[2008] IIM Bangalore GD/PI Experiences

Hey puys, The day has almost arrived for few and will be coming our way in a few more days...And as the second round of the admission process commences on 20th March for IIM B, I am starting this thread for all of us to share our experiences an...
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social_loafer Says
dude..think before writing bill gates..Microsoft unethical practices.....in Europe..etc..so prepare for that...

hey cud elaborate a little morwe on MS 's unethical practices ?nd some more issues

hey, for the why IIM-B question, are you supposed to know a few things about IIM-B? Like the courses they offer etc? If yes, could you (or anyone else :)) tell me where can I obtain such information from? I have my GD/PI tomorrow (1st April)

what questions can be asked about bill gates ? some imp thinks i defntly shud knw??
pls help guys!i got my interview 2mrw
dude..think before writing bill gates..Microsoft unethical practices.....in Europe..etc..so prepare for that...
what questions can be asked about bill gates ? some imp thinks i defntly shud knw??
pls help guys!i got my interview 2mrw

Hi Friends,

I had my GDPI on 27th march at 9AM in the IIMB campus.

Profile: B.E (ece) + 2 yrs embedded sw work ex.

case abt commercialization of sports. and it was criticizing that more money and attention given to cricket in the form of player auctions when compared to other sports. is it good or bad for sports?

had 8 members in GD.
10 mins to think. 20mins to discuss. 10mins to write summary, influential personality and career aspirations.
since the topic was on cricket, i speculated that everyone would pounce...
but contrary to it, when panel said start, there was a lull and no one was willing to start. then i jumped and gave intro abt the case... then everyone tried to speak thereafter mostly simultaneously and at times it was nearing the so called market... but after my initial intro, i was unable to enter discussion for the next 8mins:death:... my attempts went futile... but at later point came in few times... but still cutting was ruling the roost through out the discussion.. (may be because of the nature of topic)
Then panel asked a guy to summarize discussion.. this small time was helpful for all to think on the summary... then the summary sheet was given... and it was really hard to write so fast... was unable to complete the last question.... but when i looked at my handwriting after writing i felt like software company has transformed the engineer within me to a doctor w.r.t handwriting.....


Panel members P1 & P2 (both were very cordial)
Yours truly M

PI went on for abt 12mins.

P1: introduce urself
M: blah... deliberately i was talking more abt my work ex.(but smartly they never touched it)
P1: so why do u want to do mba
M: same old gyan....
P1: after finishing course, what type of job u expect
M: blah...
P1: will u take up consulting, as mostly consulting companies visit IIMB
M: (who will say no:grin:) blah....
P1: if u r offered job in McKinsey and iim seat now, which would you take up & why
M: (obviously) iim..bcos of blah.. blah... loads of reasons....
P2: who is the famous personality in ur namesake
M: Narain Karthikeyan
P2: why did he fail last season
M: sorry sir..i dont follow f1
P2: since he shares the same name with u... dont u have interest in watching his driving
M: (oh... chennai doesn't get that channel bcos of settopbox) blah....
P2: his attitude is quite rash... will he become like schumacher... when & how
M: blah blah....
P2: In what game u play against urself and inturn play against opponents
M: .. may be chess
P2: no.. i will give u a clue.. while playing u will keep correcting ur previous mistakes.
M: no clue
P2: it is golf.
M: ok sir( but still i am not convinced abt this question and answer. puys pls help!!!)
P2: how would you describe quality of Amrita university from your assessment
M: :tellme: (here follows the shock)
P2: showing the marksheet xerox copies to me... u studied there know. then tell
M: no sir i dint study there....
P2: then turning to the first page... oh i am sorry it was somebody else's form. not ur form.
M: :nervous: ( then all these time were they assessing me based on what... then were they looking at my summary and influential personality or not!!! god only knows this!!!)
P2: then took out my actual form.. seeing the marksheet xerox... oh u r from anna university.. then answer that same question for anna univ..
M: blah... blah...

