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I've a friend who got Letter of Acceptance from Welingkar PGDM Bangalore campus. He was unable to take admission by the mentioned deadlines, however yesterday he received a call from Welingkar stating that if he is interested in confirming the admission he can do so by 4th.

Now its all about money that I can see. The student is not that great and even he doesn't have some strong work ex, studying there would be helpful for him, but I'm unable to suggest a word as I'm finding the fee exhorbitantly high.

I request a member in here to sum up all the expenses hidden or shown and make a rough total for taking a better decision.


A brief view on what one has to spend for what at We, School.

A student pays around Rs. 8 lacks to study at Welingkar. Th division is as follows
Fee: 5 lacks
Hostel: 1.2 lacks
Food: 1.2 lacks
Laptop: 0.4 lacks
Misc: 0.4 lacks

Sums up to Rs. 8,20,000/-

Now, if that money is spend on a program like PGDM, Mumbai wherein the Student can expect a strong to moderate placement, the money spend to some extent sounds acceptable.

However, for the PGDM, Bangalore where the batch is fresh, and there is no proven track record to talk about, the same amount sounds exaggerated.

At least, I feel skeptical looking at the numbers for a FOB.

Adding on, the time given to confirm the admission is only few hours, of course they want to start the batch quickly and are in a hurry which can be understood, but if a student doesn't have the money and would work out on a loan will have to face rejection.

A friend of mine tried all day today to get his loan approved for PGDM, Banagalore campus, but all ended up in vain. I'm trying to figure out is this program worth the money spend by taking a loan and running dry?


If a statement can define my mood it would be "I'm Frustrated"
First the challenge was to get a good score, I got a 90%tile in ATMA, not good not bad. Then it was conversion, I got selected at WE's PGDM E-Biz program, Mumbai Campus. But then the fee has blown me up all the way. In no way I would be able to afford the bill of 8lacks.
Hence, now I'm desperately looking for an institution which is within my budget of 4-5lacks and has considerable palcement.
I would appreciate if a member can suggest institutes where I can apply, given the deadlines are still existent.

XISS court challenges JET

Challenging the jurisdiction of the court of Jharkhand Training (JET), the lawyer representing Xavier Institute for Sozial-Service (XISS) today argued that issues related to procedures for admission to educational institutions, outside their jurisdiction.
Questioning the sphere of the obligation of JET, the Institute? S lawyer, Raj Anjal that the Tribunal had the right to complaints filed by persons in connection with educational institutions, but attention to the complaints of those who are not in a relationship with businesses outside their jurisdiction.
Faced with a serious act against-the petition presented by XISS, defying the law of JET, the Tribunal complained XISS lawyer Anjal Raj, July 7 for a detailed argument on the issue before the merits of cases.
It is worth mentioning that the Court today, nor the freedom to stay the publication of the second list of candidates for admission to XISS, it still has a clean chit on the procedure for authorization by the Institute . However, the petitioner directed to file a rejoinder in the case tomorrow.
XISS director Beni Ekka, ostensibly to submit an offer in writing an excuse to be? Verchtliche writing? on JET-president was absent today in court, though.
His lawyer has made? Without condition and without restriction? written apology on its behalf in the same cons-sworn statement that the Tribunal's jurisdiction.
Records of the XISS counter-statement under oath about a petition by the mother of Vivek Prabhakar, a youth centre of Dhanbad. She knocked on the door of JET after Vivek fails to admission to XISS despite Scoring-98-percentile of the All India Management aptitude test. The petition against the authorisation procedure under XISS for its management training.
The petitioner? N Ramit Satyendra today lawyer argued that the court could hear the case under the authorization because he had heard the case, if a parent had a petition against authorizing methods based on town of Loreto Covent School.
The day? S development in the courtyard, however, left parents await the publication of the second list for admission to XISS impatient. They felt that the case has been extended, there could be problems for students waiting for the second list for admission to XISS.

The outcome... Seats are sold again.

Allright, so results are out.

Now I see people calling it a sleazy call that they didn't convert, some highflier, and a deserving aspirant who was from a backward community and good score, all being rejected for admission.

The tone has changed, now people are questioning the institution, its ground reality, they are filing cases, and everything. But, 10 pages back, I was the critical outlander.

This institution is not worth all the hype that has been created. Its worthless, and the reality is what I posted earlier. It is just another degree college of India. If one applies to such an institute, they only waste their money and time like I did.

I dig in some more information about the management seats. The seats were sold on serve as early basis. An acquaintance informed that the students from Jharkhand & Bihar have money but not enough good institutions, so they go to other states and buy the seats, so they do at XISS, resulting in more students from the state. Moreover, its easy to buy the seat as the only concern is the money, the early you pay that soon you reserve your place.

