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gmat770 Says
From Hyd and hitec city here. PLanning to gmat in April 2012

Hello Gmat770,
Nyc to hear from you, even i got the same plan.
PM me your mail id or no. so that we can plan


Hello Puys,

Many guys were looking for study group/circle but no posts after that.
Guys i stay in Hi-Tech City, planning to take GMAT asap, looking for partners in crime
Please let me knw if anyone is interested we can chalk out some common plan


Hi Puys I need a suggestion.....

I am actually pursuing my Mba(marketing) from 2tier Bschool, and I am placed in an leading IT firm.
Now my concern is, to develop my career to further heights should I go fo one more exec Mba from Top institutes like ISB, IIM etc.
As of now I am fresher with no work ex even prior to my mba
I am planning to take GMAT now as it has 5years validity and I want to take the exam b4 I join my job and apply for bschools like ISB IIM after gaining 3yrs of work ex .
I want to know how far are my plans correct and what are my chances of getting selected in these bschools as I have already pursued my MBA

I hope i would have good number of suggestions from my fellow puys

Thanks in advance

suhasjasthi buddy i am not a expert to reply, but sounds like a plan to me, see you have few years in your hand so work hard prepare well. adding to this make sure you give proper time to some extracurricular activity
or do some value addition to yourself and to your profile.
You never know you might hit a jackpot :)

shareef1273 Says
hey im shareef..please suggest the best training institute for GMAT in hyderabad......

Hello Shareef,

I am not sure about the best place, bt dude do check properly before joining any of the classes, all the big brand classes are run by some small local companies. So take reviews from old students if u could catch hold of them.
I have burnt my fingers at one place by paying token amount(check out my old posts) now I am joining other classes, first class is on next tuesday will let you know if my feedback.

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Hello mav3r1ck,
I went for 1st class on this wednesday, after much wait.
I came to knw that they dont have any funda of new batch, its just rolling batch, what i was not aware off.
Its was Quant class, they taught probability
I will mostly opt out :(
I think i have to prep on my own now, lets c,
Let me knw if you come across something better.


  • true, joined last month at crack isb.classes are really i.... 12 Apr '13.
  • hi..these rolling batches really hinder learning process..... 12 Apr '13.
neha jasti @neha_jasti 3
true, joined last month at crack isb.classes are really insightful with very good strategies.but guys  be in regular touch with GMAT.if u attend class at every week end without any practice during weekdays,it takes time to master.be commited
komal agarval @komal.agarval 8
hi..these rolling batches really hinder learning process..and the objective behind this concept is to maximize their profits at the cost of students dreams.i too have had a same ,bitter experience with Manhattan review..was forced to attend my first class at the end of sentence correction...got confused,vexed and took my enrollment back..later joined at crack isb at kukatpally..thnk god,i took a right decission this time, it is the only place, i guess ,which doesn't entertain rolling batches.my experience with these isb grads has been awesome as they r pragmatic...i would recommend this place for anyone( if distance is not the concern,they have no branches, except at kukatpally )

Hello Mav3r1ck,
I am in hyderabad too and even i am looking for a study circle, i am planning to take GMAT in Jan
Let plan something. This weekend i went to Princeton Review Madhapur and Manhattan Review Madhapur both told gud things bout themselves and bad bout others :)
So i am still nt sure which one to go for, both have new batches 1st week Nov.


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I am coming to Hyd for GMAT preparation.
Please add me inthis group.
Some one please suggest the best institute for GMAT preparation in hyderabad.

Welcome Shubham1401,

Buddy I am also on the same boat.
Which area do you stay I will let you know if any details


Hellozzz Frnds,

Need a quick help!!!!!
Princeton Review Madhapur or Manhattan Madhapur, both are starting new batch now.
Let me know if need to check out any other place as well


Hello Friends,

I hope prep is going fine for you guys :)
I need guidance, let knw if any of you have joined any coaching classes for GMAT ?
Please provide me pointers to coaching classes

@Akkumon dude,

I will call you tomorrow noon


Hello Akkumon,

I have 4.5 years of IT exp, with 1 year of onshore exp.
My target score is 680+ but i am really not sure hw to reach there
Let me knw tym when I can call you, will discuss nd plan