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Rohit Awasthi @estranged_gnrs


[2010] PaGaLGuY Coolest Avatar Contest - Vote for your favorite avatar!

After one week of intense campaigning and nominations we have woohoo! 43 nominations! :shocked: Firstly, a big shake your booty dance for everyone who nominated themselves! :: Just to sum it up, out of 43 nominations, 23 got at least one ...
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Abhi tak post karna bandh nahi kiya junta

Thread closed!!
My old signature does not fit here :(
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Contest went great...
After so many days of hard work they all deserved


and the rest too joined

After party

It was just they were preparing for AIPGM, rest was all silent.
Well almost

Wahan se bohat door, duniya ke ek koney mein .....

Refer ---> Bees kos duurr


Saleem's Father, Annu (still suffering from that teenagedirtbag fiasco) wished him best...

Saleem is ready


Thanks to all participants, judges and PG HQ members for making this years Avatar contest successful, and wish loads of fun for next years too. :D

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Main pal do pal ka shayar hu !
pal do pal mere kahani hai !

pal do pal mere hasti hai !
pal do pal mere jawani hai !

mujh se pahle kitne shayar !
aaye or aaker chale gaye !

kuch aahe bhar kar laut gaye !
kuch nagme gaakar chale gaye !

wo bhi ek pal ka kissa they !
main bhi ek pal ka kissa hu !

kal tumse juda ho jaaunga !
jo aaj tumhara hissa hu !

kal aur aayenge nagmo ki !
khilti kaliya chunne waale !

mujh se bahtar kahne waale!
tumse bahtar sunne waale!

kal koi mujh ko yaad kare !
kyo koi mujh ko yaad kare !

masroof zamana mere liye !
kyo waqt apna barbaad kare!

main pal do pal ka shayar hu !
pal do pal mere kahani hai !

pal do pal mere hasti hai !
pal do pal mere jawani hai !

jo waqt beeta thaa unke saath wo naayab ho gaya !
kyo kisi k pyar main!
main khaane kharab ho gaya !
kyo mere liye ban gayi wo ek haseen sapna!
kyo main uske liye ek adhura khwab ho gaya!

I am sorry for this late post.....but i was pre occupied with my job ka head hehehe ...!!

Coolest Avatar KaanTest gave me an opportunity to interact with many people and involve myself in fultooooo nautanki which i really enjoyed a lot...thanks a lot rohit ji and other judges for giving me that chance...

Hate baba : nothing more than this --> \__-__0_/
Rajaram : Lko aa jao jaldi se...
Neha: ur effort was really commendable...
P@galGuy: \__-__0_/ (every1 has already said everythg)
PC: Fido was indeed
Vagabond: PG+Sardar ji was --> :thumbsup:
Vivek : shud have tried a bit more :cheers:
CEO, Imcoming: good effort...

As far as support was concerned: all my thanks to Satyaprem, Xanthipe, Drabir and ofcourse...bade bhai Trueindian and all those who voted for me...

And as goes for me...."main to pal do pal ka shaayar hu...pal do pal meri kahaani hai...pal do pal meri hasti hai...pal do pal meri jawaani hai..."

Hope to see more nautanki coming up asap ...

I am not your rolling wheeeeelsss... I am the HIGHWAY !
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I was really looking forward for the Pagalguy to win.... who fired all cylinders and came from behind to lead the voting... From out of nowhere.. he reached a point where it was highly improbable for any of the contestants to overtake him so easily... Great acceleration....

I agree..hats off to P@galguy for the effort..

However.. The Hate had things going his way and showed that the name, if not desirable, can be used to good effect by creativity....
the name was really desirable..just needed a little packaging..infact i think my username was very easy to market..others needed different thing to associate to and market because of a mundane user name ;)..i could associate my username to lot of hidden feelings of people :D

You have the makings of a great manager bro.... I like the idea!!
wish b-schools prof thought the same
You'll never walk alone
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A wonderful contest on PG... something different from the mundane activities of inquiries about the colleges....

I was really looking forward for the Pagalguy to win.... who fired all cylinders and came from behind to lead the voting... From out of nowhere.. he reached a point where it was highly improbable for any of the contestants to overtake him so easily... Great acceleration....

But the twist in the tale.... "The Hate" had "The Fate" coming his way... His creativity and hard work paid and yielded great results in the End...

It was a tough competition and Hats off to all the contestants... I was having a keen interest to keep myself updated on this poll....

The Hate
and Neha Visionary deserve the applause for outstanding performance in the contest.....

I would like to mention Clark Kent.. The Superman... probably he was the one to start the creativity thing.. and his promos had something attractive in them..
However.. The Hate had things going his way and showed that the name, if not desirable, can be used to good effect by creativity.... You have the makings of a great manager bro.... I like the idea!!

Nevertheless, all contestants were good... they made to the poll... and had some votes in their armour...Take care...

