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CAT %ile: 99.48
Converts: BLACKI :cheers:

Work Ex: 3 years (semiconductors)
12th: 91%
10th: 86.8%

Matriculating to IIM-A.

good morning guys,
An article in economic times:

IIM admission lists likely in first week of May

Peerzada Abrar & Sreeradha D Basu

FOR thousands of students awaiting a call from the coveted Indian Institutes of Managements (IIMs), the wait will most likely end in the first week of May.
All six institutes will unveil their lists of selected candidates on the same day, nearly a month behind schedule, a senior IIM official said. The release of the lists was delayed due to lack of clarity over what comprises the creamy layer after the SC allowed a 27% quota in higher education for other backward classes (OBCs). The court had said that the creamy layer of relatively affluent and well-educated individuals should be excluded from the quota.
The directors are supposed to meet on April 29 to work out the details. While the final date will be fixed then, we expect to release the final admissions list by the first week of May. Since the creamy layer issue is yet to be sorted out, it is still not sure whether we will also be releasing the list of OBC candidates on that day, though we will try to do so. All IIMs are looking to release the list of general and SC/ST candidates at the same time, said IIM Calcutta chairperson of admissions Subrata Mitra.
An IIMB official said their list would include students who will be admitted under the quota.
The notification we have received from the ministry is reasonably clear, he said. To speed up the process so that the academic year starting in July does not get delayed, the IIMs have decided not to hold fresh interviews for OBC students; they will dip into the waiting lists instead.
It is expected that there will not be any major difference in the profiles of students making it to the IIMs this year. Despite making an attempt at greater diversity in classrooms, a majority of the students are expected to have an engineering background.

so guys, bottonlines are:
1) result in first week of May
2) mostly list of only general and sc/st students

as last date for mdi is 8 may , it is better if result is announced before 8 may..............

If they are anyway going to release the list of General and SC/ST candidates only (probably), they can as well do that right now as well. Why let everybody wait? I completely emthasize with OBC candidates (though I am not one) here for whom things look more uncertain than for anyone else.
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The Hindu News Update Service

Looks like results will be delayed :unhappy:
hey guys,
talked to a friend who had his interview today morning

we ll be having an essay..... time given: 10 mins; space: blank space at the end of the form.

interviews as usual were exhaustive and pretty chilled out...

looking frwrd to read some experiences guys... :)


Is there any GD on the topic after writing the essay?
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I had also emailed admission office and they said that the LOR format available at:

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

for overseas candidates is same as the one being dispatched to domestic candidates.

For candidates like me, who have to get a LOR from abroad, we can fill out the applicant information in the above format and then scan a copy and email it to the concerned person. He/she can then fill out the rest, seal it and courier it back. Hope this should be O.K. Will call up admission office to confirm anyway.



Here is my profile:

10th: 86.8 %
12th: 91 %

QA: 96.76
DI: 97.41
VA: 98.77
OA: 99.48


Work Ex: 2.5 yrs in semiconductors

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Hi puys,

Here are my results for CAT'07:

Section: %age Score / %ile

Quant: 35.00 / 96.76
DI: 52.08 / 97.41
Verbal: 37.00 / 98.77
OA: 41.36 / 99.48

Calls: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Indore, Kozhikode, Lucknow.

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keya_neha Says
I called IIMB ..the lady who picked up said that we need to see the dates in the bulletin, not the site..on further probing, she said that results will be out sometime this week.

Just reeks of unprofessionalism on the part of IIM-B. Why can't IIM-B just stick to 8th Jan like other IIMs?
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My personal preference is this:

If you are applying to 5-6 schools, you will most likely apply to 2 reach + 3 target + maybe 1 safety school. Then, take risk with one of your reach schools. If it pays off, great. If it does not, it does not really matter as it was a reach for you and your applications are anyway written in conventional ways for 1 reach + 3 target schools.

Hi Deba

I am planning to apply for Fall' 08. I have PMed you my profile and the schools that I am targetting. Your inputs/suggestions would be a great help.
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Thanks to all the puys for their wishes.
Also Congrats to billi and rossogulla.
Koolbuddy : You have a very realistic chance of making it ofcourse . So Congrats in advance.
mufasa : Don't be disheartened dear. I should infact thank you for cheering up the panel (you truly kept your word) before I went in for my NITIE interview.:)

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