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Hi All , 

Can somebody please help in knowing about 

a) FPM IIM C : Can one apply without any standard test scores as is present in IIMB

b) Is there a concession available for MBA grads from Tier 1 B school in terms of coverage of course work as in IIM I  for FPM @ IIM C. 


  • @pendyal or maybe no one besides you on PG that have thos.... 27 Sep '15.
  • @pendyal IIM A and C i guess there must be very few. 27 Sep '15.
Ryuk Shinigami @swargr 1,294

@pendyal or maybe no one besides you on PG that have those two badges together or maybe on one has two badges on PG

Ryuk Shinigami @swargr 1,294

@pendyal IIM A and C i guess there must be very few

CATophilia Says
wats my chance at 19 w/l obc????

Pretty Bright !!!
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Shivangi Narayan @Wengi
Management institutes are wholesome entities in themselves. Generally. Management institutes (or I should rather call them departments) in the North Campus of The Delhi University are pretty much the best bargain you wil

Well written but i want to highlight the laggardness that comes with a university B school . It just cant match with the dynamism of the real corporate world. Low fees dont subsitute for the dearth of quality profs, education and infrastructure. One would not have the luxury of time to go around 14 lakhs volume of books to get a relevant info.. MBA at a competitive and supportive environment is the best as that enables learning which otherwise is little hard to obtain from a red-tape +bueracratic bound University Culture.

Glad to be writing in the revered Thread,

Name:Abhijit Kirtunia
Collg-FMS FT Delhi
Speciallisation: so far Gen mgmt/Strat-Ops

Abheee Says
I think IIT- D is an exceptional college ...Hats.Off... actually all B-Schools have 2 rounds bt DMS has 4 rounds... 2 normal GD & PI and rest 2 were the "KUP" and "TUP"... "Know ur patience level..fr GD/PI list"... and "Test ur patience level".... lets c who gets pass and who fails...:D.... keep posting guys....

loved tht 'KUP' & 'TUP' :biggrin:
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Can anyone tell when will the GD PI process get over

Mine starts at 8 am .

and got a train at 4 pm from Delhi... Will it be comfy to get that train on same day ??

Plz respond ASAP.

Can someone start a spreadsheet for OBC ppl who bagged a call or got some good score..

Fighting a lost battle

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result on22 or 23rd feb

source ? or guesswork?
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Adcom/Veterans, Can somebody pls confirm if we would be provided accomodation for FMS GD PI for outstation candidates? I am in confused state now..Need to plan for a long journey. Else , provide some suggestions for Borading and lodging. reg ZB