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HI All,

I have new Cambridge IELTS books available for sale.
Please let me know if any one is interested.


the gmail id is dinesh.raj84

Hi All,

I have below mentioned books which are pretty much new and in good state.
The actual price on which I purchased them are written here, selling price can be discussed and negotiated. Please call me at +91-77068-444-88/+91-9538155-222 or email at dinesh.raj84 for the books.

GMAT Official Guide : 12th edition (Print price $30.95)
Kaplan - GMAT 800 :8th Edition (Print price: $31.00)
Kaplan - GMAT Math workbook: 6th edition (Print price: $23.00)
Kaplan - GMAT Verbal workbook: 5th edition (Print price: $23.00)
Kaplan - GMAT 2010-2011 Edition Permier (Print price : $47.99)

Dinesh Kumar
  • Hey are u still having these books to sell?. 30 Mar '14.
Uday Arora @UdayArora 6
Hey are u still having these books to sell?
Hi, i am shweta.I am currently pursuing MBA from ICFAI GURGAON . I am here to help you guys ,tell you about MBA distance courses. so if anybody is interested feel free to contact me on my mail id
:cheerio:.:cheerio: These courses provide you with job guarantee and necessary classes.:grin:

Hi Shweta,

If you are still active ..then please reply this query.
I am interested in 1 year PGD course in finance/banking(I have already done MBA from Sikkim Manipal Univ.). after going through this thread, I realized that ICFAi is also a good option. when I searched..I found ICFAI tripura. It will be great if you can provide any input/review regarding the ICFAI Tripura Distance course.

Thanks and regards,
Dinesh Kumar

Hi ..I am looking for the Distance education course from ICFAi...but I found ICFAI tripura...is this the correct one..or some other ICFAI is actual university.
If this is the right one then tell me how is the 1 year PGD course in Business Finance from here

Please provide some input

Hi Friends,

I am also preparing for GMAT around this July......can somebody suggest a institute in Hyderabad.