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Can we change the exam venue ??

Agreed That VGSOM will have 9 % OBC Quota . Is that 9 % calculated on 120 seats?
There is no clear answer on this.

Last Year General Category were around 90. So Still there will be 90 General Category Seats ?

If yes then its Ok.

If no , then its clear violation of Supreme Court Verdict.
Supreme Court Verdict clearly specifies that there should not be decrease in General Category Seats.

Neerav its nice to see that inspite of making it to VGSOM u r writing for those who have not made it...very few people do it..well done dood

Rock VGSOM..
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Even I checked...no more waitlists...shocking really...i guess thats why they didnt bother to come out with a waitlist..lots of questions in mind...no point asking them now...but something somewhere seems not fitting in...
Even if all accepted the offer will they join...i guess no...those who paid for the time being might leave if they make it to better institutes..it also depends on the number of offers given this year..might or should be more than 90-100 as was predicted earlier..
even if that is the case there is high chance that seats will be left....
so is vgsom willing to start with lesser number of students..and the number might finally be 60-70..not more than that going by previous year's threads..maybe yes ..no one can complain..it is their call..but later if they decide to come up with a waitlist owing to low number of admits then they will just make a mockery of themselfves..a mangement institues should show a respectable level of planning and execution..they must have solid reasons behind what they did..

So its bad luck for me and others..highly surprising but true as it seems for the time being...best of luck to all those who are joining..and also to those who will leave vgsom after making it to better institutes

IFL update

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I think this is one thing that has plagued not only VGSOM but
most of the b-schools this year.

Many guys who would get into IIMs are generally in the merit list
of various other colleges. Of course, as they are not sure of getting in IIMs
they pay up at a few places and would eventually withdraw.

The wait this year, is probably the longest ever.


But other institutes atleast came out with the waitlists...so applicants not featuring in the first list know whether they have a chance after IIMs declare the results..
well this is really sad for people like me... but seriously hard to beleive... as there was overlap of many seats for iit b, d & kgp... and second list should have come out... or is it like that people have submitted fees in two colleges ... not possible for all of them...

seniors please throw some light....

I think most of the guys have done that only..they have paid the initial amount...and perhaps might later withdraw depending on other results...and as parag rightly pointed out vgsom is waiting for that..so basically a long wait for all the wiaitlisted people
jainumang2002 Says
i called up the admission off today n they told me "as of now there would not be any second list" :(

Is this true...I mean dude plzz dont take it as an offence but this is little hard to understand..Can anyone else confirm the same..
I thought not too many people from first list joined..looking at the way this thread is moving and all..but if wat u r saying is true then maybe many have accepted..and authorities might have decided to start without filling up leftover seats..
It seems like Mumbai Indians and BRC, two of the most expensive teams, are competing against one another to see who grabs the bottom slot of the points table.
Although MI is leading at the moment in their race but BRC is giving some stiff competition.

C'mon you 2..get your act together. If u can't win a match at least show us some fight.

MI needs Sachin and BRC needs Misbah to play their next match.

I dont think Sachin will make any difference to Mumbai Indians..no doubts about his batting ability but this is a different format..even if he scores it wont be of much help..
someone like jaisurya has to fire..BRC definitely needs to play Misbah..cant understand why they are not picking someone like him...instead they are sticking to players like Jaffer..wat else can u expect when u have dravid as ur thinktank..guess its time for Mr.Mallaya to intervene and set things right
Hey guys I have laxmi ratan shukla and wridhiman saha in my team but IFL is not giving any points for them...any idea why?

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Guys plzz answer...

Hey guys I have laxmi ratan shukla and wridhiman saha in my team but IFL is not giving any points for them...any idea why?

IFL update:

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