Thats all my interview stopped abruptly after they identified that form got interchanged. they asked me to leave.... every other person in my panel was interviewed for atleast 20mins... only mine was 12min... i am really confused... i hope they will evaluate my correct form and award marks.... i wasn't even so much tensed before my PI. but after this happened...:nervous:

With Regards,


My PI was at Delhi, the profs never bothered to introduce themselves so dont know their name.
OP: Old Professor
YP: Young Professor
Me: ..........

At the beginning of my PI OP was not there, he had gone outside.... so YP started it.

YP: Tell me about the work you are doing at your organisation
Me: told ......
YP: Do you think SAP or any other ERP solution is useful for an organisation
Me: give him some fundas about the long term benefit, integration of information.... blah blah

YP: So when did u decided that you want to do an MBA, you can grow in your organisation and be a manager
Me: More fundas ..... i was started to feel comfortable now OP enters and the fun began.

OP: How do you rate your academic performance at graduate level..... before i could answer he throws a bomb....... Your performance in Maths in B. Tech. is very poor :nervous: (I think he dug quite deep to bring this out)

Me: Handled it well ...... my take ......... told him abt my qualities as a person and the fact that my work is totally different from what i have studied and i am doing well there.

OP: How do you rate Lalu Prasad Yadav as a Railway Minister
Me: I started off by saying he is a good manager..... but before i could finish he asked me another question

OP: What would be the three things you would do to improve Railways if you were Railways minister
Me: Blah .....Blah.... a good discussion followed and he asked me other questions regarding my action plan.

OP: Why full time MBA as lalu is not an MBA and he is a good manager as you said, you can go for Part time MBA also
Me: Told well rehearsed answer........ but both of the profs tried to sell me PGSEM course for some time.

OP: Do you know about schengen countries
Me: Had no idea...... later found out it an agreement between 15 European countries The main purpose of the establishment of the Schengen rules is the abolition of physical borders among European countries.

Then both the profs looked at each other and asked me to leave. Overall it was a good experience, i think i was in for more than 20 mins. Lets see what happens


Hi puys and pals,

I had my GD / PI on 27th March @ Delhi.
The topic of GD was "Should Govt set up more IITs and IIMs".
Before the start of GD one of the panel member asked for brief intro of all of us (7 ppl).

10 mins to read the case, 15 mins to discuss and 10 mins to write the summary and two more questions.

It was mentioned in the case that there is paucity of funds with the govt. should it focus more on primary education or higher education in the country..... something on this line. The questions that was asked at the end was - Should govt set up more IITs and IIMs, what will be the consequences of such a move and what other alternatives would you suggest?

Over all it was a good discussion.... everyone contributed well. Hey ppl just make sure that all the questions asked after the case are covered in the GD, also just concentrate on writing a good summary as that is being evaluated. For the other two questions prepare in advance and just write them as in my case profs didn't asked anything regarding my answers for other 2 questions.

My PI experience in next post.


Hi All,
Had my GD-PI on 27th March...in IIM B

GD was an article about commercialization of sport and especially about Cricket in India... The question was whether it is good or bad?? and what about other sports??

20 min for Gd
10 min for summary and other two questions

Interview was for 12 min.

P1 , P2, Me

p1: Tell me about yourself.
Me: told for 2 min and then stopped.
p1: why mba??
me: (how many times will you ask me??? once in SOP, again in the GD summary and now....) told
p1: if you get offer from Mc.kinsey now, will you still join MBA???
me: I said yes...and said because in the long term it will be beneficial...
P2 was looking into my files till now....
P2 asked me some questions about the points i said in GD and asked me what is it that drives me most to do MBA(perhaps i gave too many answers for Why MBA!!!!!):
I answered these...
Over all it was nice interview but the interview was there for only 12 min and some candidates were sent out in 10 min....
I cant understand the motive behind the interview...they didnt ask me anything about my work ex. and nothing about current affairs or my engg. subject....and I dont know how they are judging...
Puys any idea!!!!!

another silly query...
is writing in points ok - for the 3 questions, or it is necessary to make wordy paras


We were specifically told that the summary needs to be paras and not bullet points. About personality, it would be a single para anyway.. N question 3, well we were not told anything, but a wild guess, I think they still wanted paras..
I hope that helps


another silly query...
is writing in points ok - for the 3 questions, or it is necessary to make wordy paras

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