguy: What an effort dude - u deserve a standing ovation.
It was a pleasure to know you as a person. :cheers:

tarunceo: Great effort man - hope to see you soon as the CEO of a company

Nice avatar bro - I know your creativity quotient :thumbsup: would have loved to see more posts coming from you. Glad to see you in the winning team.
Clarky Kent: Soopermann Again a spirited effort - had u not been in top 10 - we would have missed out on a lot of humour :D

Last but in no way the least:

The Brain - Varoons (yes both of you)
:cheers: What an effort guys - a 4th place doesn't give justice to your efforts. But I am glad the team won.

The camaraderie displayed by the team especially - vision, bmr who themselves had good avatars but werent able to make to the finals was amazing. It takes a lot of guts guys - salute to u both.
I really enjoyed teaming up with you all :cheers::cheers:

Now coming to our bhery bhery own CEC gnrs - Amazing thinking bhaijaan
the way you structured the whole contest was marvelous.

And cheers
to all the judges for all their efforts (including me ) especially to our official statician AC :cheers:

This ends a long speech and at the end of it I am starting to wonder what was the purpose of this speech

Cheers to you all - hope to see much more spirited performances next year.

I cant wait for next years contest


TrueIndian - a common yet uncommon man

PS: I missed Utsav in this years contest
Patience, Persistence & Perseverance. https://twitter.com/trueindian
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So Junta.......The GREAT CREATIVITY SHOW is Over....We have got Our own
PG Idol.........

i.e. the_hate aka Abhishek Bhai......... :cheers: :cheers:

It was a great experience for me and kudos to all the Creative Junta......

I would like to Thank
Haresh Bhai

and all those who voted for me and i also wanna thank all the Junta who didnt vote for me....

Want to add few names here:
First of all i would like to thank Rohit Bhai for starting This Contest.... then i wanna thank
diablorulez - to remind us that Even Ram Gopal Verma is more Creative than us :wow: :wow:
BLUFFMASTER!!! Hats off to you SAAR ji......for all the funny and creative posts
AlpeshChaudhari - Again a Creative soul....Winner of 2009....need no proof
chuck_gopal- An amazing Man
puri.pallavi- Our First SuperWoMOD......i still remember the last year contest when i offered PP to form an alliance with me and she politely replied....Hum akele hi jayengey........
sukritmunjal-Sukrit bhai for being in the judges panel
abhi1max1-i have seen this guy working hard in the last year contest
nishant_rungta-Though he was not very active on the thread but wanna thank him....
sid_dharth- :cheers: :cheers:
TRUEINDIAN- Sacha Hindustani...... you have shown remarkable efforts dude.......

Now the Contestants.....i never considered them as my competitors..... But Hats off to you guys for spreading so much insanity..........

HATE: Boy....you deserve this crown :cheers: :cheers:

NEHA.VISIONARY: Great efforts yaar...... Finally u got what u deserve.... Top 3

Shamim:he Started from Scratches....and now in top 2...... :cheers: :cheers:

Varun: :thumbsup: :cheerio: for the 5 Horsemen Concept.....

CK: For his chaddi vale Jokes :cheers:

PC: i still remember...when we were trying to convince rjchanda for his Vote but he voted for the_hate :shocked: :shocked:

imcoming, vivek_mba10, born.vagabond: Good Show from your Side Boys..... I liked the AVATAR of born.vagabond.....:cheerio:

i would also like to thank all the Contestants in the 1st Round like the bmr,Tj,VisionIIM-ACL etc............

Last but not the least...... i would like to thank Allwin Bhai for such a Fantabulous Forum....... :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

P.S.- Waiting For Cool AVATAR 2011.......Bring it on ......The Race is not over
yet....because i havnt Won
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PG Singh always believes in 1st position chahe woh uppar se ho ya niche se

Anyway kudos to the top three!!:D

And 'the_hate' ,you had put in a lot,well deserved first place Congrats!!:D

Keep The Insanity alive

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Hate deserves a special mention, Congrats Bhai ... You truely deserved to win!

Since the number 1,2,3,4s of the contest have spoken their minds, I feel the stage is all set for me

Wadda week sir jee .... Power Packed :cheerio:

Main jeeta to nahin hoon, lekin phir bhi badi speech doonga afterall, i thoroughly enjoyed it

I nominated myself without any idea of how this contest will progress.
Got selected in the final 10 by the judges (a buggy thanks ) ... and now what .. get votes! Okay but how .. not an easy task!
Initially didn't get much time for campaign (office work :banghead:) .... met AC/Bluffy on SB who said "No excuses" .. kuch to karna hi tha ..
Tried to get Bluffy to campaign, but since I wasn't active for the first 2 days .. Bluffy ditched me

PearlCrystal: Very nice concept of Avatar. "Almost" sent u PM to support u, hope u cud have shown more enthu initially, story cud have been different ;)

Which was sort of ok .. since I accept I wasn't much active for the first two days ... ok so here I was .. with not much into the competition, not much out either .. trying to figure things out .. with no campaigner too!

I had already read that Alpesh had won the previous year (PMs played a good role), so started sending PMs to people .. some voted, so many didn't. Was not very encouraging .. 3 din ho gaye approx ...

