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hi y'all...

here's simple and plain language - "No. Nothing happened as described"

as bskoolers who're readin this thread will realize, this is the WORST thing that could have happened to an insti.

the reputation of a bskool is evrythin. and i'm saddened to see dat "hearsay" is bein regarded as the truth.

i reiterate...this is hearsay. nothin else. period.


PS: Conferences, MAJOR ones, are required...when your alma mater is being burned to the ground by faceless, nameless entities.

signing off for the nite from XLRI with pain and anguish,

conference(n): meetin of ppl



can we PLEASE not hav inane discussions centered around the use of english?



with imaginations as fertile as this, ppls can be like awesome writers and all :D

ok...this is like the most exciting thing that's happened in me borin life in the last 10 days...and ya, absolutely_agent DID just meet me and sujan...some major conference happened and we got here...


i got here...and hav had a riproarin time readin all dis

if i was an outsider...it'd seem to me dat XLers are jumpin all over themselves to clarify dat their insti is all cream-n-peaches...


well, my stand has always bin to present an unbiased view...

let's see...seniors drunk...jumpin around? looks like sum1's bin havin a swig at d ole bottle lately eh?

ok mates...here's the word you've bin lookin for

"NO. My Good God NO."

XL has a rich history and traditions datin bak to the 1940s. We hav no need or urge to prove ourselves to anybody. I see the juniors jumpin all over themselves to defend XL and i think to myself..."why?"

I feel no need to post anythin in defense(and i kno PG doesnt expect me to).
I'll onli say dat we, "XLers", hav self respect...we're well educated...we are responsible individuals...we kno how to behave.

thanks for keepin up with me so far. good nite and god bless.


PS: i apologize for da long post...but i'm just tryin to set a record here ... for the longest post at PG

PPS: i request pgites to stop idiotic requests to block this thread. this is a public forum of discussion. lets keep it dat way. thanks to PG for allowin us to speak.
hey, cool post Xman... coming straight from the stud's mouth , that shud end the crap abt Tier1 or Tier2 classifications....
All those joining B-Schools , better take a Print out of Xman's post and stick it up your.... cupboard or near the Study table....

blush blush...

all this kindness ... too much

oh ya, abt stickin printouts here there and evrywhere...just wanted to say...advice on pg.com is as free as da wind so be careful whose advice you take


PS: all dis talk abt stickin things up makes me think...can i start a new post on the truth abt performance and just 'stick' my last post in there? or do we REEEALLY need it?
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thankz anil dint see this

am abt a month late in acceptin wishes, but all the same, thanks :D

and who the! who iz this madame from XL??? :-s

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hmm...wai do i get the feelin that XL-comparison-threads are a craze at PG? me seems to be bumpin into em evry other time me steps in here :D


muh dear man, you doth hav a very interesting predicament (as interesting predicaments go)...

many hav peeked in here to drop a line abt your choice, but i spose dat time's already past... you're either on your way to XL rite now, or are sharpenin your pencils to get ready for D-Day at FMS.

either way's fine by me. but like one of our frends put it here, i just hope you've made a decision that you wont look bak on and hav misgivings abt.


and to my squabbling brethren: XL? FMS? whoz better? i'll tell YOU who.

if there's one thing summers has taught me, it's this...it aint where you're from, it's wat you do, and how you do it that counts. simple and friggin plain.

it aint the dude from IIMA that always walks away with the honors...its more likely to be the guy from IIMI who puts fite like there aint no friggin 2moro...

your immediate boss doesnt let your bskool brand influence the way he evaluates you...its pure performance me frend.

ofcourse, i say this understandin dat at some base level, he's rated you way above the rest of the population...he's kept in mind that you're from this IIM or from XL or FMS or wat hav you...true, wen compared to a Nirma grad or sumthin, there's a world of difference in the respect you're accorded...but hey! between 2 grads from the same tier of institutes, its pure performance!

but heck, i bet you already knew dat so wai all this long-windedness?

just to say that...all those who made noises abt which bskool to select....people...it dont matter if u went to IIMA...if all you were gonna do there is graduate in the bottom quarter of the class...or be average at best...

the difference between an XL or an FMS onli comes if you're gonna top in either of the places...the top boyz n galz go to different companies in different instis on day zero of placements...

and ya, dont ask me abt the ones who dont graduate on top...coz well, the loser's world is the same, whichever insti you're at :D

at the end of d friggin day, if you're a performer, doesnt matter where you're at...
companies'll line up in front of ya...tis onli the names of the companies that'll differ...wat with offers n all also bein comparable across instis these days...

and as for 10 yrs down the line...or 5...or 1...if you'll make your company some money, the company'll pay you for it ...doesnt matter where you're from


my leeetle bit of advice to ppl who wanna sort:

1. make a vow dat you're gonna crack the next 2 years
2. close your eyes and pick your school (or post here and let da debate run forever)
3. dont look back. there aint nothin bak there.
4. fulfil dat vow

simple and very plain.



PS: this post was to make up for the last 2 months where i dint post 'nuff

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hi there varun,

you've come to the rite place. but your question's too brief. give the pg-ites some info abt yourself. a brief bio. and a bit on why india or why australia.

then sit bak and wait for the junta to contribute :-)


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get used to gettin your clothes branded with your hostel room no....

makes you feel like an inmate (incidentally, that IS the term they use to refer to ya: hostel inmate! hyuck hyuck )

THAT is one of the things that kinda DEFINES hostel life..for moi atleast

inmate since 2003,

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wat hav i done this summers?


done good. thankfully.

and ya...i DID warn evry1 abt takin your money out of the markets...and look at the NSE...freefall

tho i must say..the BSE was not my fault


reporting from mumbai

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dint keep track of the date...that ..and combined with not loggin into pg.com for one whole week...helped me miss the meet....

well...good to see it was a lot of fun

lage raho!

and i kno this aint the place...but congrats to the IIM chaps now...

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