So, I hope its clear to everyone that 1260 for 35 or I would say 0 is the ratio for this institution's admission selection process. Those who hope that the list would be cancelled should know that a student with 95%tile was rejected for admission and his filing a case didn't do any good as the institution have had its homework done (also someone posted a link to the news). The director has been there for a while and in Urban Rustic Christian schools like this one, its not that easy to question a director's working.

If you apply, apply with a demand draft of 4lacks and above to confirm a place, irrespective of how you perform in GD/PI as it is just for show. Gimmick of XISS.

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And to all the people here.
I've not been trying to demoralize anyone on any ground. If you support a political party and the other one find loop holes then the you and your party would question the one finding the ambiguity.

I don't question no one in here. Please do apply to the institute if you believe its worth spending two years, and of course if you find any of my findings wrong/fault, then please discriminate and question my post.

At some point I made a plan to spend two years in this institution as this was related to crafting people from ground level. No high flyer. Hence, I dig in a lot of information about the institution the director, the previous director, their degrees, faculty's exposure and so on. Initially, I was happy to see a 50yr old institution with a very low course fee and providing opportunity to the people who need it specially the underprivileged.

But after spending hours at the institute, looking at the administration, getting some facts about seats being sold, and even the ringing from the faculty, I felt extremely bad to see my findings as sand castle. This in turn provoked me to post my experience and disgust in here, as I've been in here for a while.

I see myself being entertained well till the time I was encouraging everyone to apply and even to expect from the institute. However, when I turned negative and questioned the institute's working, I can see the negative reaction on large.

I don't have any reason to prove myself in here. And I know my help is not required, not at all from a stranger to a stranger. So, if this could be a public statement then I would like to apologize to everyone who has felt bad about the post, however, I stick to my findings and I'm sure none of them is wrong. I might have been more negative, but that's just general.

By this I put an end to my stride in here. Moderators are free to BAN me, and scumbags like the one above are free to dwindle and rattle as much as they want, I'm outta here.

p.s. Thank You

Thanks for the check. I will keep a check on staying within my circle and also it's good on you that you said that what kind of people I should compete with. I've been a looser wasting my time this way.

Sure thing, you have all the power.

However, I was not being abusive just being truthful which of course never counts to douche bags like you who cannot think anything beyond their double standards. I had high expectations from the institute and sitting there figuring out what really happens here, I concluded what I've said.

And about my experience, sonny boy, I've seen many two timers like you in my life, and I don't even give a bloody damn to morons like you. I've attended board meetings and met influential people who have ability to invest millions, and my stake is enough to buy lousy retards like you. So shut your bloody mouth, and stay with your bloody whore, son of a bloody gun.

Stay happy with your STATISTICAL SALARY REPORT & enjoy the great institute. Boofhead.

Apologies! I was scheduled but failed due to some personal affairs. However, its a good initiative, and I hope to be there tonight.

The GD on Improving Education System in India
I see the mass talking about the demerits of the system and not suggesting new methodologies for the same.
For example :
1. A major change in curriculum is required at high school, where emphasis is given on student's choice enabling them to study what they want to study. If a student is keen on studying economics then he should be given option to study the same from a lower division.
2. Quota system should be abolished when adequate Rural Infrastructure is developed and students are at par on intellect. At that point poor students should be helped with funding and this should be considered as grant and not a competitive scholarship. If a student is unable to pay his fees because of genuine reasons he should be helped financially.
3. Education should be made flexible. This means students should be given choices and they should be encouraged to study/make career in various fields instead of the usual stereotypes.

The GD on IPL
I believe that IPL is not such a major event which can effect India or its economy. The speculations about security is true as in a country of a billion it's not easy to get along with elections and managing a national sports event which is no less than a passion might have resulted in a conundrum.
However, its hypocrisy that a sports event made by Indians for Indians is not held in India, but that's my perceptive. I don't see any difference in the number of audience watching the match on the TV.

Finally, I'm not sure whether my approach to answer these topics is correct or not for an institute's Group Discussion rounds. Please give me a check on this, and a feedback on my initiative.

Also, I request you to moderate these discussions by encouraging members to summarize points in one statement rather multiple statements, this would reduce confusion and would also let other members understand the points and overall conversation easily.

Way to go!

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I need some ringing on this matter.

I've 2yrs of Post Graduation work experience and 3years Parallel to Graduation. This has been possible as I formulated my consultancy firm and served as the proprietor of the same.

The dilemma is what kind of work experience document shall I carry as a proof.
-> Shall I take Income Tax returns filed against the firm.
-> Work Orders from clients.
-> Self written work experience with details on firm's letter head with stamp and self signature.

I cannot think about anything else. I would appreciate a professional advise on this one.


Did they check/verify your certificates?