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ankurgautam007 Says
Congrats when was ur i/v

Thanks dude....21st Feb at Bangalore

I got an admit letter today.....

Got an admit letter today....interviewed in Bangalore

Hey did you get a call or mail informing the same?

Hi Yerneni,

I dont see any advantages in applying early other than that if you plan early you can write your essays and get them reviewed and make necessary modifications. Otherwise in a rush at the end you might miss out on critical things which you would like to put in your essays.

I cant speak for the admission panel but it doesnt make any sense to give weightage to applications received earlier. This is not a queue my friend,only deserving applications will get a call,irrespective of the time they are received (before the Last submission date).


Awesome folks are doing hell lot of GOOD to IIM-Indore by being so responsible and quick in answering our queries....way to go ....

I see that the deadline is scheduled to be around May. Is there any advantage in applying early or it does not really matter when we apply till the deadline? Please clarify?

Strange my status has not changed till now. Application under process....applied for Strategy....any one in the same boat or other wise?

Hi AFM ,

Thank you so much for your feedback on my profile. I went through some last year thread and I could see that the graduating batch struggled a lot to get placed and were so frustrated, which was evident in their mud slinging posts.

Though I am not sure of the credibility of the posts and the claims made by the people posting them, how do you see the scenario now. I did read somewhere if you are looking at placement numbers then consider this program if your avg salary is less than 1.5 times your years of experience? How are the placements and the average salaries.

Though such courses have a long term advantage, it would really benefit me and my fellow aspirants if you can throw light on these aspects...

Thank you so much once again....

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duplicate post

Kindly evaluate my profile for the program

Work Ex: 73 months by matriculation
GMAT : 700/6.0
3 yrs - USA - Financial IT services
3 yrs - Telecom R&D; (Mobile) - 2 patents filed during this time
B.Tech - 76% (JNTU, Main Campus)
XII - 96%
X- 90%

Thanks in advance.....