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Bhai logo vasey to maine SNAP nahi diya hai, aur ab to mai aur kush hu ki acha hai nahi diya. MAgar I am very very sry for all the serious aspirants who burn midnight lamps on a regular basis aur jo bahut mehanat karke aye the. Sala 1600 rupayee ke form ka ye standard. I feellllll totally aghast Ppl of SNAP could be so impassive. Salo ko bahut din lag gaye hai shayad. Un logo ki salary cut paste karani chayeyi tab ayega dimag thikane. Chalo bhaiyo pagalguys pe hum sab family hain chahe kisine SNap diya hai nahi sab tum logo ke sath hai...........Phad dalo!!!!!!!!

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Are bhaiyon IIFT ka season gaya yaaaaro. Patjhad ka mausam khatam ho gaya hai. Ap to kali ghatao ka mausam a gaya hai yahi XAAAAt ka........:biggrin:

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Bhai ladko isliye mai kehata hu late-latifi mat kara karo. Maine to October me hi XAT ka form bar diya tha aur mast confirm bhi ho gaya tha 10 November tak. Bad me to zaroor koi na koi locha hota hi hai. To jaldi se jaldi kam niptaya karo bhaiyon.........

A question to all the seniors and XAT fellow aspirants....while looking through the past XAT papers I found a few types of questions in the verbal section....wanna know how seniors think we should go about solving them.

1.ques on deductive generalization,inductive generalization etc....I guess u have to know wat these terms mean and practise as much as possible.BUT...where to get these kinda ques except xat papers?If seniors have any info......plz share

2.metaphor,non-sequitor,hyperbole.....i guess u have to practise more and more.Is that the only key or we should go for mugging them from various websites with 30+ days in hand?:nono: Where can i get these ques except xat papers?

3.idioms and phrases....I suck at solving these:-( they(xat paper setters) give only those phrases seen commonly in the newspapers or one should know all possible idioms in order to solve them?

The 3 types of ques mentioned above if solved correctly
a.saves time
b.accuracy rises:)
c.we can avoid %^&** RC(s)

As a matter of fact I realized in due course of time that I have to improve in these 3 areas asap in order to put up a decent show on the X DAY....and I have no idea how to go about it....and that's what makes a beautiful Sunday evening in Kolkata so very frustrating(for me).....Hope I'll be happier the next weekend....cheers

Bhai sahab vaise to mai senior nahi hu bas ek tuch sa aspirant hu XAT ka magar mai batana chata hu ki over generalisation and all these things ye sab dusre shabdo me CRITICAL REASONING ke part hai jise hum conclusion , inference etc. ke nam se jante hai. Maine CAT preparation ke time pe ye sab topics GMAT ki "critical reasoning bible" se padi thi. and BOY! did I get some help. I dont feel any problem in tackling these types of problems cause I have already practiced them during my CAT preparations. Its all the same stuff but in different diction. For tackling these types of problems you need to keep some points in ur mind. Then only u could tackle these problems. As an offchance u need this book pm me I will mail u the pdf. Read it u will get immense help from this book if you want to attempt these types of questions in XAT.
Aur bat rahi metaphor, hyperbole etc. Ye figure of speech hain. If u want to practice these Wren and Martin me these r there. usse pado aur number pao:). There r exercises to practice even. Maine use se pada tha and I am at comfort with these types of problems as well.

Jaha tak bat rahi phrases and idioms ki bhaiya ye to jitna yad kar lo XAT me to ram bharose hi hai.
debajib.das Says
pehle ka answer 42 hain(acc to test funda).

Ok bro here it goes!
Case 1 he orders egg-rolls. He could do it in 2*2*7=28 ways.
First 2 denotes ways to order tomato sauce, 2nd 2 denotes ways to order carrots, 7 denotes different ways of ordering onion and tomato. its 2^3-1. Eliminating the choice where he orders chilli sauce without onion or tomato.

Case 2: He orders Mutton sauce 2*7=14
1st 2 where he orders carrot, 7 denotes different ways of ordering onion and tomato. He cant order tomato sauce as he has no egg.

So total no of ways are 28+14=42.

But on a personal note 42 includes a case here he dosent order any thing in case 1. Similarly it is in case 2.
So if eliminating these two cases 42-2=40. I think should be the answer if he has to necessarily order smthing.
debajib.das Says
plz help me with these 2 problems with DETAILED EXPLANATION

Bhai ye bata pehele ka ans 42 hai kya ya fir none. None me mera 43 a raha hai. ans kya hai.

sorry dude!!!! better go for the latest edition of MAT whenever u want to apply. Dec & Feb exams carry allllllllllllllllllllll the importance.

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Bhai if u dont understand the solution try to understand this.
Fair game is one if the probability of India winning is .5. Anybody of the two teams could win.
lets take 1 match-- Probability India wins the match .16(1/6).
2 matches--lost 1, won 1 (.84*.16)
3 matches--lost 2 won 1 (.84)^2*.16
but in 4 matches India wins 1 loses 3 (.84)^3*.16
so u add all the probabilities it will marginally cross .5
Its a simple GP.

So in 4 is the min no. of matches in which India wins at least 1 match i.e probability crosses .5
I know process nt apt for exam but i have posted it so u could understand the logic behind it.

IIFT is gone. 3 days rest. Gonna start my preps for XAT from tomorrow.

Bhai mere Sarvesh kumar has problems and explainations related to set theory's maximum and minimum problem.

Bhai logo rocked in DI LR QA VA but gk. Anyways gud luk to u all for ur SNAP exam and i wish everybody rocks GK section. And wishes r welcome from u guys for my next paper which is the daddy of all....... THE GREAT XAT!:)

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