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@xan Hi guys any ideas on the loan rates ( IIMC PGPEX, SBI is offering 10% floating), are the rates in ISB a bit higher ( I read 12%)And btw any idea on how difficult it is to get a loan for a person who has a home loan EMI running .Kindly help
1) ISB has tie ups with banks which give collateral free loans. It doesn't matter if a person already has prior home loan etc. All you need is the hardcopy of your ISB admission letter and the loan gets sanctioned swiftly.

2) I can't comment much on the loan rates as it keeps changing every year. For us it was around 11.5% to 12%
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@xan Laptop config? ISB does allow Macs to be used on campus right?
Yes Mac should do as well. However there a few software for which Windows is a must. So most of the Mac users install Parallels or Bootcamp to run Windows on Mac. You will basically end up using OSX 90% of the time while the remaining 10% you will use Windows for some assignments or project
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@xan Ok, so that's what you get ! I thought you'd come to know more about the school which helps you prepare for it, some stuff you need to study before coming, when to pay fees, what to bring and what not to, etc etc
All this data is communicated online. So once the R2 results are out there is a portal which ISB floats called the New Admits Portal. You have all the details such as accomodation, Laptop config, Fee Structure, Bank Loan details etc etc in the New Admits Portal. Again if I am not wrong the access to both R1 and R2 candidates is given once R2 results are out. Until then rejoice my friend.
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Wow, that is pretty far away. I thought details will come in the admit package and I was planning to start approaching the banks in the 1st week of December itself.
Admit package ?? You mean admit letter right ? As far as I remember there were 2 packages I received from ISB. One around Nov 22nd which was basically the Admit Letter and some welcome letter. The second one around March which was the Windows 7 DVD.
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Also, can seniors or anyone from the group enlighten me on how to apply for the student loan? Heard that some banks provide security-free education loans that covers full fees. Will be glad, if some one can provide some info.
Take a chill pill for another 2 to 3 months. Closer to the R2 results ISB will start posting the details of the Banks with which ISB ties up. They'll give you the contact details including the loan details. Usually the whole loan application process takes anywhere between 2 days to 1 week at the max. Us CO2013 folks started the loan process sometime in 1st week of March.
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Awesome man, you in fact are a lucky guy that you are from IT and got in ISB. There is a who had GMAT 720 with 9 years exp with 5 years onsite exp, and he did not get a call. I thought my essays were good along with 8 years IT, but things went the other way. In the name of diversity IT people have been treated as untouchables, even though it is IT people who make everyone's life easy, right (remember the days when everything was manual)? All the Best to you an may you be able to change the perception of MBA gurus for IT people, you have our flag now! Heartiest Congratulations!...V.
@Vix 23 : In the current batch we have IT students with just 2.5 yrs of experience as well. ISB always evaluates a candidate taking all aspects of the applicants profile. Also by diversity ISB doesn't ask for exotic careers like Mountaineering etc. Even within IT there is a lot of scope to showcase diverse experience. So my suggestion is to focus purely on your achievements wherein you have added significant value to the end customers, product etc.
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@xanHi. Nice to find a fellow IT guy in the current class. I am working with Dell (previously Perot systems before acquisition) for last 5+ years. I am looking for a career in Sports management. I am almost ready with my essays and but need a bit of info. before finalizing it. My question to you is, are there other people in your class or alums (in your knowledge) who have gone down the road of sports management.Appreciate your help.Thanks,Abhishek

Yes we do have folks interested in sports management among the current students and alums. I know of a alum last year who co founded a sporting goods ecommerce company in Bangalore. http://www.sports365.in/

So in summary we do have folks who've gone down the sports management route.


Hey Folks,

Am one of the current students at ISB CO2013. Let me know if you have any questions or queries that i can help with.

Brief Background Info :-

Work Ex :- 3.5 Yrs , IT Business Analyst, Dell
B.E. in Electronics and Communication Bangalore


I think score front is ok with 750 (QA: 51 , VA : 40).
It will be something else for sure...


While it is a must to work on the feedback given by ISB it is all the more important to work harder towards your goals. One of the key things i found out during my application process was that ISB doesn't really worry so much about your weaknesses. They test the depth of knowledge and the passion you have towards your goals. So my recommendation would to be continue work hard towards your goals/target industry/role or whatever it is that you consider your strengths. Do not fall into the trap of diversity factor. I see that a lot of folks do a number of unrelated things just to play the diversity card. Ultimately its your passion that will get you that coveted seat at ISB.

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_Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee delivering the budget speech on March 16, 2012 (*Photo:* Rajya Sabha TV)_ An unintended consequence of budget 2012 is that the cost of studying the Post Graduate Programme (P
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Not sure if there is a dearth of good articles to write but articles such as this one is definitely not expected from pagalguy. You guys need to cover better articles such as change of syllabus at ISB or Interviews with current students on the strategy they used to get into ISB etc. Does it really matter to anyone knowing that the fee at ISB increased by 40k ?? Will students give away their ISB seats for this reason ??