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me new to gmat... an unsuccessful cat aspirant now in the gmat mode aiming for ISB next yr....

me a s/w engr wit 33 months of exp and pathetic acads..

can ppl here help me in starting off with my gmat prep... jus a few basic Qz

1) want to write a diagnostic test before i kick-start my prep. Which one do i attempt ? n where exactly can i get access to the test ? ( is it online or on CD )

2) where can i get the original or photocopied OG 11 or OG 10 in hyd ? n also the princteton review and Kaplan books too.

3) anyone gud links where i can download stuff for my preps ?

me plannin for my gmat in may 2006


XAT 99.84 ... decent PI.

I am out.

i'm out too... gud PI . xat 99.1 ile., 2yrs of exp
will b back nex yr to :2gunfire:screw :snipersm::bad-word:Jesurajan

bye until then

called up XL admission office today... was told by a guy over there tht the results wld be out by tuesday ... so a painful wait for another 4 days

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not true ...
they do give importance to the written score ...
what percentage cant say (but its not a major factor agreed)
but it did make a difference in few cases who had high marks and were freshers


Ps:- The last i heard ...results will be out on 2nd ..will confirm and let u ppl know :-)
all the best

2nd tho bahut late hai.... jaane mera kya haal hoga wait karthe karthe :(

but i still speculate tht results shld be out by 23rd eve hopefully n XL doesn't disappoint me wit a reject :bad-word:
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I guess this is the best thread at the moment for the ppl whose favorite TP is speculating!! Nd am 2 a party to it!! "Inside" news is that the results will be out by 23rd March.


yeah with iim results quite far away... this is the only place to have some gud TP rite now
n hope the results r out by 23rd... can't wait ne longer for it
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the last 2yrs, final results had come a week after the last interview... so this time the last interview bein on 15th, we can expect our result netime from 21st-22nd... newayz me jus speculatin...tp karna hai na
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inder_007 Says
XAT score carry much weightage..and other wise they call people with less %tile so as to select few out of them as there may be the case good academics

i second wat u say... bcos last yr ppl with even 90%iles got calls as someone filed a PIL about the standards of XAT test 2004. but this yr i din see neone gettin a call below 97%ile and also they were very rigid on quant n eng cutoffs... hope they have a higher weightage for XAT
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this thread seems to be sleeping......

ne news on whether everyone's done with their interviews ?

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any idea wat was the avg salary in CTS, IBM, Accenture for freshers and for laterals ?

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hi, is it the same faculty(panel) which visited delhi n mumbai ?? and is the faculty panel the same for BM and PMIR guyz ??? n when are the interviews starting in chennai ? i've got mine on 8th at 10.00 am

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