Phir hua excess PM waala kissa .. ab yarr ... hum bhi kya karein. Learnt that PG was also sending so many PMs. A few good men complained, and I got a penalty. Wasn't completely guilty, but expressed myself on the thread and moved on ... I never sent a single PM after this episode. Releived! :D

By this time, I had got a secret advisor who was campaigning for someone else .... Alpesh .... Thanks a lot Alpesh for encouraging me/helping me out/suggestions and to tell me to keep fighting!
I also had got a star campaigner/supporter, Raveesh (Raveesh_Dream). Thanks a lot bro! You rock!

gnrs ke creative post waala idea - rocking :thumbsup: did help me to get some :thumbsup: and some votes as well ...

So yeh sab chalta raha ...

Last two days, party formation hua. Must say, too much politics happened! Enjoyed it
Da Vinci Poda was formed! ...
Now my votes were for the team. Thanks a lot to:
Neha, PP, Alpesh, Bluffy, Doc, hate

who worked so hard for the team, I also did!
You all just rock :cheers:
I really enjoyed being a part of Da Vinci Poda :clap:

Koi miss ho gaya ho to sorry! Thanks to you too ...
Thanks a lot to all those who voted for me!
Thanks to all my competitors too .. It was great to have you on the opposite side :thumbsup:
Thanks to judges
And to each one here ....

Really Enjoyed Each and Every Moment of this Contest!

Bas ho gayi speech over ...

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Wow! :w00t: The Roller coaster ride finally ends! I "hate" to admit it but the_hate had to win!! Kudos to your creativity man! Before I go about on the thank you speeches, I would like to mention that,anything that was said or written on the thread was all in pure jest and no personal offence intended!!

P.S No.1 : Mainly the above to PP,MK and Navi as some of my jokes and comments were aimed at them! You guys have been the torchbearers of this holy forum for the past few years and shall remain so! Pehle Abhi

The People I would like to thank

Will start off with my team and my campaigners! Vision,Bmr,Bala,intello,suneja,adityacool,anshul,MBA-,freakinda,sn.soumya and milind. Absolutely brilliant campaigning and some stunning posts,strategies and some startlingly subtle ways of blackmailing!

I then come to everyone who voted for me.Every vote is special but a special vote of thanks to >> or >> or >> Pagalguy for having the faith in the avatar and the campaign and choosing to vote for it,prem sir for not banning some of Vision's campaign posts(),sidharth for having followed the campaign throughout,members and cheerleaders of the DT,UDT and everyone who I pinged on gtalk.pmmed or met on SB..

I then come to TrueIndian sir for the idea on the gamechanging first alliance!! This was funny.Saxena calls me up and tells me "Bhai,hum CK aur IMC ke saath alliance banaa rahe hei"..Mei bola "Abey yeh kab hua?? :w00t:" Saxena bola "Abey TI se baat hui..he said..he PMmed u par tu reply nahi kiya" Then we discussed the plan...decided we'll take Neha towards the last day(which of course never happened ) and win the contest.That said,TI was the brain behind the initial alliance! Kudos!

Then coming to Shammimji aka Nakli Pagalguy!! Discussed loads of plans with him on gtalk which finally culminated in the alliance! CK without whom none of the Chaddi jokes would have been possible Spent close to 3 hrs in a day talking to him over gtalk or on the phone discussing strategies.

I also wanna thank Bluffy,neha,hate,vision(again).diablo,PP(again) for some brilliant humour on the thread,vivek,PC,tarun,IMC for some amazing creativity and the Team for winning the alliance contest!!

So where are the prizes?? :lookround:

Edited: I know I have missed a lot of people.Please groan at the post if i have.

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Congratulations hate
Dude you deserved to win! from your first post to last post there was creativity in every post and no doubt you ought to win it. Hats Off to you! :thumbsup:

Now coming to Da vinci Poda cause we sell soda was never gonna to be possible without hate, PC, PP, BLuffu, Alpesh, Doc. it's okay we lost it. but the work we did to bring it up is the best memory of the contest. Thanks guys. you all made it fantastic experience :thumbsup:

Phew! So the contest in finally over!! :w00t:
Ok i may go bit dramatic but i'm really sad it's over.
Seriously, i had no clue I'll come this far in contest. infact, last wednesday, it was only one hour left for the nominations to get over and i didn't have single clue what to write to nominate myself. it was just cause of doc and assassin that i could nominate myself. thanks guys for sticking with me throughout. I'm not sad i didn't win it. i'm so glad i was part of this madness. it's the best experience i had on PG and as i said in my nomination post, it's brought me closer to PG. and special thanks a ton to Bluffu, Doc, Alpesh and Assassin for being with me. and yes those amazing survey and post was only bluffu's hardwork. never wanted to take credit for it but bluffu said just do it.
and Bluffu, i have no regrets the last post was by hate. he deserved it. we couldn't have let it go like that. i would have been really sad if he didn't post the PPT! dude it was his hardwork in the midst of his interview. i'm very happy for you hate. and so glad to know bluffu.

Ok i'll end by just saying one thing,was surfing tv channels a while ago and saw abhishek bachchan in add of rendez-vous, he said: Don't be sad it's over, smile it happened to you! :D

Thankyou judges and CEC to select me and thankyou everybody who supported me from judges, friends and voters. :D


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congratulation to the_hate aka abhishek bhai

To other contestants better luck next time.....

Finally creativity wins :clap:


:cheers: :drinking: :drinking: :cheers:
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