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  • Winny Bhushan Seelam
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well disastrous AIMCAT for me..... my health hasn't been good and couldnt really concentrate during the exam

here it goes

section right wrong unattempted
verbal 20 14 6
quant 13 8 4
DI 0 0 25

I have absolutely no idea what happened with DI. Started of with verbal... RC
answered all of them and almost all correct.
Moved on to quant. Felt good answering them but when i finally reached DI i blanked out and simply slept...
i dunno what else to say

hey issues with net and me aint keeping so well so will post in a while....

oh ya randeep.. was wondering what i was missing!!! ^_^ will post another 5 or 10 tonight with the usage as well for better understanding

Hmmm.... since i missed the meet maybe i'll start off with the words... here's ten of my favourite ^_^
Hope you find them useful guys
Innuendo / : an allusion or oblique remark
Recalcitrant : obstinately uncooperative
clat : brilliant display (or) social distinction or conspicuous success
Legatee : a person who receives a legacy
Pasquinade : a satire (or) lampoon
Carousel : a merry-go-round at a fair (or) a rotating machine or device, esp. for delivering baggage at an airport terminal
Temerity : excessive confidence or boldness
Schmaltz : excessive sentimentality
Paean : a song of praise or triumph
Pyrrhic : won at a great cost
P.S : I couldn't find the right symbols for the pronunciation will post them later


hmmm.... resources? well resources are in plenty but what you actually need is the right kinda people around ya mate.... the ones who will stick with ya till the blazing end

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hmmm... about the meet... i aint too sure i can attend cause i'm not keeping too well of late. but we always got other means of interacting right?

hmm... i know..... gave CAT '08?

Guess you are hell bent on cracking the CAT this year.... how's the prep going on? I've been at prep since june last year doing it at a slow pace. how about you? when did you begin classes?

and i'm really not into orkut

ya lil prep reading up basically some blogs and news.... and some other interests