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Thanks Mani..
Waiting to hear from you soon!
what about the batch details?

Hello everyone!!
i have got thru to SIIB too! for agri business!
wanted to knw about the others who have got thru!
hws the course and the placement scene? though i am workin in this sector for sometime now.. so have a fair idea.. but just wanted to know abt the placemnt scene in here! And also the batch details!

hope to hear from you soon!!

i dont know if i am posting my query in the right section or not! i could'nt find any other section.
Are anyone of you studying quant from the CL material? there is this section of ALGEBRA in that which is causing me alot of trouble.
there is a topic called Maxima and minima, i am just nt able to understand! can someone suggest me some other material for the same asap.

thank you :))

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hii puys.. i have just purchased Wren and Martin high school grammar and composition book for my grammar preparations. but there is a problem as the exercises given in the book are not provided with a solution !!

can someone tel me where can i find the same ???? its really urgent. i am STUCK!! :((