Be A Pagal

"You are born with nothing but die with a Name. That Name must not be a word, it must be History."
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Finally I won :cheers:
The avatar contest was one of the best thing that happened to me on PG.
Will not say much. AIPGM ke liye bacha ke rakhoonga winner speech :D
par for now, I would like to say thanks to the_hate inc-
It wouldn't have been possible without them. \_____0/
Also special thanks to people who guided me through out the contest-
PP, diablo,marijuana and many more seniors.
Thanks to DA VINCI Podas- PC and neha. Thanks to them and Bluff and AC that i could make the cut.
Thanks to bangy puys- sriram, ashwin,kinscool and others for supporting me.
To the competitors- :thumbsup: It was a great fight :)
Special thanks to rocker999 for the lovely Hate anthem. He is a big fan of sonu nigam and specializes in romantic song.
The look on his face was priceless when i asked him to sing hate song
Last but not the least- thanks to all the people who voted for me.
Baaki kisi ka naam bhool rha hoon to maaf kar dena. Thanks to all.
In the end...lemme end by saying-
I'm glad that the deserving candidate won.MUHAHAHA ;)

Well well welll.... my first post in the world of geeks...
Congos bhatiya bhaai for a well deserved win......
While working on the hate anthem I never thought that the real story behind this is so exciting.....
Mujhe to ab jaak pata chala ki kya awesome competition chal raha tha....
A hell lot of creativity out there....:o
Congos to the rest of the participants too....
And yes you deserved to win bhaai.... u rock...
Rocker999 :cheers:
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Congrats The_Hate...

All the others did gud work.....

i m loving this......:)

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Whatttay kaan-test Please excuse natural spammer for a long post

Nominated myself by changing my existing avatar ... thought to give judges something in avatar by which they can connect with me easily

Nomination post of hate was brilliant... sure shot one of the finalists ... thought i could make in rest 9 .. but others proved to be better

But, i did not loose.... as Tarun aka TI has appreciated my avatar quite a few times ... and reading his PM for same was great moment

Was surprised to see almost all judges supporting just 1 contestant ... so, decided to pose them a challenge by supporting my one of the beshtest fraands VR ( who was having votes in single digits when neha and abhishek were on a roll )

Slowly, we picked up and were leading .. till Shameem overtook even us as a true underdog

PMed TI for support ... he came for rescue and we released TRIDEV.. good surprise for others

Had plans to take neha as well in party before last day but nafratein went ahead and brain remained behind in making alliance with her

Modern day Chanakya TI.. came up with plan ...and shameem became the part of our party

In the mean time ... judges and few great oldies helped hate with innovative ideas ... and those ideas and their great implementation by hate brought him brownie points

Hate's nomination ppt and final round's song took him to victory.... others lacked in this innovation part

Our party won ... prooving we are best in Gadbandhan ki Rajneeti

Neha was best i think ... especially when she showed that we still have imaandaar neta ... i think others should learn from her at this part .

Kudos to all other contestants especially tarunceo , clark , imc , PC .

Cheers to all campaigners... without us, this kaan-test could have nebher reached thich lebhel of insanity

Special :cheers: and \_______0/ to TI for being so fraaandly, supportive throughout the kaan-test varoons could have not reached here so easily if you were not with us

Also, this long spam of natural spammer is because he asked to do so

** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **
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AlpeshChaudhari Says
It was actually opposite situation, if you remember correctly. I had to ask "judges" to STOP voting.

I remember AC, that was a joke ;)

BTW - the best part was the mail* sent by abhi1max1 today morning ROTFL

* Only the insane judges and CEC know about this part

Patience, Persistence & Perseverance.
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Congratulations to all the Contestants!:)

A special congratulations to the_hate for winning this amazing contestant, which to me is one of the most unique contest to be help on world wide web, i wont be getting into long speeches to explain the logic behind my bold statement but would make it fathomable by giving you all my five point gyaan about Coolest Avatar Contest.

Five Reasons which Make Coolest Avatar one of The Best Contests on World Wide Web;

1. The Creativity involved is superb.

Trust me on this you puys do such an amazing job at coolest avatar, that sometime i even feel wow..:shocked:, so much talent:D, i participated in coolest avatar 2 years back, when diablo won the event and trust me he was amazing, i came up with a very boring idea of "Lucky spirit of Number 11" and trust me, it was horrible from my side.

2. The Passion
Anything you do in life you got to have passion, without it you can't even move a bit, just to see contestants and their supporters come up with posts after posts of creativity and humour is something that i am really proud of.Three cheers

3. The Supporters

I am pretty sure that more than half of the contest is driven not by the contestants but by their supporters, as has been the case this time around too, the collabaration, the feeling of oneness that is being shown @CAC is unmatchable anywhere else.:D

4. The Perseverance

The Contest was pretty close from the begining, Neha, hate, rajamvarun and the underdog p@galguy, you all kept at it, i specially interacted with neha and p@galguy and saw the passion to keep at it in both of them.:)

5. One of the Closest Contest

As always,It was one of the closest contest, when i first saw the 10 shortlisted candidates i had one person in mind who stood out, then i saw another who was working pretty hard, than i met another who was campaigning so hard that the passion behind that was hard to ignore, all in all it was a very tough decision for me to vote on one and that says volumes for the contest.:cheers:

6. The Judges and CEC

Hats off to you puys who have really made this contest a free and fair one, coming up with new ideas to make it more interesting and fair, you guys deserve all the accolades too, thank you judges for giving us this contest.

Its been a amazing contest!

Thank you all for making it possible.

P.S-> I gave one extra reason for the judges because they deserved it.

The Only thing constant in Life-Change! 
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