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i can't find the link too...... where is it???

yipeeeeee yipeeee kay yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

first and maybe last admit of the season!!!!!! Done it!!!! really happy!!!!:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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Tanuja Jaishree @tanuja_jaishree
_(*Photo:* Zack Klein)_ Candidates scheduled to appear for the Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) this year appear perturbed with test centers allocated at far-off places and the paraphernalia-gathering r
Yash Sanghvi @Yash88

which idiot thinks that commuting from vile parle to kharghar is normally done on a daily basis??? I can assure you it takes the same time to reach kharghar from borivali as it would take from borivali to PUNE!!!!!! all my sympathies to the applicant!!!! almost similar dilemma here...

hey puys,

can anyone tell me where to find the student's profile which we have to print and fill???


After umpteen number of tries to check the PGDM GD/PI shortlist I am still getting the same 505 internal error so is it possible for anyone to mail me the details if I am shortlisted.
CAT Registration No:SR7510618
FORM NO:103934
Date of Birth:03/10/87(dd/mm/yy)
Thanking you in anticipation.

hey try putting only the form no. and birth date may work:cheers::cheers:...... did for me!!!!!

hey if there is any mistake in selecting the preferences can anything be done about it or is it overlate????

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Can some senior from the acturies department put light on it. How good is it?

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Can someone please tell me what if I don't get Core in the mumbai campus but something else, can i also be shortlisted for banglore campus at the same time ???

Thanks a lot.

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I have my GD/PI rounds on 7th March at Mumbai. Can the venue be changed? If no, then kindly suggest affordable hotels/lodges near
Behind Homeopathy College, Bhakti Vedant Swami Marg,
JVPD Scheme, Vile Parle (West)
LandMark: Opp Cooper Hospital,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400 056, India.

It is one of the costliest ares in mumbai. I would suggest you stay in the western suburbs or dadar and catch a train to vile parle where you can take an auto to the venue. By western suburbs i mean borivali, kandivali. Contact someone in mumbai will give you a better idea.
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hey i have been shortlisted but my first preference was core but it doesn't reflect in the call letter, i have a copy of the application form which shows my first preference as core. Is it that i am not short listed for core, because that is not the way NMIMS functions. What should i do?

Also will the listings for banglore campus be different after the interview. Lets say for example what if i am getting acturials in mumbai, will i also be considered for pg in banglore?

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