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[11 Jan 2012] CAT 2011 Results : Analysis , Discussions and What Next !

Hi all, CAT 2011 Results, the most awaited ones of the results have been declared. Please use this thread for all the discussions on results, analysis and the way ahead from here! Wish you all good luck and hope you all convert th...
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Really weird! . . . . .Should have been really hard for you . .. . btw trying for next year? Do you work?

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I don't want to abuse here..
but this is crazy.
expecting 85+%ile
got 61%ile

r u kiddin me??
Attempted 16 questions in QUANT
16 are correct.
no single doubt in that,,and the result is 59.07%ile.

$%^$ You CAT.

totally with you friend. have taken CAT before - 95.xx... this time i have secured 77.xx... va at 71. in mocks I have made it to the AIR 20 club about 4 times and been in the AIR 10 club in VA a couple of times. something seems amiss. quit a cushy job to study for cat and now the joke is on me :-)

Still, "A day without laughter is a day wasted" - Charlie Chaplin..

Here is some news you may have come accross which will bring a smile to the faces of those who missed out and help the gd-pi prep of those who made it - Samoa SKIPPED december 30th last year. the country went straight from Dec 29 to Dec 31 :)

Samoa skips a day as it crosses international date line - Telegraph
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My score and percentile are as follows:

Quants: 102/225 and 82.70 percentile
Verbal: 94/225 and 75.82 percentile
overall: 196/450 and 81.20 percentile

SSC: 69%
HSC: 67%
B.COM: 71%

Work Ex of 14 months. (Oracle Financial Services Software Limited)

I have filled the form of KJ Somaiya and TAPMI... Puys please suggest if there are any other good colleges that i can apply for (Specialization: Finance).

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please someone take up the responsibility and let us know about the colleges according to percentiles once and for all
like different slabs of percentilies
eg. 99-100
90 onwards etc
please someone do it

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Hi Puys,

I was a regular 85-90 + percentile guy in Times . I did almost 22 questns corectly in Quant n in Eng -Lr section LR was all corect . did jus 9 questns in Eng for maintaing accuracy . Tot of 18-19 in sec 2. But I got a meagre 70% .

Ny1 of you appreared on 12th Nov morning shift ? Plz reply if ny1 faced same issues . Is there ny problem in submittng the answers

My hopes reaaly shattered . M no1 now. :drinking:

Die Trying or Try Dying :) - Converts - IIM K , 5 New IIMs, Nitie , Ximb ,IIT D ,IIT Kgp ,IMT G, IMI D .........Waitlisted - IIM S ,IIM I , SJMS OM .........Rejects - IIM L
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I am seeing a lot of people being disheartened, talking about suicides and what will happen and where their futures lie-
Guys CAT is not the beginning and end of the worldthere is lot in the world to look out foru have a great family who care about you and you care about them. U can always try other things in life or try again the nest yearthere are other exams as wellget a job if u wish, if u have quit try and find another job or try and explain yourself at the one u leftGROW UP! BE a man/women! Failures are eminent in life, its how you stand upto them is what matters!
Everyone can perform when things are good, it is when they are bad shows your true potential as a person and also as a manager (that you are aspiring to be by doing an MBA)
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i am out of the race for IIMA....all the best to others

"Impossible", "give up" are not in my dictionary -------- SIMSREE 2012-14
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I have one quesry here:

In IIM's shortlisting , do they consider sectionawise cut off or they consider the over all CAT percentile?
I messed up (dunno hpw!!) in QA although managed a OA %ile of 98.95.
QA- 87.53
VA - 99.92
OA - 98.95

Can any one please throw some light on my chances to get a call?
I have applied to IIMs , NITIE , FMS.

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Dear All,

I am a first timer, please advice me on how to proceed and which school to apply...

My scores are -
VA - 98.44
QA - 78.18
OA - 93.98

10th CBSE - 83.6%
12th CBSE - 82%
UG - Anna Univ (Chennai) - 75%
34 Months Work Ex.
Currently I have applied for SP Jain and MDI Gurgaon...


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My contribution to this thread got over today at 2:30am when i saw my result.

So this is my first and last post in this forum...

Many heartiest congratulations to all of them who faired well.

and those who don't there is a saying


Hope to be juniors to all those who make it this years or batchmates who are going IN with me next year.....

Cheers to LIFE and the fighting spirit to all

Myth Less

Attitude is Everything. 
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Hi Guys..

Does anyone have an idea as to when will IIM Shillong, IIM Raipur and IIM Udaipur will come out with the shortlist?

Can't wait no more...

Rule Wisely, Rule Fabulously!
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thea is no point in doing that....thea admission process will go on...its better to gear up for CET now.:cheerio:

"Impossible", "give up" are not in my dictionary -------- SIMSREE 2012-14
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hey everyone...
i got 27 percentile.... its very low...

actually during paper i lost my calm... and so this is the result...
anyways... all the best to other puys..

May you make it to your Dream B-School

Those who have the power to chase their dreams are the ones who Catch them
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i had written CAT on 11th nov in Delhi...delhi business school...m scoring 45.45 %ile in VA...was expecting 98+ %ile...in VA

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