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HI All,

In current spate of Inflation,Growth and corruption, a good article on Livemint.

Fresh action on corruption, inflation and jobs growth? - Home - livemint.com

Also,livemint is a good source of Budget coverage,there are talks,there are opinions .Must read ->


I am just loving the action in college -> people are discussing things and everyone is trying to tell other "I know better than you ".


Well thats a nice question Discover 26,
See the base year is always in which there was minimum fluctuation in prices. Let's take the case of CPI, in this index, the base year used to be 1995-96 for quite some time but recently the base year was changed to 2005-06. The reason for such a change is to reflect the true picture of cost of living in a nation. For example - Suppose the price of sugar was Rs.10/Kg in 1995-96, which rose to Rs.25/Kg in 2005-06 and presently, it is around Rs.50/Kg. Thus, the increase in CPI (not inflation) will be 100% in comparison to 2005-06 and 400% in comparison to 1995-96.
We cannot go on comparing current prices with the prices which used to be 30 years ago. Also, there is a concept of "Basket of goods", which remains constant in CPI but the consumption habit of consumers keeps on changing every day. So, to capture the real consumption habits of consumers, it is important to revise the basket of goods after a few years. This also necessitates change in the base year (period).


See Discover 26,
Inflation refers to increase in the price of goods and services in comparison to the price in the base year (peroiod). An inflation of 8.5% implies that if the price of a good was Rs. 100 in the base period, then today its price would be Rs. 108.5.
The thing to be considered here is that there are a lot of inflation measures, like CPI, WPI, GDP Deflator. The figure that you normally see in the newspaper is WPI or Wholesale Price Index, which measures increase in the wholesale prices and not consumer or retail prices. To measure the increase in retail prices, CPI or Consumer Price index is used, which is a good measure.

Dear Seniors and Moderators,

This thread has been flooded with unnecessary, irrelevant and repeated queries. Its diifficult to locate any useful information. If possible I request you to start a new thread and post all the relevant information from this thread to that so that all the relevant info can be managed properly. It will save a lot of our time and focus on the issue of gd/pi preparations and nothing else.

Kya yaar,tum hi log isko drive kar rahe ho hum to sirf reply kar rahe hain.When seniors tell you that don't discuss and try to tell this is not right time you start resisting(You can validate this by going 2-3 pages back).I don't agree with the idea of moving to next thread.It is just that on this thread only you ask relevant questions(as you are responsible) and discourage those who ask irrelevant questions.Sorry,if i am sounding rude but it is truth.

HI All,

I have been viewing this thread for long but haven't posted much.Here comes my first post.

1.All of you have your GD-PI scheduled from 28th to 7th March and many GD topics have been told.But main focus will be Budget 2011 and during interview's time Budget 2011 will also be presented in Parliament.There are high chances of getting GD topic or PI questions based on Budget.
So it is better if you start understanding few things now so that it becomes easier to associate with the terms like MAT,STPI and understand the changes when the budget is presented.

Here is an article from Economic times about the expectations from Budget

Top 10 expectations from Budget 2011 - ET Slide Shows - Features - The Economic Times

Go through above link,it is really helpful.

2.Also,we all are aware of the issues which happened during admissions time.The admissions team and Profs had bad experience with vendors to whom the processes were outsourced.So,you can expect a GD topic like -> Technology has its disadvantages,Is Outsourcing the future? It's a general topic but you have to come up with really good points.

Prepare hard.All the best.


Seniors Immediate Help Required


I have been shortlisted and received the email for the same. But yesterday, when I went to GIM login, there was a link to edit the profile. The profile says I have no work experience. But I am sure while filling up details I have clearly mentioned my 2 years of employment.

Can any of the senior please check whether my employment details are captured by system or not.

My XAT id is XAT430872
My GIM id is GIM10439

Thanks in advance.

HI Intractable,

This issue has been handled in previous pages where some people raised the same issues.There is nothing to worry about as there is some problem with the user interface.Your data is correct at database interface.And your profile sheet will have correct details .Please find the link where this query has been answered ->


Also,we will confirm tomorrow when the office opens.

Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
Welcome to the PaGaLGuY B-school Rankings 2011, the guide to India's Most Preferred B-schools in its 4th edition. As many of you tracking our rankings since 2008 might have noticed, each year we have been experimen

High Rankings of colleges like IIM-Ranchi and IIM-Rohtak tell us that rankings are purely based on perceptions and not facts...Colleges like - GIM, LIBA have been ranked below SIBM-Bangalore..Seems like Placements records, Infrastructure and ROI have not even been considered in these Rankings.

Best of Luck for XAT tomorrow !!!! :cheerio:

I think it doesn't make a difference... You can fill the GIM form now..
And i had appeared for my GD/PI in Delhi only...

Confirmed....U can fill the GIM form now...
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Hi puys,

While filling the XAT App form, i had not marked GIM in the list of colleges that II intend to apply through XAT.
Please let me know will the XAT people send my score to GIM or Not amd am I still eligible to apply for GIM??

also, does GIm conduct its GD/PI at Delhi?

I think it doesn't make a difference... You can fill the GIM form now..
And i had appeared for my GD/PI in Delhi only...