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hey, wat bout d hostel facility? what r d charges for dat? is it compulsory to stay in d hostel?

hi frndz

how many days does it take for the management to reply if our dd has reached simsr?

for all those who got a call after 7th may, did any one pay the fees? n wots the status?

plz reply asap coz im in a fix whether i my admission has been granted or not.

hello ravi,
my profile:

CAT 93.75%
chem engg. 86%
inter: 95%
10th icse: 85%

i am from hyd.

n wots ur profile?


i have recieved an email today saying that i have been selected for admission for PGDM.
did anyone else get it?
i am confused
can anyone please clarify if it is true or some kind of prank?

i am doubtful because its not sent from the usual id of k j somaiya but from some one called meera ramanathan.

guys plz clarify coz i need to pay the fees by 10th.

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didn get thro..
btw is PGDM same as PGDBA...
congo to all call getters..

any seniors out there??
can u plzz tell if the results r gonna b out tommorow itself???

when all the institutes are giving out their results, kj somaiya is making us wait for a long time.

everyone is of the opinion that their PI went cool... what do you think will be the criteria for selection??

hi frnds,

when can we expect the final results to be out? ne idea???

hey thanks a lot...

was the GD a topic based one or a case study?

the gd/pi process has already just hoping to get some info on how it is going to be..