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@feline3012 long time as well, sorry wasnt active in pg. right now in TISS. how did u do this time?
Shashank Venkat @shashankvenkat3
The Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) announced admissions to all its full-time postgraduate degree programs for 2013-15 for its Mumbai, Tuljapur, Guwahati, and Hyderabad campuses today. The TISS National Entrance
Rahul @xatiim
@pandit_pujari buddy..i scored 53, and i will tell you what, if you're telling me 'ho jaata aaram se' i don't know what you're talking about..a hint of this attitude in gd/pi, they'll immediately sense it and give u digit figures out of gdpi score of 100. tough luck for me that you couldn't come to mumbai & 'crack' it easily..i missed out on you as a classmate. sob sob.

Hey guys, hope you all are working up the right tempo...always better to peak when it matters..there're beter positioned guys in this thread from the 2011 thread to stress on this than me.

Just to share [albeit a bit late] I am a student of TISS Mumbai now. All those who're curious about TISS, I'm available at your ping service! :)
Atb, keep the good work going, will try to pitch in with some useful info whenver I can.
A=3^1024= (3^512+1)(3^512-1)
= (3^512+1)(3^256+1)(3^256-1)
Expanding like this we ll get

3^(even number)+1 will always be even
So it will be divided by 2
so in this expression of A there are 11 such factors.
Among those factors (3+1) = 4 will be having 2 times 2.
So total there are 12 factors which are multiples of 2.
So the ans should be n=12

(this soln is not my own creation. I had done similar kind of Qn somewhere last year.)

friends one doubt, is it 2n or 2^n in the question?

To the person I don't know, but whom I have seen doing selfless unbiased quality work in PG without any attitude , Happy Birthday. May you find success and let your tribe prosper :)
It's due to people like you PG earns its name.

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I want an honest opinion from you people
I have converted rohtak and i was ready to join until yest night.
But wen i came to office today morning, my company has asked me to go to germany for long term. Long term means really long..
Now im split in my opinion.. To take Rohtak or Germany.
My contraints are
I'm 24 yrs old and have 3.5 years of experience.
I want to work for a consulting company after mba.
7.5 is my ctc. Will all this be justified if i leave the option of goin to germany.?
I was plannin to put papers today, dint expect that i would end up in dilemma
rohtak is the only call i have

You shouldn't really ask this question in an mba thread as objectivity will be hard to come by. ideally you should ask both the parties but you should find a 3rd person who has seen the world for sometime .
surely delay that resignation and search for answers from reliable sources.
atb n congrats, thats a good dilemma to be in.

GDPIs were a mix this time. Ranging from carbon credit mathematics to nrega to minor forest produce PI was interesting if not downright tough. There were instances they just asked acads though I have some workex.

GD depends on your group, there was a fishmarket where I just said one point and later was asked to rate myself n others when they interviewd me.
Looking through the gdpi threads of good bschools gives u a lot of insight..its a must do.
colleges like iitm had a surprise writen component so be ready for nything, and its fun if you go for sibm p, they have real group tasks..so its about having a basic knowledge of whats happening around,improvising, n hoping your luck runs that day!

there were instis which allowed the discussion in hindi, so if you dont understand hindi you have to tell that, and though english is universal, no one in north really feels 100% ok if you ask'em to switch to english, so know some hindi it helps

it is also 'rumoured' that a top 5 college with 'heavy' ROI located around 'capital region' is a bit biased if you look a typical southy so, ........ just take note

and you get a lot of brownie points for individuality, bcos panels are FED UP with coached answers from time and cl. so attend time/cl gdpi sessions,gather vital skills/data but let it not define you, be yourselves.
a panel told me that i'm less boring as i'm not toeing the line!

i have had a disappointing season, though i have a few converts..still waiting for a few so will update later.
maximise your written score, build your profile, forget your past,and if possible get a psu job which allows you atleast a flexible weekend and unquestioned leave/holidays later when you have to shuttle for gdpi from city to city.

Aju sir of TIME cochin told me this once. Rahul Mammen, grad of sacred heart thevra, made it to iim-a. and he was 20turning21 when he did that.supposedly the youngest iima grad , what he did different was he atteneded the gdpis in the respective instis as such. he travelled to ahmedabad,indore,lucknow,calcutta etc....and when panel asked why he took the trouble when bangalore was available as a centre he said "I just wanted to be here, always wanted to be, atleast i can feel the ambience and talk to the seniors,its my dream college"....
even iim-a fell for it!

IIM Aspirants, Please check the results of the following. We are unable to check the results as our net connection is very slow since last night.

748454928-09-1990 bhavitjain@gmail.com
748069110-06-1989 chaitanya.bandaru1@gmail.com
748220816-08-1989 velugurikumar@gmail.com
748193707-09-1990 nikhilesh.murala@gmail.com
755491515-06-1989 saisundeep276@gmail.com

Its not in the list.
pls chek the link http://www.iimu.ac.in/result/testFile.txt
Ravipuram, Ernakulam..
Need to refresh my maths..lost my touch (Doing BA English)
can anybody give me CAT Syllabus. :)

Hi, from my experience there isnt a fixed syllabus.
If you collect question papers over the years upto 2008 you will get a hang of it.
And to be frank a syllabus based approach isnt the clincher in cat. if you're good at everything, quant,lr,di n va then nothing like it, but unfortunately most of us arent!
So its all about being steady in ur weak section/area and super good in your strength.and its all about luck too these days, so distribute your risk wisely and write tiss,xat,mhcet,nmims etc.
this isnt the 'vedavakyam' just my experience from the last couple of years.
and get a standard study material if you arent joining coaching.that way all the topics will be covered.cat is no longer the billi it was upto 2008, easier to bell now but that makes it even more easier for the cream of applicant pool
so all those who arent the cream the paper isnt iit jee anymore so you have your chances.
all those who are the cream, the paper still aint iit jee so others have equally good a chance!
arun sharma,sarvesh kumar verma,mock papers,time,cl,tf...lots of choices so stick to a few.
and build your profile, seriously if you're still in college be mad at that. organise anything, never miss out on a certificate, learn smthing extra and follow the newspapers by later forming your own opinions.
i'm done with the easy part, the advice.
Kozhi Says
i hav become a pagalguy finally!:grin: : ... kno its late - but hope to interact wid all u ppl from now in pg n in kozhikode:grin: ...congrats to all who hav converted:cheers:

Sorry for intruding, this is the best username u can have if you're goin to K.

Kozhi means a hen in malayalam.
and as a slang in Kerala it translates to 'flirt' 'womaniser', a handy username.

Though dont mistake the etymology of Kozhikode, it's actually from koyil+kode= palace+fortress.
a true 'kozhikodan' accent will pronounce the place as koyi-kkodu, but general malayalam pronounciation is...well why shud i spill all the beans!
hint. all of you sayin 'kozi'..its just NOT right..will be fun learning it!