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HI all, i'm back with a vengeance!! Sheeeeesssh, it's been so long

I read a post here about the dd's not dead site...i've been there, i've read it....pretty convincing...some of the thing mentioned i notices too. But take care, while making those observations several assumptions have been made.

Just finished my HP marathon, so i had to see where we were on the discussions here

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Looks like everybody here has finished reading the book HPB

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1.Didnt DD drink some poison to get to the horocrux in the cave? What if Snape recognised/realised symptoms and that DD couldnt be saved anyway(Potions Expert ).
2.What if DD somehow told Snape that Harry was nearby(Occulist Epxert)

Any takers??

I believe that point 2 is a very strong possibility!!!

I don't know about point 1!!! She didn't really tell us about any visible symptoms....she just said that he was very weak, if i am not mistaken....and when D was talking to Draco he didn't really show any signs of weakness except that he wasn't fast enough to shield himself against "Expelliaramus"
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Hey thanks,

That was truly cool....
Keep 'em coming, the more the better!!

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Oh yeah!! Its funny how we miss the finer details when we are in the thick-of-the-moment!!! Of course, the non-verbal spells!!! But the question is can it be used along with the verbal spells?? If so, which one gains importance?

You know what i think, Snape must have used a non-verbal curse that makes you repeat your last words over and over and then throws you off your feet....rmbr DD going "Severus, severus...." before being thrown off the tower. And once you have used a nonverbal spell whatever comes out of your mouth has no effect on the victim!!! Sounds cool huh
But one thing could be this, even if Avada Kedavra didn't kill DD, then the looooong fall from the tower to the great hall certainly would have...he's not exactly a spring chicken, young and sprightly!! To that one might ask, why not find a way to protect himself....he was the greatest wizard after all. Many answers to that one....

1. He did and this is all a trick to stump us (JKR didn't cry when she killed DD off, but she claimed to have shed a few tears when she killed Sirius)

2. He was tooooo weak to think straight

3. He didn't want to take the chance of voldi ever finding out he was alive, so he died

4. He wanted harry to be driven to stop the dark lord for good as Harry was showing a remarkable aversion to the prospect of having to commit murder!!! So he sacrificed himself. (Hey, its possible you know )!!!

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That's an interesting theory. I don't know if it could be true though!!

I must say i did miss those details. But what is this about DD falling off the roof? Did he? I really don't remember that little detail. It would be really cool if DD were alive. But what about the portrait on the wall of the headmasters office? Can the appearence of DD in the portrait be rigged? Can he come into the portrait if he wasn't really dead? I suppose it could happen....who knows

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I am just wondering if 7 horcruxes were created...true in slughorn's memory volde did say 7 was a magical number...but does that truly mean that there are only 7? I don't know it just seems too predictable :huh: I could be wrong of course....

Either way...the fact remains that we still haven't identified them 100%. The ones we know of have been destroyed (hehehe obviously)

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hey wizard.. maybe u shud strt writing the 7th book :wink:
some interesting ideas there..
RAB.. well even I'm kinda convinced he is regulus cause there's noone else in sight.. though I missed all these clues.. but then since RAB has to be a death eater n he turned against Volde.. did Volde kill him himself?
I read somewhere that Rowling mentioned in some book that Dumbledore had a brother.. did he? I don't remember.. Some people r really true addicts I'v probable fogotten half the things that happened in the previous books! There's too much time lag :D

Thanks for the compliment!!

Yeah Dumbledore did mention that he had a brother....i believe his name was Aberforth!!! He mentioned that Aberforth was a bit eccentric!!! Can't remember the context tho!!

Its true that RAB must have been a death eater...in fact I'll go as far as saying that he/she (assuming it's not regulus black) was very close to the dark lord. It could also mean that Volde found out about the traitor and killed him after he realised that RAB knew about the Horcrux. Volde wouldn't waste time killing small fry!! Now both Harry and Volde are in search of that elusive horcrux (Harry of course hasn't yet realised that he migh be staring the horcrux in the face)!!
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About snape being good and killing dumbledore to continue spying, it is a tremendous idea, but it has a flaw.. Snape would have never made the unbreakable vow to narcissa malfoy that he will carry out the job malfoy is supposed to do (kill dumbledore, which is the third thing he promised in the vow, in the 2nd chapter).. So despite that being a great idea, it cannot work out that way....

I second the thought that it will be Wormtail who will be of some help, as Dumbledore had said so in the third book..

I have my theory on this....its just a theory

Now we know very little of unbreakable vows, right? All we know is that if one who has made it breaks it, he/she dies. Now suppose that snape has already made a vow to dumbledore pledging his honesty and promising to stay loyal to the good side. Then comes the witness...who could have completed the vow....sirius, potter sr., moody, lupin....it could've been anybody....anyone that D'dore trusted enough. One reason why D'dore was sure of snapes trust is thru that vow. Snape would have been long gone if he had actually broken his vow to D'dore. The reason Harry may not have been told about this was that D'dore anticipated that Harry's scar might link Volde and him...and we all know that altho Volde is very skilled in legilimency harry's occlumency skills leave much to be desired. That would put snape and harry in too much danger.

Also, mebe a person can be held bound only by the very first vow. The next unbreakable vow that he makes may not have any effect at all as long as the first vow is being held strongly.

But there's a loophole here, Snape does seem to care very much about Draco.

Who's to say that Snape, when he left the gates of hogwarts was actually going to return to Volde. Maybe once they reach the place where they apparated to, Snape might just finish off the two death eater and tell the dark lord that they died in battle...it would be hard to prove tho....draco might babble away to volde.
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