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@IITISB Hi Kapil...nice to know that you are helping out people here in PG. I am applying to ISB this year in R2, a CA with All India Ranks in both Inter and Final...with good work ex...in Fortune No. 1 company + big4 articleship....
what you think..
  • CAs in general have a good chance and special for your ca.... 28 Oct '12.
Kapil goyal @IITISB 22
CAs in general have a good chance and special for your case as you have already worked for a big 4. Key is to highlight to ISB why you want to do an MBA and what job / wrk you aspire after ISB. Let me know if you need more help

Hi all

can someone please give me an idea...its the first time I am applying to ISB..that where my app stands...
gmat - yet to take...
CA - all india ranker in Inter and Final
WE - 3 year big four firm articleship
3 year in a leadership program with a fortune 10 company.
EC - okok..
on the job achievements - decent...to show...

  • Hi Siddharth, you may connect with me on gomba.ISBalum@gm.... 11 Apr '13.
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Hi Siddharth, you may connect with me on gomba.ISBalum@gmail.com and check my linkedin Profile www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=246002491&trk;=hb_tab_pro_top...
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Shivangi Narayan @Wengi
While going through the Business Standard some time back, I came across an article titled How many MBAs do we really need? by Abheek Barua who is the chief economist at the HDFC Bank. He talks about the large amount of M
Siddharth Nawal @wwwsiddharth

Agree with ur comments.. this is actualy can be understood that they are eliminating one problem by creating another... now people here are highly educated from statistical point of view... but they are not as compititive as the others.... sid

Hey Friends,

It is a proved statistics that some of the most premier B-schools prefer around 90% engineers for their reputed MBA programs. This is a thread where I invite those non engineers who want to be part of that 10%. I am a CA student and planning for an MBA finance. I want to join some class @ Mumbai which can lead me to a reputed B-school. Any leads please. And I also would like to hear from those who has a commerce background and right now doing MBA that what are the pros and cons they feel are there of having a commerce background.


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