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Hello sir/madam.

I have applied for TAPMI and have confirmed my appointment through e-mail. I want to add few more information in my application form, but there is no option of editing the application form. So, please suggest me how to make the required addition in my application form as my GD/PI date is the 6th April 2012.

Thanking you.

it is mentioned in the mail that u submit it in written along with other documents when u go for ur gd and also if u want to add something then in a seperate sheet with heading addendum mention everything..... refer to ur mail once again.
tanyakapoor00 Says
I have not confirmed to mail shortlist.i did it just now.would there be a problem in that.my pi is 14th march?

there wont be any problem... in another post i read. a boy did not even confirm and came for a gd... they added his name and allowed him. and also there was someone who confirmed just a day before gd. do take gd email call letter and tapmi pdf printout.
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CAT Score: 82
X : 85
XII : 91
Undergrad Major - 61%age
extra curricular- loads of them

VENUE: kolkata 12 march 12 pm slot(12 tarik ko 12 baje hamare 12 baje)

GD Details:
Topic:is india facing leadership crisis
Number of Ppl present 18
a complete fish market. 10 people started the gd at the same time:shock: we discussed politics first then moved to cricket and corporate world but again reverted to politics. the group headed to another topic leaders are born not made. ppl were contradicting demselves
10 (maybe 11) were selected. a boy with 87 and another with 83 were rejected but they spoke a lot.

ESAAY Topic : summary of gd.

pi was 12 minutes.
1)intoduce urself.
2)on the spot out of the blue they gave me extempore topic with no thinking time. i did ok, spoke for 2 min without stammering(i had submitted certificates of extempore and debate)
3) some basic acads costing questions
4)my family business
5)what specialisation i will choose
6)what other intersts u have
7)why mba

it was nice,this was my first gdpi of life.... enjoyed it


just a suggestion for all those who are yet to recieve their tapmi calls. if u want any specific date or u want to avoid any date due to other interviews, then send tapmi a mail before u get the call. i did that and asked them to schedule my gdpi on 11 or 12 and i got 12th.

saurabhCAT Says
my TAPMI interview is on 13th march in kolkata. I have to give DSM's interview on 12th and then I have reservation of 13th, so I will be reaching Kolkata on 14th afternoon. Can I request for the change in GD/PI venue to delhi ? If yes please give the email or phone no. for the same

u can change ur date to 15th in kolkata, mail them and also call them. first try kolkata and den check the gdpi dates at other venues and mail them . coz date change in kolkata is more feasible then the venue change.
Sgnk12345 Says
anyone from kolkata centre got the call ??

yes. 12 march at 12 noon

placements are decent. as far as i know the avg hovers around 4.5lakhs and highest goes upto 6lakhs, but 100% placement is not guaranteed. as in 2009, only 85 students were placed. but still it is a good institute in bengal after iimc and iiswbm...... better than private bschools. and fees is also not high as compared to other schools.... there is a page on facebook where students of 2012 2014 gdpi batch are joining and interacting..... ull can also join. the link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/aimk2012/166398970143222/

first liba deadline was 20th feb so bulletins were printed accordingly, now since liba has extended the deadline to 29th feb so the deadline automatically extends to 29th feb.

a question not only for tapmi but for any interview.....
many say that it is better to carry a cv for an interview. as i am a fresher and i have prepared my cv but its not good. can someone just give link for proper cv format.....plzzzzz.

anybody with 80+ can apply, below 80%ile chances are very low. 80+gdpi calls are generally given and students should give there best in gdpi... and below 80%ile if someone gets a call. that means his acads and extra curricular are extraordinary. so introspect urself find all the reasons and go for welingkar.... even i will apply.

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