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anyone from pune or mumbai willing to donate their TIME or CPLC notes?? I have planned to give CAT this year and would like if someone could help me out in getting them.
check ur msg box

where r people from this thread

@PsychicDevil said:
@aditi88its because of the pronunciation..Use "an" before words in which the first SOUND is a vowel..like an MBA, an FBI..we pronounce it as A-M-B-A...A-F-B-I..got it ?!?Cheers..
well said

seems to me all r busy

prep kaise ho raha hai

thank god everyones alive

18 ghante ka sannata

@GibsonLesPaul said:
Please let me know if anyone has collection of CL proc and unproc tests 2012 in pdf format. I am dire need of it. Is there any repository where I can find these papers?
google it
@abcpqr5 said:
friends/seniors, can u tell me the best books for Verbal. i am also looking forward to join correspondence course from some institute- Can u tell me which institutes study material is the best for verbal?? (careerlauncher/ims/testfunda/etc) which one?? please reply, thanks in advance
ims, cl, testfunda all r gud for verbal but TIME is not gud for verbal
@kosmicharman said:
Is it possible to get into good bschools like Sydenham, KJ, NITIE, JB, SPJain, NM if I have less then 60% agr in BE but 36+ work Exp IT??? How much cat/cmat score is required for the same?? Pls help guys
dont worry abt % write CAT/CMAT try gettting 99.5 percentile and who knows u might get ur dream B SCHOOL
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