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Hello puys, Even i am IIT(Indian IT guy),Completed my B.E in Information science and i currently have 2yrs of work Exp in IT, now i feel the need for an MBA degree. I was looking forward to MBA degree in IT.. How will it be received in Corporate world?

awaiting response

  • Can you be specific? If you would like to remain in there.... 26 Jul '13.
Karthikeyan @kravindran7 151
Can you be specific? If you would like to remain in there are lot of options are available. Prepare for entrance tests. Apply for CAT,XAT,SNAP.. Good Luck

What about pgcet which is being conducted by KEA???

MSRIM and MSRIT are one and the same or what??


knox21ville Says
I can't download the papers ; do we have to register before downloading them?

PM me your mailing id i will send the xat materials, i have previous papers, and will be happy to send i

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poornima pande Says
hi....could u send me d pdf version of cr book u r talking bout? would be a grreat help...thanks!

If you are in need of 101 Ethical Dilemma's book then PM me your mailing id, will be happy to send you

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Hi Puys,
I need help for Last 5-6 year XAT papers.. On site TestFunda i could find only question paper of 2011,2010,2009,2008.. and answer keys , but not solution...:-(

but for prep i need soultion also..:banghead:

Please provide me solutions of last year papers or any link from where i can get them... Please pm me if anyone help me, i will give my email id.

PM me u r id, i have some materials with me, if u want you can even buy Target XAT by Disha Experts on flipkart, this book might cost u around 175 bucks


hey puys!!

Did anyone downloaded the XAT admit card? In my profile it says they have received the confirmation page, i was out of station yesterday and i was unable to download it, today when i logged in there is no download link in my profile, in home page i found the download link but it says Site under maintenance.

I am getting worried should i mail/call them up?? Or should i wait? plz help

hi marlowe
i couldn't open the link u have provided for 101 ethical dilemmas....if u can mail me the pdf then i can give u my mail id.....

If any one in need of 101 ethical dilemma book or previous XAT papers do PM me u r mail id, will be happy to send u the materials

guys how will i know that xat people have received the confirmation page..I have already sent the confirmation page 10 days back..and have applied thru credit card..but there is no acknowledgement from their side..
kindly help...please.. i am also not able to find any link there for checking status ,,

Do check u r profile, if they have received the application they will publish an status on u r profile saying that they have got the application
deepakshi Says
it doesn't open...

Its working for me do check once again. If its still not working PM ur ID i will mail the series of xat papers for u